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  • 316913
    This is by far the best podcast in this genre. Great work guys.
  • K3MiK4Lz
    Going down hill
    The show has become a big advertisement to get people to sign up for plus, half finished stories that are only completed for paying listeners, bashing the listener to get then to sign up, the hosts should feel grateful people listen to the podcast because they are still getting paid for that, or maybe make all the shows paid only if putting out "free" content bothers you guys so much!
  • Hi-line
    How did I miss this?
    I’ve listened to 5 episodes in the past two days. All were fantastic. Well researched and thought provoking. The best part is I have several season to listen to.
  • Funwapp
    Hope that you guys and your families are safe from fires!!!!
  • Rivergirl94
    Love the show... might want to change the phone number on your app
    This is a great show. They are very entertaining and do their research! Highly recommend that you listen. BUT... the phone # on their app is not them. lol. I called expecting to leave a message... I’m in California and wanted to know legit places to donate in Australia for the fires. But when I called, a kind man answered saying he’s been getting hundreds of calls but he doesn’t know what MU is?!? 😂. He was extremely nice and asked you take his number off the app. I have a screen shot of it that I can email to you at MU, if you like. Best of luck to you all. We in California understand the terror of wildfires and want to help. ❤️
  • Kristofer Lamey
    Do cool
    You get me thinking you are the best
  • Kat from the Bay Area
    I’m taking the time to rate you
    Because I like being called a barnacle :)
  • lookupTARTARIA
    They’ll open your eyes to some cool topics!
    I dearly and sincerely appreciate this podcast, the hosts, and the research they do. On the surface, it’s all very entertaining and fascinating stories of UFOs, M.I.B.s, other world encounters, and crazy historical texts but they go a depth deeper. It’s incredibly hard to explain but they have been able to take a step back from all this phenomena and dial in a very rational picture of what is really going on with this other-world and the humans that get involved. It’s also been pretty cool to see how their incites have evolved over the years. The 2019 season is just pure magic. I truly do believe they are onto some truth here and a Truth very rarely discussed. Kuddos MU guys!! Keep up the great works!
  • KGirl,K
    The best dynamic between Ben/Aaron
    I love this show - they crack me up. They're also awesome storytellers that do a ton of research on whatever topic they’re discussing, which you got to appreciate, no matter if the topic is far-off/ridiculous. And when the topics do get a little ridiculous, the humor they bring to it is the best part.
  • Lavander Blu
    Very disappointed
    That’s it.
  • Glen from Oki
    Such a good show, but...
    I’ve been listening to MU since it’s second season—such a great show. However, the hosts always surprise me as to how stupid they can be: for example Monsanto—absolutely clueless; alien light beings appearing through orbs (this they get), but a power hungry elite manipulating currency, media, wars, they call out “conspiracy” and crazy. They’ll do research on the easy “puff” material, but won’t do the research on the politics, elites, and corporations pushing/manipulating “life”. Still a good show, like the guys, but they’re either lazy, stupid, ignorant, afraid, and/or controlled by those they won’t report on.
  • Bbbeeehs
    Best paranormal podcast out there
    If you’re into the paranormal, MU is one of the best podcasts out there on the subject. Endless interesting topics (even 20+ seasons in) and a great sense of humor on the part of the hosts. Keep up the good work gentlemen!
  • CousinRichie
    not for the hypersensitive or easily offended
    EDIT: all the sane people with a sense of humor out there need to write these guys some positive reviews to counter all the PC BABIES AND THEIR ETEMPT TO RUIN THE LIVES OF THE BEN AND AARON! IT’S NOT RACIST TO POINT OUT SOME CULTURES ARE BETTER THAN OTHERS! it’s funny the same people upset about the gay jokes are upset about them pointing out that some cultures are superior to others. some cultures murder people for being gay and that seems not to be as good as western culture to me. this is the first podcast i ever downloaded over a decade ago and it’s still one of the best. i could listen to ben and aaron talk about pretty much anything. i like how these guys aren’t very political at all but haven’t been swept up in the pc lunacy that is infecting the entire world. these guys still have a sense of humor, respect the military and law enforcement, and don’t apologize out of fear. it’s not that i’m sticking up for them because we agree on everything, ben and aaron have made christians the butt end of the joke on more than one occasion. i still can’t believe all the negative reviews all the sensitive people have written!! the show itself is great because like myself they are neither skeptics or blind believers. the guys give the stories the ridicule they deserve while being open minded about the possibilities. i’m actually gonna sign back up to their pay subscription as soon as i’m done with this review. it is a great value because it doubles the episode you get on itunes plus you get a whole other show during the week not available on itunes. they talk about crazier stuff behind the paywall, it’s a real hoot!
  • Vistachica
    Now it comes down to trying to pay off the new studio and live the dream. And you realize there may be a glitch in the wiring.
