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Science, pop culture, and comedy collide on StarTalk Radio! Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and Director of New York's Hayden Planetarium, and his comic co-hosts, guest celebrities, and scientific experts explore astronomy, physics, and everything else there is to know about life in the universe. New episodes premiere Tuesdays. Keep Looking Up!

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  • Bill 1986
    Entertaining & informative
    I really enjoy the banter between Chuck & Neil. I find myself laughing out loud as well as learning things.
  • elikqitie
    Neil serves up Pop Culture Astronomy in sixth gear!
    Hold onto your butt! Get ready to learn and get Neal’s unique perspective on astronomy and his application of philosophy to our space in the universe. Neil’s view of the universe, our galaxy and solar system relative to our existence as a species is utterly fascinating. If you like science then tune in to nerd out with Neil and his band of authentic astronomy enthusiasts!
  • Biggixyz
    I learn so much listening to these guys! The sun rotates on it’s a is once per month. The sun spots are its magnetic poles. Pulsars are spinning poles. Mind blowing!! Great work guys!!!
  • Am666da
    Decent and Personality driven
    So bored reading judgy reviews about a fun soft science pod, at least it’s not another murder show, I can fall asleep to these and get a few laughs.
  • C D!gg!ty
    Time I can’t get back
    I’ve listened to many (30-50) episodes because I’m always intrigued and drawn in by the titles and the range of topics as depicted in the episode descriptions. I am then consistently disappointed at how Neil and the team discuss these topics so superficially if they even discuss the actual topics in between puns and dad jokes. When something is discussed, it’s presented to listeners as though we have all failed the seventh grade. I’ve learned a lot from some of Neil’s books so it’s disappointing that the podcast episodes always turn out to be condescending hour. I’m the clown who has listened to so many of them thinking the next one will be different so excuse me while I wash off my clown makeup.
  • Rech23
    Pseudoscience at its best
    I used to listen quite often but lately it’s pretty political. When the hosts call ivermectin “horse dewormer” in relation to human use i am disgusted.
  • Steve Multiverse
    I want to love this podcast, and I do at times, but every time there is a guest and they’re interrupted so many times by the hosts…sometimes I just wish they’d let the experts talk more.
  • scott_dropnroll
    I wasn’t sure I’d like this nerd stuff. But anyone famous enough to be on the Adam Friedland Show is probably worth hearing out.
  • zinc Lozenges
    Do not waste space time
    A waste of time
  • NTJ08
    48 minute podcast with 13 mins of commercials. Could this be more of a cash grab?
  • dudleheosjfoskeuhwsofi r
    Bro the people in this podcast probably look at these ratings and think we’re retards.
  • Drewv M
    Love the pod, but Neil interrupts people often
    This is a great pod and it’s very informative, but it is unfortunate that Neil interrupts guests and doesn’t let the train of thought move coherently. Other than that great pod been listening to it for a while might try another episode. If it’s as bad as the most recent, I just can’t do it.
  • Red Step Stacker
    Apollo 11 traveled 240,000 miles from earth to moon in 52 hours??? 4600 MPH….. Haaaaaa!!!! Haaaaa!!’ LIARS
  • #micah
    Intelligent bricks:panels (portal2)
  • im lizzy yehs
    WOW, I love it!
    This podcast is really interesting! I’ve always loved learning about the universe and this podcast is just right for me! I love the intro and the topics you guys talk about, so Keep up the good work guys! ;)
  • AigerAce
    I love this!
    I like it!
  • rockperson001
    StarTalk is an absolute lifeline into the world of reality when it seems the world is flooded with misintormation, fabrication, and nonsense. I usually listen on YouTube. Thanks Neil and Chuck for all you do!
  • Carly pen is
    love this podcast !
    not a fan of sports but will still listen to the sports commentary , i love neil and chuck and everyone they bring on always has such good conversations ! chuck doesn’t deserve the hate people give ! he’s a perfect in between of comedy and smarts !
  • Scandihiker16
    Kate the Chemist Episode on Hydrogen Cars March 7 2023
    I just started listening to this podcast yesterday and tuned in again today, when I was deeply disturbed by the shade you threw on hydrogen car technology. I am an entomologist, and not affiliated with Toyota, just a potential customer of their amazing hydrogen powered sedan. Toyota is deeply commitment to the technology and has 10,700 Mirai sedans on the road, mostly in CA, where it is possible to refuel the car at a hydrogen station, apparently just as easily as refueling a gas-guzzler. There are companies committed to producing green hydrogen, as opposed to the most easily accessible source of hydrogen today (the fossil fuel industry). This technology needs as much good press as it can get. Repeating the old Hindenburg schtick is just embarrassing and feeds into anti- green, fear-mongers and their rhetoric.
  • JMFC 1977
    Out of this world amazing!!!!
