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Long-running American soccer show covering the USMNT, Premier League, Champions League, MLS, and more. If you enjoy analysis and silliness in equal measure, we're the podcast for you.

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  • Nac :)
    Love this Podcast
    I was looking for a good soccer podcast that updates me on what is going on. I think that this podcast does that for me, I like listening to these guys every time that a new podcast comes out. When people ask me for a good soccer podcast to fill them in on what is going on I tell them about this one and they thank me for introducing them to this one. Love this podcast so much!!
  • Tape Doctor
    Gambling Ads Killed This Pod
    Unsubscribed because opening MGM ad is short but the call 800-xxx in this state or that state us way longer than the actual commercial. Statistically you will lose more than you ever win. Not a moralist but gambling ruins lives so I use my right to free speech by saying I won’t support or listen to a pod which takes gambling house money. Over and out.
  • appolyon13
    Top Tier!
    Love this pod! They have some of the best US National Team coverage out there. When focusing on club sides they are one of the only groups that find a perfect balance between European competitions as well as MLS, each getting an equal amount of passionate discussion and serious consideration. Also these guys are just fun to listen to!
  • AlejandroKhan
    Pretty good
    I like hearing the American perspective of European football. The MLS talk is mildly interesting if for no other reason than it’s amusing to hear people so passionate about a subpar league. I absolutely hate the term “piece” for players. It drives me insane and I have to get over it, but I won’t.
  • GiantsDan
    Long -erm TSS fan. Thumbs up thumbs down is great show.
    Good entertainment. Love the Big Thing! Thank you for discussing my favorite team Chelsea who I have been following for 25 years since my English who grew up following them and turned me on to English football. the next big thing about Everton went to the dogs! LOL. Love these guys!
  • Alexhil123
    Been listening since after the 2020 euros and have really enjoyed the analysis and banter. Would recommend if you’re looking for another podcast to listen to beyond the soccer talk this group has a great dynamic as well making it the first podcast I listen to when checking my feed.
  • lowefidelity
    Tribute to Pelé was non-existent…
    Come on guys!! I dig this podcast but they barley acknowledged the passing of Pele, let alone a tribute. Seriously, show some respect.
  • frescatastrophe
    Love the chemistry between the two hosts. I’ve been listening since the 2018 group stages and their pop-culture references add a new level of fun to the listening experience that already feels so genuine, like I’m listening to two guys that have been friends since grade school. Their tone and language is not intimidating at all for a slightly-more-than-casual football fan like myself, but I simultaneously feel like I’m learning a lot. —2022 edit Still funny, but could use more research.
  • PSKGuy1978
    Can we please properly pronounce Korean names?
    Can we please pronounce Korean names property?
  • KF Trog
    Top Tier Soccer Podcast
    I’ve been listening to TSS for over a decade, and it still never ceases to entertain. Good banter between the hosts, and excellent tactical analysis that is missing from most soccer content.
  • pathugh
    The One And Only TSS!
    I love this podcast. It’s the only soccer related show I absolutely need in my feed. Top quality. Never stop, boys!
  • Rie556
    Great podcast
    Been listening into this pod for about a year or two now. Super entertaining and has definitely increased my soccer knowledge. However, it was Ryan’s discussion of my beloved South Carolina Gamecocks that had me cracking up. Well done Gentlemen. Keep up the excellent work.
  • jon hammersticks
    Best soccer podcast
    Very entertaining podcast that single-handedly helped me get me into and understand soccer. The format of shows each week is great and covers just about everything in the world of soccer. The show offers both in depth analysis and more light hearted discussions that help simplify the sport. I have seen a lot of reviews complaining about politics but those people are losers, the hosts almost never talk politics.
  • battery-face
    A good podcast about the English Premier League
    I’m not sure if it’s the existence of Allocation Disorder on the same feed, but the complete collapse of domestic soccer coverage (outside of occasional USMNT-focused shows) on this podcast has really killed my interest. It is basically a Premier League show with a passing interest in the USMNT. I’m still giving it a good star rating because the hosts do what they do well. But this podcast is just not for me anymore.
  • Magic JMS
    Love it. Such good soccer talk!
    I started following women’s soccer because of my daughter’s success at the club level in the US as a goalkeeper. She’s just entered the college recruiting window, and it’s been really fun to watch the USWNT and NWSL together. During the recent Euros, I wanted to hear commentary on the matches and tried out a bunch of podcasts. This one is my favorite. The chemistry of the four hosts is incredible and each one is uniquely funny and knowledgeable. Now, with their most recent pod, I can feel them slowly pulling me into men’s EPL. What is happening!? Where are we going!?! As soccer / football begin to completely take over my sports fandom, it’s nice to know I have these fellas along for the ride.
  • letsgomets!
    Awesome show
    Thanks to the guys for always breaking down the weeks biggest games and headlines. Reviews are important so I wanted to put my two cents in!
