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Rugby #89

THIS WEEK IN LEAGUE is the longest-running Rugby League podcast in the world! Nate, Glen and Jay recap the week in Rugby League with a focus on NRL. Expect news, results, and previews of the coming round of action along with coverage of the big issues in the game. New episodes are released on Monday and Thursday mornings during the NRL season.

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  • Blacka
    If I Did A Podcast...
    Love listening to these chaps dissect all that is good, bad and irrelevant in the NRL world. As a long suffering North Sydney "Shoreman" (back to back in '21-22), I appreciate the one-eyed support of their respective clubs and keep waiting for the mainstream commentators to refer to "young Matt Moylan" or just hound Nate Myles one more time. Keep up the good work lads, you make the weekday scooter commute in Ha Noi just that little bit more entertaining...which is no mean feat.
  • BenR47Eeels
    Best Leauge Podcast ever
    This ones for you Jay. X-Factor will never die! X-Factor will never die! X-Factor will never die! X-Factor will never die! X-Factor will never die!
  • 5pattyburger
    Murica born, Aussie strong
    The only thing that consoles me knowing that there might be a giant wall built south of me locking out the mexicans is the fact that I can still listen to This Week In League. You can keep Hillary and the Donald I'm hopping down under and voting TWIL all night long baby.
  • Fred T. Jane
    One of the Best Sports Podcasts Period.
    Followed the NRL casually for years, and wanted a podcast to get a little more involved. Little did I know I'd find one of the best sports podcasts overall. Hosts Glen, Nate, and TWIL Nation bring nearly two hours of raunchy banter and uncensored opinion about Rugby League. Opinion and analysis is frankly professional level and compared to other League podcasts, leaves them all in the dust. If anything the podcast has made me enjoy watching the NRL more and made a bigger fan that I was expecting.
  • DJ_777
    Glen and N.G.
    Hilarious footy pod cast by a couple of guys who could be the next Roy and HG, or maybe the next Gus Gould and Rabs Warren. At the very least they are the first Glen and Nate G and they serve up steaming hot footy goodness every week. Sometimes twice a week. They even get footy legends to speak on the show. A+ effort guys. Keep it up!
  • AmericanTitan
    Great Podcast
    I am an American who enjoys Rugby League and these guys provide me with news, reviews, and previews weekly for NRL! They are really funny and they know their rugby league.
  • VsWaxyGirl
    Your #1 NRL podcast news source
    GREAT podcast, everything NRL, very funny, informative, keeps you laughing, while filling you in on your weekly NRL news/games/teams. The one podcast I do take time to listen to.
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