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Politics #248

From the policy debates to the political fights, today's top newsmakers on Fox News Sunday, which airs weekly on Fox News Channel.

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  • canoes4
    She’s very sharp but really gave Pete a pass on the border seemed like she was in a hurry. Biden for three years has been working to get as many migrants into the us as he can and the bill that didn’t pass was for processing immigrants into the USA even faster.pete should stay home and chest feed his baby
  • Tigerjoboo
    Get Juan Williams under control.
    Juan Williams is allowed to give his opinion uncontested without interruption but when whenever Karl Rove or Newt Gingrich give an opposing view here comes Williams with his bullying interruptions to insure they do not to get to complete their comments. He even interrupted you this morning. Your job is to manage the commentators. Either manage him or stop including him on the panel. Very disrespectful behavior by Williams. Please get rid of Juan Williams. We hear enough left lies on other networks. Harold Ford would be a better Democratic Representative
  • Flaco8956
    Republican propaganda
    Untrue Negative dialogue to confuse and divide the listeners.
  • #8#24
    Chris Wallace
    Please remove Chris’s picture. He left Fox bc he doesn’t support your reckless behavior and your threat to democratic institutions. Give the man a shred of respect.
  • Frank's Notebook
    Rapidly went down hill after Chris Wallace left
    The show has become a wast of time since Chris Wallace left and serious journalism left with him. Now it‘s just the usual Fox News propaganda geared towards the simpler folks.
  • Washellah
    One of the rare shows on Fox which actually tries to embody journalism. Shannon does a nice job asking tough questions from all guests. However, at times, I feel she could be a bit tougher on guests who try to evade questions for political purposes. For example, Tim Scott and Nikki Hayley attempt to garner a base, but do terrible jobs at showing how they differ from a policy perspective. I think Shannon could have pushed them more.
  • wolfie/wolf
    Say it ain't so
    Tell me I didn't just hear Fox twist facts on Disney canceling their plans on a theme park in Florida Letting the guests get away with lies on why it was canceled Blaming the Governor for its cancellation When in fact Disney is loosing mass amounts of money pushing LGBQXYZ trans propaganda programming Their movies have been flopps because of the remakes of old treasures pushing CRT, LGBTQ and Gender Bending nonsense
  • Morfree2345
    Weak Host
    I was looking forward to Fox News Sunday after the Chris Wallace era thankfully ended. Unfortunate Shannon doesn’t push against her guests on the other side the same way hosts like Chuck Todd do without any fear. Maybe she is trying to seem like she’s an impartial host but it makes for lousy TV watching or Podcast listening. I find her broadcast lacking the elements that would draw me back weekly. At this point I listen to maybe half the Podcast and always end up getting frustrated and will move on to something else. Very disappointed.
  • Yinzer6687
    Update your podcasts faster!
    No wonder your loosing the culture war. Nobody under 50 watches TV. Some people busy on Sunday
  • Ted Fruz
    It doesn’t play
    This week’s episode doesn’t download or play.
  • eruc solomita
    Excellent podcast Shannon You sit down with Author and Inside Editon National Correspondent Megan Alexander to discuss the joy, tradition, and spirts of Christmas and her book The Magic of Christmas.
  • Bleecker44
    Out of control
    The new moderator, Shannon Bream, needs to take control of her interviews Guests like Senator Lindsay Graham filibuster and she doesn’t seem to be able to pin him down. Not looking for speeches from the guests.
  • Retsodj
    What happened to Fox News Sunday. Last three weeks liberal guests have outnumbered conservatives 2 to 1. Show is quickly becoming a stupid.
  • Textdgh
    5 Stars when Sandra Smith is gone and…
    Brett Baier is installed. Update: Two stars since Wallace is gone. However, you get no more by keeping that fool Juan Williams. I don’t mind having people on there I disagree with, but he is a fool and I learn nothing from his foolishness. Put some other leftist fool in there, but not him. Update: having John Roberts host and Maria Barf on at the same time is tedious. Please stop or I will stop watching and listening. Get Brett Baer on there. Thanks and God bless America!
