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  • mlynn171
    What We Need
    This type of show is exactly what people need nowadays. The diversity of opinion and openmindedness towards all of his guests, even if they differ greatly, make this show not an echo chamber that you will find so many places online, but instead a wide open field of ideas and possibilities. I have learned so much and heard many perspectives on here that have changed the ways I think. While I may not agree with all of his guests or even his own opinions, they are shown in such a civil way that I want to listen. This show can benefit everyone from every background to see things from different perspectives, and that the world is not as black and white as the media portrays it. We are all human and complex, we have to open ourselves to the possibilities in order to find our true values and beliefs. Absolutely amazing show and great if you have a long commute (I start it in the morning, then finish on my drive home) (BTW this is coming from a leftist female... just because he has different view points does not mean he should be cancelled or hated. There is good and bad in everyone and he is always open to hearing other viewpoints and ways of life, and politely hosts a range of guests to get their story, not make them conform. This is a valuable lesson and you do not have to AGREE with the guests or him to appreciate some of what they all say!)
  • Dreadgirl207
    Conversations need to happen!
    I love JRE because he has the conversations we are all looking for in unbiased fashion. It’s the good, bad, and ugly. Hands down my favorite podcast!
  • Morefiend
    I disagree with you guys though
    The guy that was drunk passed out in the drive-through window come on you’re gonna call him and Uber he straight up was drunk and driving that is the cop job to arrest drunk drivers.
  • ihatesuntrust
    The king
    It’s better on youtube because you can see him, but His podcast is great
  • Arthur Rahman
    Don’t take it too seriously
    If you take his political and social viewpoints seriously like the majority of low reviewers, you’re not going to enjoy this. Joe’s presence in the MMA environment, his psychedelic experiences, and comedic background make for an interesting experience. His topics are diverse, but at the same time his knowledge on certain things is limited at best. I don’t agree with some of the things he says, but that’s ok. I listen to this podcast for entertainment, it’s not the most informative, but it definitely has its moments. Not everyone enjoys listening to a rich comedian high on weed speak matter of factly about complex situations with bro-science, and I get it. But I like to listen to the show from time to time and it entertains me
  • Coolin9796
    Guest request
    I know you said you were done with political guests but you got to have on Dr. Jo Jorgenson the libertarian nominee for president. Please
  • ZREZ13
    Great podcast
    Everyday at work I listen to this podcast. This podcast is very interesting and is great for passing time. I love how Joe is open minded and has really cool people on his podcast
  • metalheartboy
    beware the woke
    reading these one star reviews is hysterical. cancel culture in 2020 is ridiculous, and of course they're trying to stop Joe bc he isn't kissing the ass of the left. he calls the bs when he sees it, and it's why he is the king of podcast. i always appreciate his views, no matter what they are. huge fan anytime Duncan Trussell, or Tim Pool are on!
  • Gavin McCraw
    Joe “Thats Crazyyy” Rogan
    I never got into Rogan until a while ago, and I believe it has made me a better person. Regardless of what some of the insane, partisan zombies say in the comments, Joe plays both sides of the aisle. Yes he has an opinion, but that opioid is grounded in a background of culture and experience, and yet, regardless of his beliefs, he has some guests on that are controversial or do not aline with his. He has created not an echo chamber, but instead a library of knowledge where anyone can voice their opinion without being silenced or automatically shut down. Remember when I said it has made me a better person? At first, some topics (like marijuana legalization, or current issues) I only thought about one way because of our divided media. Now I am much more open minded. In short JRE can be a comedy, an educational experience, a dive in cultures, and a joy to listen too. Ik, thats crazzzzzy.
  • Hip167
    King of podcasts
    I love the wide range of topics that Joe Rogan covers. Something for everyone.
  • Griffball89
    Jon Stewart
    So let me get this straight: “if we could all just pay 20-30% more on taxes...” literally immediately preceding the conversation that “the government is so corrupt they go out of their way to screw vets and first responders out of healthcare”. You need to be at least self aware enough to link your own concepts together. Shame on you, Joe, for not catching this. Terrible episode. Gained a second star for most of the other casts being much better quality. Joe, i know you aren’t, but if you just so happen to read this, just go back and listen to your conversation with Jon.
  • camerakitty#5
    Sick idiot
    Ugly egg head. Ugh joe is a terrible person.