  • Rudy7200
    Soccer only please
    If you want to dive into politics and Supreme Court decisions, start your own political podcast. Had to skip the first few minutes of the last episode.
  • mtghart
    Politics Killed It
    I was a loyal listener until politics started coming into the show. The final straw was the pontificating about abortion and the Dobbs decision. I’ve unsubscribed now. I come to sports to get away from politics and division—not to hear the hosts talk politics.
  • Buffalo_Mike
    Show description
    Maybe it’s about time to review the show description? Either that or give actual US-centric shows their own fee and stop acting like it’s all the same thing anymore. I’m not saying “Totally European Soccer Show” but it’s pretty much there except the acknowledgment that certain players are American. Still the best soccer podcast originating from the greater Richmond area. Sincerely, Buffalo Mike
  • The_Buj
    Best Soccer Pod Around
    If you love soccer or even just merely interested, the Total Soccer Show is the podcast to subscribe to! Taylor, Ryan, Graham, and Joe take genuine school boy enthusiasm and love for the game and partner it with bold predictions, technical reviews, and fun banter! The simple grassroots nature of the show is refreshing and requires little soccer knowledge to enjoy. Whether your a lifelong fan of the game or one of the thousands of new fans of the Beautiful Game, you will learn and love this podcast! Check them out and thank me later!
  • ProgRockBlues
    Sad they support state sponsored success
    I usually like to listen but on the last episode they thought it was “funny” The top players go for the money to terrorist state sponsored sports washing clubs. Plus accusing Real Madrid of financial mismanagement which is completely false, they cut costs and stayed within their means through the pandemic. It’s lazy journalism to lump them the Barcelona disaster just because they are so in the same league. Maybe they were off there game with out The crew there.
  • Jhsherman
    stick to sports!
    or at least expect scathing reviews if you don’t and your political views aren’t shared. the hegemonic woke, imperial capitalistic narrative espoused isn’t progressive, it leads to obvious sectarianism and news ways to legitimate intervention/regime change. your politics are a joke and you’re all pawns for the ruling class. aside from that, i disagree with a lot of your usmnt takes and player evaluations and think everyone but joe comes off as narcissistic and obnoxious and a totally parasitic MLS propagandist. lowery is a MAGGOT.
  • 1973storm2000
    No Soccer
    Do they ever actually talk about soccer. Nine plus minutes in and nothing but mindless blabbering.
  • Superman4344
    Show has massively dived in this new year, Joe is the only redeeming quality, so much complaining and few tactical stuff. IMDG .
  • Knotts123
    Good but…saying “right” nonstop reduces quality
    The analysis is good but in Allocation Disorder one guy says “right?” at the end of every other sentence! It’s super annoying and completely unnecessary. Eliminate using “right?” as a period will improve the show
  • civil tongue
    Excellent Trio
    Taylor, Joe and Graham do an excellent job of complementing each other while having their own different opinions. I love how they peek into all the corners of the US men’s team. The recent scouting of Balogun, Wright and EPB was delightful. They did their homework in an insightful appraisal and described each player’s strong points and things to work on in a way you could picture it.The Total Soccer Shows makes my day when I see a new USMNT broadcast.
  • Jack SJQuakes Fan
    Great show
    Love it. Creative way to approaching analysis. They bring the listener into deeply looking at players & styles. Funny too
  • pep786
    My soccer pod
    Great content love the back and forth conversation about all things soccer
  • sisyphus216
    Best soccer podcast in the US
    I started listening to Total Soccer Show during the World Cup when looking for good content covering the tournament, and was immediately impressed by the format, energy, thoughtfulness, and quality of the podcast. Of the many soccer podcasts I sampled, this is the one I’ll stick with for the long term relationship. They cover full range of soccer that would be of interest to US fans of the sport - USMNT, USWNT, Premier League, other major European club leagues, MLS, etc. Every week has several episodes in slightly different formats to keep in interesting and fresh. If you are a fan of soccer (even just a casual fan looking to dip your toes a bit more into the sport) I can not recommend Total Soccer Show highly enough.
  • Scot Greggory
    Cannot ask for a better place for a breakdown of the USMNT. After US v CN, I need a pick me up, CN simply is the better team and we need our players to simply believe in their abilities and attack.
  • Ml- dcunitedfan
    Allocation disorder
    Great show overall, and loved the recent episode with Sam and Bobby Warshaw- a look into what it takes to do soccer journalism.
  • Dinna224
    Great but too many ads
    Love the show and have listened for years. Lately listening less because of the ad reads which are so frequent and long. Please consider reducing the ads!
  • horgar
    Soccer yes! Politics No!
    They are fantastic covering soccer. They are very partisan when talking politics. If you lean left, you'll not notice it. If you're conservative, they will annoy at times with their surface-level treatment of politics. Two years ago I would have rated them a 5. Last year a 4. The longer they go the more they seem to be leaning into the political realm. The loss of Darryl has allowed Taylor to swerve hard left.
