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Always interesting and often hilarious, join hosts Aaron Wright and Benjamin Grundy as they investigate the latest in futurology, weird science, consciousness research, alternative history, cryptozoology, UFOs, and new-age absurdity.

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  • SHoskins
    Morning show humor
    What exactly was that Paul Pelosi joke? I’ve caught this show a few times. They also seemed to be Trump fans. This is why I’ve never wanted to pay for more content and why I’ll never recommend this podcast. Like the demise of Coast to Coast, turn your show into politics and it’s done. No one listens to this show for your politics.
  • juancpt2013
    Dumb barnacles
    Upgrade already.
  • TeslaRockstar
    Amazingly amazing. Fantastically fantastic, superbly superb. Well researched, well done and perfect. Thank you!
  • Sid The Frog
    What a hoot!
    Wish I had found this podcast a long time ago. Well done!
  • Hsisjendj
    Only the open minded can enjoy
    And it’s a good thing I am. If you get your feelings hurt when someone challenges your beliefs or political standing then this is not the show for you. These two guys tell it how it is, without an agenda or watering down any details for the sake of your own comfort. Thats precisely why this show is so fabulous, not only does it constantly bring fourth new ideas to challenge your old ones, this show is something I look forward to Bi-weekly consistently speaking on wildly bold topics that you simply cannot find in any other podcasts out there. Absolutely wonderful. If an idea is offending people it means you’re on the path to doing something right.
  • Spark-tacular
    Best show available!
    I love this show! Ben and Aaron have a great on-air chemistry, and they make sure the show is professional and entertaining. The topics are thought-provoking and no matter what I am doing throughout the day, MU makes the day better and work go by faster. Thanks for the great work, guys!
  • Turkey jurkey
    Good but..
    I like the subject matter in all their episodes, sometimes they jump around a bit to much but it’s still pretty easy to follow. My biggest issue is their horrible jokes, the other reviewer was right they are disrespectful to their subjects sometimes, they make insensitive jokes at other peoples expense, and make dumb sex jokes that aren’t even funny. I’m only writing this in hopes they will read it and edit themselves better, or maybe Australia is just behind with the times…
  • yet_another_nobody
    Stop being a failure, stop being a loser. Subscribe already.
    MU has ruined me for every other podcast ever! I don’t even bother looking elsewhere anymore. I’ve been listening since 2011/12 and the show has only gotten better and better each year. (Like a lot better) The hosts only take a few personal weeks off a year and put out a metric ton of content for MU Plus+ subscribers the rest of the time. The production quality is exquisite. Their approach is fun and witty even when the subject matter is tough or terrifying. They have opened my mind more than probably any other earthly source. Sincere thank you Ben and Aaron! I know it is very hard work but it is appreciated. Worth. Every. Penny.
  • Bunzby
    I’ve been a long time listener of Mysterious Universe. This is by far my favorite podcast. I struggle to find other “paranormal” or “weird” pods that I can bear to listen to because the content and production level of MU is incredible. I’ve finally been listening to the back catalog and it’s been fun to hear Aaron and Ben’s relationship grow and their banter become even funnier over the years. Highly recommend!
  • 11679Peterbilt
    Mysterious Universe
    You guys are awesome, funny and, informative keep it up…
  • Big beat manifesto
    They’re literally the coolest Australians since Steve Irwin! Keep that island crazy, boys!
  • Mesviemoi
    My favorite pod
    If you are a fan of anything paranormal, high strangeness, new ideas and questions about the mysterious universe we live in… this is your show! I refuse to listen to other podcasts because they just can’t compare. Been listening for years and I finally moved to plus and never looked back! Except for maybe that one dolphin episode. Skip that one…… thanks buddy!
  • chaddyk
    Sue Me!
    Best show on iTunes, hands down. 5 star
  • MrsFleur
    Love the vast amount of topics and stories
    Great story tellers and so entertaining to listen to! It has made me look at the world in a different way. I really enjoy listening whenever I get the chance!
  • Madhouse1114
    Not as funny as they think
    The hosts are disrespectful, they make fun of their subjects, they use the R-word. They don’t approach their topics with any sense of wonder. It’s a shame because this format could really do something in the Forteana space if the hosts weren’t so interested in being “funny” by putting others down.
  • happyprocrastinator
    I absolutely love and respect Benjamin and Aaron! This is my favorite podcast and I have repeatedly suggested this to others whom also became addicted! I am a plus member and it is worth every penny and more for the extended version and the extra show per week! This is entertaining, educational and absolutely makes me laugh out loud! I would listen daily if they could clone themselves and make more than two shows a week! Thanks guys! Thanks for making my drives and my woodworking in the shop even better with your shows! I can’t seem to work unless I have an episode to watch! I make wooden children’s toys and feel like my peeked curiously is infused into each toy! Lol
  • LostInNNV
    Don’t Listen While Doing Field Work Alone In Nevada
    Unless you like all the hairs on your body to stand up and feel like you’re being watched. But seriously, Aaron and Ben are like familiar friends (since 2013) who talk to me “behind my eyes” both while wandering in the desert or sitting in my digital jungle (a.k.a., office). The quantity of material they consume and can talk about each week is impressive. I’ve learned a plethora about strangeness, kundalini and Bigfoot, and it’s been a life changer. These guys truly know how to engage listeners as well as make them awkwardly laugh out loud in an otherwise silent room. If you don’t listen, you should -and definitely as a + member or you miss out on all the fun stuff!