  • samandali
    My son turned me on to first JRE podcast on YouTube, and now I’m officially hooked. Looking for more like Joe!! New to podcasts.
  • Fast Edd 757
    Open Honest
    Always bringing on interesting new guests. Inspiring and motivating guy. Great listening to and from work
  • `Toonz
    ...spectacularly overrated, pseudo-intellectual pseudoscience peddled by a self-medicating, half-smart freelance philosopher. Great if you’re as high as Joe is. Otherwise? 💩. At least he won’t be stinking up 🍎 podcasts anymore.
  • jjlane
    10 years
    Long time listener. Joe’s main focus are health product ads and Spotify. Looking elsewhere for conversation now.
  • desmoinesmom
    Best podcast out there. Joe Rogan for President!!!2020
  • masonian2121
    James Lindsay
    Awesome guest!!!
  • luffdigg
    Society needs more conversation!
    Phenomenal exposure, in long form, to both sides of the issues today. Keep it coming
  • lbjdmd
    Great podcast!
    Unbelievable the hate this man is getting for speaking the truth. I know you don’t read reviews but I love you!
  • 💩😻🐱🦄🍌
    Hi! So I give the 1 star, cuz I just found out he likes trump. The orange one. Also things get boring. It’s like SHUT UP! 🤐 ok this is horrible no no no!
  • Amdyfyn
    Obamacare kills
    I heard your guest tout our US national healthcare law. In 2014 my mom twice fell victim to aspects of the unread law. The last was fatal. ‘Admittance vs Observance’ is a little known loophole in the law for pre-existing conditions. My 90 year-old mom, a heroic inner-city teacher & widow of a combat vet husband, my dad, deceased of wound, entered a hospital in Fresno because she suddenly couldn’t walk. After 3 days in the hospital, & catching the flu in her stay there, they discovered her spinal issue was pre-existing. Under the law a hospital only has to change her status to ‘observed’ rather than ‘admitted’. Thus they did. Stating they couldn’t help her. I begged them to put her in a rehab facility for her back and to treat her flu. They coldly refused. A nurse wheeling my mom, now slumped and barely conscious, was in tears and told me a way to circumvent the law to have her re-admitted the next day. By the morning my mom was unconscious. A trip via ambulance to emergency saved her life. Months later my mom had a gallbladder issue. With the elderly it’s critical for the gallbladder to be removed or drained within 24 hours or else the system goes septic. Because of the ‘priority patient’ portion of Obamacare, the elderly are treated LAST in order of importance. Younger patients with only flu symptoms and non-life threatening ailments got admitted. My mom lay in emergency for 36 hours. Finally she got a bed. By then her system went septic. A young doctor came up from emergency raging to my mom’s room and demanded as to why she wasn’t in ICU. He chastised the staff and apologized. It was too late. After horrific suffering and a ventilator keeping her alive, my brave mom, with no complaint, chose to “Let God decide” her fate. As she was a tough and independent soul who couldn’t accept staying alive artificially until even that would eventually fail. One of my former football players I coached was her nurse. He and another nurse later bemoaned in private the new healthcare law and how it directly contributed to her suffering and death. When I decided to battle for my mom’s case after her death, the caseworker in Health and Human services, who demanded she remain anonymous or have her job jeopardized, said several people that year suffered a similar fate in ‘priority patient’ application of the supposedly wonderful law. The unread law of 2700 pages, as Pelosi admitted hadn’t been fully read, nor test-run, was and is forever a nightmare for me. And it killed my mom.
  • fufupla
    Can you Interview Sanford strong
    He was on Oprah Winfrey. Sanford strong is a policeman who wrote a book on how to protect your family from crime. One of his lessons is “never go to the second site” when a kidnapper takes you because he will kill you there. And more amazing stuff. Anyway, great show. Keep it up.
  • momof8fay
    My son already subscribed ; I was impressed with the extremely smart guests Joe has on with thoughts and knowledge on a variety of topics.
  • jklawrenz
    When the podcast app asks if I want to continue to subscribe to a podcast because I haven’t listened in a while it might be time to give up hope and move on to other options. I was a regular listener but over the years listening has become unbearable.
  • Xenia H.
    Joe asks his guests the most unique and interesting questions. He is a talented researcher and thinker.
  • kevimng
    joe rogan has a big penis
    nuff said
  • Gene Everett 187
    Some guests rock & some are lying propaganda machines.
