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Cut The Fat Podcast is dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals using science-based tactics and strategies. It's our mission to help people navigate the often times complex and conflicting information surrounding fitness, weight loss, and health. Besides helping people to achieve their weight-loss goals we also want to help people achieve that goal without having to resort to guilt as a mechanism for motivating yourself to achieve it. In addition, it's not enough that we just achieve weight loss. We also want to help people live a healthier and more energetic life. If you have starting your journey of losing weight and getting fit and need some weight loss motivation, this podcast will deliver on that promise. Aside from advice on diet, exercise, and lifestyle, we also spend a lot of time discussing motivation and mindset around losing weight and building fitness permanently into your life.

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Recent Reviews
  • BurkotoG
    Full of great info!
    I love this podcast. The information is priceless and the hostess are great. I hope it will be coming back.
  • Finally a Calendar I Love
    Makes you think podcast
    I recently found this podcast and totally love it. I’m walking and listening and absorbing so many things that I do which undermine my progress. It has made me realize I need to incorporate weight training and get serious about some of the habits I have now. I can’t wait to listen to more. Great hosts.
  • nurse blogger
    Women’s hormones!
    Loved the show! I did not fall asleep, I love the information!
  • Ally356
    Re-listen so many times
    Thank you for a great podcast. Every episode I want to listen again and again. You are my after dinner walking treat seriously! Great stress reducer. So much common sense information presented in an easy to listen style. Cant thank the 2 of you enough. I am hooked!! Great, great. Thank you!!!
  • theweightlossdietitian
    Real deal
    I’m a registered dietitian and usually have a lot of issues with most weight loss media. However I’ve loved all the episodes I’ve heard so far! Love the focus on fruits and vegetables, hiit, and tiny habits on eating and movement leading to weight loss in a sustainable and healthy way.
  • Viola @thebessentials
    The best advice of weight management
    The host are amazing and have a thorough understanding of the subject. I have learned a lot and the information has been very helpful for my health journey. Thank you!
  • jesustheking123
    Life changer — thanks Ryan and Blythe!
    I discovered this podcast about 5 days ago, and it already has impacted me greatly. I searched for a health related podcast in search for motivation after I had been going to the gym for 4 months for 2 hrs (5 days a week) but seeing no results. I was even doing weight training 3 times per week but every weekend I kept eating thousands of calories in junk food. Plus I would not stop eating processed meats during the week. When I heard the podcast from Ray and Blythe about the reasons why people were not losing weight, and hearing that one of the reasons was eating junk food just because I had worked hard, I knew this was the right podcast for me. Ray and Blythe have motivated me to change my habits. I told my brother immediately that I would not longer join them in ordering junk food. Ray’s voice resonated in in my head saying “you have to change today!” Not Monday! So I did! I went to the supermarket and bought vegetables, tuna, and eggs just to start and my stomach has been feeling great thus far. Please listen to Ryan and Blythe — they are honest and give you tips that are reasonable for you to keep. You won’t regret it! And to R&B please keep doing what you’re doing. We need more people like you who care about leading others to healthier lifestyles !
  • GRE study
    Not great
    Ugh. Terrible and cyclical in their discussion.
  • J4m3sV
    Great content!
    Ray and Blythe are both very informative, and bring something different to the table (so to speak). Ray is more of the science guy, and tells you how your body reacts, positvely and negatively, to certain chemical/foods/activites. Blythe is the physcical trainer that tells you what to do to get those positive reactions. (I hope that's an accurate summer). They have great chemistry on the show. Fun to listen to them talk to each other. Great Show.
  • JMP.UT
    I can’t even express how happy I am that I found this podcast! The information here is so motivating to stay on track during my path to a healthier lifestyle. Their knowledge base combined is so vast and trustworthy. I kept trying to find a good podcast for health and all I found was fake food recommendations and cheap ways to “lose weight quick,” but the scientific research found in this series is SO REFRESHING! I hope they keep coming out with new content for years to come!
  • Winning27
    This podcast is SO well done. Extremely informative and done in a very engaging way. I learn a ton and they truly know what I’m thinking and address it all! The 4 inner voices episode really resonated with me. Thank you for making such a wonderful podcast!
