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Can't-miss radio for hockey fans as Jeff Marek, David Amber, Anthony Stewart, and Justin Bourne break down all the stories from around the NHL.

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  • Dr. Goedecke
    Jeff Marek tries so hard to be Dan Carlin mixed with Alex Trebek. The show is 4+ episodes without him. Otherwise it’s half an hour waxing poetic about players from the 60’s, theories of human nature or colored ice.
  • becrowe66
    Please for the love of hockey ...
    Nick Alberga is miles more enjoyable than Marek IMO ... I left regular listening to the podcast after Millard because it went downhill fast .. but this past week with Nick guest host has given hope again that it can return to actual hockey discussions and not Marek waxing philosophical and answering his own questions all show.
  • philgaff
    Great pod
    Like the commentators, it amazes me that people are wondering why there is so much leaf talk .... it’s based in Toronto.
  • Robbolot
    Used to love it but am cancelling.
    Tired of the virtual signaling BS, no problems being solved. Cancelling NHL so No need to listen to hockey podcasts anymore.
  • Bill010203
    Who produces this show?
    We’re all human. No one is perfect. But we’ve been going on for months now hearing all sorts of background noises from each person’s home. How hard is it to teach your guys to mute their mic when they pour a glass of iced tea or their cat comes up to snuggle? Also, Jeff really needs to stop trying to direct the traffic so much. The number of times he’s stepped all over the other participants is crazy. Just let them speak, Marek. Other than those lame complaints, it’s nice to hear Burkie and the gang.
    I enjoy listening to the Canadian side of things. I have been a hockey fan before they wore masks, the speed and finesse that you see today is nothing less than battle ballet. Great work everyone.
  • EdF57
    Blah, blah, blah
    Way to much Leafs talk. There are 30 other teams in the league.
  • Leafs Stink
    There’s more than one team
    I thought maybe the podcast would’ve changed since being on hold, and I was completely wrong. July 28th, there are 3 NHL games on today and I’ve only heard them talk about the Maple Leafs. Done listening again.
  • Bushy 34
    Good podcast
    I stopped listening to it because of corona but when the season starts up. I play hockey myself and was looking for hockey podcasts. Great podcast overall.
  • Haitinhlscout
    Scarborough’s finest
    Anthony stewart is a natural he brings an unparalleled perspective along with tag team partners burkie and amber When he’s not on the show it’s like when your best friend in elementary school is out sick Truman dumel
  • The bae is back
    Yep I
  • Nigggguh noah
    Burke is the man!
    Live listening to Brian Burke!
  • wildp0wn
    1 too many voices
    3 out of 5 based on hosts. I Like Amber. Marek is ok too. Stewie and Burkie give a different take based on interesting backgrounds and experiences. But tell me what does Justin Bourne add? Other than a voice straight from Sesame Street? And by the way. We get it - your dad and father in law were impressive players in their day.
  • HotSweatyNutz
    Excellent Podcast!
    Very informative, appreciate the stories and inside looks at the hockey world.
  • SlewFootWV
    Excellent Hockey Podcast
    Some of the best episodes of this podcast have occurred during the COVID-19 pause. Hearing stories about how coaches, GMs, and players made it to the NHL are really interesting. In general, the wealth of hockey knowledge between these guys and their guests is unmatched. Things get even better when Burkey and the boys get truculent 👍😀 I am a Pens fan and do not mind the obligatory Leafs talk. Good job, guys 🏒🥅💪
  • TravisBeckman
    Daily Content during Pause
    I really appreciate the daily hockey content even during the COVID19 pause, thanks all!
  • schwazy20
    Great program!!
    I really enjoy this program even more so now that Burke is on every day and not that the other guys are not good I just think Brian adds to there talents as well. I met Burke some years ago in Calgary and was very impressed with him. Being from Minnesota (Hibbing) myself I am proud to say he grew up in the State of Hockey!! Keep up the great work guys.
  • Ch note
    Bye bye TSN podcasts
    Great crew and love Burke. Thanks SN
  • steveyYz19
    Pure Cocaine
    All other Hockey podcasts, with the exception of 31 Thought, have their hockey coverage being cut with additives such as sweeteners and aspirin and what not. This podcast is the hockey coverage equivalent of pure cocaine. I want to snort hockey directly up my nose, and this podcast is my fix.
  • codyadarnell
    Leafs leafs leafs
    A day after the trade deadline, and they still talk about the leafs. I unsubbed a while back, then came back for another try, but it’s still just constant leafs talk.
  • AE2023
    Title should be: Leafs Central
    They spread majority of the time covering the leafs or comparing to the leafs. Really annoying
  • Eli Ham
    This show is the best!
