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The Art of Manliness Podcast aims to deepen and improve every area of a man's life, from fitness and philosophy, to relationships and productivity. Engaging and edifying interviews with some of the world's most interesting doers and thinkers drop the fluff and filler to glean guests' very best, potentially life-changing, insights.

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  • NincompoopNathan
    One of the best podcasts for men!
    I’ve been listening to AOM for years and it never disappoints. Brett is a top notch interviewer and covers a wide variety of topics without wading into politics or current events; the subject matter is evergreen. My wife even listens occasionally!
  • Dr. TJV
    Engaging, varied, and useful
    This podcast fills a niche that takes multiple other podcasts to even attempt. The breadth of topics mean everyone has a chance to benefit, and although geared towards men I’ve never felt like the lessons learned were solely about archetypal manliness, and more about being the best “you”. As a millennial I don’t think I got a good education in being a good man and discovering this podcast turned my world around. Lastly, unlike so many partisan or host-centered podcasts, I have a hard time discerning where Brett falls politically and that makes the information feel unbiased, vetted, and digestible. Thank you AoM team for years of service in civility.
  • LLuvCoolJane
    7/10/24: something is missing.
    With four minutes left to go, I doubt you cover this topic, pornography. I would say that’s a huge problem and one determinant as to whether a male child develops into a masculine heroic young man or into a socially ineffectual one who is a potentially dangerous adult male. in fact, I think you should develop a whole episode to this topic of how pornography has affected youthful relationships between the sexes (Ladies are you down for a little choking?) and how it has honestly warped a lot of young people. Specifically, those who relate to pornography as they would to a substance, effectually making pornography an SUD.
  • Chris K33
    Excellent interviews of podcast guests
    This is one of the very, very few podcasts where the attention is on the person being interviewed and the information they can share with the listener. So many other podcasters use the platform just to talk about themselves and I stop listening after an episode or two. In contrast, Brett keeps the primary focus on the guest and their work. He asks great questions which he can do because he has actually prepared and read their materials beforehand. He also does a great job linking the key points to other studies or people he’s interviewed before, so that it’s easier for the listener to see connections they might otherwise have missed. The topics are also very relevant for people always trying to better reach their potential. All in all, this is a fantastic podcast.
  • J.T. Floyd
    A simple thanks.
    I’ve learned, been motivated, and helped others by way of this podcast. As a commuter and podcast junkie, the McKay’s are a breath of fresh air. Thanks for continuing to put out great content, new and historical.
  • Man’s Man
    Relevant, Useful, Encouraging
    Brett and team have been an example for how to stay a constant learner. Enjoyable, informative, and a great sieve for the bloat of content that’s out there.
  • SusieS27
    Outstanding Interviews; Noble View of Being a Man
    An outstanding podcast for two reasons. First, the interviews: Brett reads every book for each interview; this practice allows him to ask detailed questions of each interview subject. Even better, he reads the books with charity, which means that he gives each book a full and fair hearing. He keeps the spotlight squarely on the interview subject rather than himself, so that you walk away having a clear understanding of the book’s basics while also being intrigued to go read the books for yourself. He doesn’t waste time with corny jokes or banter. In short, Brett provides a model of what a good (friendly) interviewer should do. Second, the podcast affirms a noble vision of what it means to be a man. There’s plenty to be found about fitness, weight loss, etc., but also about moral education, raising children, being a better husband, friendship, competence, etc. The choice of subjects indicates Brett’s view of what being a man is all about, and while Brett’s views emerge as part of the conversations he has with his guests, he isn’t pushy about his opinions, beliefs, etc. Instead, because he’s engaged in real dialogue, he’s able to connect with his guests both intellectually and morally, even as he talks with a wide range of experts. There are many excellent podcasts out there, and the Art of Manliness is certainly one of them. I’m thankful that Brett has brought something so good to such a wide audience, and I appreciate the wisdom I’ve gained from listening to this podcast.
  • antient Bob
    Outstanding interviews
    As an old duffer I have listened to virtually every one of Brett’s interviews since the beginning. I have only heard one that wasn’t a five star and that was because of the interviewee, herself. A wide variety of topics that he makes interesting even as I start thinking that I won’t like. Keeps and old man in tune with modern times and trends. Outstanding!
  • Adoniram White
    An exceptional podcast and blog in a time of distraction and worldliness
    This podcast has offered great experiences to both entertain me and increase my knowledge. I would strongly recommend this to fellow listeners. Congratulations for the 1000th episode.
  • Tom J. Jones
    My Favorite Podcast For Years
    If I was stranded on a deserted island and I could only choose one podcast to listen to…The Art of Manliness podcast what I’d choose! I can’t tell relay the wisdom and skills I’ve gained from listening over the years. Thanks Brett and Kate for all your hard work! Its made my life more manly and more meaningful!