  • geududvuejdbd
    Good podcast but wish the host had better speaking habits
    Topics are great and tips are good. I get distracted with so many “you knows”, “kinda” and “sorta” all over the episodes. It makes the host sound less confident in what he is saying and frankly comes off as an unprofessional speaker.
  • Crystalclear2008
    Love this so much
    This helps me with my diet so much I can tell there’s a different i can feel it I just started listening and it’s the best I’m going to start being better at my diet this showed me that I can still do a diet and know that if I tipped I can still do it☺️✌🏽
  • Mississippi Tucker
    Love this podcast!
    This is an amazing podcast filled with”golden nuggets.” I have re-listened to several many times and continue to pick up something that hits a cord with me.
  • Mad luck
    Love this podcast
    I started listening to this podcast in February 2020 staring from the very first episode. I’m now on episode 108 and I’m am suddenly very disappointed for the first time In 9 months because I am almost out of podcasts. How can there only be a few shows in 2020? Please please please record more! Even when the podcasts are only reiterating what you have already talked about there is great value in the repetition! I love how you coach to people and understand how real life is when it comes to diet, health and exercise. I have never posted a review before and I hope you read this and start recording shows more frequently. Thank you for all your help and support. You two are the the best!
  • tamilynne
    Recent episodes
    Are there no new episodes?
  • aliikin
    Wow, I stumbled onto this podcast 2 months ago, and it’s been a life changer. I love how the focus of the podcast is to get rid of the shame and guilt that we associate with weight loss and fitness goals. It’s an aspect of weight loss that is not often spoken about, and I just feel really transformed by listening!
  • Pod-Caster
    Life Changing
    This has been life changing not only in health and wellness, but also in mindset.
  • Mimi Cyd
    Critical info and motivation
    At 70, got much needed nerdy info! Get 4-8k steps at work so avoided the gym. Pre pandemic. After regaining during the pandemic the 12 extra lbs I lost in 2015 and needing to lose 20 more, I’m struggling and I’m grateful for extra pertinent info and motivation! Thanks !
  • LMVnc
    I found this podcast a little over a month ago and listen every time I exercise. I love this podcast! The information is great and motivating. I even love Ray and Blythe's voices!
  • amandakjames
    Mental Game Changer
    I’ve been into health and fitness for a long time and have learned so much over the years. Unfortunately, that resulted in overthinking and having so many goals and focuses that stopped focusing or succeeding at all. I listened to the first 5 podcasts repeatedly and was reminded of the basics and have focused solely on that. This podcast has been a mental game changer for me which I believe is huge piece of the puzzle. I can’t recommend this podcast enough!
  • susiecw
    Absolutely fantastic podcast. Helps me so much. Very much focused on the behavior of eating/weight loss.
  • chrsnorbt
    Great information for motivation!!!
    I really enjoy this podcast. I have listened to several in just the last few days. After struggling with yo-yo dieting for years, it’s nice to get great information and motivation for change.
  • HLiz0405
    So happy to have a new episode! I love this podcast.
  • Eye54
    Thanks so much for your knowledge . I am a new listener Aida
  • helll this is your mom
    I have been listening to this podcast for years. It is the best. It is a great balance between scientific (but not overwhelming) and practical information. I recommend it to all of my friends. Thank you for the education! Hosts seem like good, nice people too.
  • MimiFlorida33308
    Blythe and Dr Ray. You can’t ask for a better duo to do a podcast (and change your life!)
  • chavanp
    Great podcast
    Listening again and again this podcast has helped in changing my life style Waiting for next episode
  • PitaTabb
    Best Health Podcast Ever!
    I love, love, live this podcast. I recently found this gem. Now I am addicted! I love all the evidence based, factual information. I see you guys as my “support group”. I listen to you guys everyday and since I’m new to podcast I have lots of material left which is great! Sometimes if a certain episode resonates within me I’ll even listen to it multiple times!
  • podcast Jones
    Changed my life!
    I lost 30 lbs by implementing things I learned on this podcast. Feeling great and loving life. I have more energy to play with my kids after work. My wife has seen a huge change in my energy levels and a huge change on my beer belly. She thanks you too!
  • Laura.M.H0211
    Thankful every day!