  • Alambrinos1
    No longer one of my favorites
    I have to say I used to love MU, but the content and commentary by the host has become so overwhelmingly bad I can’t get passed it anymore. For years I enjoyed the show, I even seriously have picked up several books that these guys have discussed on more than one occasion. While I didn’t agree with many things they talk about, the stories are fun and engaging. I appreciated the editing and off the cuff style discussion. However, there were always these off color jokes and comments made from time to time that made me step back. I can handle non-pc humor but when it’s not funny it’s just offensive. I was able to get pass it for a long while. Then the content of what was discussed started to go down hill too. Many of the shows were boring or silly, and this caused me to stop listening for months. I began listening again a couple weeks ago, but now the host are even bolder in their offensive comments (making fun of people with disabilities etc) and have even seriously discussed content used by white suprematist as justification for their racism as a part of their free show. That’s something I simply cannot or will not support. Perhaps I’m asking too much for a show largely based on strange phenomena, I mean it’s supposed to be entertaining right? All though, at this point I can’t help but acknowledge the problem. I don’t know maybe their sponsors may want to reconsider their support of the show too.
  • MHMHMZfit
    Fascinating, enlightening, hilarious, mind-expanding. These guys will definitely encourage you to question your paradigm of reality and will make you laugh a bunch! My favorite podcast ever. It makes life a million times more interesting.
  • Valentine de la Sierra
    The hottest chaff in the world.
    5 stars for entertainment value, 1 for basis in reality. This show presents a lot of woo in what the hosts present as a skeptical perspective, but is more akin to denialism than skepticism. I really hope most people are enjoying this for the entertainment value and not actually believing that what they’re talking about is real or historically accurate.
  • M Bayley
    Why did you take down your old podcasts?!?
    I love this podcast and was so excited to see the older seasons were up. What happened?!?!
  • djbrianaz
    Gone downhill
    I have been a listener of Mysterious Universe since it first started. Originally it was just Ben but he stopped after the first year(around year 2005). After a 1 year hiatus, Mysterious Universe came back stronger loaded with awesome content with Ben and his new co-host Aaron. For many years I really enjoyed Mysterious Universe and was a Plus member however the past couple of years it has really gone downhill. They (particularly Ben) constantly try to turn their content into jokes. Ben tells bad jokes and Aaron laughs at all of Bens lame humor. Its become a boring podcast to listen to and I have moved on to different podcasts about paranormal/unusual stuff. I recently ended my Plus membership and to top it off, even though I pay for Plus membership annually, as soon as you cancel, they deny you access to Plus content even though I have several months of prepaid Plus left.
  • Patty2347
    Used to LOVE this show
    I used to love this show, but they literally spent an entire episode mocking autistic children (22.5). I’ve given them a pass so many times because the content was so interesting, but now their focus seems to be “trolling the libs” instead of exploring paranormal topics. After being a subscriber for 5 years, I’m sadly going to unsubscribe. I’ll listen again if they ever decide to grow up.
  • Gjhddvjhfbn
    I’ve been looking for a good podcast that reminds me of the old Unsolved Mysteries show from the 1980s and this is IT! I’m from Point Pleasant WV and have grown up around all the scary legends including The Mothman. You guys managed to terrify me with that episode! Keep up the good work!
  • WeezulMaster
    Great Material, Delivery Confusing
    Been listening since Ben-flying-solo days. Aaron does a good job of trying to focus on the subject matter, but it seems like Ben's done with it all. The discussion keeps wandering around. If I pause and come back later (which you kind of have to do since the episodes now average 2 hours long!), I'm often completely lost. Guys, please use bookmarks or topical breaks! It's so confusing that I'm considering dropping my Plus membership.
  • jkaykelley
    That episode sounds like a great sci-fi move
  • Sachkn
    Great content
    One of the best shows on these sort of topics.
  • Wojill
    You guys crack me up
    I was laughing out loud like a crazy person listening to your latest episode when you started doing your 'jew' voice. Holy crap you guys are amazing.
  • Hugallthecats
    Sad to say...
    I really wanted to like this podcast, and I did at first, but after a while it just got too irritating. The content is interesting, but these guys make it all too clear that they find their subjects ridiculous. I get being skeptical, I am an interested skeptic myself, but are they seriously doing a paranormal podcast just to make fun of people? Seems like it. To top it off, they use annoying sound effects and are just unfunny. It is so very annoying.
  • mustasheman
    The best paranormal podcast
    This puts a large number of podcasts to shame due to a) superb production quality b) exciting subjects c) good chemistry of podcasters
  • Jabba da Who?
    Must listen for the abstract mind
    I can’t get enough of these two Aussies. The information they provide gets your mind running and you explore phenomenons that a lot of the time have never even crossed your mind. A wild ride every time, I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to each episode.
  • Matt Pesci
    They aren’t the most sensitive guys on the internet, and some of their humor is quite politically incorrect and may be found distasteful by some. I’m not here to judge people, but they do very seem ignorant at times and that may affect your ability to enjoy the show. But the hosts are good storytellers, and the content is usually entertaining if not always thought provoking. I’m grateful for the escape from the normal on my commute.
  • ...done
    I am.....
    content ranges from pretty alright to quite entertaining. turns out the hosts are terrible people though (reference 22.05).
