The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio


Are you ready for a mystery? Get ready to unleash your inner sleuth. Every day Monday-Saturday, we feature a different detective audio drama from the Golden Age of Radio. Our current mystery-solving line-up of radio detectives includes The Adventures of the Falcon, Bulldog Drummond, Dangerous Assignment, Mr. Chameleon, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, and Dragnet.

Whether you want to listen to a mystery before going to sleep or enjoy some drama while driving, or just feel nostalgia for old-school radio fiction, we have you covered with six audio dramas every week.

Podcast Award finalist Host Adam Graham has been your guide through dozens of old-time radio detective series since 2009. He provides insightful commentary and humor after each episode and responds to listener questions and feedback. You can subscribe to the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio from your favorite podcast app or by visiting our website at

We are currently in our fifteenth season of provided suspenseful mystery dramas. Our podcast feed captures the last 1,000 episodes we've released including all of seasons thirteen and fourteen, and part of season twelve. We have created two archive feeds: Volume 1, which features our first three seasons and Volume 2, which will feature seasons four through six.

Our feed includes old time radio recorded in Los Angeles, New York, and also Australia.

The current actors featured in our old time radio detective podcast include Les Damon, Bob Bailey, Brian Donlevy, Karl Swenson, Ned Wever, and Jack Webb. Other actors featured within the past 1,000 include Howard Duff, Glenn Langan, Herbert Marshall, Gerald Mohr, Joel McCrea, Les Tremayne, Jackson Beck, Santos Ortega, and more.