    Can’t stand how many people come on that don’t know crap. But definitely some good and great guests also. Definitely a podcast u will love one and hate another but joe is good people and it’s worth subscribing and just skipping over lame guests. 7/3/20 - regarding the episode with Peters , where Joe is Praising public hospitals for being less corrupt then private is beyond ignorant and moronic. Learn something Joe come on man
  • podcastoer for fun
    The best podcast out there
  • 80oc-og
    Was good - now played out
    Bro get your act together. Now your just an elite old rich guy. It takes work to stay grounded but looks like it’s too much work. Your Spotifies problem now. Get some
  • Oz/Ozzie
    #1501 James Lindsay
    Excellent! Thank you!
  • Hoboshaman
    White entitlement at its best
    Maybe 1 out of every 30 episodes is worth a listen. The funniest thing about JR is that somehow he’s wedged his way into the world of stand up comedy without actually having any talent as a comic
  • Kdubsonfire
    Dumb Bro BS shouldn’t be in top anything.
    Hi can we please quit listening to this absolute trash. Thanks. -all of female humanity
  • jasonT0713
    Usually a good listen, but
    Could do w less of Joe’s same ol banter and more mic time for the guests!
  • squish33
    Not only one of my favorite comedians but favorite podcaster. Joe is sincerely interested in the people he talks to and tries to understand their point of view with an open mind....even if he disagrees with them. So refreshing and hard to find. A pure soul. I’ve learned and laughed so much with him over the years.
  • DUKEDOG0636
    The Best podcast out
    Everyone I know enjoys the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.
  • JBridge5544
    The Greatest
    Without a doubt the voice of a generation. The best damned podcast hands down.
  • Cipher11
    Alt-Right Masquerading as “Freethinking”
    Joe Rogan’s podcast is a Trojan horse of alt-right conservatism dressed up as “freethinking.” Filled with softball questions, double standards, and “I’m just asking questions” whataboutism. Joe Rogan’s politics can best be summed up by parroting whoever he spoke to last and adding weed. The fact that he consistently talks to right-wing hucksters like Stephen Crowder and Jordan Peterson results in a podcast with claims of apolitical intent that has essentially become covert alt-right propaganda. There are good podcasts out there that are entertaining and open about their politics. Listen to them instead.
  • Hg600
    Took too many drugs
    Joe Rogan is losing it. The mask is off and he revealed his true racist, sexist and bigoted self. F you Rogan.
    Awesome show
    Interesting dialogue
  • wlmmlr
    Not very informative
    Joes lack of knowledge doesn’t stop him from acting like he knows everything.if he stuck to comedy or mma he might be alright but when he ventures into politics or science or health he just makes a fool of himself.
  • latinareader
    Why? Worst and how tf did it make it to top 10? Rigged? Hahaha
  • jfeen10
    Shut up
    It’s not our fault that you never worked after news radio stop punishing us with your dumbass thoughts and uninformed opinions
  • JR:;
    I liked it more when Joe called his guests on their stupidity. Lots of Bro-science, but I like bro-science.
  • teh3311
    Honest conversation
    Great conversations w various experts, comics, fighters, interesting people
  • Jon, Lehmann
    Thanks for getting Aron Snyder on I mainly listen to hunting podcast but I have listened to some of the stuff you did with Jordan Peterson and a few others! I’m intimidated by the giant backlog of podcast you have. The fact you have such a diverse listener base and topic catalog is truly awesome, keep doing what you do keep questioning how things are, how things work, it’s inspirational to say the least.
  • Davethanman
    Jordan Jonas interview
    I had just finished watching the TV show Alone and wanted to find content about the contestants on the show and stumbled on this interview. I’ve never listened to a Joe Rogan Podcast previously. He asks the questions I want to know. And very entertaining. I absolutely love how tells Jordan to tells us everything & we have all the time needed. Seeing this interview is over 2 hours is so incredibly exciting. Perfect for a long walk. I’m looking forward to more Podcasts.
  • Meh!meh?
    Another Boston guy
    Just what is needed, more opinions by white guys from Boston who don’t like being told what to do
    Buy Bitcoin!!!
  • Suakmnow
    Trump lover
    Goodbye! Didn’t realize you were a Trump supporter until your interview with Crenshaw. Totally biased against news unless it is in support of the orange buffoon! I do realize you don’t give a crap that I am unsubscribing to your podcast. But I feel better for MYSELF that I no longer support your show or your sponsors !
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