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We have one mission: To make your anime addiction worse! We're a podcast for all anime addicts out there! Those who love anime, manga, cosplay, conventions, and just about everything else that has to do with the world of Japanese Animation can find everything they need to remain hopelessly addicted to anime!

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  • Justsomedj
    Favorite podcast ever!
    I’ve been listening for the past few months and already listen to a good chunk of the podcast. I don’t have many friends to talk anime with so being able to hear others opinions and reviews of shows is perfect for my work days! Love you guys and look forward to making my anime addition worse!
  • brodel2
    Real opinions from real anime fans
    I’ve been listening for about two years now and am well past addicted at this point. The hosts give their honest opinions on the shows they watch and why they do or don’t like them. I love it because even if I don’t always agree with their takes on shows, I frequently find things to try I never would have given a chance. All of the hosts have their own personalities and they clash often leading to interesting dialogue and discussions about all sorts of things. They all like anime for different reasons and you’ll often find them pointing out things about a show you didn’t notice until they call it out. If you just want glowing reviews of the popular anime of the season, you’re not going to like this one. You’re going to get real opinions from people who have their own tastes in anime on this podcast and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
  • Robbz1
    I’m an Anime Addict
    I love this podcast! Never a dull moment.
  • Radtober
    5 Star Show
    This show will consistently impress you. The dynamic felt from each group of hosts is outstanding. Each combination was well informed and well rounded, consistent and sometimes risky, as well as unique and entertaining. The extra content and discord community will absolutely top you off if not fill your anime addiction. Thanks you Mitz, Mason, and Caroline for all your hard work. - Kiryuchristian
  • GHammer300
    Great Podcast!
    Been listening to this for a long time and has been a consistent in my line up for going on runs. Hosts have changed around a few times but overall I love listening to everyone. Usually helps me weed out the anime I shouldn’t even bother with as I get older and have less time. 5 jellybeans out of 5.
  • AAAisMID
    Mitsugi’s taste is a bit old and blinded by nostalgia, Mason prioritizes short series or ovas and likes slice of life too much, and Caroline is just too new to anime to have meaningful comparisons or opinions. Chiaki was the best thing about this podcast and she’s gone now, so I give you guys 3 longer shonen you’ll never consider watching out of 5.
  • Raggedy Doctor
    Proud Addict
    I absolutely hate apple and only use an iPhone (occasionally) because my job gave me one. This should show you how good this podcast is because I went out of my way to figure out how to give them a 5 star review on a phone I rarely use with an IOS I despise. The hosts are hysterical and Pancake (Mitsugi’s fiancé) honestly tops even them when she makes an appearance. They are a touch hyper critical but I think it’s a benefit (very easy to give the popular stuff top marks to gain easy favor). Whether you agree with them on any given point or not is almost irrelevant as they are very entertaining and the community they have fostered is truly wonderful. I can say I am proud to be an Anime Addict!
  • Chorok1c
    Anime Podcast that makes you go Aaa
    One of the best anime podcasts around in terms of production quality, variety of content, and hot-takery. They won’t always love what you love but they usually (USUALLY) will have a good reason for it, plus the Freudian interplay between the trio is great, between the Id of the bald guy, the Superego of the Weeb hipster (weebster) guy and the Ego of the girl next podcast trying to keep it all sane. Plus they’re really active on discord so if you hate what they say you can tell them to their digital faces (but keep it civil) and in return they’ll interact with you and make you just a little bit less lonely in this crumbling world.
  • Lupstersite
    Didn’t know there was a podcasts app
  • 30 charateds
    Best anime podcast
    I was just introduced to you guys about a year ago and I feel in love right away. Thank you for all the laughs and making my anime addiction so much worse
  • King_of_Legend12
    5 star review
    As long as the Holy Church of Mitsugi continues on strong, so will I. 5/5 all day, love everything about the podcast. Love all the host, and keep up the amazing work AAA hosts.
  • herbabreh
  • Rsinick
    Favorite show
    I listen weekly and have been going through past episodes. Great podcast, great hosts.
