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  • dbw4Him
    Makes me smarter!
    Thank you for your program. It educates and equips me to make rational and Christ-centered responses to the crazy and godless events going on in the world today. Regarding the topic of the show on May 22, 2023, and the welfare program situation, as a former state and federal prosecutor for 32 years, I can attest to the massive amounts of fraud being committed in this country every year by government “give-a-way” programs of every kind. These include welfare, immigration benefits, hurricane relief, and much more. There are those who genuinely need help they cannot get from any other source, but these programs foster fraud and do not encourage the work ethic to which the Lord calls us.
  • darkwater4213
    NPR is Comedy
    This, next to NPR is my primary news source. No, hang on--I listen to NPR to laugh, not learn. Apologies for the mixup. :D
  • thisyarnmom
    Mrs Faustin
    My favorite news source. Prayers went up for you last week from Colorado!
  • Tn 5S
    My favorite news source. I thank God for restoring your health Dr. Mohler. This show is very much an encouragement to me. Thank you for your faithfulness to God’s ministry.
  • Paul and Elin K
    We’re so very glad you’re back with us after your illness, Dr. Mohler! Thank you, Lord!
    A daily dose of truth. Thank you, Dr, Mohler!
  • Confessionally Reformed
    The witnesses of Hebrews 12 verse one are all the people mentioned in Hebrews chapter 11 they are called witnesses not because they’re watching us, but because they testify to us, they bear witness by their lives, and by their testimony. When souls go to heaven, they don’t become divine. They do not become all knowing; they do not become everywhere present. Their focus is not on us, their focus is on he who is on the throne.
  • noarminian
    Deep state talking points
    As Mohler oversees the destruction of the SBC and seminaries, his talking points from the neocon deep state stays consistent. I can almost guarantee that he receives a monthly check from the CIA.
  • Sam big fan
    Al is correct on one out of 12 questions
    Al make his news of choice bezopost NYLIES and treats them with seriousness. They are lying rags who should be ignored…read gray lady winks and tell me NYT is a serious paper. NYpravda
  • cant find a good nick name!
    How can Satan tempt us and how is it easy for him to do so? I am 13, and please help me with scripture references.
  • richleah
    Great Podcast!
    It is so enlightening to hear Rev Mohler talk about how to think about the major events of the world from a Christian perspective! Thank you for this!
  • jr97701
    Insightful Perspective
    I enjoy his biblical perspective on current event issues. I always walk away in deep thought and contemplation.
  • L'Anse Creuse
    Dr. Mohler, I listen to your podcast every morning and enjoy them very much. I must say that regarding today’s podcast I had a disagreement with you regarding President Biden. You praised him for his bravery in appearing in Ukraine. If you would watch his appearance with the Ukrainian president while they are walking on the tarmac, and listen to the sirens goes off, they don’t seem to be at all concerned. A reporter mentioned that there have been no sirens within the past several weeks and it just happened that at the time that President Biden, and the Ukrainian president we’re walking across the tarmac it went off. I believe this was all politically charged and staged, which is common for President Biden to do.
  • Nick_001
    Too wordy for my taste
    I liked a lot of what I heard Al say, but I wish he would ditch his fluffy rhetoric and have a more succinct approach to covering stories. Maybe others will like this show for how verbose Al is; he gives you plenty of time to soak up his argument while he methodically builds it out. For me personally, the delivery was too elaborate and repetitive to listen to without beginning to get frustrated.
  • starrilight
    He makes me feel more confident in my faith
    Dr. M seriously helps me think about world view issues critically. I feel more confident in my own faith because he talks through so many hard-to-talk-about issues. There have been so many times where I’ve been able to reference the Briefing during my weekly community group meeting with fellow believers. When my pastor occasionally references him, it makes me so excited to know who he’s talking about!
  • RPPSr.
    Christian World View
    Dr. Mohler is an amazing guy! Nowhere can you get a Christian World view so sound as by listening to this Podcast… brilliant! God Bless you!!