  • Sarahbedd
    I was a huge fan of this podcast for awhile, but the racist comments (I’m not going to say jokes because they’re not funny) are inexcusable.
  • tom_the_viking
    Fun podcast , informative
    You have got to listen to these guys! You’ll learn interesting things about the paranormal world and those who are in it. Some of it you won’t believe, but some of it you will !!!
  • k.mc5961
    Can’t keep making excuses for them
    I used to subscribe and listen to every episode but come on. There are too many racist, homophobic, anti-disability jokes to keep making excuses about how much I love the stories. Really disappointing.
  • Rastein12
    Great podcast. The guys always bring weird, wild, creepy, crazy, sometimes unbelievable stories to life. Plenty of history and analysis with a fun twist.
  • iamtheend1988
    They approach weird and scary with humor
    I don’t find them racist or offensive. I find that as a whole the internet lets us be more sensitive then we need to be. Keep up the good work guys.
  • Neera Aya
    They should be embarrassed
    This was my favorite podcast, until they spent and entire episode making fun of autistic children. It made me question who they really are. I can’t even listen to this podcast anymore. Heartbroken listener of many years...
  • mike3858295828
    Insensitive jerks
    Interesting content but I can't listen anymore. Seriously, basically an entire episode of making fun of mentally disabled people? Now I can't take the annoying laughing, crappy jokes, and insensitive comments. Not interested anymore.
  • sincerely disappinted
    Episode 22.05 made me so angry. They had interesting things to say as an overall topic but they are extremely disrespectful. There is a way to talk about mental disabilities like autism without constantly using the “R” Word and making fun. Very disappointing and disrespectful. I won’t be continuing to listen.
  • Sam45321
    Marian Rudnyk interview
    This was very a intriguing interview, especially after all the current TTSA drama. Are they here for real? Why all of the military presence a month after his first sighting? Are they (the military/MIB’s) watching Marian in case of a possible abduction? I’ve thought about this and reasoned this might be because of the all the MILAB reports which I’ve always considered BS, but when the men in the van approached him as they did.......? This interview certainty got my attention. Great job keeping our attention. Thoroughly enjoyed and raises a lot of questions.
  • strangeCat7
    Great show. I’m definitely gonna follow up with links about this guy. I WANT MORE!! I love your show Wish I had a way to listen to all your past shows.
  • Scoutwalker01
    Bummed out
    As a parent of a helpless child with autism this was the most heartbreaking episode to listen too.. to want to blow a horn in the ears of a child with super hyper sensitive hearing ??? Don’t you know how painful that would be??? To mock the mannerisms of someone who doesn’t have control of their bodies ??? C’mon fellas you’re better than that!
  • shiversiobhan
    Sometimes incredible offensive
    I’ve enjoyed Mysterious Universe in the past but one of their latest episodes has completely turned me off this duo. 22.05 was a fascinating topic but I was horrified to hear how insensitive these two were about Autism. They should be ashamed of themselves. It disgusted me so much I don’t think I’ll be able to bring myself to listen to them again. Grow up fellas!
  • thrash_mango
    Plus is worth it
    With plus you essentially are getting 3x the content you get with the free version. The free version is great don't get me wrong and you don't need plus at all. But it's totally worth it. Plus you don't have to wait a week between each episode!
  • Budd Guy
    Out of touch
    Was a huge fan until I listened last night and they were making bad sophomoric jokes about intellectually challenged children. Not even jokes, mocking voices. I’m out
  • RunningOnEmpty82
    In Shock, Lost Listener
    I am listening to this PODCAST and at times I wonder if they are insensitive. However, today , while listening, they actively made fun of people with disabilities- I am in shock and honestly am ashamed I ever was an avid listener. Made fun of people with inabilities communicating - it is outrageous.
  • Meridian_16
    I've listened to these guys for years, and it's always been among my favorite podcasts. A year or two ago, I would have given them 5 stars without hesitation. The podcast used to do segments about stuff going on in the crypto community. It's how I was introduced to guys like Red Pill Junkie and Micah Hanks. Now, they seem to just basically give a book report each week. While I still like these guys and I have a lot of history with them, I can't shake the feeling that they've been phoning it in for the past several months. They've had a lot going on in their personal lives I'm sure, but it doesn't discount the fact they've slipped in this genre's hierarchy...
  • I.Tate
    Wonderful show!
    I messed up and binged all the content, now I’m not sure what to do with myself.
  • Wet Steven
    Often racist/sexist/homophobic humor
    Fun information and stories but often racist/sexist/homophobic humor.
  • Feyspirit!
    This is one of the most amazing shows on the net. I have to ration myself because I will binge listen to this show and I don't want to run out of content. Very well done, interesting topics, lots of humor, and as an added bonus, you get to listen to Aussie accents!
  • Rlmquist
    Used to be great. Now racist, and predictable.ano
    I subscribed to this podcast for three years. I loved it At first, and its still got a lot going for it. In the last year its become intolerably racist. “Some cultures are better than others” -Direct quote from one of the hosts last year.
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