  • Betsy from SWO
    Missing 411: Aussie Podcaster Edition
    Favorite podcast of all time - my husband refers to my MU listening sessions as my having gone Missing 411 to Australia… Always hilarious, often prescient, and never boring, this is what you need to be tuning in for. Five funthrusters out of five.
  • jdcaddell
    Been listening since the beginning, and still the best!
    Long time fan. I have been listening since the beginning when it was just Ben. MU has been a podcast that has been in my feed since day 1 when podcasts weren’t really a thing and the production value only continues to get better. Both these hosts add their own flair to the show, even if it is a subject of topic I do not care about, they can make it interesting. Ben and Aaron, I hope to get a chance to hear you for many more years to come! Thanks for the years of entertainment! Also, Ben and Aaron, I love reading through these comments and reviews, it’s almost like everyone is mad that you have a different view or sense of humor than them. It is a shame you can’t have a different belief or find humor in something.
  • danv1027
    Narrowminded thinking
    Five Stars!
  • The Ghost of Prince
    My other vehicle is a probe
    One of my favorite podcasts. Well researched, open minded discussion on fringe topics. Don’t listen to the 1 star reviews about the podcast being “racist” or “transphobic”. I think these people need to actually look up the definition of hate speech. They have nothing better to do than nurse their hurt butts and ask for the manager.
  • Cryptologik
    Hey Buddee
    Hateful, racist podcast. 5 stars.
  • Tay767
    10 orb carrying, space Ferrari driving, ayahuasca guzzling bigfoots out of 10
  • paxis66
    Hey buddy
    I don’t like you buddy! What is that matter with you buddy? This is a bad show buddy!
  • joey bag of dounuts
    Blood farts
    Best podcasts around hands down, MPR can slurp my exit with its corporate bought, arrogant, dump chewing, dirty Sanchez sniffing , prolapsed googina narratives …. MU is brilliant, concessive, well put together, and worth wasting time and money over . All you woke , butt chompers who hate your own existence….. save the planet and bruise your trigger toe . Viva La MU!
  • EquiTaurusProspere
    What happened to you
    This is the only review I've ever written. My favorite show, I pay for it every month for a couple of years now since I found it. Plus is mega worth it, I like the little snippets of Australian life in between hilarious, ridiculous, amazing, or disturbing stories. Love it, love the guys. I wish I was friends with both of them irl lol. Can't say good enough things.
  • BayRosemary
    Best show about strange things out there!
    If you enjoy hearing stories about all things weird, strange, esoteric, aliens, bigfoot, supernatural, etc. this is your show! The Australian hosts share stories from people around the world while keeping their feet on the ground. I love when the hosts poke fun at each other (and have thoroughly enjoyed poking fun at my friends who like dinosaurs as a result). The quality of each episode is unparalleled. The entire MU brand has staff who are top notch and share weird stories, while verifying the content (as much as you can with strange encounters). So yes, let’s look at the stars, roll our eyes when the govt admits to UFOs, laugh at those who get their hands stuck in peanut butter jars, and entertain stories while keeping our wits about us. Bonus: They always share their sources, which are typically books you can then read to continue your decent into the weird topic of your choosing.
  • Drew Zeck
    Only podcast
    been listening since high school
  • suffragetet19
    Worst show ever buddy!
    I can’t believe this is out there! The extra content for plus subscribers is so extra!! Thanks for scraping me off the side of the ship!! I’m on board now!!!
  • kota's mom
    Love the show
    I love this show. They talk about anything and everything.
  • Jborrelli19
    Been listening for years
    Love this podcast more than anything. Thanks for the Plus Subscription! If you don’t have it… you’re missing out!
  • Jaderaven88
    The one and only
    Back in 2005, I was painting a room in my new home. Decided I should check out podcasts while painting. The first one that looked interesting was Mysterious Universe. Been a subscriber ever since. Was sad when Ben stopped for a few months but they came back. I’m addicted. It’s my one and only podcast.
  • FoMommy
    I love this show. It is my go-to for the weird, irreverent, and off-beat. Ben oozes satire and I appreciate that both hosts are open minded and rooted in common sense. When they laugh at themselves and each other you can tell what a great time they are having and it’s contagious. I would recommend it to everyone IF I thought everyone would get it-which I don’t and I am good with that. Nobody is drinking the Kool-Aid here. In our world turned upside down, the strangeness they are dishing up makes a lot of sense.
  • C. Dunk.
