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Sermons by Tim Keller, founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC and NY Times best-selling author of ”The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism.” For more sermons and resources, visit www.gospelinlife.com.

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  • Brick54321
    So much wisdom here
    These are worth listening to
  • David Springlake
    Knowing God
    What an amazing sermon connecting the Old Testament book of Jeremiah to today’s life decisions! What a blessing Pastor Keller has been in my life!
  • Farmers in VA
    Sheep Farmer
    Pastor Keller, Your teachings have helped me in my faith better than any other, starting with the explanation of my miraculous rebirth and the continuation of my sanctification. I kept asking, “God, what did you do to me?” You answered the question in your sermons and began me on my way. I thank God for your ministry and that you and your precious wife Kathy were obedient to the call with all that it entailed in schooling and study, including sacrifices of all kinds, I’m sure. My husband and I are fervently praying for you and your family from your list on FB - we ask our Heavenly Father to grant you many more healthy years here on earth. I would be lying if there wasn’t some “selfishness” to our request. God bless you !! Thank you for continuing Dr Keller’s sermons. They help so many!
  • Singerwantobe
    Always provides a unique perspective
    Keller takes well known passages and brings out new insights and applications. Very appreciated.
  • Ellentambo
    Thank you for this
    Such a wonderful Easter sermon. Thanks for providing this resource
  • Dr Ooo-ten
    One Great Prescher
    Over the years I have listened and met some great preachers but Timothy Keller is one unique humble one that almost always ends his sermon with skilled powerful truths of redemption which he leaves you with such depth of the Christ at Calvary and conscience pricking about your sins or wonderful doctrine of amazing grace. His professional illustrations and applications have helped my understanding of evil, sin and the character of God.
  • Trevorj923
    A Giant of Preaching
    I’ve listened to a lot of preaching in my life, but I’ve never heard anyone who is better skilled at elucidating how the historic truths of Christianity remain powerfully relevant to modern life better than Tim. He will always be remembered as one of the great preachers and apologists of our time and of all of church history. I listened to his sermons on the Proverbs at a time in my life when I was enduring a great deal of hardship and facing deeply complex circumstances. The truths there helped me understand the deep faults in my own thinking about life and how to move forward in wisdom. I thank God for how he has used Tim in my life and the lives of so many others to proclaim truth in his vintage humble, honest, and hilarious way. No matter who you are or where you are in you relationship to religion, you should listen to any of these sermons. You won’t regret it.
  • leesamariem
    So grateful 🙏🏼
    I listen to every sermon released in the gospel in life podcast… and listen to Pastor Tim at night on a YouTube lecture and I am so grateful for all he has taught me🥰 I just listened to the revive the spirit of the lowly and balled my eyes out for the truth my soul heard and the peace the Bible gives us💜 what a gift Tim was and still us to us from God🙏🏼
  • T. Bruce Simpson Jr.
    The Best I Have Heard In My 73 Years.
    From my side of the pew, Tim is the best preacher I have heard. Through his audiotapes and books Tim will continue to help thousands come closer to God. I am so grateful.
  • Vickie SC
    Such insight.
    The wisdom he shares could only come from years of living the Christian life. His perspective on certain things shows his in depth Biblical knowledge. But to me it’s the applications he understands based on true life experiences.
  • Rita Sch
    Incredible insight
    Tim Keller brings the Gospel to life in my everyday world. He answers so many of the questions that I have had about faith and my faith walk.
  • Jts40
    Tim Keller sermons honor God’s Word and helps you apply it to life.
  • ma scout
    Take advantage of the power
    I didn’t know that by putting on the armor of Christ that I was actually being infilled with life altering confidence to take on challenges rather then cringe and complain. Thank you Tim
  • Samuel Nodal
    Life changing
    The Gospel will make you whole and this podcast keeps on delivering it!
  • bmcgucki
    Spiritual Armor
    Some of Keller’s best. Gives you a whole different and rich understanding of the armor. I listened to these over and over.
  • Rocruss
    Great collection of messages
    I’m very grateful for the work of Tim Keller, Redeemer Church, and Redeemer City to City. It’s a blessing to hear messages from a full catalog of his sermons and Bible studies. Thank you for curating and sharing them!
  • Montellisgoat
    Thank you
    God’s word is opened so beautifully on this podcast
  • Travis from Denver
    Tim Keller was an amazing teacher!
    It’s great to have access to years of keller’s teaching. I marvel at how prolific he was, and his insights and clarity seem to be endless. What a gift he is!
  • jaime on the hill
    Mastering the Book
    Thank you Gospel in Life and TJK for exhorting me to study God’s Word. The belt of truth and the sword of the Spirit
  • StephanievdW
    Armor of God series
    Such practical insights into our rights and privileges as God’ children, equipping us both for service and the challenges we face daily. Thank you, Gospel in Life, for continuing to post Dr Keller’s sermons.
  • KJM in GA
    Deeper love
    I thought I had it all pretty much figured out. Dr Keller has challenged me to rethink my Christian walk, which has led me to a deeper love for Christ. This love has brought me more peace than I knew was possible.
  • Wizteria
    With nearly every sermon I find myself sitting in stunned silence for a few minutes, and saying “Wow”. Learning so much and I praise God for His grace to make this available.
  • Mattleckie
    Intellectual and Gentle
    When someone recommended this podcast to me, they told me it would make me love the Lord more. This statement couldn’t be truer. Keller so intellectually, gently, and wisely discusses biblical truth and illuminates how the gospel is interwoven throughout the scriptures. Each message is though provoking, convicting, and wrapped in the love of the Father in a way that certainly makes you love the Lord even more.