  • qdetgvftjbgyu
    Unlike Fox News ( minus Mr. Wallace)
    I get my information from a variety of news outlets. Mr Wallace is one of the very few on Fox News that DOES NOT puppet a specific party’s talking points. I am an independent for obvious reasons. I can tell the difference between journalism and opinions. Thankfully so does Mr. Wallace. In addition if Mr. Wallace isn’t hosting it just a group of Trump apologist. And Faux Newsers
  • butterbeanfish
    Glad Christy is gone. Get it together Fox
  • RamsFanForever
    Ted Cruz 2-20-22
    I find it amusing that Ted Cruz was weighing in on the Russian crisis. He should have been asked why we should listen to anything he says after he went on vacation to Cancun because his kids were bored during the last crisis. But I guess you’re too wuss to ask him
  • truthne1?
    Goodbye & Good luck!
    Thankful to see ol’ lefty lovin’ Chris has moved on to the crappy news network aka CNN. Won’t miss you,“man”! I couldn’t handle his blatant leftist slant. Why don’t journalists just give us the unbiased truth?!? C’mon man!!!
  • Peter the engaged listener
    Gone downhill since Chris Wallace left
    I used to look forward to this podcast every Sunday. It had interesting guests that Chris would ask difficult questions that needed to be asked. It was fair, factual, and unbiased. Now that Chris Wallace is gone It’s not what it was and I’m unsubscribing.
  • Just facts!
    Waste of time
    Chris Wallace was the last legitimate news personality at Fox. With him gone, there’s no longer any reason to watch/listen to this broadcast. What a joke to call Fox a “news” network.
  • TJS and BRS
    Much better show without Chris Wallace I have heard Chris say some really crazy things but when he used he and Sam Donaldson as examples of tough and fair journalists I almost lost my breakfast. Why is every time somebody questions a journalist they get so offended. Should journalists be exempt from criticism when they write and say some of the most outrageous things. Grow up Chris Chris Wallace The Great Interrupter Softest interview with Senator Coons. I guess Chris was still in awe after Joe Biden’s speech. Next he will starting getting a tingle up is leg I know you are a bad host and do terrible interviews but you are the worst debate moderator Different host same weak interviews Very hard hitting interview with the Gov. of Michigan but left a very important question “what is your favorite flavor of ice cream Chris You sound like you want a position in the Biden administration When you were going to interrupt Fauci you apologized and said people wanted to hear him not you. I wish you would give all your guests the same courtesy Your representation of the Georgia voting law was a complete lie. Get better information Your 25 year anniversary would be a lot more credible if you acknowledged some of the incredible failures Chris Are you seeking to be President of the Dr. Fauchi fan club?
  • TAS man
    Left leaning show.
    Left leaning producers and Trace supports ever Democrat narrative. Sickest of all Fox’s productions. Terrible show … even when Chris isn’t there.
  • jboo28
    Echo chamber…
    If you only care about GQP talking points this show is now fully on board. It used to be better about trying to show SOME truth but politics but now it ONLY covers republican talking points…. Has lost its credibility…
  • VH_loves podcasts!
    My top rating
    I don’t think I will ever give any news show a five star rating. So, four is my top rating! The fact that you will see reviews here from both sides which complain about Chris’ bias proves that he is not pandering to either side. Most of the time, his interviews are fair but tough. He asks the questions that NEED to be answered and he pushes his guests to actually answer those questions. He is not obviously leaning in either direction. Chris Wallace is one of the diminishing number of reporters that still truly serve as what Thomas Carlyle dubbed the Fourth Estate! Reporting unbiased news, asking important questions, holding those in power accountable.
  • Vulgar demos
    Does FNC have access to its own broadcasts?
    Does FNC have access to its own broadcasts? Half of these episodes they push out are live broadcasts that are not Fox News Sunday. Their competitors continue to show much more technological competence.
  • reklawdniw
    CNN 2.0
    Trash. Chris Is a Joke!! If you like CNN you will like this crap.
  • 112-1190
    Like the objectivity...
    and fairness of Chris Wallace. This is the only Sunday news talk program I feel this way about. Chris Wallace challenges both sides.
