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Kamau Murray is an established tennis coach and community leader who takes you inside the game you love. Tune in each week to hear Kamau interview prolific guests and players, and discuss what really goes on behind the scenes of the tennis tour. 

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  • Mhgolden
    On a roll
    Have really been enjoying this podcast lately. Appreciate the variety of guests and Kamau has been asking great thought provoking questions. Keep it going!
  • Tennislady D
    The guests are always going to be interesting. There will be insightful commentary from sort of backstage on the tour. Kamau Will mention that he’s a coach and has an Academy and will specifically refer to Sloane Stephens. He will ask many of the same questions like least favorite stop on tour which the smart players will not answer.
  • FPurbanAdvisors
    Thanks for opening eyes
    Somehow, no one can see you as a coach. No one suggests they’re racist. Thanks for adding #CoachColor and candid conversations. 🎾🎾🎾
  • 80'sVillager
    Kyrgios does not have several wins over Nadal. He has a few wins but Rafa has beaten Nick six out of nine matchups including a whooping their most recent match at Wimbledon.
  • Mark i3
    This is an exceptional Podcast
    Kamau: this is a great podcast. You have interesting guests, and because of your insider knowledge and background you ask exceptional questions. The interview with Mal Washington was so interesting and helped me get to know a guy who I followed as a kid but didn’t really know. Your interview with Ben Rothenberg was also great - it wasn’t a boring consensus discussion - you both pushed back and I heard perspectives on the Naomi debate and other topics that I had not heard anywhere else. Looking forward to more episodes and wishing you the best with XS.
  • MetalheadHistory
    Host change? Used to be 5 star podcast
    I’m not sure the background of why the hosts were changed, but I don’t enjoy it as much since Nina and Irena are not on anymore.
  • MariaFA
    Great pod!
    The audio is a little low, but other than that, I’m really liking this pod. Enjoyed the episode with Billy Jean a lot. Just listed to the Ben Rothenberg, must say, I agree with Ben on everything re: Osaka. I’m a big tennis fan, played into college, and agree that press is necessary, and yes of course they should ask about losses and problems with their game, come on! If an athlete is not mentally strong enough to answer questions about losses, I’m not sure they should’ve chosen professional athlete as a profession. There is a way to drown that stuff out, it may take practice, and be a lot harder for some than others, but so is perfecting an ace. For some, mental conditioning is harder than physical conditioning, but both are required to be a professional, celebrated athlete, it takes practice. Answering questions about your father who passed away, is one thing, but answering questions about your tennis game & matches is 100% relevant and just. That being said, I think there is SOO much room for the tennis media and those press conferences to positively change. They are kind of boring and outdated, and the players do always look like they’d rather be somewhere else. Brainstorming ideas on how to change press conferences to be more positive for players and entertaining for fans, and use them as a way to bring non-fans into the game by celebrating the athletes during their ups and downs
  • James1997Tennis
    Used to be a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5 star) podcast
    I wish they would have given some warming before changing out hosts like that. I mean Kamau is a good host, but Irina Falconi and Nina Pantic had the right mix of professionalism and fun, as they had background in the game, Nina and Irina were each college tennis players, and Irina is a top-100 pro tennis player. They would share the stage with the guests, as they could add their own experiences to their guests’. I hope in the future they will replace the host with other tennis players/ journalists, or Irina and Nina again.
  • btaff
    What happened
    Where did Irina and Nina go? This wasn’t an interview of BJK is was a one way conversation.
  • 82732
    Awesome Podcast!
    I absolutely love listening to this podcast. Irina and Nina are so knowledgeable on the sport which makes it even better.
  • tennisfan175
    Great podcast!!!!!
    Amazing tennis insight!!!
  • utnapishti2
    In depth podcast for true tennis lovers
    Great podcast for all you tennis junkies out there!! Engaging hosts, super knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the game and you’ll never be bored with the various guests and personalities that come on the show. Keep up the good work!!
  • Sebastian-Rey
    Love the podcast!
    Nina Pantic makes this podcast! She is a fantastic host and her warm personality enables her guests to feel comfortable immediately. Although her wine knowledge is 'very bad', she definitely makes up for it with her tennis expertise. Her knowledge on the game, the players and current situations affecting the ATP&WTA tour are very impresssive and a main reason as to why I subsribe to The wide range of players they have on the podcast make every episode very interesting to tennis junkies like me. Can't wait to see what Nina and the team have for us in 2021!!
  • Amyvptf
    Gets better and better
    This podcast gets better with age and now I am thrilled with it. There were some kinks to work out at first- editing, content, etc and these have been resolved. This is an example of someone trying something, taking their criticism and improving for success. Great job. more of matt on the show!!!
