If you like The Moth, This American Life or Snap Judgment, take a walk on the wilder side with RISK! Your colorful host Kevin Allison (of the legendary comedy group The State) helms this surprisingly uncensored show where people tell jaw-dropping true stories they never thought they'd dare to share in public. RISK! is hilarious, heart-wrenching and remarkably real. Think you've heard it all? Fasten your seatbelt.

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  • srpntfire671
    Great show!
    Love the stories! They are always so good and well told. This podcast has opened my mind to so many new perspectives and life experiences. What a gift!
  • Jacquestrip
    We really don’t need the sound effects
    I liked this show much more in the early years. Kevin can be long winded, but he’s mostly enjoyable to listen to. The recent addition of “sound effects” have made the stories almost unlistenable.
  • xtinayo
    So original, entertaining and often times relatable
    Huge fan. I love the creative music and interstitials. You can absolutely tell the folks who work on the show really love what they do. Host, Kevin, is hysterical and an open book!
  • rdclbtchemt
    israeli propaganda
    kevin, i hope you make immediate efforts for the voices of palestinians to be heard on risk. no excuse for the conflation of fourth of july and the iron dome with no context for violent settler colonialism carried about by israel. no excuse for a story about an ice cream date being interrupted without any mention of the violent interruption of whole palestinian communities being destroyed by israel. 9/25: more pathetic bourgeois israeli propaganda demonizing palestinian children and exonerating “scared”, violent, fake socialist zionists. should be noted the episode referenced above was released during intensified violent conflict in may 2021, this episode coming the same week the US approved 2 billion for israel’s war machine on arabs. be BETTER kevin, don’t make a throw away offers for arabs to email u immediately after glorifying their oppressors. stop being a tool of imperialism.
  • P.S.III
    The name of the show says it all. This podcast is full of people telling the scary uncomfortable stories which make people real. I love it! Thank you for sharing your selves with us all! And Kevin, please keep it up!
  • June Bug 2020
    Storytelling doesn’t get much better than this!
    I’ve had to remove my jaw from the floor many times
  • Griffinator77
    Hit or miss
    Some great stories, also some duds. The host needs to stop rambling, 15+ mins an episode is too much time to be doing introductions. I usually end up skipping to the story.
  • Sandicomm
    Always Listening, Always Learning
    Risk! is easily one of the best podcasts ever. I have been a listener since 2013, when my boyfriend first introduced me to podcasts. I had seen the host, Kevin, at a stand up comedy show a few months earlier, where he plugged the show, and I was blown away the instant I started listening. Beautiful, honest, funny, raw, REAL stories all presented by a wonderful, compassionate human being. Beautiful Anonymous fans would do well to catch up on this show and its extensive back catalogue.
  • Kajlysse
    The best there is
    I’ve been a listener for a long time now. Risk is by far the best pod cast I’ve ever heard.
  • Risk! is the best
    I love this show.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love this show. PERIOD. I have listened to Risk! since the early days and know I’ve left a rating before but iTunes is allowing me to leave 5 stars again and I’m thrilled to do so! I have shared this podcast with so many friends who are now big time Risk! listeners. This show has been my companion in my workplace (headphones on), my studio, washing dishes, folding laundry, in the car, on walks. It’s made me laugh and cry. These stories have made me rethink my world view and how I interact with others. It’s simply the best podcast out there. PERIOD
  • Alex Steed
    Legendary show, legendary host. An all time favorite. Thanks for being great. Much love to y’all!
  • Callan D.
    One of the absolute best podcasts
    FYI— I see this podcast unfairly getting 1 star reviews for its live shows’ venues requiring covid vaccinations.. That is not cool in my book. Risk! Is a podcast the world needs. I also loved the experience of seeing the storytellers live when the show came to St. Paul. There’s nowhere else I’ve found where such unique, profound, and sometimes hilarious personal stories are told. Personal storytelling is an art and way of connecting with humans that is so needed. The Storytellers on Risk that I’ve heard have all been talented and I’ve learned something new or taken away something new for myself from listening to most of them, or have felt less alone in my humanness. The “taboo” things discussed are things that should be talked about without shame! In this way I feel Risk is doing its part to increase compassion and understanding and lessen stigma around topics like sex, mental health, addiction & more. I also think the music in the show fits the episodes well and I even found one of my favorite musicians from one of the episodes. The host Kevin is very funny and compassionate also. Thanks, Risk!