    No other podcast has continually kept me engaged and interested like MU. The quality of production is unmatched. The content is the perfect blend of thought provoking, entertaining, and often hilarious. Glad to not be a good for nothing, scum of the earth, and smelly, barnacle.
  • Lomaratron
    MU is more than podcast for me
    I started listening to podcasts to escape the uninteresting, soul draining noise that almost all media, especially the corporate news media, has become. A friend recommended MU so I started listening and I found myself looking forward to it every week. I joined MU Plus a few years ago and enjoy every minute of it. I never thought I would pay to hear a podcast but this one is worth it. Its more than a podcast for me. It’s something I put into my schedule to listen to when I take downtime. Its entertaining and informative and strikes the right balance with providing information on sometimes controversial subjects. Aaron and Benjamin are honest and straightforward with their views on various topics but they don’t preach or take the attitude like everyone else is wrong. They will take shots at each other and themselves as much as anything. I’m glad the show is doing well and hope for many years of listening to them. Bravo.
  • SupaflyTaco
    Fantastic Podcast
    Great podcast that covers a very wide range of topics, from the strange and fantastic stories of the unknown to current topics that affect all of us regardless of where we are in the world. They don’t take themselves too seriously, or sometimes the topic (which with some of the topics, fair enough there), but they always strike a great balance between very serious and somewhat lighthearted stories and banter. This is a podcast for those who care to think for themselves and also have a fully functional sense of humor. If you’re lacking in either area, this may not be for you. But for the rest of us, we always look forward to hearing from them again, like old friends with tales of the amazing and mundane. Highly recommended.
  • Aflores92683
    Hey buhddy
    Has made me realize how many paranormal events can be resolved by kicking their faces off 🤣
  • brianws33
    Best right wing hate speech ever
    Love this show been listening over 10 yrs. If youlike the paranormal witha dash of good old fashioned common sense and anti-wokeness, youve found your show. And always remember in your best Indian voice: what happened to you?
  • The Narmom
    I only listen to one podcast and this is it
    I do not listen to podcasts, as a rule. I have absolutely no interest in hearing about the lives of some random dudes miles away. But then my mother made me listen to the “my dog is a secret agent who is talking to me while I’m high on mushrooms” episode and I was hooked. I was willing to pay any amount of money a month to hear more of that. This is quality content, you guys.
  • Fnesbit86
    Best Podcast Ever!
    If you are not familiar with Ben and Aaron, strap in cuz these blokes are amazing! If you are worried that they are not pc or have a narrow minded view on things , check out the collaborative work they did with Dr. Amanda Noel from Aphrodite University - can’t get more woke than that. I will say they give topics a fair discussion and also make it entertaining. They discuss things you’ve never heard of and truly do explore our mysterious universe. Give it a listen.
  • BustaS
    A must!
    Best podcast hands down! I’ve canceled cable and other woke streaming platforms but I will NEVER cancel my MU plus subscription!
  • Jeremy824
    What happened to you buddy??
    Top tier show
  • moonsh0t
    Funny truth seeking
    MU has been my top podcast for at least 6-7 years now. Ben and Aaron’s great chemistry make the show hilarious. They cover a variety of topics from doom-porn and cryptids (the big hairy guy) to government conspiracies… sometimes all in the same episode. What’s not to like!? Plus they aren’t afraid to tell it like it is when it comes to the evils of communism. Easy 5 stars from this plus member.
  • Jesla1
    Great Podcast.
    Been listening for several years Love it. Not a barnacle.
  • TreeFixer
    Everything Other
    I Love this show! They always have something good to talk about and the show gives me tons of topics and books to explore on my own. Plus membership is definitely worth it (Hey buddy, screw you buddy)
  • Tinyrutabaga
    Barnacles beware
    I’ve subscribed to this show for 10+ years mostly because I can’t figure out how to cancel it. These fellas are far too interested in Japanese tentacles for my tastes. Plus they have stupid accents.
  • RonTomicki
    Plus army rise up!
    I’m leaving a review today for one of my favorite podcasts of all time! You guys are some of the best in the business and I love listening to your show two times a week!
  • St.Krebs
    What happened to you?
    5 starts
  • SpookyVeez
    What happened to you
  • Derangedcabbit
    Wife’s Boyfriend Made me Write This
    He wanted to let the internet know how good this show was. He says he doesn’t have time to write one himself, since he’s busy right now in our bedroom. Let me just get one thing straight. I’ve heard a few episodes from our nightstand, or during our stay at the 3-adult 1-child package at the Galactic Starcruiser, and these Aussies call into question anything but absolute obedience to medical mandates. You don’t even have to think about it bro, just get the jab! People who think about things like efficacy & safety of something the government forces us to do in an experimental state can’t be that cool. Definitely not as cool as my Funco pop collection! Anyway Tyrone just loves the show. He says he imagines it would be perfect to listen to while doing chores or commuting to work, but he just enjoys just having it on in the background while gaming. Oh, he just yelled “Ok buddy” that means he’s finished. I gotta go clean up.
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