  • Stason Metcalf
    Not Good
    Hosts are bad and not interesting. Amateur hour. You figure with the resources that has they’d find some better hosts. Too bad.
  • @jay_lass
    Lousy audio
    Fun podcast with lively guests but....It’s 2020, phoning in on a scratchy mobile phone that sounds crappy is not nice to listen to. (Update! The audio got better so I added a star)
  • Jpage25
    Clearly knows their stuff
    Love this podcast, you can tell they have been on the tour and understand the game. I love the fact that their are no egos involved and it’s just good honest talk touching on relevant topics. Would definitely advise any tennis fan to listen!
  • Rogermaria25
    Great Podcast
    I really liked the podcast today with Sandgren he made me realize we cant keep our views on people. He is a unique person but great Tennis player Nina you did a great interview keep up the good job
  • thelittletenniagiant
    Love the tone and material!
    Awesome conversations and great minds to direct the narrative. Give it a listen!
  • Love40Tennis123
    Great pod
    Very informative on the behind the scenes of the tennis tour! Quality is fabulous! Love the YouTube videos as well!
  • ••Luke••
    Great way to stay in the loop
    Informative but doesn’t take itself too seriously. Look forward to new eps and feeling like I’m really tuned in to the tennis world.
  • Relhok R
    Tennis commentary at its finest
    If this podcast were a fish, it would be a swordfish
  • Cammehr1010
    Best tennis podcast
    By far the best tennis podcast around. Hosts are funny and knowledgeable. Highly recommend the podcast as your go to source for the latest tennis info
  • Tenniswriterlady
    Listening to tennis podcasts-
    Refreshing, entertaining, informative. Tennis enthusiasts &tennis community should listen to get in depth info on players tennis folk off the court.
  • Boxnth
    Great and in depth
    Great podcast that flows really good between Nina and Irina. You can tell they both have broadcast experience and are growing quite a following. Top notch team and I look forward to seeing them become not only big hits with the tennis community, but the general population!
  • Former Ump
    Great run at Houston Irina!
    I watched you play two singles matches in some crazy Texas weather. You looked happier on court than I remember and it definitely showed in your tennis. Great job
  • theballisgreen
    Great hosts, great guests
    Love this podcast! If you live tennis, you’ll love this podcast. A great variety of subjects and the hosts clearly know a lot about the sport. Glad I stumbled upon it!!
  • Susan Saunders Zarin
    Decent, could be better
    Nina does a solid job of keeping the focus on the interviewee. While I find it a bit awkward when the subject cracks a joke and Nina is dead silent, you can tell she knows how to interview a person. Irina is clearly not an experienced interviewer. She spends way too much time talking about herself and keeps interrupting the subject. But overall an improvement on the deadly dull Ed and Steve.
  • ElSponge-O
    Great writer but podcast lacks crispness
    I love Jon’s writing on SI: it’s thoughtful; witty; and balanced. This podcast, however, doesn’t have the same punch. First, the production sounds almost Wayne’s World-esque. I think a little polish is in order. Second, I think Jon could be better prepared to interview his guests instead of having chummy conversations with them or making the conversation about Jon. Seems like a missed opportunity to really help the listener hear from the guests. My $0.02.
  • footguy
    Best Tennis Podcast
    As a player and tennis fan, this podcast is a great listen. It’s fun and easy to listen to. It also provides great insight into the world of the players!!!
  • rosderlingfan99
    The new hosts aren’t very talented
    I used to enjoy this podcast but Nina and the other co-host have the charisma of an apple. I don’t want to be mean but they are just painful to listen to. Monotone voices, zero broadcasting experience (at least let’s hope so). It’s a shame because it used to be pretty good but I have unsubscribed. I miss Ed McGrogan and Steve. This Nina person is just terrible.
  • lifeofpablosanchez
    Quite possibly the greatest my ears have ever seen
    I promise I don’t know the hosts, but they sound hot AF. Plus they know their sportz. Super chill and insightful. I never miss a pod. Did I mention how super chill they are. I LOOOOVE tennis! And I LOOOOVE this podcast. It’s sooo chill. Tsis tsis tsss
  • Reviewed on Saturday Night
    Comprehensivel borking
    The pair seem knowledgeable but present in a manner that is largely devoid of debate, humor and thus engagement. That is not the formula for a winning podcast. Wertheim also likes to tease about sources he prefers not to name.
  • mattybails
    A tennis eargasm
    So glad I found this podcast. As a tennis fan, it’s hard to find a quality audio source for easy, on the go listening while riding the subway, etc. This is perfect. The hosts are knowledgeable and likable. Love tuning in to catch up on results and news. A+!
  • SeánMH
    Newcomer of the year...huh?