    I am obsessed! I stumbled upon this podcast at the perfect time, right when I decided it was time to put myself first and gain back my health. I’ve learned so much and have been able to stay on track with ease because of their sound advice and straight up facts!! They really break things down for true understanding and application in your own life. Currently listening at the gym while I get in my well rounded workout (my new normal -learning and burning!) Ray and Blythe are awesome! 5 ⭐️ Can not recommend enough!
  • mimishamo
    Thank you for the science! I finally know what to do and why!!
  • starsatrun
    Love this podcast
    I love the podcast and wish there was more spooky stories. The reason I gave four star are the ads and contradictions. The girls support sustainable living yet they promote products that are not associated with sustainable living at all in fact opposite of it . But there are ads that do support sustainable living. Sorry confused. Care of is not environmentally friendly, too many little pockets and waste. Sorry but I don’t get how you could support and claim for being all about saving the environment and sustainable living while supporting companies that are not at all good for the environment and adds to it being bad.
  • Samhein77
    Game Changers!
    For years I've been a health nut with very up and down results in terms of body composition. I swore I was doing everything right and went through numerous periods of starvation dieting. None of this produced the long term results I wanted...... I then stumbled upon Cut the Fat podcasts and was completely re-educated after I keed you not, 24 years of doing things the wrong way. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend you guys subscribe to this podcast I didn't just make it through the holidays without gaining weight, I leaned out and didn't feel like I was missing out on a thing. They'll change your body and your relationship with food and exercise. Awesome experience all around, fan for life!
  • memgimmelmemaleph
    No better advice out there!! They should be paid to do this!
    THE BEST ADVICE I’VE EVER BEEN GIVEN!!! Am absolute must!!!
  • Talonoffwrld
    Great format and so much useful information
    I’ve been listening for a five months and I happened to listen to the intermittent fasting episode and implemented and post 13 lbs in 2 months. I tell everyone that will listen about all the excellent topics. Thank you so much for helping us all find out ways to cut the fat:)
  • Bcc17/6
    I’ve only been listening for a little over a week. I’ve started from the very beginning so I’m only up to episode 13. I’ve already feel like I’ve learned so much. Can’t wait to see what else I’ll learn. I’ll check in in about 3 month and post my success or lack there of. But to be honest these guys are really motivating me and teaching me. So I hope that this time my previous failures turn into new successes. Thank you guys for trying to change so many lives of people with great struggles.
  • ckcsga
    Excellent podcast
    Great information
  • ChelsRuss
    Thanks a million!
    Ray & Blythe, Thank you, thank you, thank you! I look forward to listening to your podcast everyday- during my workouts, my drive to work, even while I clean my apartment! I tell all my friends that listening to your podcast while I’m biking or walking really helps motivate me. I am a Registered Nurse studying to be a Nurse Practitioner and I find so many helpful “Golden nuggets” to share with my patients struggling with weight loss. I have also personally struggled with weight loss and I truly feel that your podcast has changed my life. Your personalities are so fun to listen to, your advice is both interesting and simple to apply to my own life, and you teach me something new every day. Thanks a million! Looking forward to more podcasts!! -Chelsea, 26, Connecticut
  • Ginagames
    Thank you
    So what’s different for me ‘this time’? I found this podcast. You are my cheerleaders, educators and motivators. Thank you for sharing your experiences in a simple and thoughtful way. It’s baby steps for me as I’m still in the ‘sweat pants’ stage. I listen as a use the elliptical and interval train. Thank you again.
  • mimi❤️5G
    Finally found sensible weight management advice
    Thanks Ray and Blythe for explaining why it is so difficult to manage our weight. I found your podcast while I was on my daily morning walk—your #1 exercise choice. I’m listening!
  • lannknight
    New listener and excited!!
    Just discovered the world of podcast. I’ve listened for a few days to a few different podcasts on weight loss and yours is the best!! After listening to your podcast a few days I just did a 7 minute interval exercise and that is a big deal for me!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it gives me hope that I can finally start a healthier lifestyle and lose my weight!!
  • Itsjustmandy
    Love it!
    Wish I’d known about this podcast a long time ago. So informative and definitely gives great advice on how to lose and maintain weight.