    Nothing better!
  • The Mantaray
    Used to be great
    Been a subscriber for ages, and used to love it. It was a daily gathering of friends talking hockey news, but without McLean, Kipper, etc, the show has lost it’s passion and conviction. Still love Burkie on Friday, but not a “must listen too” podcast anymore. Very watered down. There are alternatives now.
    Not the best, but convenient
    Bourne was a great addition. It’s not the most interesting show but that comes with the territory of putting out a show every day. Not the kind of show I will sit down to listen to with a full attention span, but I like to listen to it every night as I fall asleep.
  • Corybyo
    It’s back!
    Back to it’s old ways! This podcast had a transition at the beginning of the year. But is BACK. Love it , look forward to their conversation daily. I feel like I’m talking hockey with some experienced people. Glad to hear it.
  • Carl Racki
    Bring back Maclean and Kypreos
    I wouldn’t call Jason Bourne and Anthony Stewart an upgrade. From listening to Jeff marek’s pedantic nonsense, to Jason bourne’s prepubescent inflections, to Lazy Eyes Anthony Stewart’s desire for more tertiary scoring, listening to these three idiots every day is like getting a colonoscopy and a root canal at the same time. Very close to unsubscribing.
  • Capsfan75
    Terrible Podcast
    Why is this called Hockey Central all these people talk about are the Leafs. The name needs to be changed to Leafs Central. They won’t though because no one outside of Toronto will listen. Worst podcast out by a lot
  • Best Hockey Pod
    Decline in quality from last season
    The product quality has massively declined from last season to this season. The analysts have changed to Justin Bourne and Anthony Stewart and they just aren’t good enough. Jeff Marek, David Amber and Brian Burke carry the show when they are on. Disappointing to see. I hope they improve.
  • Deke VanDyke
    Excellent Crew, Excellent Show
    Love this crew and look forward to their insight. I do miss Doug’s story telling, but Jeff, Anthony, David and Justin are fantastic! Cheers boys!
  • 16ruggs
    Lost it’s competency
    Sportsnet went cheap and it shows with the new hosts. Stewart and Bourne are terrible, especially when compared to the list of hosts they’ve had the last few years. Really disappointing the drop off this year
  • done with heart
    It got worse?
    Yup.. exit kyper, Doug, shanny, Enter Marek, Stewart, Amber difficult listen for me personally Propaganda at its worst It’s now a show to inform us on how great the show is.... when it is in fact a putrid reminder of what a good show it WAS Wow is sportsnet DAF The new, positive, reviews are an INSIDE JOB. this is FACT! Research it and know That’s how pathetic and terrified sportsnet is! They know it’s AWFUL and getting destroyed in the reviews PATHETIC
  • NoleyPoley
    By far has become my favorite podcast to listen to
    Rarely can you put multiple hosts on a show and have so many personalities click so well and create such an entertaining podcast. I love every episode and count the time between episodes when I can watch again. Love you Sportsnet!
  • Joey Sull
    New Format disappoints
    I used to listen to this show everyday. The format used to be a great host with a rotating 3 member discussion. Now the show doesn’t find its way into my lineup of best hockey podcasts. The host is still there but most days are a 2 person dialogue that misses out on a lot of the counterpoints that last year provided. Sure the guests are experts in their field but the lack of debate really seems to make this show feel more like propaganda than entertainment. No offense to Stewy, (and burkie on Friday’s)but hearing one opinion is not the same as hearing two experts take on Mareks storylines. And, for what it’s worth, to me, Kypreos is missed the most.
  • 616_steveE
    Good hosts... too much leafs talk
    Leafs, leafs, leafs, leafs, bruins, Leafs, leafs, leafs, leafs Leafs, leafs, leafs, leafs, Vegas, Leafs, leafs, leafs, leafs, Canadians, Leafs, leafs, leafs, leafs Leafs, leafs, leafs, leafs Leafs, leafs, leafs, leafs, Minnesota, Leafs, leafs, leafs, leafs Leafs, leafs, leafs, leafs Leafs, leafs, leafs, leafs, Detroit vs the Leafs, Leafs, leafs, leafs, leafs Leafs, leafs, leafs, leafs, Nashville, Leafs, leafs, leafs, leafs. I do like Jeff Marek thoughts on hockey but he is pigeon-holed into leafs talk for 95% of his air time.