  • Titanshane
    Soccer talk from a left-wing perspective
    Sam and Paul talk about some very interesting political topics but unfortunately if you’re looking for any type of balance (both sides of the story) this is not what you getting. This is 100% left wing echo chamber stuff here. Would be very interesting to see some other people brought on that don’t agree wholeheartedly so these complex issues can be fleshed out.
  • FC Stars
    Player Future Evolution
    Guys - Stick to game analysis. Not interested in your thoughts about whether a player can or can’t get better over time. You have no idea. It makes you sound stupid.
  • VioletCrown
    Ad reads are killer
    5 minute ad reads. I sometimes think the pod hosts are more excited about reading the ads then talking soccer.
  • Tardascious
    Hosts more interested in ad revenue than content
    Decent content for usmnt, but you rarely get to hear any of it as the podcast is primarily the hosts reading recorded ads.
  • Schmetsky
    After many years of listening I unsubscribed today. Too much Euro talk. If I want UK voices telling me about Euro futball I can listen to Football Weekly. There are enough good US focused podcasts that TSS has become surplus to requirements. They talked about CL and gave the game with 2 Americans a passing sentence and that was all. Disappointing. If I want USMNT chat I can listen to individual episodes. Richard
  • GringoSeguidorDeCristo
    Bring back Snaves!
    Thats it, just bring back Snaves. Insightful, simple enjoyable to listen to!
  • Asherjmusgrave
    The best.
    I’ve been listening to this show for years, I grew up listening to it with my dad and almost felt like I knew the guys even though I never met them.😂 I’m so happy with the way you guys have been able to to evolve over time and always keep it fresh. The dynamic between Taylor, graham, joe, and Ryan is superb (even though for the longest time I hated Ryan 😅) keep it up guys!! I look forward to every episode!!!
  • VTPack919
    Great Pod for USMNT Fans
    I love the format of the episodes… Quickly rose to my favorite pod is the USMNT-sphere. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a good pod covering NT soccer.
  • quevivecolombia🇨🇴
    I love football ⚽️
    I love the fact that they are just ripping on each other, it makes it really enjoyable to listen to.
  • Jojojojojffrhdghepduldudifoc
    ad reads :(
    Do you enjoy hammering the “skip forward” button ten or eleven straight times to skip 4-5 minute ad reads? If so, this is THE podcast for you. Literally none better. Truly superlative. Like broadcast television has less intrusive ads.
  • Seitz Buckeye
    You guys need to be more critical and stop being so nice with this US women’s team. Need more talk about what players are too old and need to go and who are the young players that need to move up and be given an opportunity. We lost this Olympics because we’re hanging onto these old players too long. Don’t be so nice in your conversation and analysis.
  • glointhedark25
    Great show with great host!
    The four host have been really enjoyable! Also loved the lletget interview! Really appreciate when they bring in minority voices in soccer as well.
  • Tanner7202 (why a nickname?)
    Allocation Disorder-Great Show! BUT, One BIG criticism
    I really enjoy hearing Sam and Paul’s insight on MLS etc. and reading what they write. I do have, what is to me, a CORRECTABLE issue. Sam, PLEASE stop saying ‘Right’ after every thought or insight you give. It puts the listener and Paul, in a forced position to agree or disagree with you on the subject of the conversation. I understand that it may be a subconscious thing, which means the producers are not doing their job. As I mentioned before, you two have the best insight, I have found, on MLS. But I am almost to the point I will not listen for the reason stated above. Now, if I am the only person that has this opinion, I will shut-up and just read what is written. Thank you , Matt Tanner
  • 101eph
    USWNT vs Sweden Olympic analysis
    Wonderful discussion trying to explain the shocking USWNT loss to Sweden in the Olympics. There is very little in-depth analysis of the USWNT matches compared to the USMNT focused podcasts and youtube channel analysis. Thank you for going into detail and explanation. Please continue to breakdown all the future USWNT matches in the future. Your podcast is a great way to learn more and gain more appreciation of "the beautiful game". You are greatly appreciated.
  • ms. boyski
    Uswnt loss to Sweden
    I love the guys when they discuss the Euros or the Copa America or the European leagues, but wow do I feel blessed when they talk about the women’s game. Along with Jordan Angeli, the analysis and insights are awesome, so helpful to understand this disaster of a US game. Thank you all!
  • jjones531
    Keep it to Soccer
    I loved listening to this podcast with my son in the car but after three or four straight podcasts with references to politics, we are done. So sad as it was something I really enjoyed listening to with my son. It’s a shame that you can’t keep your disdain for the former president off the podcast about Soccer. I don’t like him either but he isn’t living rent-free in my head like he is in Taylor’s and Ryan’s. Get over him guys!
  • klsys18
    Been listening for years now and I still enjoy it but I do feel they scaled back the women’s coverage a lot. I don’t expect full dedicated episodes as the USWNT is pretty consistent but even a mention would be nice considering some men’s games get previews, hot takes, and deep dives for one single game. Also the NWSL is a lot of fun. Still love the show!
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