  • Leo Meyer Acta
    Urgently and highly helpful Podcast
    I am significantly grateful for this podcast. For several years I have been listening the Briefing. It has been a tremendous source of wisdom and discernment. Keep up the good work !
  • jonathan lindman
    Top notch
    Always listen to this podcast every day. Broad coverage of world news and always does it from loving, Biblical perspective. So thankful for Dr Mohler's faithfulness in this project.
  • PreacherPreacher
    The Briefing in Review
    I am not a member of the Southern Baptist community but I listen to Mr. Mohler’s podcast every day. I enjoy the insight to the subjects he chooses. I know it’s important but I glaze over on some of the lgbtq+ briefs. While I agree with his perspective I can’t listen to that part as intently. That said I do not know of any other podcast that is as straight forward and Biblically insightful. The world needs this kind of insight and truthfulness. Hang in there Mr. Mohler! Keep going for Jesus and as a representative of His Church. Thank You for your service in the army of the Lord.
  • emilywarren
    Thank you!
    Thank you for this podcast!
  • RMK of Bayer
    Thank you Albert Mahler
    I look forward to hearing the Briefing Monday to Friday. His insight and interpretation of worldly events puts things in proper perspective.
  • papajohn1962
    Always informative!
    I’ve always liked listening to Dr. Mohler do the podcast! On the October 31 episode, in the last story, he talked about an incident in Gastonia, North Carolina! It was highly entertaining! He even pronounced “Gastonia“ properly! Not many people do that! I once heard Dr. James Dobson call it “G’stonia!” Keep up the great work!
  • Tiff.doc
    A must listen
    I look forward to listening daily
  • T$402
    Well thought, well spoken look at the news through a Biblical world view
  • Blkbrs
    Helpful for all Christians
    Thankful for the Briefing
  • DAatWTDC
    Best source for world news.
    So thankful for this podcast. Part of my daily routine to get caught up with domestic and world news. Al is incredibly smart and articulate.
  • 1790-95
    Honest, reliable commentary on important topics. Timely without being caught up in short-cycle breaking news. Dr. Mohler is amazingly talented and careful.
  • Wes&Django
    An Education in Christian Worldview and Politics
    For years I had been apathetic and jaded about the news, media, and politics. The tumults of 2020 convinced me that I needed to start paying attention to the public square in the USA and to exercise my responsibility as a Christian to vote and take ownership of our democratic form of government here. Having been disengaged for my entire life, I didn’t know where to start. A friend suggested the Briefing. Since that time I have listened to every single episode of this podcast. I am always impressed both by Mohler’s breadth and depth of learning and thinking. It is encouraging and inspiring to hear this courageous and intelligent voice for the biblical truth being rightfully applied to the public square
  • DivergentBird
    The Christian Walter Cronkite but Better
    Even handed. Up front words quoted exactly. Very refreshing to eliminate the naval gazing.
  • Vencox
    Rock Solid!
    Look forward every day to hearing the news headlines from a Christian perspective! Great podcast!
  • Spencer Oswalt
    Great Podcast!
    This podcast is a necessity for Christians in today’s culture as it provides a steadfast view on the world from the Bible, which many will see as controversial. I appreciate Mohler and his willingness to put on this show.
  • MetalJed
    My morning coffee
    This podcast is one of the best around. I rarely miss the daily briefing. Mohler is great at applying the Christian Worldview to today’s happenings.
  • Melrose MA
    Amazing and Insightful
    Well presented and insightful on many difficult issues. Explains the issues and does not get caught up in the rhetoric and miss information that so many do.
  • Momof3grads
    So much good info !
    So much! Wow!
  • firebird006
    I love this podcast.
    Thank you so much. I listening to this every day. That you for show a Biblical world view in the news.
  • Jimvet
    News I can trust
    Grateful to hear a man I admire and trust talk about world happenings and shed light on it I may have missed.
  • ZakHelm
    Excellent! Thanks!