  • reneeloveshellokitty
    Human & Important
    I have been listening to RISK! for so long and it has brought so much knowledge and heart into my life in a way that has truly changed my world and I cannot be thankful enough for that.
  • Beccbe
    My favorite podcast - recommended for (nearly) everyone
    The Risk! podcast is a diamond in the rough. I found it at a hard spot in my life: Risk! stories comprise thousands of hours of original stories about the most difficult, sexiest, cringiest, shameful, tender, relatable moments in real people’s lives. It’s not for everyone. It’s well-produced and weird at the same time. Risk! was my first live storytelling performance (as a guest, not a performer, yet) and first Patreon subscription. This is my favorite podcast. Give Risk! a listen. You (probably) won’t regret it.
  • narcolepticad
    Incredible storytelling podcast
    You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll think. You’ll be horrified. You’ll learn. You’ll connect. You’ll be inspired. Such thoughtful and well performed storytelling. Saw a live show in Baltimore too. Can’t say enough good things about this amazingly human podcast.
  • alsw18
    Best podcast ever!
    This is my absolute favorite podcast. If you like true stories told by the people who experienced the events they’re describing firsthand, but want something a little more risqué and edgy than the usual storytelling shows, this is the show for you. The ever-changing list of storytellers makes every episode exciting. I’ve even been lucky enough to catch the live show three times so far (once in NYC, twice in Baltimore), and it’s even better in person. I also appreciate the requirement that current shows require vaccinations - thanks for keeping your audience safe, Kevin. Keep up the good work!
  • MarkRinVT
    Love this podcast!
    I’m biased because I’ve been on it, but I don’t care, RISK! is awesome and one of the best podcasts out there!
  • Kevin@RISK!
    NYC theaters require proof of vaccination
    No live shows, no podcast. Doing a live show in New York City requires doing a show in a venue. Venues in NYC are legally bound to require proof of vaccination. On another note, running a small business requires making announcements. Shows with millions of dollars in funding don’t need to make announcements because they don’t rely on the support and participation of their audience. Twelve years in, believe it or not, I’m quite aware some of you hate me and hate my voice. Anyone with a finger and a few brain cells knows how to skip ahead.
  • Purela
    Long Time Supporter
    This is a wonderful podcast with a wonderful host I’ve been listening for years. I highly recommend
  • ShanBrookeyogilover
    This podcast features story telling that is both relatable and compelling. I find myself laughing through one episode, crying through the next, and then inspired beyond belief by the end. Thank you Risk! for the incredible human stories that you provide!
  • mhguydge
    My FAVORITE Podcast
    Always the first podcast I recommend! You get so much out of the stories. They are funny and touching and so moving. I feel like listening to this podcast has helped me grow and widen my prospective. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW!!!
  • devankp
    My all time favorite podcast!
    I have been listening to risk since 2018 and it quickly became my all time favorite podcast! I love Kevin and I love listening to all of these stories that constantly give me new perspective on life. One thing I can’t stand about Risk, is honestly the listeners. People will give Risk a bad review because they feel like Kevin shouldn’t express his political views, they don’t like his voice, they don’t like that he didn’t give a “trigger warning” before an episode (which c’mon the show is called RISK and you are told that these stories aren’t censored, maybe if you’re worried about being triggered in the first place you shouldn’t tune it), and now people are giving Risk a bad review because they’re playing at shows that require vaccine mandates. REALLY?! Like Kevin can control any of this. Kevin has always been very transparent about risk needing funds and stories for the show. For people to be constantly so self centered and so victimized over a podcast, it’s ridiculous. I think this podcast is doing wonderful things and Kevin is amazing!! Please don’t let your political narrative ruin this podcast!
  • Lbkay11
    Favorite Podcast!
    Been listening to Risk for years now. Hands down my all time favorite. The range of stories, the topics covered and the great hosting by Kevin Allison make this show a winner.
  • redstonepottery
    Best podcast
    Want to laugh? Want to cry? Want to have your faith in humanity restored? LISTEN to RISK! I’ve been listening for about 3 years and I’m addicted, the best, most honest stories you will ever hear. I have learned so much, felt so much, and grown so much just listening to a podcast! I love Kevin and all the wonderful food who make this podcast the absolute JOY that it is.
