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Classic sermons by Tim Keller, founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and NY Times best-selling author of ”The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism.” For the latest sermons and additional resources, please visit https://www.gospelinlife.com

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  • Josh27428843
    Great Gift
    This is an amazing gift to the church to have these sermons available! Tim Keller was one of the best preachers and really helps us see the great love and grace of Jesus!
  • Micah 6 8
    There maybe a reason why this was released after Tim Keller’s death. But I am torn to decide whether I do like his sermons or I don’t like them. He does bring up some good topics to discuss about. Love the sermons on Habakkuk and Romans. Although, there are some examples and statements he makes that I would cringe to like the Jane Erye one and the “tiebreaker goes to the husband” in one of the marriage sermons. I think sometimes as Christians we look past them. Do we do the same with Jesus’s statements?
  • CondoMedicineMan
    Timeless Wisdom
    Tim Keller truly was a gift to the whole Christian church! His exposition of scripture never fails to interpret individual passages in light of all scripture. Excellent in explaining the cultural, and historical context of the passage, enlightening its meaning for us today. Unafraid to tackle controversial issues yet always with grace and truth. A well-reasoned voice badly needed by the church today.
  • AllthewayfromOregon!
    Tim Keller’s insight is a gift!
    Always am amazed at Tim Keller’s insight into Biblical wisdom as well as the way he communicates that insight to his listeners. I’m always thinking, “How does he know that?” He is brilliant and gifted.
  • gercules
    Life as….
    One of the best communicators of the Gospel!
  • CSutanto
    Best podcast out there
    Tim Keller sermons truly helped me to understand the Bible at a much deeper level and helped to deepen my faith significantly. It’s amazing. It helps me to see my blind spots so much more clearly.
  • cherdie pie
    Truth expressed with fresh life
    Even though Tim is now enjoying the fullness of eternal life, his messages continue to bring insights to me through his podcasts. I have been privileged to walk with Jesus for over 43yrs and find astonishing truths through Tim’s sermons that keep on unfolding to me. Such a blessing to grow and have AHA moments with this humble lover of Christ.
  • wapwallRik
    It’s about content AND communication
    Tim showed us the value of not just having a theological lecture, discussion or argument. We want Gods profoundly deep and beautiful words spoken to be “heard” by ears mind and hearts
  • ifly737fa18
    Rebecca McLaughlin
    I’m confused why Rebecca McLaughlin always has to announce she is attracted to women. I’m sorry but her same sex attraction is merely a distraction that adds nothing to her lecture. It’s extremely self-centered commentary on her part and I’m not sure how it advances the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Dennis_Fuentes
    Gospel-Centered Preaching
    Much can be said of Keller. That he has always pointed me to Jesus over the years is probably what I am most grateful for.
  • thejesuscat
    Great Daily Bread
    The messages are often used as my “daily bread” (The Gospel of Matthew 6:11) from God’s written word. But God’s Living Word, Jesus, and The Lord’s Holy Spirit then turns each message into a nourishing meal that provides me strength for the day. Tim Keller’s learned trade of skillfully teaching God’s Word is a beautiful model of dissecting the depths contained in written history of The Lord’s powerful presence in mankind’s lives. The Bible is a collage of testimonies of God’s intimate relationship with creation. The very God and Savior pastor Tim taught us of is the very God and Savior that rescued Tim. And the very gifts pastor Tim shared with us are a reflection of the God and Savior working in the life of a willing vessel. Hence, our sorrow has no resting place, for now pastor Tim dwells with the very radiant God and Savior we often marveled of after receiving our daily bread, or manna from heaven, from the Word of God that Tim Keller was known to teach us about. What a rich reward. Before Tim only saw in part, but now he sees fully (1 Corinthians 13:9-12 paraphrased).
  • mercedeznixon
    Rest in Paradise Dr. Tim Keller. You were an instrument of God used to teach and reveal Gods marvelous love for us through his word. I’ve been listening to at least one of your sermons a day and your preaching on the Jesus and his life changed my life forever. Can’t wait to see you in heaven and sing hymns together! ❤️
  • L C Kelly
    Truth, Meaning, and Purpose in Jesus
    Some of the best preaching you will ever hear. Especially helpful for those from and in highly educated and intellectual cultures. Every single episode help us believe more and more the truth that Jesus’s life and death and resurrection mean we can obtain our soul’s deepest desire: life, joy and happiness without end when Jesus returns.
  • Nerdhoff
    Tim Keller is a preacher par excellence! I always receive new insights.
