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Classic sermons by Tim Keller, Pastor Emeritus of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and NY Times best-selling author of "The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism." For the latest sermons and additional resources, please visit https://www.GospelinLife.com

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Recent Reviews
  • a2momplus
    Inside out living
    So needed to hear this!
  • empratt101
    Thank you, just thank you
    I really need all the encouragement I need to have the gospel sink into my heart. Living in the reality of the gospel truth and the Holy Spirit is what changes us.
  • Mboff1783
    Super solid—listen to the series on marriage
    Came here to check out his old sermons that ended up becoming The Meaning of Marriage. Highly recommend the series (“Marriage as …”)
  • Jordi Tay
    Absolutely worth listening to.
  • Kenshin209
    Only Jesus…
    Timothy Keller is simply the best. Every sermon points to Jesus. There is no substitute to the gospel message and Timothy Keller fully understands this. If you want transformation and revelation in your life then you have to listen to these podcasts. God bless you!
  • I think pocket frogs is cool
    Solid Bible teaching
    Dr Keller explains the gospel in a way that anyone can understand. Simple truths with complex mysteries of the Gospel!
  • RockArmstrong
    Faith in heart and head
    It is so refreshing to know we don’t have to check our brain out the door in faith. Tim does an excellent job of painting the cultural background of historical events in the Bible. If you’re hungry for more than a feel good sermon, Tim is your man!
  • Skasoozie
    Great message
    This is a great message that helps me to understand cultural differences in the body of Christ. It makes me aware of my Christian cultural “snobbery”. Susie
  • erganlovsunicorns
    Life Changing
    So thankful for Mr Keller’s teachings. He is my favorite Bible teacher.
  • VBiasotto
    I jokingly say that I go to bed with Tim Keller every night. Actually, I go to bed listening to Tim Keller every night. In the middle of last night, I couldn’t sleep so I listened to another sermon entitled Forgiveness. Words can not adequately describe its excellence. Now, I want to share it with everyone I know. It explained so much about why we need to forgive and what happens to us when we don’t. Thank you Dr. Keller for the knowledge, faith and wisdom you have freely shared over the years.
  • LoveandenjoyandtrustinGod
    Great resources
    I’m so grateful to God for the “gospel in life podcast”. May God use this ministry to glorify His name and bless more people.
  • Duckduckgoose22
    Truly amazing
    Tim Keller is the most amazing speaker I have ever heard. His knowledge and the way he articulates himself is brilliant.
  • MN_Native123
    Important voice for our times
    Tim Keller is a terrific speaker and articulates many of our modern maladies. I look forward to his sermon each week.
  • Stonewallace
    All about the Gospel
    I am thankful for the way Tim always makes the Gospel the point of every sermon. This may seem obvious from the title, GOSPEL in Life, but he has a way of showing the multifaceted beauty of the gospel like a jeweler cutting a rare gorgeous gem!
  • AlfonsoHumbleBeliever
    Understanding the power of insight in Christianity
    Sinced I believe and began listening to pastor Timothy, I’ve managed to quench more of my spirit. Christianity in whole as body of Christ possess itself the supernatural. I live in California and listening to Pastor Timothy brought me the realization of the gift. Discovering how one can tap into different parts of the world thru our faith and learn from brethren believers is Gods power.
  • Flontit
    Heart changing
    I loved Timothy Keller’s book, The reason for God, but never had time to sit and finish it. Audiobooks can get pricey and add up. I was SO excited to find that his sermons were all accessible! I have been inhaling these sermons. I tell anyone I can about them. His sermons are filled with love but not just for happy and easy things to hear, but also for the things that are hard to swallow. These sermons challenge you to examine your heart and find the sins that are dragging you down and preventing you from living more closely to God. Keller’s marriage series opened my eyes to how I viewed my marriage and understating how parallel a marriage is to our relationship with Christ. Thank you Lord for blessing people with the gift to preach your word so that we can understand it.
  • Enlnco
    If you’re interested in really understanding the gospel, for the first time or if you’re familiar with God’s word, this is a great resource.
