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A weekly podcast dedicated to improving your play at Magic: The Gathering with an emphasis on Limited play.

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  • PhillyJim123
    Stop trying to make fetch happen
    Retrofitter foundry barely does anything in vintage cube, where you can get all those broken mana cards. It’s going to do even less in Arena cube. You going to spend 4 mana over a couple turns to make a 4/4 and they’re going to be like, cool attack you, cast a busted 5 drop.
  • Rogue Symmetry
    To the point!
    Magic is some thing I'm fairly new to and I'm trying to absorb as much of it as possible. This is the fifth podcast I've tried but the first one I've enjoyed. The first three were several hosts mostly discussing their personal life and vacations they went on and what movies they like. Who cares!? The fourth podcast had good content because they got straight to the point (Mtg!) but they said the word "like" so much in every single sentence that I could barely even focus on what in the world they were talking about. I'm so glad I came across this podcast because it's to the point and the hosts actually know how to communicate.
  • whatever work$
    The Original
    Often imitated, never duplicated
  • draight1337
    I like the show, gets a little tedious when the data is overly emphasized with circle bits. Still like the show, I just skip those
  • Seamless Loop
    Great limited intel also brilliant hosts but…
    I have solved the mysteries of life. TOOL are the heralds of phyrexia. Read their lyrics!!! Maynard James Keenan is Elesh Norn. The oil is upon us and phyresis is already working it’s way into our systems!
  • Jkube
    Not a great show for beginners
    While the hosts go into extreme depth about the cards, a lot of knowledge is assumed by the listener. The hosts will often explain a new card or mechanic by referring to an older card or mechanic that is irrelevant to the discussion at hand, because it does not exist in the current format. They will often say things like ‘<new card> have a basically just Gob de Guck from the Shlorp expansion except it doesn’t Jib Jab’ and give no context about any of the gibberish they just spouted. We get it, you’ve been playing magic for a long time and know the names of a lot of cards. The name-dropping isn’t helpful, especially to new players. This show require 15+ years of experience playing magic to really understand.
  • DanoMac1980
    A must listen
    I’ve been listing to Marshall since I got back into Magic almost 10 years ago. This show is not just about Magic, it’s about life and sometimes food! You don’t have to listen for long before Marshall and LSV are like close friends! I couldn’t imagine my week with out a new episode of LR!!!!!
  • notsam3
    Good show bad sponsor
    Limited resources is great and it would easily be my favorite mtg podcast if it wasn’t for their sponsorship from FTX. Cryptocurrency is not the future and it is pretty obvious that it’s a scam and I understand that they have to make money but I can’t rate them higher than this while they’re sponsored by a scam.
  • C0chrannd
    Still the best
    After a hiatus, I jumped into arena with a strict free to play mentality. I was glad to see LR still rocking and the host’s insights are invaluable. I listen on the commute to/from work then apply what I’ve learned in the evenings. I was surprised, and quite frankly confused, to see some recent negative reviews. There are many podcasts I listen to and honestly LR has the least intrusive ad/sponsorship mentions of all of them. I routinely skip through 2-3 minutes of ad content in others, while Marshal just briefly mentions LR’s at the beginning of the show. If LR got a good sponsorship deal and that lets them keep the lights on while providing top notch FREE content…then why would that particular sponsor bother someone enough to leave a one star review?
  • pbojinov
    The best limited mtg show
    The hosts have a great banter going on and the content is top notch. As much educational as it is entertaining.
  • Axel Larrs
    FTX sponsorship
    Luis and Marshal are in bed with this crypto NFT company and I can’t support it. NFTs are bad for the environment, ethically dubious, and not something I want mixed with my entertainment. Can’t support a product that’s promoting a company involved in their proliferation. Unsubscribing. Find a better sponsor.
  • clifgo
    Just can’t stand the pyramid scheme sponsor anymore. First it was the “buy a share of a black lotus!” scam and now it’s a crypto scam. The show used to be “genius” but it’s now “grifter”. Given that Storybook Brawl also went crypto scam today, I guess I’m not only done with the show but with LSV as well.
  • mark wy
    Top Notch!
    This show is a must for anyone that is aspiring to be better at Limited. Marshal and LSV have great chemistry. The information is thorough, current and easy to listen to! We’re all very fortunate to have LR as a resource. Even when I’m not excited about a particular limited format I still look forward to each and every episode! Enjoy!
