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Long-running American soccer show covering the USMNT, Premier League, Champions League, MLS, and more.

If you enjoy analysis and silliness in equal measure, we're the podcast for you.

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  • genetically_altered
    Love it !
    I’ve been listening for past year & love content. Your coverage is widespread, crossing league & country boundaries. Very witty bantering, and comes with detail to back up thoughts/opinions ( not just blowhards). I’ve also been able to also get my wife/daughter, who aren’t big sports fans but follow local soccer teams, hooked on this show because you take time to explain concepts without making listener feel like you talking down to them. Keep up good work ! PS: forgot to add that your headline/timestamps are awesome! Especially helpful when only have a few minutes to dive into show/topic.
  • D-B-007
    Wonderful podcast
    I started listening during men’s World Cup and will always listen and recommend it!
  • chrishoal
    TSS is a podcast for soccer nerds and newbs alike. If you’re interested in wide ranging content, thoughtful conversations and puns, this is the show for you.
  • Jason_H
    Enjoy the show
    I love listening to this show. You feel like you’re just hanging with friends talking about soccer. The Q&A episodes are good purely based on the research that the hosts do beforehand. Great listen.
  • Zedanimal
    An American and an Englishman walk into a recording booth
    The hosts Daryl and Taylor cover the important results and trends in the game day after day in the US, Europe and beyond. For general soccer coverage, I’ve come to find their show indispensable.
  • 0HJ0E
    TSS is the best
    I’ve been listening since the radio days. I’d love for the Wikipedia Game to make another appearance. Funny, smart, informative, these guys are two of the best at explaining for beginners while entertaining more knowledgeable footy fans. Keep up the good work!
  • VA Wolf
    Love TSS!
    Great show, very informative and entertaining!! (This coming from a lifelong Wolves supporter (from Roanoke VA - hope I get to meet both hosts, some day.). I’ve listened to TSS for years!
  • meli1513
    Thanks for also covering the USWNT on your podcast! I love listening to you guys!
  • Imhofn11
    I love everything about this podcast!
    My go-to podcast for anything USMNT related. They do their best to not be cliché sports talk show and disagree just for the sake of disagreeing. Also if you don’t listen because it’s “too political” you are doing them and all of us a favor so thanks. 👍😃
  • Deann1980
    Great show for true soccer geeks
    After a few mediocre soccer podcasts, I was thrilled to find these guys. Their conversations are lively and interesting. They have a great depth of knowledge and provide real insight and talking points. I typically stay away from sports talk radio because I can't stand the blow hard approach with little to back it up. These guys are legit, they respect each other's opinions, and they really try hard to have a meaningful conversation. I’ve seen a few “stick to soccer” complaints, but I think they’re overblown. TSS politics almost always center around genuine concerns about racism and acceptance. And frankly it’s a really small percentage of their show. Well done.
  • The 4th bash brother
    Usually a great show
    Far too manny passing comments and talk about politics recently
  • Jt0512
    Amazing show!
    Phenomenal show, great in-depth conversations, and overall well done. My one nitpick is please change the info description back to time oriented spots. Not numerically. It’s great when I can scroll to a specific spot instead of searching randomly. Thanks guys!
  • OldJoe40
    Must listen
    Started listening to TSS a year or so ago and have only missed a handful of eps since. Probably my favorite soccer podcast along with Scuffed. Taylor and Daryl, keep doing your thing. The content is always great. Love the match recap and roster release shows.
  • Dean Buchanan DC
    My son loves soccer - I never knew much about it
    Now I can talk to the other parents, coaches and watch the “prem” every weekend with some understanding. I listen everything Daryl and Taylor going on 5 years or so now.
  • Glennikin
    Top shelf
    This is a really top shelf podcast. My soccer IQ has increased exponentially. It’s really helped me stay informed with this sport on a bigger global level. Great chemistry with the hosts. Cheers boys. Carry on with the good work.