    The capability of a brilliant mind to communicate on a level where we as common folk can actually visualize and learn is a breath of fresh air!!! I’ve been binge listening now for almost 3 weeks and just amazed at how I haven’t looked or even thought about the topics that are on each episode!!! Thank you !!!
  • marked for life
    Mostly enjoy
    I do enjoy the show and the comic relief is excellent..Neil makes science very interesting and entertaining, my only slight of the show is at times,,... it has a liberal slant and pushes the “black” agenda. Science has no color .
  • Cate31-2
    This show is great
    Just listen- you’ll always learn something and have a laugh. The hosts deserve a lot of respect and credit for making these complex topics digestible and hilarious for lay people. I’m surprised at some of the commentary in the review section. My guess is that haters must have already mastered both astrophysics AND standup comedy, so that qualifies them to be disparaging..!? Seriously, if you enjoy learning, you’ll enjoy this show.
  • snakes forever
    Things You Thought You Knew
    Love this podcast especially when you have funny guests (aka Chuck).My only problem is there is not enough things you thought you knew.I still don’t know many things like what the heck is dark energy and matter.Other than that amazing.
  • K9Rush
    More science
    I like him as a person but the show is not the same. I agree. No sports. This was used to be astronomical topics. This used to be great science news but now it is more celebrities. Please go back to old format. I also want the original women back and less cosmic queries and LESS chuck nice Thank You
  • BongWolf
    Love the show. Hate the patron part…
    For all intents and purposes the only listeners who actually have access to Dr. Tyson are those who can afford to pay the Patreon fees. Which is surprising to me given how positive he is about trying to lift up underprivileged children into the science fields. If they aren’t even allowed to ask you a question because they can’t afford to, how can they look up to you?
  • Beoutside
    Gambling ads
    Love the show however, not a fan of the gambling ads .
  • Jorgan_Garlath
    Recent cosmic queries episode
    It’s my understanding that the Big Rip theory was debunked in 2022, so referring to it as settled fact was strange to hear. I rarely have to question what Dr. Tyson says, but I’ve gathered that the currently accepted theory is the somewhat more mundane heat death of the universe. Anyway, terrific show either way.
  • mtyogini
    episode 8
    this is a very interesting subject and i felt the answers weren’t sufficient please please please get Dr Dan Siegel on the shoe to explain these queries in a more in depth way - no offense to the guest
  • RickyTickyTabbi3
    long time fan and follower of yours.
    there is a young astrophysicist who wrote 3 hard science fiction novels by the age of 16! He was 14, 15, and 16 when he wrote them, edited them himself, and self published. I read all 3 and they are really great. They could easily be movies and all the science is real. his name is Max R. Rudin. I would love to hear you interview this brilliant kid. He wrote “A Truly Dead Rock” at 14, and during the pandemic he wrote “A Bottled Up Flame” and “A Somewhat Odd Start” all by the age of 16, and while getting a perfect SAT score, and making science and math videos on his You Tube channel “Graviton Media”. He is like a junior you. I’ve never seen anyone besides you and him who have this kind of passion for science and astrophysics. Please have him on your show. He is a Freshman at Rice now majoring in Physics. It would blow my mind to hear your 2 minds together in discussion. Please, please, please. Kids like this give me hope for the future.
  • Bzyb777
    I love it so much.
    Neil deGrasse Tyson can tell me about anything, anytime and I will enjoy it! The podcast is interesting and hilarious… and you walk away knowing things you would have otherwise never thought to ask about. What else can you really ask from a podcast?
  • Shwazam
    Love the show!
    Neil, Always a delight to learn from you and Lord Nice. And any guests or cohosts along for the ride. Im thankful each time a new episode appears. Some topics I’m excited to learn about and dive right in! Some episodes I bank or save for another day. However even topics that don’t at first seem interesting to me personally, end up being just as good once I listen. Thank you! -Shwa
  • Lost Marine 1
    Cosmically delicious
    Love the Gumbo!
  • C.Schillings
    Feed Your Head!
    Fantastic podcast here in a casual humorous setting that still manages to dive pretty deep into our understanding of ourselves, the universe and our place in it. Mr Tyson, always funny & engaging in his own right, brings his especially bright perspectives to the listener that’s accessible even if you’re not an astrophysicist, points of discussion with guests further highlights StarTalk as a gold standard in podcasts recommend this to anyone with the insatiable desire to know & learn more about all those stars out there we’re always wishing on anyway. Shine On Neil
  • fuzzydreamer
    Stopped Listening
    too much sports, interrupting, and politics, humor sometimes OK.
  • WillviciousMyrtleBeach
    What a dumb person.
    For someone touted as this ‘brilliant’ scientist,(He’s just the token black democrat they put on a pedestal until one day he learns to think for himself) he is f’ng stupid. The tiny credibility he had as some affirmative action scientist was gone the moment he opened his mouth about how safe the poison shots were. He’s proven he’ll shuck and jive for a set dollar amount. F him.