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Recent Reviews
  • r@lltyde#18
    You Might Also Like?
    What is up with the You Might Also Like interruptions?!?! How about this, if you are going to be obtrusive at least list shows that go along with the theme! I’m sure you’re getting a kickback but really!
  • Abbeyrd28
    The best of all Old Time Radio podcasts
    I’ve been a huge fan of old-time radio since I was in elementary school and would check out LPs of old Sherlock Holmes and The Shadow radio shows. I’ve been listening to old Time radio collections since they first started popping up on the Internet and tried every old radio show podcast there is. This is the best of them all. Host Adam not only presents the most popular shows but manages to find whole series of programs I never knew about. Adam is a great host and the contextual information he presents is always super interesting. My favorite shows are Richard Diamond, Sherlock Holmes, and The Saint with Vincent Price. Keep up the great work Adam! I’ve enjoyed your recent episodes where you have other relevant pod-cast co-host/crossovers as well.
  • Seacandy
    Still rocking it!
    When I first started listening to Adam, he was but a wee lad. Though his voice resonated that of someone with many decades under his belt. Than I got use to his glorious voice and ears delighted to find out he was a youngster. Great, I want him to keep broadcasting. Thanks Adam for all the wonderful companions you shared with me while I worked, gardened and do chores around the house. Full steam ahead!
  • doogie12428
    New advertisements
    After years of building a solid brand for himself Adam introduced an advertising feed that was, and still is, incongruent with his brand but the introduction of unsolicited “Something You Might Like” downloads in the podcast subscription is too much! How much money is he making using my device forcing downloads of these undesired unsolicited downloads?From 5 stars to 1.
  • Matt the Logistics Guy
    Great Podcast unwanted podcasts not appreciated
    I LOVE this podcast. Great mysteries and I don’t want to understate the effort to produce a daily podcast. I don’t mind the ads before and after the episodes. BUT the random addition of totally unrelated podcasts into my subscription feed is not appreciated. I’m going to unsubscribe and just pick the episodes I want to listen to on a one by one basis. Sorry Adam, I know you want to support yourself from podcasts but this is too much.
  • Donalddragon
    Excellent docent
    Adam refers to himself a host, but I think of him more as a highly qualified volunteer docent leading a tour in a museum. He applies his knowledge to provide insightful context, and his passion for old time radio is as palpable as it is infectious. Like a good docent, Adam curates the best and points out things I never would have noticed. It is so great that he’s keeping these shows alive and sharing his hobby. My all time favorite is Pat Novak. I really wish more episodes had survived. The evolution (or change perhaps?) of Jack Webb is puzzling to me. Cynical to uncritical. The police as flawed and bumbling to the police as infallible. I’ll write to Adam one day and ask him about this. In the meantime, keep up the good work and Illegitimi non Carborundum (don’t let the trolls get you down).
  • Jonathan Gerolami
    Great Podcast
    I listen to many old time radio podcast but this is one of the best. Adam has a great deal of knowledge and share’s information regarding shows or episodes that not found elsewhere . The quality of the shows is generally good. Trivial matter of Adams voice or daring to spread out episode are best ignore as the value of this podcast far exceeds these petty remarks. Enjoy!
  • $bella
    Great podcast
    Adam introduced me to OTR several years ago and I love it! Great job, Adam - keep up the good work. And, thanks.
  • Reviewerperson1&1
    Good content but poor execution
    The programs are great and the host presents well and provides good background information and insight. However, the number of ads has steadily increased and the hour of infomercials (waste of internet data) at the end as of late is a bit too much. Hopefully this changes.
  • ESK65
    People that complain about commercials or Adam’s voice should consider what it takes for someone like Adam who built this podcast many years ago and made it more robust as a sideline to his day job on his own with nothing but love of old time radio behind him. I for one have grown to love the sound and feel of this podcast. Before we complain can we first take stock of what’s involved putting this together and if you the complainer can do better. After all, I would LOVE to listen to any of his detractors podcast to compare. Have a great day!🫤
  • R. E. L.
    Great Show
    I'm not a fan of Dangerous Assignment and shows of that nature. In my opinion they just don't fit in a detective show podcast. Other than that, I really enjoy the podcast and it's still worth five stars. Dragnet and Tales of the Texas Rangers are my favorites.
  • celticjennifer76
    Lots of great detective dramas
    I appreciate Adam’s collection of detective serials. I do wonder why he pronounces Idaho as Addahoe. While I enjoy the vintage gumshoe serials, I am not a fan of him advertising for an MLM. I’m not going to give the name, but it’s tacky to do a promo for a business that likes to sucker gullible SAHM by thinking they can be a “boss babe” by selling accessories. Also, what is with the app hijacking? Why is a mental health podcast playing after an OTR episode? I’m starting to think any episode over an hour or close to an hour is going to have an unrelated podcast.