  • JMHJ37
    Best teacher
    I’ve listened to many Bible teachers over the last 30 years and think Keller is the best. Unfolding spiritual truths and bringing it to practical living.
  • Rougeguy77
    Amazing sermon
    I’ve shared this with many people- it gives us hope to face the hardships of this life.
  • obiwan07
    Great sermon
    Great reminder of how Jesus comes down here along with the new Jerusalem.
  • gkr22
    The Grace of the Law
    Loved this episode! Thank you Tim Keller for your rich sermon legacy! See you in heaven one day! gkr
  • Buck9576
    Thank You Dr. Keller
    I think I have learned more from Dr. Keller than I have from any other teacher in my life. His insights into scripture and God’s heart were so amazing. I know they came from his sincere faith and diligent study. I will miss his fresh insights but his work is so deep that I will probably never get through it all. Thank You Dr. Keller and Kathy Keller who have given me so much.
  • Coffee Traverser
    Life Changing
    Tim Keller is one of the greatest Bible teachers of our generation. These sermon are an amazing legacy of a life well lived.
  • uscpoppy
    Brilliant understanding of Scripture and culture
    No one communicates the Gospel better than Tim Keller. He understands modern life and ancient truth as well and as where they intersect. He always finds a way to explain Jesus in every message. Love it!
  • BJones23199
    I just found this podcast in the past few weeks. I absolutely love the common sense approach. I found out that Dr Keller had passed away. His legacy will live on in this work and hopefully bring others to Christ by spreading the good news for many years to come.
  • nbski
    Tim’s teaching continues to be one of the most influential voices in my journey with Christ. His steady, principled, and balanced approach to the word of God has been such a blessing to me and now my wife in our marriage. Couldn’t say enough amazing things about this man and this ministry. Thank you for providing this resource 🙌🏼
  • Mary of Indy
    He speaks truth
    Tim Keller has a deep insight into the Word of God. He’s able to communicate this in a way that unchurched people as well as Christians can understand and come to know the Lord God.
  • Jannal22
    All about Jesus
    Tim Keller is excellent at explaining how the Bible and human experience can all relate back to Jesus - who he is and what he has done for us. So thankful for this podcast!
  • Domsher
    Thought-provoking semon
    The way Tim preached always inspired me to do and to be like Christ. His sermons tend to stir up your heart as a Christ follower and not to be just a Sunday Christian.
  • mramramra
    Life changing!
    There is no better communicator of the gospel! God used Tim Keller to teach me the gospel, to call me into pastoral ministry some 25 years ago, and to teach me what it means to walk with Jesus over a lifetime. Thank you!
  • JenZehn
    The best!
    Can’t get enough!
  • 1NUreviewr
    Must listen
    These sermons are absolutely amazing. They just break things down in a way you and understand and utilize in your life. The way that Pastor Keller speaks to you and not at you is such a welcoming feature. He brings up fascinating points, provides disarming jokes. It’s really worth the listen. Especially if you are tired of feeling like the current sermons you are listening to are just out of touch or don’t reach help you to develop that relationship with God.
  • Stephane_k_10_____
    Profound and rigorous
    Great messages. Always founded in profound understanding of scripture
  • pebbles92
    I have listen to Tim Keller for the last two years. He is without a doubt extremely knowledgeable about the Bible. I really enjoy his perspective and the things he comes up with.
  • hdhdhdhdhhdhdhdhdhdh
    Hearing God’s Word
    Tim Keller has a clear way to present Gods word and what it means yesterday today and tomorrow in all civilizations.
  • Joy Chudacoff
    Sadly, I discovered Timothy Keller 3 days after his passing. I was riveted by his sermon and I’m delighted his podcast & books remain easily available. I have found his words & advice to be sound and easy to follow. His “way” of sharing the gospel speaks to me in a way that is deeply profound.
  • kebaney
    Older uploads
    I’m looking for the older sermons. Did you move them from this podcast? Please let me know how I can find them. I only see uploads from 2022 and 2023. Thank you for your teachings. God bless you.
  • vidavee
    The Gospel Changes Everything
    This is as true today as it always was. Especially in the wake of Pastor Keller going home to Jesus, we hold onto the truth of the Gospel. His sermons and writings have been used in my faith journey so mightily, I hope and pray the same will be true for you.
  • Strummermatt
    Profound Wisdom
    God spoke - & still speaks - mightily through Dr. Keller’s words. I recommend listening to the sermon “Jacob & The Wrestler”. Thank you, Tim.