  • Sammedh
    Highest quality American soccer podcast out there
    Insightful yet funny. Relaxed yet analytical. They may not be full-time professional journalists but definitely bring the same level of professional coverage to the sport. They do their research on almost everything they cover which is darn near impossible for the entire sport of world soccer. Thank you guys for doing what you do! And prayers up for Daryl as he continues his treatments! 🐐🐐
  • Mxptlr
    Stop moralizing.
    Stop moralizing.
    Love This Show
    I love the TSS. For some reason I listen to everything these guys do. It’s the perfect mix of smart funny and relaxing.
  • twokids1love
    Best soccer podcast around!
    I found this podcast during the 2018 Men’s World Cup and have been a consistent listener since. I’m new to soccer so their tactical insights have been really helpful and their banter always puts me in a better mood. They do focus a lot on the men’s national team which I’m not really that into but I love their weekend reviews and listener questions shows!
  • GiantsDan
    Good entertainment
    Even their ads are well written and amusing.
  • Matt D 1593
    Best Soccer Podcast/Any Podcast
    You guys seriously rock! You make morning commutes and return drives bearable. Love your insight, tactical analysis, and humor. Keep fighting too Daryl.
  • Forza DH
    Best soccer pod out there
    Love these guys. Left a review because i wanted to laugh at the “stick to soccer” comments. Keep up the good work!
  • DecrepitMonster
    Great pod
    An entertaining dive into tactics and what’s happening in soccer. One of the best soccer pods out there. Plus if your offended by the few mentions of politics your a fascist.
  • Louis John the 2nd
    Stick to soccer
    Decent and fun conversation about a variety of soccer topics... However... They can’t help but interject their politics into the conversation given the chance. They seem to be sympathetic to people and groups who advocate violence against those who disagree with them. I’m all for diversity and acceptance, right/left, and views from all over the spectrum but violence or sympathising with violent individuals or groups is where I draw the line. Unsubscribed.
  • Called by God
    “Soccer” Podcast
    Best soccer pod out there! Great analysis and commentary. But they’ve lost a step or two or much more. Have become old predictable. No longer a must listen. Hail Antifa.
  • gerardo-guzman
    Love these guys
    I love that they are independent. I love that you can tell all the effort and research they out into their analysis. I love the relationship between the two and the people who get invited to the show. Although I know this is an American podcast, I sort of wish they would talk more about Mexican soccer league as well as the Spaniard league. I do feel they focus sometimes a bit too much on the English premier.
  • nuutrientss
    Best show
    Great show. Get better Darryl!
  • djmnyc
    Best soccer podcast out there
    I particularly love listening to the guys break down the USMNT games. They do an extremely thorough preview and review of every game. Great job guys! How can we get Berhalter and US Soccer to listen to you guys? I feel you are always on point with strategy and in-game adjustments that are needed. If you can see it so clearly, why can't GB and crew?
  • captngoodtime
    The MLS of Soccer Podcasts
    Overall this is a pretty good podcast. I appreciate and value their coverage and discussions in the USMNT. While Taylor and Darrell are informative, I do find their humor falls flat and they can be a bit long winded. They are “real” and don’t pretend to be experts on all subjects which they admit while discussing said topic. I don’t subscribe but I do pick and choose various episodes. Like the MLS, I want to like it and get fully onboard, but I just can’t. If you want to hear about the USMNT (and MLS, if that’s your thing), this a good listen, for all else, find another podcast.
  • BuranRoss1
    A great time!
    Use your voice for politics as much as you like! A great show, very detailed and informative. I’d say they barely talk MLS, but they’re able to engage me in the premier league, which I have no rooting interest in.
  • Donut Officer
    Stick to soccer - make this a safe podcast, free from your political prejudices.
  • lethal lizard
    Awesome podcast
    Now I always ask my brother these things and he doesn’t even know but I do thanks TSS
  • Peach120555
    Great Show
    I love the upbeat nature of the show. Great show for the in depth fan or the fan just starting out in the soccer world.
  • wingerphenom
    The best
    I use this podcast to sound smart to everyone who talks soccer with me. And then I DESTROY them with FACTS and LOGIC. Also Michael Bradley is #good
  • Skeetinator
    One of the best soccer podcasts available!