    What a privilege to have such solid teaching available at any moment! I love how Mohler’s gifting to present TRUTH from Gods Word!
  • Cmcinak
    My top pod to start each day
    I always start the day with this pod to focus my attention on the Christian viewpoint of the most important issues facing our country and culture.
  • PIPBob
    Consistently Commenting “on the News”
    Although some conservatives who follow this podcast criticize Dr. Mohler for avoiding some theological issues and political specialty areas, I have noted that he does address them when the articles or television news address them. If my local school board is dealing with an issue, it may not make “the news” nationally. I like the focus on the news—not the pet topic of political activists.
  • Jreveryday1991
    Great News Resource
    I listen everyday to get a biblical perspective on current events.
  • Megan in TX
    The Voice of our Time
    Thank GOD for Albert Mohler’s voice, divinely inspired no doubt. In a time of deep spiritual darkness and mainstream confusion, his voice brings balance, truth, and the hope of our Lord on a daily basis. We are so thankful for such a committed Christ follower to use his critical thinking and share it with the rest of us who are trying to be critical thinkers in contrast to the masses who are blindly following such destructive leftist ideologies. We are praying for you, sir, in never growing weary of the Lord’s work. Thank you for your service.
  • Shadow5inger
    Conservative Politics as Christian Worldview
    Where are the concerns of Christ evident here? How to love God, love your neighbor, and defend the defenseless? Rather I hear about GOP talking points dressed in holy clothing.
  • literally learning everyday
    Thank you!
    I prayed for your recovery and thank God you are back. As a high school English teacher in a public school, I struggle with my role in “the system” and am grateful for your Christian worldview and incredible historical, political, and cultural knowledge that provides intelligent context for your claims.
  • Lee - Indianapolis
    Thoughtful and Discerning
    Dr. Mohler is my go to source for thinking deeply about what is going on in our culture and the world. His wisdom and ability to view issues from a Christian worldview has helped me learn how to do the same as I encounter many of these same issues each day.
  • StrikeSudden
    Enjoy every day
    A great news source to start one’s day.
  • SnugleyBear!
    Thank you for thought provoking and knowledgeable podcasts.
  • Lcurly
    Call the bill the correct name please!
    I wish you would talk more about the percentage of each of these groups versus other heterosexual groups. The kindergarten teacher could share “he” went paddle boarding with his family. The two moms is not unusual in a heterosexual divorced world. Many kids think they have two moms. These are all excuses from a very low percentage of Americans. Im going to stop buy anything from companies that sell Disney Products like JCP and other retailers who has an entire toy & wardrobe areas by Disney. Even Cracker Barrel has those product. STOP BUYING ALL THINGS DISNEY!
  • James Veverka
    He explains his arguments well. But I disagree so much.
    He has a very narrow point of view. He presents his views in an aggressive earnest way. He obviously believes these things he is saying. He is so upset by what he sees in the world. He thinks he has understanding that cuts through confusion like a knife. If you understand the world is a certain way starting with absolute truth. Then read the Bible a certain way. Understanding that you have to use his tools and techniques( to make sure you get the interpretation right). Then it’s easy. You would think like him. Anyone would come to the same conclusions. If you come to different conclusions then you are not thinking right or reading the Bible the wrong way. He will show you where you went wrong so you can think correctly and come to the right conclusions. Which are of course his conclusions all along. I give him three stars because he is so earnest in his podcast plus I like that it’s daily.
  • Skilletfan13
    USA Today
    This paper is also the paper that is given free to schools for teachers to use in order to teach students about current events. So they are in the business to form and change young minds in the schools without their parents discernment.
  • DaleC
    5 Stars doesn't do this justice
    This is the #1 must listen podcast I know of. I gave it five stars because I couldn't give it six. "A Daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview" says exactly what it is. There is no advartizing, no requests for listener support, just a great, clean, excellent 20-25 minute daily briefing of the world around us from a worldview that is not only conservative but genuinely Christian.
  • e_humes
    Every. Day.
    Just like my cup of coffee.
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