  • Mrs.Favila
    5 Stars for Cut The Fat Podcast
    If you are ready to invest in your health and fitness then The Cut The Fat Podcast is right for you. I stumbled across episode 99 entitled “7 tips for the over 40 Metabolism” and have been hooked ever since. The episode was full of valuable information and answered so many questions I had about why I was struggling with getting results in my attempts to lose weight. I subscribed right away and went back to episode 1 and began listening to all past episodes. The episodes are timeless, informative, helpful and peppered with “golden nuggets” as cohosts, Dr. Ray and Blythe, like to call their key take aways from each episode. I like how they get so excited about their content. I feel their genuine joy in promoting fitness in its most simplistic and attainable level. I get encouraged by their words and have applied many of the tips they have shared to my daily life and am a healthier, stronger version of myself than I was before I started listening. Dr. Ray and Blythe cut through the BS to present a Podcast that is impactful and effective at helping you Cut the Fat.
  • FitHolly
    Impacted more than my exercise and diet
    These podcasts have changed the way I look at food and fitness. I started out with only 5-10 pounds to lose. As I listened to the podcasts starting with the first one, I realized it was not just about counting calories to lose the extra weight I put on during the last year while dating my foodie boyfriend. It became about a lifestyle change I wanted to make that involved taking on healthy eating and fitness behavior for the rest of my life. I learned the most effective and efficient way to achieve my goal and the scientific rationale behind my choice of daily decisions about food, exercise, and activity. These podcasts also have wisdom that you can apply to the rest of your life for example: each day you have an opportunity to move toward or away from your goal. This can apply to any goals in your life. The two hosts of the show are brilliant, compassionate and funny. They renewed my love for understanding how the body works. I now read information related to diet and exercise for pleasure just like I read information on mindfulness, meditation etc... I’ve even started cooking because the recipes they share are simple and meet my dietary goals. The podcasts have lead me down the right path and kept me from being scattered about how to achieve my goal which have changed from the start of my journey by becoming broader with a life long focus. Thank you for being more than a cheering leading team who teaches one to count calories. I love all the scientific education!!!
  • libbybelll
    Amazing and productive
    After binge listening to this podcast, I see myself adopting all of the tips and tricks throughout these podcasts! This has made me a healthier, more productive, and motivated person. Thank you!!
  • yoavben
    More practical advice, leas kvetching
    I listen on double speed with plenty of skipping ahead to get to actual recommendations. Once you get to the recommendations they are usually helpful—but it’s a frustrating process. Better keep the conversation short than spend a full hour repeating ideas that can be explained in three-four sentences. I will gladly listen if you move closer to this concept. Thanks.
  • FootballTasha
    Informational and Motivational!
    I’m an avid podcast listener. And I can honestly say, this is my favorite health and fitness podcast, hands down. Normally when I stumble across a new podcast that sounds interesting I’ll pick and choose a few of the available episodes that seem to be on good topics and give it a sample. After listening to the first few episodes of Cut the Fat I wanted to listen to every single episode without exception. I went back and binged it ALL. Every episode will drop new and science-backed knowledge on you. I am smarter and healthier just for listening. Dr. Ray and Blythe have made some of the most important facts about health people can apply to their life more accessible and digestible than ever. This is a podcast people can’t afford NOT to listen to. Thank you for making this podcast!
  • Pixiedus
    Explanation is insightful
    I have been overweight obese whatever you want to call it most of my life . I have had countless doctors explain to me that I need to loose weight . In 2011 I started at 420 changing my sedentary painful life to something else . I wasn’t sure what but I knew I needed wanted a change . 180 pounds gone 8 years later I am healthier more fit more confident the list is endless of how I have changed my life . It wasn’t until I found this podcast a couple of weeks ago did I understand the reasons for some of the changes and believe it not what I need to do to get the last 70 pounds to go away . I know about changing diet and exercise but now I have a base on why changes are not working as well any longer . Can you please tell the doctors to just stop saying loose weight without any insight as to how to do that . Thank you staying around long enough for me to find you guys ..
  • wg75MGD
    Such a good balance of science and application
    I’m on round 2 of listening to all of these podcasts. I started with episode 1 around mid January and I was hooked. I love the research that they undoubtedly perform to find studies and facts to bring to our attention. I never feel like they are pushing an agenda... just throwing out studies and data and offering it up as a suggestion to try. I’ve lost 14 lbs in 3 months and went from purely long cardio to almost exclusively weight training and speed work and I’ve RADICALLY changed my body. Thank you SO much!!!
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