  • MIs En Plasse
    Brett, congratulations on your Milestone. AOM is my go to source for all things interesting, timely, and effective. Thank you for the contributions you have made to my family, friends, and Professional Colleagues. I shamelessly suggest they listen to your catalogue. You deliver a source of wisdom we sorely need today. Looking forward to the next 1,000 episodes! David
  • Brandon0658
    A great podcast that transcends its title
    Brett consistently releases excellent interviews with fascinating guests. I’ve discovered dozens of books from this podcast, and I appreciate Brett’s engaging and thorough interview style.
  • Just2020in
    Truly enjoy the show! Thanks for the work you and your family do to make it such a great success.
  • Ericlikestobuild
    Brett & Katie - Outstanding work hitting 1,000 episodes which represent, I'm sure, tens of thousands of hours of behind the scenes work! You've served the listeners well by providing thoughtful, highly practical content that has helped make us better people! Huzzah! To 1,000 more!
  • Payden S.
    Consistently my favorite podcast
    With my work I have the opportunity to listen to lots of books and podcast. Most podcasts come and go but AOM podcast seems to be the podcast that I never get tired of. I love the format, love that the conversations. The conversations are with people that dedicate time to their subject rather than ramble on their latest thought trends. Thanks AOM podcast!
  • UWS14
    1000 episodes!!
    What a milestone! I started with AOM when I was wrapping up Highschool, 2007/8. So many interests and influences have come and gone in that time but AOM persists because of the quality; content; timeliness; and timelessness of what Bret and K produce.
  • someguysomewhere123
    Stay Manly
    Brett is always inspiring, genuine, and does it with class (at a time when class feels like it’s gone out of style). Excellent material for manly men in the modern era. Thank you Brett! - Random Guy in TX
  • 417girl
    Not even trying to be manly
    As a woman in her late 50s, I’m not even sure how or when or why I started listening to this podcast. I can say - I love it !! Interesting, entertaining, informative, I often discover something I want to share with my son, husband or friend. Thank you for providing quality content.
  • adhater44
    The fathers role episode
    I just want to say thank you for the episode on “Dads essential role to raising awesome kids” this spoke to my experience with having a kid on so many levels. When my son was born I was expecting the instant connection and I didn't get it, the first couple weeks were tough and I didn't feel connected and I thought I was going crazy. I had started looking up this feeling and found out it wasn't out of the norm, but this episode would help so many first-time dads. I don't think this is spoken about enough so thank you! Great episode!
  • JROsterholm
    Love it, great interviews, good tone
    Really appreciate the interviews.
  • ColdMN
    Excellent show
    Always interesting, often inspiring or motivating. Enjoy the insights of what makes people successful and productive.
  • Papa Jeff 60
    Learn so much
    I learn so much from each episode. Thank you for bringing on guests that challenge my thinking. JC
  • MaryNashMary
    I’m a 67 year old woman that enjoys this show
    Great insights from laundry to how to learn new things to exercise. Good one to mix in!
  • Jeffrey Purtee
    Still … Best Interviews in Podcasting
    Fascinating variety of topics in a show I never miss. Host sounds like he reads every book cover to cover and comes up with the perfect questions to lead authors down the road to telling a great story. I’ve read a lot of great books I would otherwise not know because of this show. Give this show a try! Update May 2024: my 5th update of my original review. Interviews are so enjoyable I listen even for topics that don’t particularly interest me. Keep up the great work!
  • wallyhenry
    I love listening to this podcast and learning more in the art of manliness.
  • DT076
    Simply the Best
    I’ve listened to every episode since the podcast started. While wide-ranging with something for everyone, what is really amazing about this podcast is the consistency. Every episode I have learned something. Every episode has had the same quiet, consistent superb quality. And it is a great to be able to listen to a podcast that avoids politics but stresses ethics and virtues. Time spent listening to this podcast is time very well spent.
  • wx2junior
    Quality topics with quality interviews
    One of the best podcasts out there.
  • Snomin78
    Too much fluff
    There is very little substance in the episodes anymore. And it seems to be a liberal podcast now.
  • Stumbletron
    The best of the best
    I can always trust that Brett and Kate are finding the most insightful and interesting guests and subject matter possible. There’s so much information out there, and I’m grateful to have this top-notch, curated resource.
  • Calvin&Hobbes2023
    Informative and interesting for both men and women
    Brett brings on guests that present insightful and interesting information about a wide range of topics. Though the name is the show is The Art of Manliness, many of the topics about how to live better are just as applicable for women as they are for men.