  • ky. listener
    Gentle and piercing
    Tim Keller teaches with such love and clarity that even I am moved to reach and see beyond myself. Thank you
  • Dave1193__
    Every sermon is so good
    Tim shows how the Bible answers all the deep questions that have been nagging in my heart.
  • Veronica Degefu
    Wisdom for the One who can hear
    I am truly out of words to describe these sermons. Praise God for this man of God that speaks with Words that can heal, reveal, deepen understanding, provoke thinking, inspire, encourage, and so much more! I am blessed because of him.
  • Nsudboro
    Healing words
    I have been listening to his messages every day for a few months. It is helping to transform me from a success-driven, people-pleasing career slave into a person who can rest peacefully in my savior’s success and Focus on pleasing the only Person whose opinion matters. And thanks to Jesus Christ, I don’t have to do anything to be pleasing to that Person. What a joyful deliverance! I’m so grateful for the life and ministry of Timothy Keller.
  • C McGrath
    A Life worthy of legacy
    Words that last beyond our years speak to the impact of one’s purpose. Tim’s devotion to his craft, and sincerity of message are worthy of this platform.
  • Rebe-S-PK
    Gospel in Life
    One of the most prolific apologists of the 21st century. I will surely miss you Pastor Tim, but your teachings will last a lifetime.
  • TobiDebo
    Pastor TK!
    This man has been a blessing to my life!
  • Kris A. George
    Grateful for God’s truth poured our via TK.
  • May&Me
    Classic for the years to come
    I don’t even remember how many times I listened to Tim’s sermons. You have greatly impacted my life, thank you, Tim!
  • GraceN51
    Timeless truth from a godly and down to earth man
    Years ago I read Tim Keller’s book “The Reason for God.” I had just read how the Church is a hospital for sinners not a museum for saints when a coworker was saying Christians are hypocrites and you just need to be a good person. Heart pounding, I said what I had just read and briefly shared the gospel. Fast forward to last year when a friend recommended this podcast. These teachings are a treasure. Keller shares God’s word in such a way that God is so real to me and my faith has grown stronger through listening to these teachings.
  • DrewEsqq
    Love it and you will to
    Tim Keller’s sermon podcast is so wonderful. I’ve never listened to a Dr. Keller sermon and not found something new and insightful about the faith that I’ve walked in for over 40 years. I always appreciate his ability to see all sides and give a clear gospel and Biblical presentation in his talks.
  • Framed by Jane
    Changed my Life
    I have been listening to these sermons for years and I am so grateful for the way Dr Keller brings Jesus to life and His gospel truth every sermon. I have been so blessed and grown in my spiritual life because of this ministry. Thank you to everyone who makes this possible. I wish Tim was still with us, but I’m grateful his books and sermons are still having such a huge impact. Thank you Jesus!
  • Atxgtr10
    Incredible insight
    Tim Keller was and is (posthumously through this podcast) one of the greatest teachers of the Gospel I’ve ever experienced. He explains deep truths in an easy to understand and relevant way. I have often been brought to tears listening to these messages. Tim pulls no punches when it comes to delivering the sometimes challenging truths of the Bible but he does it with witty humor, grace and a heart for the modern, skeptical listener like no other. Listen to this podcast!
  • SRS8515
    Absolutely Life Changing
    Each time I listen, I’m moved by the depths of God’s love and grace, His power to conquer sin and death, and I see more clearly my absolute need for God. Thank you so much for these life-changing words! I only wish the posts would stay in the library and not disappear after awhile so that I could return to these lessons over and over again. Blessings to all!
  • alengcris
    Wonderful exposition of God’s Word
    Dr. Keller had a wonderful way of explaining the Bible providing cultural background and references while contrasting it to modern life. He had always pointed us to the love of God and the true meaning of the Gospel. I have learned so much listening to his podcasts. I got several of his books and will read them.
  • Nazarite2013
    Thought provoking that challenges the soul.
  • CJM585
    Understanding Christianity
    Tim Keller has helped me learn how see and understand the mercy and love of Jesus. He has been a conduit of God’s continuous good work in me.
  • Mygo365
    Remarkable insights for deepening my walk with Christ
    I learned of Pastor Keller at his passing. After hearing so many share their love of his messages I joined these podcast and have been blessed repeatedly to be challenged to level up in every area of my life! Taking a walk and listening to Tim is a blessing and I am so grateful to meet him someday in heaven.
  • RTL ENT.
    Voice of a generation
    Tim Keller is one of the greatest theological minds of our time. With a knack for sharing biblical truth with an intellectual tone that causes you to think but easy to follow.
  • AG’s BB
    Daily Assurance
    Since beginning to listen to these sermons, I’ve eagerly looked forward to each new one and plan to “catch up on” those I’ve missed. Life giving and challenging messages that draw me closer to a living Lord.
  • jonathanmichael12
    Must Listen
    Excellent message. Wish I had discovered Tim Keller years ago.
  • Japansean
    Timeless , brilliant , changes the heart
    These messages have consistently shown me for years now just how wonderful and powerful the gospel is - for both my life and the world.
  • Willard Bryan
    Life changing
    This has been one of the single most impacting things in my life the last few years. I'm beyond thankful for this podcast!
  • Marcksman21
    Favorite podcast
    Tim Keller has been extremely helpful to me in my walk with Christ. I appreciate how the Gospel in Life podcast organizes the episodes. I listen to every one.
  • Danny L Smith
    I keep coming back
    I been listening to Keller for 15 years and keep coming back. Almost every day.
  • CML7x7
    I thank God for bringing Tim Keller into my life. His messages have clarified my understanding of God and strengthened my faith immensely. He continues to do so with each listening.
  • RisingerTexas
    Can listen over and over again
    I love Dr Keller’s sermons. They’re thoughtful and timeless. He is truly missed.
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