    I tried to enjoy this podcast but.....Newcomer of the year? Michael Mhoh and/or Tsitsipas? You begin by saying the category is someone who has completed their first full season on tour and then award it to Mhoh - whom you note has been a around for a few years already and Tsitsipas who was at the 2107 Next Gen finals and played a full season last year. Huh? And why does it matter what type of body a player has when Tennis has always been the sport where the racquet equalizes body diffs ie. Rosewell, Hewitt, Goffin, Henin and Halep. How could you not even mention the 19 yo Alex de Minaur who just won the ATP newcomer of the year award voted on by the players Alex improved from #208 to #31 this season. From 2017 AO wildcard playoff to possibly being seeded at the AO a year later. I guess he doesn’t have the right body type, like Mhoh, whom, I repeat he beat recently.
  • Yellowayne2018
    Need better audio quality
    Great content but poor, inconsistent audio quality makes it hard to listen. The recent episode from Tuesday at the US Open, Irina’s audio is barely there. A great podcast can’t be appreciated if the audio quality is bad.
  • Dpslm
    Very engaging
    Very nice conversation between Irina Falconi and host Nina. Interesting questions and lots of good information in Irina’s intelligent, thoughtful answers.
  • MLWilly
    Great insight
    Really interesting and well informed. Keep up the good work!
  • Luvthebirds1
    No more episodes?
    Anyone know why there are no recent podcasts? Miss this podcast!
  • koko2713
    Tennis in 10
    Really liked this format of daily summaries, especially for the women's draw as the field was less familiar. It provided good context for the matchups. Overall timely and concise analysis was very enjoyable. Hope it will be deployed for Wimbledon, US Open, etc.
  • mentalpacman
    Keeps Going downhill
    French open daily podcasts are maybe too much here. As others have said, spouting wrong facts quite often and it's just not that enjoyable.
  • Nemo880
    Issues outweigh the small amount of value
    This is not a good tennis podcast. The second star in the rating is because the hosts are reasonably (though not overly) knowledgeable about tennis. But they both sound as if they have had little to no broadcasting training, sound the same, and speak in a dull monotone throughout. Unless you are looking for a cure for insomnia, steer clear. Also, a pet peeve of mine is when commentators don’t take the time to learn how to properly pronounce player’s names. I understand it when someone is a new player making a breakthrough, but in the most recent episode (22 Oct 2016) they butcher both Muguruza and Pliskova’s names- big time players in the WTA finals. Either laziness or they don’t care, but in my book it’s just disrespectful. These guys should stick to writing stuff.
  • apnyck
    better than nothing
    There is a paucity of tennis podcasts available (compared to more popular sports), so I guess you take what you can get. The analysis is okay, if conventional. The commentators are pretty humorless and sometimes make mistakes (i.e., in the latest episode, saying Wawrinka beat Djokovic in the semifinals at AO14. It was the quarterfinals; he beat Berdych in the semis). The one thing that is really annoying is the frequent mispronunciation of players’ names—in particular “Fognini.” I don’t even like Fabio Fognini, but it is incredibly grating to hear the Ed McGrogan say "Fog-nini." Also, “Ber-ditch.” Seriously? AAARGH please learn how to say the names! How hard is it??? I really wish there were better tennis podcasts out there. Tennis coverage in general seems to lag behind other sports in terms of intelligent commentary. Don’t even get me started on the TV coverage.
  • UncleTude
    Good Topics
    Interesting topics and guests. Host is horrible though. Good luck counting how many times he says "kind of"
  • Degreez01
    Not enough!
    Great ideas, great tennis talk, however not nearly enough podcasts or even up to date let alone the average 15 min talk time- these guys know alot about tennis, is that really all they can offer?
  • Quel Thalas
    More Podcasts!
    There needs to be more, up-to-date podcasts available.
  • Djw297
    Great podcast
    Most entertaining and informative podcast for tennis fans. Keep up the good work boys! I'm especially a fan of Ed McGrogan, I can't wait for each new episode.
  • Vichammer
    U guys rock!! Love listening to podcasts en route to work, matches, etc... Keep it up:-)!!
  • thefedererofpapertoss
    When did this podcast become a monthly?
    Hey guys, I love the informative and intelligent tennis conversation, but why do you make us wait so long between episodes? We're coming off a Davis Cup weekend in which the US played a home tie but you haven't released a podcast in over three weeks. We still haven't heard your takes on the Wimbledon finals. What gives? I'd love to give more stars because I can't find this type of content anywhere else, but you've gotta give us something once a week or so.
  • trampled on
    Informative and Entertaining
    I really look forward to each new podcast. The commentary is thoughtful and often thought-provoking in a really good way.
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