  • Ddddddddhhhhggggdfffs
    Grade A choice storytelling
    The stories are compelling, funny when they need to be, sad, raunchy, you name it. An excellent mix. Also Kevin Allison is fantastic. Can't say enough about this show.
  • Theiceageishere
    An integral part of my life
    Wait what how have I NOT left a review for RISK yet? I have been listening for almost five years now, and this podcast has helped me to feel less alone in my weirdo brain. The virtual shows over the past year and a half DEFINITELY helped. I have taken a course through the Story Studio, their sister org and I feel way more confident in telling my own stories/ piecing together the narrative of my life and my struggles & triumphs 😇
  • Nanacyyyy
    I will no longer support Risk!
    I have been a longtime supporter of Risk! I have supported their Patreon, bought the book, gone to in-person shows, and referred countless friends and family to not just the podcast and live shows, but even Kevin’s storytelling workshops. Now however, I am shocked that Risk- an iconic entity in an of itself- which has always been inclusive and encouraged diversity; is now encouraging SEGREGATION of people according to their personal medical choices by requiring proof of vaccination at their shows, which have FINALLY come back. Anyone who touts and retorts “science” as a reason for it clearly does not understand what science is actually proving. You have lost a loyal supporter Risk. Do better and stop the discrimination
  • ekgrl
    You lost me at show proof of vaccine for your live show. HUGE HIPAA violation
  • JimsSideChick
    Annoying people telling boring stories.
  • MrsHamil209205
    Love It
    This very well may be my favorite podcast. I get excited whenever there is a new episode. I love the variety of stories and that I never know what to expect when I start a new episode. The host can be a bit long-winded as other reviewers have mentioned, but that is what the fast forward button is for. Don’t let that feedback deter you from listening to this podcast.
  • ngrogg
    Horrible host voice
    I hate the hosts voice but the stories are good if you can manage to fast forward through his monotone monologues.
  • Reachforthe(5)stars
    Mashing the fast forward button
    What is up with these 15 minute intros?
  • Chartay71
    Running with Risk
    I love love this podcast. Every single story speaks to me. I run whilst listening and it’s a great way to start my day. Keep up the good work
  • Fiona4.3.2.1.
    More real
    Love the show. Kevin, I can’t lie, your voice makes me want to hide.
  • Miles Lewis artist
    Enriched My World
    I've been listening to Risk for 4 years and I've heard so many stories that are now touchstones in my thoughts on the human condition, especially around sex and sexuality. Some of the most beautiful and hilarious stories I've ever heard are collected on this podcast. I wish that it had much broader airplay. They're doing great work and deserve a good long listen.
  • BarnacleBoy2020
    AMAZING podcast and community
    Great hosts, events and stories that truly stay with you
  • msdkr2
    Too much talking
    You have to fast forward through the intro only to get to the actual intro. The hosts voice and inflection of words makes me want to bang my head against a wall. However, if you can get though that part, the podcast itself is great! 😅
  • The last night kid
    Good show but…
    I like the show but at times less sound editing would be better (i.e. less background music during the stories). Also, I get tired of pressing the skip button just to get to a story. I would just like an introduction of the speaker and name of the story and not all the time the host spends just talking about nothing of interest just to fill a time gap. The stories are great tho, which is the whole point of the show.
  • poker donkey
    Kevin is the best
    Love the show
  • hazelrazel
    Not my usual cup of tea.
    I would say I'm generally a risk-adverse person, EXCEPT when it comes to this podcast. It is absolutely fascinating and a privilidge to hear someone share the vulnerable parts of themselves with strangers. The mix of live recordings, radio-style stories, and little anecdotes keeps things interesting. This podcast can make you laugh, it can make you cry, and maybe -- just maybe -- it will make you take a risk.
  • Brokenboxer
    These Stories Matter!