  • JayColinsOfficial
    Beyond blessed to have access to Tim’s sermons! He takes you so deep into the Word of God, and helps you break down and string together the messages within the Bible. He has the gifts of teaching and wisdom; if you really want to know your Word (obviously reading the Bible is the most important step), but having a solid mentor/teacher who can help you understand Gods Word and apply it in your life is key! I listen to one of these just about every day and I am grateful for Tim & his wife, and their obedience and willingness to serve Jesus.
  • DadVanHorn
    Eternal perspective
    Pastor Keller teaches that Jesus alone will decide our eternal home. His teaching is dynamic, thought-provoking, and fascinating—and true.
  • faith and reason
    Episode Sin
  • boo21pkfj
    Encourages people to search their Bible
    Tim Keller answers the questions of our era and culture from the Bible, much like C.S. Lewis answered the rationalists of his era. I’ve appreciated how he points people to grapple with their questions from the Bible first and foremost. But I also appreciate how he encourages Christians to engage with their culture rather than react to it out of fear, anger, or assumptions.
  • PRElliott1
    A Modern CS Lewis
    Tim Keller is a truly gifted pastor who offers valuable insights on scripture, the true Gospel, and living as a follower of Christ in a secular society. His sermons are the best I’ve heard from any contemporary pastor. He has immeasurably deepened my faith.
  • JimInPHX
    Exceptional Preaching & Teaching Ministry
    I’ve been thoroughly blessed by the fulsome spectrum of Dr. Keller’s spoken ministry. Being raised as a hyper Conservative in all things, his godly liberality has stretched me well.
  • Gradioserest
    Very good sermons preached from a biblical worldview!
    And it’s free!
  • Smitty23456427
    My life was significantly and permanently changed for the better through Tim Keller’s ministry! This is a powerful resource for those who are genuinely seeking God.
  • kaffemom
    A must-listen
    I get SO much out of listening to Tim Keller, and he is the first person I would recommend for my secular friends to listen to. He makes the Bible come alive and always points me to Jesus.
  • Otts11
    Absolutely Phenomenal!!
    This is by far one of the best resources. Tim’s ability to preach and teach the deep treasures of the gospel is truly God-given. Most all is sermons have a thread of our desperate need for the gospel to burn down deep into our innermost being.
  • Rgpar
    Great Teacher
    This podcast is well put together and I have learned much.
  • Sethro81
    Singleness Sermon
    I wanted to like this and it just fell short. Felt privileged, out of touch, and surface level. I’m 39 and single and a woman, who is older, but speaking of her time being single when she was in college and “wrestling with Gods plan” was just out of touch. Add another 20 years to that singleness and see how you feel. Just not relatable and no real authority to speak with what’s she was speaking of. Same kind of watered down, overly-simplistic stuff I would’ve heard 25 years ago. Offer us real depth, experience, knowledge, wrestling, or nothing at all.
  • chbf49
    Clearest Expositor of Scripture I’ve Found
    By way of podcasts I’ve been blessed to have had access to many of the most gifted biblical teachers of our time, but Tim Keller is truly exceptional in his ability to present the Gospel in a clear and revealing way. His excellent scholarship, combined with his wonderful communication skills and spiritual insights, enable him to clearly explain difficult passages and show how everything in this inspired narrative fits together perfectly. Highly recommended! May the Lord bless him and touch him with healing in his battle with cancer!
  • Mjudwfyggy
    I listened to Tim Keller before I came to Christ and continue to do so with gladness. He has such a way of explaining all of the questions I had before accepting Christ as my savior—his messages are easy to share with any friends who are thinking about investigating Christianity.
  • Maurina the Blessed
    Marriage sermon 579
    Love the series. The above sermon is referenced in number 578 but it’s not available on the podcast. Could you please tell me how to access that? I would really love to finish this series. It has been a blessing in my life. Thank you very much
  • Jon94ecu
    The Gospel
    Wow. It’s been a blessing to listen. The Gospel is preached and God is glorified. Incredible podcast.
  • Rmanietta
    Modern perspective
    I’ve been fortunate to listen to Doctor Keller podcasts and downloads before that for years. His ability to communicate to the modern person in a way that causes one to think is brilliant. Listen to 5-6 sermons on any topic in scripture and you will come away not only with a biblical understanding of the world but also a method of applying the teaching to you everyday life. I can say with confidence I've listened to 100’s of sermons and feel blessed and challenged by all of them. Please invest in yourself enough to consider listening and perhaps discovering what it means to live biblically.
  • barnlon
    Spanish please
    Please publish translations of your sermons. We would love for the pastors of Latin America to see the God of Grace and know the work of Jesus for our sake.
  • TooBadSoSad2
    The best preacher I've ever heard
    I've been blessed beyond measure to hear Tim preach, for over twenty years now. Every sermon amazes and enlightens. How he does it is a wonder, something between him and the Lord. And I love how he always always brings it home by ending on the gospel. You won't find condemnation and shame here: you'll find truth and grace. Thank you, Tim, for working so very hard to bring such beauty to us. I can't listen often enough--and I often re-listen, over and over, to try to absorb the truth and have more of Christ's presence within me. Love.
  • Sbforshey
    All about Jesus
    Tim Keller always preaches about Jesus. He doesn’t center his sermons around popular ideologies or his own personality or trends of thinking, rather, he just glorifies the Christ. He uses logic, reason, emotion, psychology, and both modern and ancient resources to illuminate scripture. One of the best.
  • Kev4Christ
    Profound and Solid , he preaches the true essence of the gospel
  • Cincinnati Duke
    Always wonderful
    May God bless Dr. Keller.
  • Voolish1
    Ad/Plug in the MIDDLE of each podcast??
  • LCM9883
    Deep and thoughtful teaching
  • Far removed
    Greatest Preacher of our time
    Tim Keller’s sermons shine with the power of search light aimed right at your heart.
  • Igor1234534
    10 out of 10
    So refreshing and uplifting
  • JennyS8675309
    Life changing
    Timothy Keller’s sermons have changed my life. I have listened to many sermons over my life and usually didn’t understand what was being said. Timothy Keller’s sermons are extremely insightful and informative! They are packed with so much insight! I usually take notes or listen to them multiple times to get all of the truths. I would highly recommend Timothy Keller’s sermons to anyone who wants to learn and walk with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!
  • Jimbobaluba72
    Freedom to be a skeptic
    Thanks for preaching in such a way that you are kindly letting me ask questions, listening, and giving thought provoking answers. No judgment, just discovery and letting me decide. Without doubt, my favorite podcast.
  • Tylers Mistress
    Gospel in Life
    I found Tim Keller’s sermons on YouTube a few years ago and they began to radically change the way I see the gospel. Keller speaks truth with both fierce honestly and loving kindness. He is able to take complex biblical themes or passages of scripture and explain them eloquently and fully. I listen to his podcast almost everyday now and it has helped me to grow in my faith and my understanding of what it means to be a Christ follower tremendously. Thank you so much Gospel in Life and Tim Keller for your excellent service to the body of Christ and the Kingdom of God :)
  • Lakeri
    One of the best
    I have grown so much spiritually and also appreciate this podcast and Brother Tim Keller ministry.
  • Ahinsanantone
    God is working
    Whatever the Lord places on my heart, somehow it comes up on my daily listen to this podcast. It’s the clear-eyed, no-frills exploration of Keller’s genuine curiosity that moves me to ask more profound questions of the Spirit and deepen my understanding of the text and it’s applicability. I am grateful for this podcast and the teaching and hope it’s reach extends to all those in need of the same.
  • cindy9519
    All of them
    I am so grateful for Dr Keller’s messages. I never fail to be enlightened and moved by his teaching about Christ.
  • Aspiring to leadership
    Wisdom and truth from such a humble Godly man
    Tim Keller is such a humble, intelligent, Godly man who powerfully presents truth and messages that challenge - not superficial messages but deeply challenging insights from God’s word
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