  • aptandy79
    Like a curator at a massive art gallery, Adam takes great care to thoughtfully present radio detective shows from long ago. These shows might otherwise be lost to time! Keep up the good work.
  • MAFinOKC
    Great programs, but…
    …the host Adam’s voice sounds like a voice invented by Mel Blanc for a character that didn’t quite make it into the Warner Brothers cartoons.
  • Pat from CA
    Adam gets it!
    Adam is a true old time radio show aficionado! Thank you Adam for all the research you do on the shows! More Dragnet and Johnny Dollar!!
  • Silllynillllyy
    Best book!
    I gave it a five out of five because of everything even the accents are amazing
  • da boss1111111111
    Good grief
    The reason why I give it a four star is because the host has a terrible accent but other than that I love it
  • MGILL006
    Another great podcast
    Appreciate all the work you do to present quality product
  • 6.5
    The host. Good grief
    The episodes are good, however Adam’s (the host) over the top, cartoon voice is so annoying, he makes it difficult to tune in. Every time I listen, I have to skip his intros... and when he interrupts an episode, I have to stop to skip his babble. It’s a shame. He ruins a potentially great podcast.
  • rosebroadcasting
    First time listener
    I enjoyed the show tremendously, and the host did I nice job on the presentation as well. Just gave five stars as my response.
  • Garrideb527
    Pop culture from the past
    A great podcast featuring OTR detective and detective-adjacent shows from decades past. Adam Graham provides insightful commentary on the shows, from the truly memorable to the painfully lame. It’s a window into the world of radio entertainment as it used to be, and an opportunity to enjoy some of the great radio actors in their many guises.
  • Samantha trite
    30 minutes of infomercials at end of episode is enough to make me look elsewhere for listening
  • Aaronsr
    Kudos to the Host
    Adam does a great job presenting a comprehensive archive of early radio dramas. I appreciate his post-commentary and his knowledge of the actors performing in the various shows. I don’t mind the ads if it means that it helps keeps these old radio shows available.
  • TJ 54321
    I really love this podcast. The content and audio quality of the shows presented in this podcast is very good, but unlike other podcast which broadcast old radio shows, the host Adam Graham makes them come alive. I really enjoy his commentary and insights into each episode. If you are looking for a pod cast for old time radio shows, this is number 1 on my list. Well done Adam!!
  • frogsandlilypads
    Long time listener
    I have been listening to this podcast for over ten years. I know there are other OTR podcasts and I’ve even downloaded some of the Audible collections. But Adam is so true to the original play times and his thorough research of actors and shows makes it so much more enjoyable. I love the way he organizes each show so I can go back and binge my favorites like Barrie Craig or Candy Matson. I like that he leaves the commercials intact. They reveal so much of the era. My kids are grown now, but when they were little they always heard me belt out “where we take better care of your car!” And today know what that means when they see pictures of old Standard gas stations in businesses around Portland. Anyway, truly grateful for Adam and that he has been able to share his passion with others.
  • ADSPACE4cheap
    Jarring ad breaks, jarring host
    1) this is packed to the gills with loud, crappy and unwanted ad breaks from front to back, which completely ruins both the story and the overall mood of a classic radio drama. 2) as if the ad breaks weren’t already pathetic in their own money grubbing way, the nerd who “hosts” this podcast also derails each program with interludes in an accent and tone that I can only describe as bizarre and off putting. There are plenty of classic radio dramas on the podcast market that don’t self-sabotage. Find one of them, this guy obviously has no respect for them.
  • GuitarshopGuitars
    Shut up.
    The guy needs to shut up. No one needs 10 minutes of his liberal comments on each show. It’s annoying.
  • TJwheelie
    Great shows, needs a new host
    The actual programs are great, however the host needs to hire someone to read his intros/ outros, terrible voice
  • Bilog68
    Would be lost without this Podcast
    As a rural mail carrier in rural Maine spending 6 plus hours in a car 6 days a week I’d be lost without it! Have been listening for a few years and finally getting around to reviewing. I truly thank you for what your doing!
  • Machappiness45
    Love the shows
    I listen to this podcast everyday. Love the shows. The detective/private detective in each show are interesting. The shows are GREAT.
  • Styles3
    Great Detective
    A great way to escape the grim reality of today
  • Mrs KQ
    Distracting me while I do dishes and housework
  • padinovots
    Great show
    I love Adams insight along with the history coming to life!
  • Judge_Dredd_
    Great OTR cast
    Adam hosts a great cast focused exclusively on detectives and mystery OTR. Thank you and well done, cheers!
  • We4Martins
    Love the Old Time detective shows!
    Back when there was no foul language and an actual mystery! I’ve been listening for years! This is my favorite way to pass the time during my daily travels and commute.
    Detective mysteries