  • Chon530
    Good crew, Good show
    This is a great podcast for hockey fans. Jeff Marek is someone I’ve always enjoyed and he really knows how to run a show and does it most of the time. While I do miss Millard, Colby Armstrong and Kipper I am enjoying it just as much with Bourne and Stewart in. I think people forget that it’s based in Toronto so yes it’s mostly Leafs talk (I live in California and follow the LA Kong’s) but I still enjoy their take on the NHL as a whole and all the takes. A lot of good perspective from the crew and keep me up to date on all things hockey.
  • AlexNYR20
    Much better with Marek at the helm. I was never a big fan of Millard, and Marek and Amber are doing a great job this season. Love the additions of Stewy and Bourne.
  • BobbyP2424
    Not as good
    Bring back Kypreos and MacLean, love when Burkies on though.
  • EliotHonda
    Change happens
    It’s unfortunate that the chemistry that was built with the trio they had is now gone. Hopefully the new guys can get that same thing going, but right now it’s not there.
  • helmut van leeuween
    Marek and Stewart talk a lot but manage not to say much. It’s all very crafty but so, so boring. Dougy is laughing and so too Kiper.
  • Oda-sensei
    Leafs central
    Last season has turned it up to 11 on the Toronto bias. The only time you realize there are other teams is when Stewart talks about his brother in Philly for 15 minutes. Just call a spade a spade and rebrand as a Leafs news podcast.
  • Waz730
    Too Long Now
    For a daily podcast this now feels too long, I don’t have time to listen as often anymore because of that. I hope you consider returning this to the previous length of under an hour.
  • Rick from Port Huron
    Not so good anymore
    The show is too long now.Bring back Doug and Kipper.Only Burkey is now interesting.
  • Snakepaste
    New format is just TERRIBLE
    For years this used to be MUST HEAR hockey analysis, all the big news daily around the league squeezed into an HOUR (45 mins) with Kypreos, Maclean, Burkie with Jeff Marek (Daren Millard was MUCH better) trying to sound interesting. Now it’s 2 HOURS (90 mins) of Jeff Marek or Dave Amber trying to FILL time with Anthony Stewart talking about garbage. Bottom line it’s MORE TALKING AND LESS CONTENT. My time to listen to these things is valuable, I don’t like having to listen to all this fluff just to keep up with what’s going on. Jeff Marek prattles on telling all his same stories over and over and tries way too hard to sound poignant about details of the game while missing big picture stuff. Anthony Stewart is “okay” but doesn’t have the on ice accolades or the on air presence to make him a strong “other half” contributor on a Two Man show.... how or why they picked him, I can only speculate. Bring back Mike Zigimannus (sp).... that guy drops great analysis and is a pleasure to hear. TL;DR: AWFUL NEW FORMAT....DAUNTING TO LISTEN TO BECAUSE IT’S JUST TOO LONG AND THE CONTENT STINKS. BRING THE OLD CREW BACK AND MAKE THIS AN HOUR SHOW. NOBODY HAS TIME TO LISTEN TO THIS FLUFF.
  • PrestonMcp
    Show has gotten dry :(
    Amber and Marek are great, Stewart is fine, but 5 days a week I find the show and its themes to be very repetitive. On top of it, the show was extended an hour this season, but I feel like I'm receiving less content than I was ever before. Miss MvW, love 31 thoughts. But this show isn't entertaining anymore.
  • Hypothroidism
    The best season was 2018-19
    I listened to this show religiously and was excited it to get download. Unfortunately not have Kyp and Mac; the fun of this show went away. No offense to Anthony, just not enough experience to through him in everyday. Not fair to Anthony to expect that from him. I’m a huge Jeff Marik fan and always will be, he is a true professional. SportsNet should have passed on Burke and kept the nucleus of this team in tact.
  • jserio2335
    Terrible show
    The show used to be interesting blast with Nick, Ron and Darren with arguing nonsense with a bit of analysis. Now we have to listen to Jeff Marek, David Amber and Anthony Stewart droning about nothing for two hours. This show used to be fun and informative and now it’s long and boring.
  • Greg McDonaugh
    So disappointed in the pod without Kypreos and Maclean. I’m so upset that my favorite hockey podcast has turned to garbage. Sadly unsubscribing.
  • ch1088
    Bring back the old squad
    I miss listening to Kyper, Maclean and co. Stewart is SNOOZE CITY. Full of cliches and general statements and is boring as ever. And if you didn’t know his brother is on the Flyers, he’ll remind you every 5 minutes or so.
  • Waldo Crashes
    Do these guys listen to themselves? Lead story today: the ‘Scoutfit’. Ugh.
  • bro.toli
    Bring back the old crew!
    I wish Mac, Kyper, Army, Shannon & all of the old crew were back for more variety on the show!
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