  • msijshs
    What happened???
    Fox News Sunday used to be the only Sunday show you could get both sides, but now Chris does not even ask tough questions of the Democratic's but does the republicans. Now it’s the same as the other morning shows so I have turned it off and stopped listening to the podcast.
  • California Titans Fan
    Quality podcast
    Like hearing the news in this format each day.
  • CapriAngela
    Best of FOX News
    As a lifelong Republican who change their party affiliation last summer I must say Chris Wallace is the only reason I continue to watch Fox News.His Sunday broadcast is where I turn to to get a good editorial opinion and fact based information.Everything else these days on the Fox news channel is nothing more than yellow journalism and you will continue to lose yours like me and help divide our nation. As to comments today about Ted Cruz and wanting to be a good Dad. Then send wife and daughters to Cancun but you keep you butt in Texas with your constituents. The nerve, the very man who calls Democrats elitist flies off to the Ritz!
  • Milly35
    Fake news Loser
  • Izzy18130
    Great show
    Please update the podcast guest photo - that is not the correct Chris Wallace.
  • MaxPalmSprings
    Best Fox Show on TV
    Chris Wallace is a great journalist. He is impartial, smart and fair. Asks tough questions like his father did. He’s a credit to the news media. If you read the disparaging reviews about this podcast, it’s easy to see those bad reviews are from republicans who don’t want to hear the truth from an impartial host. They are used to hearing opinions and lies from the likes of Hannity and Ingram who are overpaid hacks - not journalists.
  • Dr Doom Jr
    Crap show
    Just the worst
  • g0tspeed
    Fair to the Dems
    I just can’t watch the show or listen to the podcast anymore. Wallace seems fair to the Democratic Party and balanced if you mean tipping the scale in the Dems favor. Trump just made it impossible for Wallace to hide that he’s a Democrat
  • mtc passwords
    Chris Wallace may as well sign on with CNN now .
  • Haj14578
    Terrible interview
    Had Apple CEO and didn’t ask about the activity that got Parler kicked out that also occurred in the other platforms just the same. Coward!
  • togotog
    Fair and balanced journalism.
    Chris Wallace is an excellent journalist who reports facts, not rumors, and doesn’t allow himself to be led by what his audience wants to hear, but rather goes where the facts lead him. I find it alarming that so many people respond to hard evidence of a truth that they don’t want to acknowledge by assuming that the person reporting that evidence is simply a crook rather than reevaluating whether what they believe is actually worth believing. If you want to know the truth—not have your ego and conspiracy theories stroked by pandering—Chris Wallace is your man.
  • Dboiiiiiiiiiiiii
    Middle of the road
    Chris is a straight shooter and a respected journalist
  • JazzCritic
    Maybe... just maybe...
    Those of you who have a tough time drinking anything but orange Kool-aid might want to consider expanding your sources of information. For the love of god, stop letting others do your thinking for you, listen to everything, and make an educated decision. Chris Wallace is simply exposing you to more information that you need to consider if you actually love this country.
  • Horseykathy
    Won’t happen
  • Gary.B
    Decline of Fox News Sunday
    Fox News Sunday was a good balanced news show, but has steadily become more left leaning, and the reporting biased. It’s a shame a nice great, independent show has moved this way.
  • Peter Waldo
    Chris Wallace true colors
    When you say that President Trump is trying to overturn the election you show your true colors on who you truly want to the office of the President. President Trump just wasn’t all of the legal votes to be counted. You really should consider on joining CNN. We are tired of coverup , which your bias comes clear and loud on your Sunday program.
  • Freddie bag of donuts
    Her pronoun, she, lied about Hunter Biden at the debates. What a slap in the face when the Biden campaign admitted it 4 days after the election. Chrissy didn’t get the memo, and neither did the 40 “Intelligence agents” that signed a letter blaming Russia.
  • gallacticagirl
    Rhinos. Full of rhinos
  • ModerateJoe
    A Conservative Democrat
    I enjoy listening to the other side and Chris is a straight shooter. It’s good for all of us to listen to both sides so we can get back to arguing about policies and not bicker with each other.
  • