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Do you love shows like Survivor and Big Brother like we do? We can't wait for you to become part of our Reality TV podcast comunity!

The ultimate Survivor Know-It-All, Rob Cesternino, leads the RHAP network as we bring you all of the best commentary and interviews around SURVIVOR, BIG BROTHER, THE TRAITORS, THE AMAZING RACE and much more.

You won't find more comprehensive coverage around your favorite Reality TV Games than here on RHAP

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  • Bosstonz16
    Nothing But Netflix Love
    I look forward to Nothing but Netflix… gives me fun shows and movies to watch and the rapport between Rob and Chappelle keeps me laughing all episode long!
  • eileen334455
    Love Rob and Chappell
    I’m not trying to be rude, but Jenny drones on and on and is not listenable.
  • Sean2034
    Love the Survivor countdown
    Love all the podcasts of the shows I watch. The hosts are smart and witty and make my work day go by more enjoyably.
  • MonSer3572
    Wow this was a great Podcast! Really enjoyed Drew.
  • Stacykgp
    Love the show
    You should definitely have Drew Basile on more often. Very good observations back and forth between you both.
  • kaylaaaaaaaaa322
    Love Rob
    So genuine and fun. We love it!
  • Elliptigo Girl
    Love the variety, content, and humor
    As a long time Survivor fan, I started listening to Rob and Stephen’s “know it all” reviews many years ago - but now I follow RHAP for so many other shows as well! I am one of those “audio only” listeners - I listen while I drive, walk my dogs, work out, do housework, cook, etc. You name it, if I am not doing paperwork or talking to a person IRL, I am tuned in, moving around, listening and chuckling while at the same time getting things done. Besides Rob, who is an excellent host, Chappell, Jason Reed, Aysha, many more of the regular crew have me laughing my butt off on a daily basis. The variety of quizzes, games, and guests keep me interested and intrigued. Thanks, Rob for providing such a fantastic and varied resource!
  • AKB1101
    The BEST recaps
    Thank you Rob and Pooya for your Traitor recaps, they make watching much more entertaining—really enjoy your humorous takes and opinions! Going to dive into a few new shows now just to listen to your other recaps!
  • chupacabrasX
    Survivor podcast
    A podcast about survivor and other reality shows.
    Dislike Rob
    I like a show associated with Rob but this guy reminds me of a used car salesman on my local tv station.
  • Gomer8022
    Rob, you spend am inordinate amount of time promoting RHAP. Now that you want to add weekly ads can you cut back on spending 6-10 minutes advertising and more on Podcasting?
  • eleanorshellstrop
    Too Biased (Traitors coverage)
    Rob and Pooya can’t see outside of their Survivor (and similar gamer type shows) bias to effectively cover The Traitors. They hate Peter and anyone on his side. Despite him tricking 2 out of 3 traitors, and quickly figuring out the 3rd, he shouldn’t be on a hypothetical all star season? They’re obsessed with Sandra who has done practically nothing all season? Give me a break.
  • Not an ugly
    No one is doing it like RHAP
    Been listening for years and I can’t believe it took me this long to leave a review. You can really tell how much effort and care goes into everything Rob does. Joined the community for Survivor and now I listen to just about everything they put out. All the podcasters are fantastic and it is truly such a positive and special community Rob has built.
  • Pintrester
    All of the Earbuds
    Absolutely love the coverage provided by Rob and all of the RHAP hosts. The pods are smart, funny and thorough. Thanks for all of the incredible content!!
  • NanaLazz
    Best podcast!!!
    Love it!!!
  • ElizabethB73
    RHAP is my Fav!
    I’m not a big podcast person but I love reality tv and I really enjoy listening to Rob and his guests.
  • Agent_Zigzag
    Best in the Biz!
    Very funny! Covers all kinds of Reality TV not just Survivor. Interviews, guests hosts, etc. One of the best entertainment relayed podcasts out there. My personal favorite entertainment podcast & usually my most important listen.
  • LachePro
    Great podcast!
    I would recommend RHAP to any reality TV enjoyers.
  • Aguadamom
    So glad that you are covering the Traitors season 2!
  • ShanersB
    Too much
    Mike Bloom!! Jesus- please diversify your podcasters. He’s so annoying.
  • Jenniferruth
    Rob is the Best
    Rob is so great at what he does! He himself is my favorite podcaster, about Survivor or not. He is funny, intelligent, kind and interesting. I like everyone more after I listen to them talk to him. I still watch Survivor - because of the podcasts. He has a great Jimmy Kimmel quality. His stable of podcasters are also fun, inclusive and likable. Thanks for all the entertainment!
  • Charlestonian
    I LOOOVE Chappell! He is witty, funny and has the best smile! I enjoy every podcast with him.
  • TinaFeyHeyHey
    Love it
    Just started listening because I feel like I’m the only person in my family or friend group watching Squid Games the challenge. I really love Chappell and Robb’s commentary and banter.
  • SaveSeaLife
    Survivor Fan
    I’m a huge fan of this podcast! I wish that it was easier to just access Survivor podcast instead of searching through amazing race, ect. But overall I’m super happy with it, and the hearing from the voted out player and Stephen Fishback
  • NaneCap
    Vocalized Pauses
    For the love of God can you work on your vocalized pauses. I counted more than 10 likes, ums and you knows in one thought. Listen to some professional broadcasters and learn.
  • Luluwans
    Great guests on Survivor After-show
    Your Wednesday night Survivor After- Shows are bringing it with the guests! Gabby Pascuzzi is an incredible voice for Survivor! Still catching Fishback on Thursdays! Loving your content this season, as always!
  • The Danny D
    Long time listener, first time reviewer. Rob’s coverage is phenomenal and it’s been a joy to listen to podcast coverage of a wide variety of reality and scripted television. No one does it better than Rob!
  • Jessjess707
    Also here for house of villains recaps!
    Love all rhap coverage, but we need hov coverage!!!
  • JoyInTheBox14
    Hit It or Quit It - House of Villians
    RHAP is a cornerstone of reality television podcasting as a whole, but this particular 5 star review is to highlight the coverage of House of Villains. Rob, Jenny, and Chappell are beautiful blend of hilarious and insightful, and they absolutely must continue to cover the show. Quitting isn’t an option.
  • Questioning mom
    Special Forces
    I enjoy your podcast way more than the show! To be honest, I only watch it to hear what you have to say.
  • Daffodils35
    Taran flirting is 1 star!
    I don’t tune in to hear Taran flirt! He’s professional on his podcast but not when he takes over Rob’s! UGH!!!
  • mlilly1313
    Special Forces
    10/10! Cracked up through all of your coverage of season 1 — and laughing even more this season already! Love all things survivor, of course too
  • BonjourMesAmis!
    Big Deck Energy
    Sasha and Chappell are THE dynamic duo! Below Deck Down Under has been my guilty pleasure this season. I *hope* this crew stays the course to cover Below Deck MED!!! Ahoy Maties! 🛳️ ⚓️🏴‍☠️
  • jwscovs
    Like Hanging Out w/ Friends
    I started listening to RHAP in 2014 when I started getting hooked on Survivor during season 29 and my roommate who got me into the show could only talk about it so much. RHAP gave me that outlet to obsess about the show without droning on about it to the people in my life. And over time I became more of a fan of RHAP than I even am of Survivor, to the point where I watch a bunch of shows they cover just so I can understand the podcast better! 9 years later, listening to RHAP is like hanging out with old friends every day. If you like any of the shows they cover, try the podcast out. And if you love it like I do, become a patron, like I am!
  • KayEmKay1987
    RHAP has my comments hidden from their YouTube for saying I didn’t care for Taran’s biased account of Taylor’s gameplay on BB last year. Literally someone got butt hurt that I didn’t care for a player on a TV show and blocked me after I voiced my opinion respectfully… weird! I just noticed, which is why I’m writing this now. Way to lose a loyal listener.
  • LouSmith434
    What is wrong with Jenny?
    She says “like” at least a hundred times an episode. does she have a neurological problem, and this is some sort of tick that she has? it is so annoying. She should not be doing podcasts because it really is distracting.
  • taramcp
    Below Deck recap is great
    I love that you are recapping Below Deck. Sasha has such a good vibe, she sounds like such a fun person with great instincts. I hope you recap all of the Below Decks It would great to have someone compare the different franchises (no one does that).
  • Bdubs510
    Don’t Stop!
    Rob needs a chance to fall In love with Jason, hear Aisha laugh and join in on the Sandy hate! Keep It going!
  • LollyCakesVB
    Gotta keep the boat afloat!!
    Absolutely love the Big Deck Energy pod!! And chatting with Rob, Sasha & other deckies on the YT Live is even better!! Rob getting to dip his toe into the big blue sea during Sailing Yacht was a perfect precursor for the huge & fancy Motor Yacht he just HAS to experience ~ so PLEASE ROB… come along for some mess filled adventures during BD Down Under!! 🛳🪸🐠Don’t be the lucky winner of the Disco Ball Helmet!!😉
  • GiraffeofBetrayal
    The Best Current RHAP Podcast?
    My favorite podcast is back with Claim to Fane Season 2. Love the chemistry between Rob and Jenny Autumn. I will say don’t rule out Cher as Jane’s celebrity. The mask clue could refer to the film The Mask that she starred in, as well as the many wigs. Also think the U Tube could be a reference to Justin Bieber. Keep up the great detective work, though. You keep the speculation spoiler free and I appreciate reasoning along with you.
  • KaySue88
    Jenny Autumn
    She is my favorite. So funny. Honestly, not always the center of attention, but always the funniest in the room. Love her. Get her a show already!!! A good one!
  • OzPerson
    Jury Duty
    Y’all completely undersold this show. Yes you got me to watch it, but I don’t remember when I’ve laughed so much. 10 out of 10. Great podcast listen too. Thanks!
  • BeeLind
    great job Rob
    It was such a heartfelt tribute to Keith. A must listen to, for anyone who enjoyed Keith’s time on Survivor. Hearing from all those on this podcast sure brought home the loss of such a wonderful person from his family near and large. I wanted to thank you Rob for this. As a longtime listener, it warmed my heart to hear all the stories from a great group of people.
  • planetpeace
    Love this podcast
    Thank you so much for the Keith Nale tribute. Got a little teary eyed, especially when Kimmy was getting choked up talking about him. Loved when Mr. Nale was on my screen. Gone too soon.
  • Annoying singing
    Keith tribute
    Rob you are a wonderful human to provide us this tribute to Keith. I enjoy your podcasts and this episode really shows how much you care. Another reason I like to listen. Thanks for all you do and bringing joy to others.
  • RoseMiller98765
    Bigot behavior
    Listened to the outlast podcast with a Chappell. Let’s be real, he didn’t like Paul from the show because Paul was a Christian. And Rob and Mike were too weak to call him out. Careful Chapelle, your hatred is showing.
  • Movie Buff
    Comprehensive Survivor details!
    The deep dive into all the season 44 contestants makes me even more excited for Survivor to start!
  • sean ryan Q
    Sell out
    Rob, great podcast….But I’m sure you recognize how lame and cringy that show is now…serious question, when did you turn into a lame Howard stern?
  • Emil387
    My everyday companion
    Love the amount of content that Rob and the gang put out. A great balance of lighthearted and thoughtful! The entire RHAP and Post Show Recap umbrella is fabulous and the perfect companion to any television viewing experience. Keep up the great work, Rob-io!
  • Owensje91
    Special Forces Worlds Toughest Task
    Best Special Forces Podcast around but the best team.
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