  • Dustinthewind92
    Questionable Sponsor
    The decision to support FTX is extremely questionable especially after Marshall has been outspoken against supporting poor sponsorships in the past. I thought this was a fad but their continued sponsorship of a terrible pyramid scheme has lead me to question their integrity on the subject matter they review. I have found better alternative limited-focused podcasts to follow
  • AE Marling
    There are other Limited creators
    Now's a good time to stop listening. Limited Resources is being sponsored by cryptocurrency, which is always a pyramid scheme that burns the planet. I wish I could say that in other instances the hosts have proven they were upstanding and concerned with doing what’s right, but that has not been my experience.
  • thedancingrobot
    Classic show marred by bad sponsor
    Having listened to the podcast for years, I’ve learned a bunch, leveling up my Magic gameplay and really enjoying the back and forth between Marshall and Luis. Beyond the Magic, I’ve gotten great book reviews, food talk, and tips for life in general. These guys have been companions while I work, especially their hours-long reviews of each set as it comes out. However, recently the duo have been sponsored by FTX, a cryptocurrency and NFT business. They encouraged the listener to educate themselves on the details, and reinforced that they are not financial advisors. Well, I did the research, and not only are these currencies bad business, they’re incredibly toxic to the environment, burning energy at such a wild rate for a lot of risk and not a lot of reward. Frankly, I find LR’s endorsement of this company and their general attitude towards crypto and NFTs reprehensible. Beyond the fact that the practice is the equivalent of a snake oil salesmen burning down trees to stay in business, any critique of the practice in the community is met with people calling others idiots and spouting what-aboutisms aimed at China? Not really the community I want to be a part of. All to say, I won’t be listening to the show until the sponsor is dropped. The guys don’t owe me or the other people upset by this anything, but I also don’t have to listen to this, either. Anyway, there are loads of great podcasts that can fill this niche. I will be taking my ears and time elsewhere.
  • J S Pearce
    Unsubscribed, don’t need to hear about NFTs
    The crypto ad wasn’t something I needed to hear, but hey, if you want to take scammers money, you already decided you wanted a listener of some six years to unsubscribe, so good job
  • The Blue Raja
    Great MTG content!
    I’ve really enjoyed this show. The full-length set review episodes where they break down every common/uncommon and every rare/mythic are really great fun!
  • Martin Potter
    Pretty Helpful
    Is this a Magic podcast or a cooking podcast or maybe both? Not sure. Came here to learn about how to be a better magic player but find myself skimming through each episode past all the other personal and cooking fluff. Not the best first impression although the hosts do seem to be very competent magic players so I appreciate that.
  • Gideon Ravenor
    LSV bullies Marshall
    It’s subtle, and he plays it off like it’s a joke, but it’s there. Nearly every episode, lurking just beneath the surface. I find it hard to tolerate, honestly. Please knock it off. That said, this is beyond a doubt the best M:tG podcast and I can’t recommend it highly enough.
  • superdrafter
    Great show
    This podcast is my go to whenever I am going to a draft or prerelease they are to the point and care about the power of every card in any set
  • Chauntry
    Great Podcast!
    I fall in and out of Magic - and when I get the itch to play pretty hard I always turn to this Podcast for the best info - I love how you both stay on point and subject.
  • DooDooHands
    Great Content to Level-Up Your Draft Game
    Been listening for years... Thanks to Marshall and LSV for the great content every week. :)
  • locinmit
    Entertaining and Informative
    I have been listening to these guys for about a year now. Not only do the hosts have great synergy, they also are extremely dialed in to what is happening in Magic and give some of the highest-quality breakdowns I have heard. Before this podcast, I had no idea that there was even a way to “get better” at Magic. However using the skills they have taught on the show, I have started going undefeated in limited tournaments at my LGS. Limited is now my favorite format because I have learned something about the “art” of it. Whether it is Marshall talking about how playing Magic helps you in other aspects of your life or LSV’s logic behind why burritos are the most versatile food, this is quality listening.
  • Clashofbirdie
    Best Limited Podcast
    I’ve been a listener for over 7 years now, and this has been the biggest help in leveling up my limited game.
  • JKP0075
    Limited Magic’s finest
    Love this show. The hosts are intelligent and energetic. they’re funny and know what they’re talking about.