    Adam does a great job finding and sharing radio detective shows.
  • db121
    Great selection of Curated OTR Detective Shows
    Adam finds and produces the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of this genre. He has lead to the Discovery
  • Caleb in PA
    Fantastic Podcast!
    This podcast is a must-listen for anyone who is a fan of the Golden Age of Radio. Not only is it great to hear some well-known and popular series and characters (such as Johnny Dollar and Dragnet), but I’ve also been exposed to numerous shows I had never heard of before. Adam is a wealth of knowledge about old-time radio, and his commentary is equal parts insightful, humorous, and informative. Cannot recommend the podcast enough; please keep up the great work!
  • Yo Carlo
    Too many ads now
    This used to be my favorite old time radio podcast but there are too many minutes of commercials now. It has become unbearable to wade through the ads to get to the content. Sorry Adam, I appreciate that you are an entrepreneur and have monetized your shows but the ads have ruined it for me. Best of luck to you.
  • willow 2017
    Great detectives
    Love these shows and Adam Grants insights
  • M.Mako
    There are a number of ways to consume old time radio detective stories, but I have not found a more exhaustive, organized podcast, often presenting the harder to find episodes. The ads of the time, and sometimes long intros and closing music are left intact, leading to long modern intros and ads before and after. I will admit to not always being in the mood for Adam Graham, and his unique style, and I will skip forward and set a podcast to played when there is no more of interest to me. The 90 second scenes for up coming episodes really seems to be a misstep, and the host not being able to keep his voice levels consistent mean that sometime I am done listening when the better part of 5 minutes still remains.
  • MarkT333
    Too many ads
    The new excessive ads and talk of Patreon really takes away from an otherwise good show. Last check there were over 4 minutes of advertising.
  • Can I give it no stars?
    Adam Graham is good
    As a lifelong fan of OTR, (I’m 40 years too young to have heard the original broadcasts), I appreciate these podcasts. Adam Graham provides not only original air dates, but also show descriptions. That is something sadly lacking in most OTR podcasts. Give a listen and check out the other offerings.
  • OTR Crime Fan
    Wonderful Discovery
    I’m so happy to have discovered this pod cast! Never since the demise of the Old Time Radio Convention have I had so much enjoyment. As a young person my favorites were Nick Carter, Mr Keen and. Mr Chameleon and Hearthstone of the Death Quad. Although these are not necessarily played on this website I was a Communist for the FBI is and I’m hooked. GREAT!
  • Robin Allemann
    My absolute favorite podcast!
    I have been listening to the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio for quite some time now, and I must say how much I really enjoy it. I have also listened to other old-time radio detective podcasts, but this one is my absolute favorite, bar none. Why? Mainly because of the host, Adam Graham. He not only hosts the show, but he also gives interesting background information about each and every episode—interesting tidbits about the actors and actresses in each episode as well as pertinent and interesting information about the episodes themselves. He makes each episode truly enjoyable and fun, and I always look forward to listening to this program because of that. Adam presents all the old time detective greats: Philip Marlowe, Sherlock Holmes, Richard Diamond, Johnny Dollar, Night Beat, Dragnet, Boston Blackie, Box 13, Casey Crime Photographer, and many, many more. I find myself tuning into The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio while I’m out hiking, while working on projects at home, while driving, while working jigsaw puzzles, and simply when relaxing and winding down for the day. If you are a big old-time detective fan like I am, I would highly recommend that you give The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio a listen. I think you will be pleasantly surprised, and that you will enjoy this program as much as I have.
  • deckerhad
    Great podcast
    What a great podcast, its a real time capsule. I look forward to every single episode that is release.
  • Kate G
    Comprehensive but annoying
    This classic radio podcast is amazingly comprehensive. Graham does a good job of acquiring the range of each season. But the sound is sometimes awful. Curator doesn't work on the sound at all. Most of all, he talks way too much in a very annoying voice. He gets complaints about this but he's super devoted to his grating voice. It's a shame. This could be the best of classic radio podcasts. He has a lot of knowledge - that could go onto a blog. And his "Weeeeelllcome back" at the end of each show shocks me every time I hear it!
  • Marvin Stardust
    Hokey accent
    I keep trying to listen to your podcast but it’s really hard to make it through the introduction with that hokey accent and circus clown introduction music followed by the commercials. I live in Boise and would like to be enthusiastic with regard to the shows host and place of origin but…Dump the accent, please!
  • surfuh
    Greatest entertainment ever
    Puts me to sleep every night. Adam has cleaned up these old shows magically !
    Great show, Great host
    I agree with everything from previous review. Thank You Adam😊
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