    These guys get it. Deep soccer tactics, transfer breakdowns, roster discussions and humor. A must have if you’re an EPL US Soccer fan.
  • Tacomcca
    must listen to for soccer fans
    Been listening for a year now and IDK how they do it but they make soccer talk interesting. Keep going lads.
  • Todds_Plan
    The best period.
    Interesting and extremely knowledgeable
  • Mecdude
    Best soccer podcast out there
    Been listening for about 3 years now. I started listening to these guys after attending a few soccer games. They helped me learn so much about the game. I love their positivity and how they stay away from the hot takes, and break down what actually happens on the field. Absolutely love this show. If you like this one check out Soccer 101 podcast too!
  • josuefm96
    Best soccer podcast, period.
    These guys are hard-working and incredibly thoughtful--not to mention likable! There are many soccer podcasts out there, and many of them are quite good, but TSS is the only one I consider indispensable! Have been listening for 4 years now!
  • ThomCaito
    This Show is Awesome!
    I've really enjoyed listening to this show since I've found it a year and a half ago. I really enjoy listening to the scouting network and the listener questions (always interesting topics!). Keep up the spectacular work!
  • podcastFan19
    Fun and Deep
    I love the focus and tactics plus your fun attitudes!
  • Decatur greg
    Best US based soccer podcast
    Great work Taylor and Daryl. I really appreciate your knowledge and nerdy style
  • Hatinthebag
    Great Show
    I’ve been listening to your podcast since the Gold Cup/Women’s World Cup, and I have to say, I absolutely love your podcast. I had been listening to only Alexi Lalas’ podcast, but I decided I wanted to hear more soccer/futbol podcasts. And I’m very glad I found y’all. Keep up the good work! I also loved your most recent podcast with Alexi Lalas, I loved hearing his perspectives on the questions you asked him. He doesn’t talk about himself or his overall experiences much on his podcast. So it was very refreshing to hear a different style interview slash talk with him and you guys. If you ask me, I’ve listened to every available soccer podcast, you and Alexis’ podcast are the best, (yours is better than his because you produce more content :))
  • Pj4742457
    Too legit
    I've been listening since Klinsmann was fired. Daryl and Taylor know so much about the game and really care about it as well. They are smart, funny, and have great chemistry. This podcast is my go-to for anything soccer. And their coverage of the USMNT is tops.
  • Cris Lowe
    Awesome Show
    I’ve been listening for 4ish years and the quality has been 5 stars all along!
  • Mritter21
    Great content
    I have been listening for over a year. I love the variety of content and the knowledge! You both are so good at discussing facts while maintaining a sense of humor. Lots of love from Texas! #CFC
  • PatrickBmore
    The best tactical analysis to help you understand soccer
    I've been listening to the Total Soccer Show for years and wanted to say how much they've helped me learn about what I'm actually seeing on the field when I'm watching a game. While I listen to a bunch of soccer podcasts, I learn more from Total Soccer Show than any other and they're also very funny and enjoyable to spend time with. I recently got to meet them at their live show at Audi Field and they're just as nice in person. Total Soccer Show has also introduced me to a lot of other great soccer journalists and podcasters and I buy stuff from their sponsors, both because they have great products and to thank them for supporting the Total Soccer Show. Thanks to Daryl and Taylor for everything they have taught me. Someday I'll get around to being a paid supporter of TSS and maybe even in the Scouting Network (a great way to learn about up and coming soccer players).
  • who is talking
    Best ever
    This is the best soccer podcast ever!
  • The Freckler 83739
    The best
    So much better than other podcasts/pundits who offer aggressive, opinionated rants instead of thoughtful analysis. These guys have great knowledge, great rapport, great humor.
  • h.d.johnson
    Best soccer podcast I’ve found
    This is hands-down the best soccer podcast I have found. Their insight and analysis is very informative and they do a good job spreading their coverage across various leagues. ESPN needs to give them a daily show!
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