  • Desertdove60
    Thank You
    I start my day with Tim Keller’s voice. As I listen his words become clear and meaningful. Sometimes his truth hits me square. I always come away with new insights. Thank you for continuing his sermons. His love of scripture and his devotion and belief in the living God is my rock. How Dr Keller brings life to all the people and scripture in the Bible is helpful in my daily walk with God. I feel I can sit with Jesus and just listen to him through Tim Keller’ s vision and voice. Thank you.
  • Davdais
    Amazing Preacher & Teacher
    Tim Keller’s teachings are profoundly amazing and have really helped me to grow in my faith and relationship with the Lord. So grateful for all his teachings.
  • Jayade
    The most significant sources of personal fulfillment for me is the profound spiritual growth that God has brought about within me. As an adult, listening to Tim Keller's sermons has provided me with immense enlightenment and comprehension of God's word, to the point where they have taken root within me and sparked a transformative process from within. Rest in peace, Tim Keller; your absence will be deeply felt, and your wisdom will forever be cherished.
  • DCouasnon
    These Sermons Have Changed My Faith
    Before I started listening to Tim’s sermons, I was struggling immensely in my faith. A myriad of difficult events took place in my life, one after the other. It got so bad at one point, that I started to question everything about my faith in God and Jesus. Tim’s sermons brought me back from the brink of walking away from Christianity and for that I will forever be grateful to him. Thank you for posting all these amazing sermons. I continue to listen to them regularly and look forward to learning more about God every day.
  • keyplayer8
    Grace Gift
    Tim Keller was a gift to the Church. His legacy will continue through his books, sermons and other resources. But his full impact is impossible to measure. The ripple effect of his teaching and ministries will impact the church for countless years in the future. Thank you, Tim Keller. You have had an impact on my faith journey, in our small group community . Grace gift to all who have ears to here, Jesus and the Gospel change everything. Grace upon grace.
  • emschief402
    In a age where someone that thirst to grow and yet could not find anyone to disciple me I found Tim's pod cast then his books . He pulled me out of deep depression and taught me how to trust in our God ,Christ and Holy Spirit . Even more he taught me how to disciple others .I used a number of his pod cast and books to lead a men's group and will continue to do so. I can imagine the excitement Tim has soaking up even more of Gods glory and wisdom . My condolences and prayers for his family for their comfort and peace during the mournful time .
  • Farmers in VA
    Healing Brook Farm
    Pastor Keller, Your teachings have helped me in my faith better than any other, starting with the explanation of my miraculous rebirth and the continuation of my sanctification. I kept asking, “God, what did you do to me?” You answered the question in your sermons and began me on my way. I thank God for your ministry and that you and your precious wife Kathy were obedient to the call with all that it entailed in schooling and study, including sacrifices of all kinds, I’m sure. My husband and I are fervently praying for you and your family from your list on FB - we ask our Heavenly Father to grant you many more healthy years here on earth. I would be lying if there wasn’t some “selfishness” to our request. God bless you !!
  • Pistol-Texas
    Thank you Tim! You will be missed greatly!!
    I appreciate Tim's words. Always challenging. Well done!
  • dandyboy85
    The legend continues!!!
    Pastor Tim was my pastor. I couldn’t make it to church on Sunday so I got into pastor Kellers teaching and have learned so so much. As a veteran I was able to fight ptsd with the power of Christ through dr kellers teaching! Right on brother may you be dancing with the savior as we speak ! Holy is the Lord God almighty!
  • CJ Enterprises
    If you wonder about life and God
    Pastor Keller is with Jesus face to face now but his sermons live on to encourage believers and non-believers alike. If you are looking for answers to life’s big questions, Gospel in Life podcasts are the best place to get real truth that is easy to apply in your day to day life. Life-changing!!
  • ZhenPiao
    Faithful servant of God
    I am listening to Dr. Tim Keller’s sermons every day, when being at home, walking to the office, waking on the street, doing excise at gym… His messages always edify and invite me into a closer relationship with Jesus. He helped me understand God’s love and world. He was such an incredible gift from God and he continues to be a gift. Thank you so much Dr. Tim Keller! I am praying for his family! See you in another world!
  • cdnsj hcjdjcichdbdbcjdksjc
    It has been in my darkest seasons and days of life that God has sustained me, most potently and powerfully through the words of Timothy Keller. This man, through the power and love of Christ, has pierced my soul again and again so effectively through his ministry, that I will be forever grateful for his life and service.
  • AnnieFocusd
    Thank you
    Praising God for his life and devotion to Jesus and the Bible.
  • thaiballer
    Praying for you family
    Life Changing
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