  • LazyDeer
    Addiction Amplified
    I started listening to the podcast at the beginning of the year looking to find more anime to watch and manga to read. Needless to say, my addiction has become much worse (better?) Thanks AAAPodcast!
  • SaidR_1
    Read On Your Podcast
    You guys are the first podcast I’ve ever listen to in my life. I found you guys because I got tired to listening to music at work and decided to look up best anime podcast. So I started on episode one and I’m on episode 111. You guys are amazing I work from 6-4 and I listen to you guys for the full 10 hours. I’m glad you guys have so much content I can listen to and help pass the time. You guys are amazing keep up the good work.
  • Leo Navas
    Great Discovery
    I recently found this podcast, and immediately loved it. I listen to podcasts to make doing the dishes and cleaning up easier. The connection that they have with each other is amazing, and they all have great takes. I highly recommend checking them out for all things anime. Keep up the great work👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  • Dirtybirdd
    Great podcast
    Been listening for like 2 months and they are easily the best anime podcast out there. All the host are different and great, even if you dont relate to one the other you most likely will. Their audio quality its perfect too i have no complaints cant wait for more episodes.
  • JohnJohnMilani
    Always a fun listen with excellent recommendations
    A great space to be an anime fan!
  • Wheezy3
    Idk if it’s me or the show
    This isn’t the place for a debate or a rant, so I’ll keep this as short as possible. I enjoy the anime community because it allows people from around the world and with every imaginable background a chance to come together and talk about this amazing art form. It seems like lately the show has involved a lot of disparaging remarks towards people with different views than the host. So, idk if I’m just paying attention to it more as I’m older, or if it is in the show more, but I’m out. I’ll give it two stars for the many good shows of the past, but I think it’s time to find something different.
  • plu20
    Idk how to feel About this, so much anime missed and being disrespected in this podcast is crazy, hopefully you guys switch it up
  • OverSeerFulgrim
    Great Podcast!
    This has tons of quality content ,great audio and fun fan interactions on the show. What else could you want? The hosts all have their own unique views on anime and it shows when they state their opinions. Anytime they disagree with each other they hear the others out and don’t rain on anyone’s parade. I never find myself agreeing exclusively with one host but that’s part of the fun. :P They have a great vibe and you can tell they’re great friends. Ive been watching anime for well over 20 years and I’d say that this is a good podcast for anime addicts new and old!
  • Monztrosity
    Not a fan
    Couldnt get through my first episode. They took 30 minutes to introduce they’re scoring system for rating anime’s, and overall just not a fan of the hosts.
  • hubwrecubcherfygbcerfbcuhwr
    AAA Review
    Imagine being so addicted to anime you are listening to this while watching anime😂
  • Just a guy passin thru
    Old AAA>New AAA
    The older episodes are better than the newer episodes after listening to both old and new episodes mitsugi sounds real unenthusiastic in the newer episodes with halfhearted reviews on everything caroline is a meh host chiaki is way better and mason is probably the better out of the 3 host which i only listen to now for his reviews ps: just like another certain review veteran weebs stay away from this podcast or just listen to the older episodes and newer fresh weebs this is for you
  • Ben.Forrest
    My favorite podcast.
    Lots of fun every week, I always look forward to new episodes being uploaded.
  • TheeTheuredMined
    Anime Addicts Anonymous
    A joy for we addicts.
  • HxT - Otano
    Such a Great Show!
    I’ve been wanting to stop in on your live streams for a very long time now and I just never get the chance. You guys are the first podcast I’ve ever listened to and now one of the only that I still come back to. You never cease to give me a laugh and I look forward to every single show. Keep being awesome you guys! - Brendan
  • Akira11715
    New listener
    Only started listening a few weeks ago after I heard you on anime out of context. I’m starting from episode 150 and am on episode 166. And I’m wondering how long it’ll take for me to catch up I’m sure my addiction will be worse once I’m done!!