    I’d like to respond to #20, specifically the story about the family that attempted to adopt two boys ages eight and 10. I was a social worker for 30 years, primarily working with families and children. During my career at one point, I was part of a 24 hour urgent response team contracted by child protective services to complete intensive evaluation‘s and appear in court with treatment recommendations for children birth to five moving into the foster care system. Unfortunately, Due to the pressure of an overwhelming system, placement workers often mislead Perspective foster or adopting parents in order to place children somewhere. The number of children waiting for placement is shocking and disgraceful. I think workers intentions are good and that they hope that somehow miraculously the new parents will find a way to cope with serious behavioral issues. The problem is that many of the children in foster care have attachment disorders. These disorders require ongoing therapy with specially trained therapists (whom are few and far between) and often these children cannot cope in a normal family environment. I completely support the ideal of keeping siblings together, but in certain cases it would be best to separate children and keep a strong connection through visitation. The mother who told this story was simply a sensitive woman who was eager and ready to deal with the average displaced child with behavioral issues that can be addressed in a family home. The child never should’ve been placed in her home. Likely that boy will never function successfully in a family, but if he does, it will be because it will be a specialized foster home and the parents will be trained to deal with attachment disorders and the behaviors associated. I hope that this woman has received therapy so that she can forgive herself, though she has done nothing wrong, and mourn her painful loss. What I find sad is that she and her husband would’ve been a wonderful family for an appropriate child. Placing an attachment disordered child in their home was tragic for the child, his brother, who probably would’ve thrived in this home yet now will go on suffering because of an inflexible rule it does not benefit either sibling. Clearly it was tragic for the adopting parents. All I can say to anyone who has judged her is; how many children have you fostered and adopted? How many attachment disordered children live in your home with your pets, or your own children? Shame on America for not providing more funds to take care of our children. The wealth of this country is grotesque in comparison to the neglect that we allow. Bless this family for attempting to provide a loving home.
  • yagirlkg
    Risk is amazing
    I love Risk!!!! I come here for the honesty and artful storytelling. Would recommend to anyone. Also, I love you Kevin Allison!!
  • Nattylightlight
    Great podcast!
    I love the variety of stories shared on this podcast. It’s never boring and I’ve listened for years!
  • Weiniss
    Unnecessarily political
    I have to rate this podcast 1 star. This is unfortunate because I have listened to it for a couple of years. Initially it was a solid podcast and free of political influence and strangeness. Then the host, Kevin, apparently broke up with his husband and decided to use the podcast as a venue to meet other men for sex. I’m not kidding. It’s super awkward to have the host of a podcast use said podcast as a hook-up tool. Then, Kevin insisted on diving into the political arena. I’ve had enough of politics this year already. Do we really need to inject politics into storytelling? I think not.
  • Help with this stupid thing
    Good idea, bad execution
    I love the idea, listening to the stories and some of them are hilarious and some just touch the heart. But the music is bad, the ads are long, and it kinda drags sometimes
  • Othemts
    A Hall of Fame Podcast
    I first discovered Risk! about a decade ago and was already listening to some other storytelling podcast. At first, I dismissively thought of Risk! as the "raunchy storytelling podcast" (and there is some truth there, Risk! does not shy away from raunch). But the more I listened to the podcast the more I realized I was hearing people bearing their souls about some of the most intimate details of their lives. Not only were the stories able to touch a nerve, but they're almost universally well told despite many storytellers having no professional background in the art. I really feel that Kevin Allison has created a community where people can share their real selves in a way that our culture typically doesn't allow. I've learned a lot about humanity by listening to Risk!, and I believe it's made me a better person.
  • CaperQ
    Addicted for years
    My all time favourite podcast. The stories are riveting, entertaining, enlightening. Love them all.
  • it was recommended
    Outside the comfort zone episode and UPDATE
    Why in the world would this man equate “rapists”with “Jesus freaks” and a lack of “comfort”? He said that those things were the prices of admission to great adventures... rapists are just uncomfortable? What?? During my search for adventure I consider not being raped to be necessary. His whole story reveals him to be a self-absorbed twit. How disappointing. UPDATE: the most recent “best of risk” was anything but. The only story worth listening to was the rebellion and racial justice story. The rest? They never need to see the light of day again. I want to love you, Kevin. I listen and subscribe and contribute and I want to love you!!! Ugh
  • Coolpodcastbro
    Kevin is amazing
    This podcast is everything. Guided by the hilarious and all around cool guy Kevin you feel it all, the heart break, the triumph, the adrenaline, the real fear, lots of second hand embarrassment and serious unbridled (sometimes x rated) joy. Not for the faint of heart, but if you come in open heart and mind I guarantee you’ll be hooked.
  • Illuminadia1980
    And somehow....
    Risk continues to change my heart and enhance my world in the most wondrous of ways. Thank you Kevin!
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