  • Glenn K1
    Chuck Nice
    Chuck Nice is awful to listen to.
  • Rick Lindsey
    Used to be a fan
    I used to be a fan. I always loved how Neil was objective and followed the scientific process. He has refused to look at Covid issues in this same scientific mind. Instead he is blinded by bias. Please follow your own advice and evolve with the scientific data. I’m done listening to you until you do.
  • jtimothyknox
    In the Goldilocks zone . . . perfect blend of science and humor!
    What makes Star Talk such a great podcast? Why, after first deciding to subscribe about four years ago, have I not missed a single episode? Well, let’s see . . .they have just the right ingredients, mixed together in the just the right proportions, featuring just the right homo sapiens. Star Talk is in the Goldilocks zone . . .a perfect blend of science and humor, making it just right! The main ingredient is Neil de Grasse Tyson, a brilliant scientist, bursting with curiosity and enthusiasm, and sharing his truly great gift — explaining science so that everyone can understand. Carefully mixed in Neil is a generous helping of Chuck Nice, comic. Let’s face it. Chuck is cool. Chuck is hip. Chuck is hilarious! As you listen, you are learning, you are laughing, you are loving it! Science, of course, is a part of everything, so frequently mixed in is the sports edition, featuring footballer Gary O’Reilly, who skillfully slips in thoughtful, cutting edge questions, while Neil and Chuck keep the laughs rolling. Political issues, too, often impact upon, or are impacted by, science, so we occasionally get episodes where politics takes center stage. Never far off, however, are the all-important cosmic perspective, provided by Neil, and the laughs, provided by Chuck. Star Talk is just what our planet needs and just right for our times.
  • VanyaCohen
    Longtime listener
    I’ve been a listener basically since the beginning of the pod and it has meaningfully enriched my life. I always look forward to listening to a new episode while heading out for a run
  • eli chastain
    Super Fan Man
    Dr Neil & Don Chuck, my name is Jorge Alfonso an i just wwmt to thank you for havjng this podcast ; it has changed my car time and dog walking time from straight boring to wormhole amazingness. Please please dont stop, keep bringing the hungry public their much needed intellectual portion of knowledge. 🫡🇺🇸👊🏽🎆☮️. As a kid i can always knew that “keep looking up” would put me in a special group of earthlings 😏🙏🏽. Gracias por sus entusiasmo y super comedia 🎭 ; helix type approach. Yall da best . 😩👊🏽
  • UGorge
    The Asstrollpissacyst (not you Dr. deGrasse Tyson )
    To the few sourpusses: Chuck is a joy and cracks up Neil and makes me chuckle.
  • yodas pancakes
    I’m just getting into physics, as in just through my first semester in ap Physics 1, and it has certainly piqued my interest in astrophysics. This podcast is a blessing to not only my interest in that field, as well as an insight to the theoretical physics (such as tachyons- with a fantastic episode about time travel involving them- and other topics) that I’ve always been interested in. This in conjunction with both my early introduction to Dr. Tyson’s work through “Cosmos” and his powerful, witty passion in his approach to explanation have brought this to be possibly the most compelling and enticing podcast I’ve ever been privy to. In the revised words of the ever-outdone breaking bad fan, bravo, Neil.
  • Cc136!
    Go get Moiya’s book!
    Today was theFirst time I tuned into this podcast and I heard Moiya McTier mention her book. So I went to the library and took it out! Loving it! Fascinating style of storytelling about scientific fact!
  • Ztrippin
    Much commercial
    Too many commercials now. Money hungry. Plus Neil isn’t really as smart as I thought. I’m out.
  • qwefchhswfhbc
    I am 12
    If I listen to the podcast it’s good😁
  • scottreb
    Chuck brings to much bias to the table
    I think he’s trying to be funny but when he starts sounding like a CNN talking point it’s cringe worthy. The actual science parts are great!
  • scomart21
    Can we get a break from Chuck Nice please. It’s making the podcast unlistenable
  • Grberkh
    Good, but a ton of side talk
    Maybe due to a current mood, or a legitimate consideration but I just couldn’t get into it. I wanted to hear the guests talk uninterrupted…but the episodes I listened to had a ton of side-talk. And, I found myself becoming frustrated by the interruptions. I will try again another time.
  • jmastyfl
    What has happened to the science?
    Use to learn about the stars, the planets and the universe. Now it’s politics, mixed with the obnoxious Chuck interrupting whatever science may be discussed. Not interested in discussions on world poverty and sports crap. Can get that elsewhere. Make it about star talk again.
  • Scared but dealing
    Thank you
    Thanks for reminding me there’s actual life beyond those horrible images.
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