  • riderik86
    Why do you say Netflix and vrb are the only good anime services ? Netflix had very limited anime and most of the are borng for me (what about Crunchyroll is really good)
  • Louie the Cat27
    I bought a Mac to write this
    I am keeping my promise of bribery to Mason in hopes of actually being able to bribe him. I started listening to the AAA Podcast in late 2018 and have loved each host in a different way. From Kazuo’s strange Eiffel Tower to Mandi’s love of boy butts, each host is so unique and yet they work so well together as a group. Sometimes I’d like to imagine Mitsugi with hair but I think that would be asking too much. I miss Mandi and hope her to be well. The current cast of Caroline, Mason, and Mitsugi (And most importantly, Pancake) are so rambunctious and their energy is infectious. I’m writing this on my 27th birthday and hope to spend at least uhhhh 27 more with you guys. Thank you for making my anime addiction worse!
  • Wavieff
    Five Years, Still Here!
    TL;DR - Agree with them or not, the AAA Crew is always a blast to listen to. Because "when you're here, you're family." [This message not sponsored by Olive Garden.] Long Version - I've been listening to these guys ever since I got my first job washing dishes, and that was...whoa, five years ago? The fact that I've been tuning in for so long attests to the quality, because I don't listen to any other podcasts; none of them hooked me like this one did. Through the host changes, anime seasons, and differing opinions, Wavieff has been there through it all, loving every second. I was joking earlier, but it really does feel like home. Five outta five. Easy. (Also, don't make me choose a 'best host!' Y'all are too great! I'll say this, though, Mits gets too much hate. The Pope's word is LAW.)
  • MRCiG
    Anime Addict Approved!
    Great podcast to listen to while working, always fun to here the banter between co-host. Keep up the great work.
  • 8BitToaster
    Fact of the day
    Mitsugi is mad strong and I’m jealous
  • mah balzitch
    Not what I was looking for
    This podcast is a good podcast for a SELECT number of anime fans and or watchers. The hosts all share their feedback and opinions on anime and although there isn’t anything wrong about that whatsoever they tend to give opinions that will be counterintuitive to getting people to watch anime with their statements and by they I mean (mitsugi). He often uses offensive dialect to talk about animes he didn’t enjoy and that just ruins the validity of the podcast for me who’s looking for a positive anime community with NON-offensive criticism however there’s always time to do better but I will no longer be listening considering “I” don’t agree with them about 90% of the time all in all the other 2 hosts are cool. P.s (those of you new to anime should give this a listen however veterans I suggest moving on)
  • Cubone&NatutrainerLannisterfan
    Hello world!!!
    I encountered a manga a few years ago and I for the life of me can’t remember what it was called. All I remember is that it’s not a new one but it was about these ninken clans that fought each other (?). I know that the main dog was taking his fathers place and he was in command of groups of dogs. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I’m a 28 year old who was introduced to anime and manga in the fourth grade. The first manga I read was Yu Yu Hakusho. I watched Toonami diligently and now I’m able to watch the complete shows because of streaming. I have been able to see Naruto, Kenshin, and am working on Shippuden and watching all seasons of Bleach that are available. Of course I watch all Dragon Ball anime, mostly cause my bf is into them prior Super. I’m still watching Super anyways. I will admit that I watch Black Butler, Kamisama Kiss and I really miss Bobobobobobobo (May have put too many bobos in there!🤪) Cowboy bebop is my favorite along with FMA, and Space Dandy.
  • Boomcsr2
    So so
    If you want reviews on the newest anime’s then this is where it’s at. Reviews and anime options are 10/10 host tho it’s mixed for me 7-8/10. If you listen long enough to the podcast you’ll see what I mean by this. Like how can you rate a anime low cause of the “fan service” of the female characters but praise another for the “anime boy butts” or most of the time when it’s a shonen it’s “bad” idk sometimes they come off as anime “snobs” or take it waaaay to personal when you disagree or critique some of their opinions. Still love the podcast tho one of the better anime podcast to listen to just some things that I noticed after having them pointed out to me.
  • BTW im a kid
    Yoonbum: I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up, no really I can’t get up,help 💀🔪🩸 Sangwoo: DID YOU CROSS THE F ING LINE?!