  • RFW II
    My go-to podcast for 10+ years
    For at least 10 years now this has been my go-to podcast. I thought I had very diverse interests - especially for a guy - but somehow Brett hits them all. Plenty of conventionally manly stuff here that I love like military history and weightlifting. But also tons of less conventional manly stuff I love like philosophy, theology and mental health. All presented intelligently with an interview style that shows sincerity and enthusiasm. The perfect combination of educational and engaging. Having listened to I am sure well over a hundred episodes, I truly feel the better man for this podcast.
  • MaryRast
    Woman that loves this podcast
    My fiance introduced me to this podcast and I absolutely love it even though I’m a woman. Some podcasts feel like you’re just listening to people gossip or chat about controversial topics, but I appreciate how this podcast provides conversations about real, practical issues on a philosophical and psychological approach.
  • Otiloc
    Always practical
    One of the most diverse podcasts out there. Something for everyone. History, philosophy, finance, all of it. Love how AoM podcast always has practical applications and a focus on becoming better. Keep it up!
  • windsweptone
    Insightful interviews worth hearing
    The host always arrives well prepared and well read on the show’s topic. Has interesting content driven by insightful questions to the guest. Even when the topic of the show does not call to me, I find the discussion is certain to take a turn to the “ interesting”. Like topics you never considered in college yet decide are interesting after overhearing a coffee shop discussion and wanting to know more.
  • PegLegSergei
    A lost art
    Great podcast with a wide (often surprisingly so) range of topics. Brett conducts a respectful conversation, stepping aside and letting the guest talk, often breaking in with an insightful question but not dominating the discussion, and letting the excellent subject matter shine on its own. I’ve learned a lot from AOM and have put what I’ve heard into action many times.
  • fun time sap
    Wonderful information
    Great podcast on many levels, health, self improvement and Bret has a great interview style.
  • Jumperfunny
    Great podcast!!!
    I mostly listen to daily news and political podcasts but AOM podcasts are such a delight to enjoy! This podcasts touched on a variety of subjects from history to mental health and the host is always articulate and brings out the most interesting sides of his guests. There are countless times where I thought maybe a subject might be boring but at the end of it felt totally enriched! Highly recommend this podcast even if you’re not a man!
  • Stevis78
    Apprenticeship to the good life
    Many of the podcasts I listen to provide interesting and helpful information but AOM goes a step further. It apprentices you into a life of vibrant virtue, meaning and purpose.
  • DRWhite23
    Great for women, too!
    I'm a female military veteran and have been listening to this show since I was active duty to keep my mind focused on actionable things I can do to be healthier, happier, and more effective.
  • Dscscc
    Brett never fails to have new and engaging guests, often touching on topics I didn’t know I’d be interested in but that I then dig into more having learned from the podcast.
  • fishpants
    Never disappoints!
    While I’m not a religious devotee of AOM’s podcast, every time I listen to an episode I find myself thinking “I need to listen to this more often!” Great guests, thoughtful questions. I always learn something.
  • Amdyfyn
    Inadvertent HIIT
    In the 90s I called it R/W (run/walk) and it was best for me as an avid weightlifter who loathed traditional running. I lost 25 lbs in a month and most was body-fat. But mine was a 5-on, 5-off interval of minutes.
  • fjcncheie
    One of the Best
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the AoM podcast since day one. Brett does a phenomenal job of finding interesting guests and doing his homework before the conversation.
  • D10626
    Awesome listening
    I cannot tell you how many times I have shared the podcast episodes with friends and family. Thank you so much for bringing these much needed topics and sharing them with us. I have been enlightened in so many ways.
  • PersianExpress
    Top flight with consistent quality
    For years AoM has produced compelling, actionable shows with wide-ranging topics and engaging guests.
  • yobeyo
    One of My Favorites!!!
    I love this podcast. I’m a woman in my early 30s, wife, mother, and I love this podcast. I appreciate Brett’s down to earth vibes-he seems humble but high minded. I derive so much encouragement from this podcast. Thank you AOM team (and various guests)!!
  • Jb2007
    Fantastic, but what happened Brett?
    This podcast is hands down one of the best ways to spend your podcast listening time. This is the leading podcast in its genre. More like this is needed in the world.
  • Whathefungus
    Detailed and helpful
    A powerful and rare pillar standing for what it means to be a man.
  • Mulreen
    History of American Mafia with Louis Ferrante
    Amazing conversation. I will definitely seek out Louis Ferrante’s Borgata book. He really has a deep knowledge of the mafia and lived it too. If you have the least bit of interest in the mafia and history in general…this episode is for you. Thanks Brett for having this guest on AoM.
  • pipercubah
    Needed topics of discussion
    Brett does a great job having guests and topics that every man should listen to.
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