  • i love the show :)
    Love the show
  • Jahwn lemonjello
    Informative and fun
    Getting the ear of two experienced players, one a hall of famer, is free value.
  • Teeveebaw
    I love the hosts.
    Marshal and Luis are seriously the best. I love how much Ive learned about limited but I also love the Q&A episodes. Thank you for being a bright light in these dark times. I’ve enjoyed your content so much.
  • Rxc573
    The Best Limited Podcast
    Marshall and Luis do more than just give card ratings; they slowly teach you the strategic foundation to evaluate cards for yourself and level up your game. Not only that, but they have great chemistry, and I’m not the only one who’s a sucker for Luis’ wit!
  • Scantronimus
    Stick to Magic
    Keep the politics out of this.
  • Kolpro
    Never stop learning limited magic
    If this was a martial art theses guys are our Shifu
  • Luco brazzi
    First Place to go for MTG content
    Great show, discusses everything you need to be an informed limited playe and grow your skills. Entertaining to boot.
  • Qwe1234566789
    Got me from zero to hero
    If you play magic limited, this is the show for you. I started out with dominaria knowing nothing about magic the gathering. I stumble upon LR and learn all the basic that allow me to improve my game play. I still remember my very first draft. I was super confident going in as I have read all the cards and listen to the set review. I promptly train wreck and went 0-3. My blood pressure went up and my adrenaline pump hard to my head as I question my existence. Skip forward to today, I have done 30 Ikoria drafts with a 65% win rate on BO3 drafts in arena. The best thing I learned from the show is have confident in my own card evaluation. Thanks LR for sharing my favorite hobby.
  • Gregory Hom
    Listening 8+ Years
    I’ve been listening to LR since sometime btw 2010-2012 I think, I can’t even remember. My first episode was Marshal saying good bye to his current host and starting the hunt for whoever was coming next which turned out to be Brian Wong. Listening to this podcast has improved my understanding of so many aspects of this truly amazing game. Thank you to Marshal and all hosts past and present for improving my life through MTG.
  • personalspoon
    The Best Ever
    Best limited podcast of all time. Wait no, best Magic podcast of all time. Wait no, best PODCAST of all time.
  • loveheels
    Best MTG podcast
    Literally the greatest MTG podcast, not just for limited, but for MTG altogether.
  • mockra_
    A Good Time
    I haven’t played MTG for almost a year, but still regularly listen to this podcast. It’s just a great time listening to the banter and content.
  • Qui-Chron Jinn
    Solid Informational Podcast
    Great for Magic: The Gathering strategy and I have learned an invaluable amount from Marshall and Luis. Definitely worth listening to if you find that you want to level up your Magic game.
  • elstaple
    The gold standard for limited content
    With great comradery and superb content, this show has been the touchstone for MTG limited content for years. Marshall brings unparalleled professionalism and LSV (as one of the greatest to ever to play the game) brings the profound insights. This dynamic duo will help you level up your game in no time.
  • Diphthamide
    Best MTG Limited Podcast
    These guys are the best - LSV & Marshall have great chemistry and great insight into the limited MTG format.
  • Dreskellion
    Best content in Limited
    Experienced pros showing us newbies the ropes. Their stuff doesn’t just make you a good limited player. It helps you become a better Magic player across formats.
  • Tarkelz
    The best
    These guys simply set the bar for limited MTG content. A must-listen if you play limited.
  • Luccheda
    Excellent MTG Podcast
    Two cool guys putting out fantastic content week after week. LR is a windmill slam first pick!
  • french kicks
    Great info for drafting
    Straight to the point. Nice guys. Good grading scale for learning what’s great, what you settle for, and what you avoid.
  • Jesse Leigh 57
    I really liked your VLOG!! I wish you could do it again!!
  • bonferroni5e-8
    Best mtg limited podcast
    Marshall and LSV are a great combo!
  • Saucyboi31
    Amazing Podcast
    Best podcast for competitive players. Helped me go 2-1 at FNM.
  • Caleb WM
    “err whatever”
    Too many “err whatevers” come out of Marshal’s mouth. He must use this no value added expression three dozen times per episode. I hear every one and each grates on my soul.
  • Zordlan
    What better podcasts are there? None!
    Maybe... let Luis get the soundboard a bit more often, like on the draft walkthroughs? Amazing Limited advice, great sign-offs, best podcast ever.
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