  • Matt 4774
    Great Podcast
    R.I.P. Enzo
  • madeanacctjusttorateaaa
    Greetings from cellblock H-13 (dont ask on how I got an Ipod smuggled in, my boyfriend would not like it) Ive been a fan of yall since I was a wee lad, and proud to say ive listened to your shows since episode 1. I even suggested this podcast to one of my friends, unfortunately I didnt like his reply and that is how I ended up here and hence I couldnt make a review asap. It was a rough 15 years for me but this show gave me the courage to push through, mitsugi especially has been an inspiration for me with his dedication to the show and I just wanted him to know that. Share the love everyone, spread the word about AAApodcast. Sorry I have to cut it short, I see the warden is doing his nightly rounds. And btw to all that spammed the 1star reviews? Im on parole next week........
  • offlineotaku
    imma weeb hearing a weeb tell me weebshit
    imma weeb hearing a weeb tell me weebshit
  • shim7682
    A great podcast, great structure, great host
    Mitsugi is the Frank Black of anime podcast
  • dethMD
    This is the best podcast about anime there is, and it’s not even particularly close. The hosts’ synergy is amazing. You really get a sense of how passionate they are about anime and their other hobbies. I’ve been listening for a while and during that time my bench has increased by 100, and my squat and deadlift have both increased by 180. Coincidence? Probably. But what’s not a coincidence is that during the same time frame my anime addiction has increased by nearly 500! My friends think I must be on PEDs but I just tell them it’s all AAA Podcast, baby!
  • Jamest2001
    Best Anime Podcast Out There!!!
    I absolutely love this podcast and it’s the only podcast that I listen to every episode, every week! The best part of my week is listening to Mason, Mandi, and Mits discuss anime. Thank you guys so much for all you do :) Also the discord is amazing I have stumbled upon many good suggestions. Off of your guy’s recommendations I am now excitedly waiting for my Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei manga! Thank You!
  • leah1900🖤
    I love this podcast!!!
    The best anime podcast on this app
  • footballfanatic8
  • samanthajoadair
    Okay, first of all, I absolutely adore all of you. You all bring SO much to the show. I have started listening recently.... last week. 😰 But I have listened to multiple episodes a day (at work 🤪) and I thoroughly enjoy it. I just donated to the site and look forward to supporting you all each month because the content you provide is INSANE! I adore you all. But... Mason. You are my favorite. You seem to have almost the same opinion on every topic that I do and I look forward to every review/opinion you have to share. We seem to like the same things and in a way... you have helped me to understand more about why I like what I like. You are awesome. Mandi and Mits, you both rock as well. I love your knowledge on all things Japan and all the research that goes into this podcast/stream/club/family. Love y’all!
  • toxintwins
    Killin it.
    Love the podcast. I’ve been keeping my addiction a secret and this for sure helps make it worse. P.s. keep some of the butt grabs in anime pls... maybe have consensual ones? Idk. 😂 jk kinda
  • Chip_Chudoku
    Love this podcast
    Hey everyone in the podcast I’ve been listening for about a year now. I just moved out and started college a few days ago. I struggle with anxiety really bad and I’m having a really hard time meeting new people and doing classes. This podcast has help me get through a lot of my problems and I’m so thankful for that. I just wanted everyone to know how much I appreciate you all but it’s a little difficult to even type on discord but I still wanted everyone to know. It makes me fill better that there are people out there like me (into anime/manga) I just need to find them. I hope you read this so people will know how much this podcast means to me. Thank you all for everything you have done for me and I will keep on listening.
  • Ginger Thunder
    Inject this into my veins!
    I'm a relative newbie to to anime and manga (especially manga) and with all the choices out there I had no idea what to watch/read next. I downloaded about a half-dozen anime podcasts and this podcast is the last one standing. Not only is it a great podcast, but the community is great as well with a very active discord and a great anime club and manga club which I've just begun taking part in (as GingerThunder). If you love anime, give this podcast and community a try.
  • stevo2468
    Awesome show!
    Hey guys! I just want to say what a great show and how much I enjoy listening every week, I started listening last November and haven’t missed an episode since. Keep on keeping on and thanks for making my anime addiction worse!😄
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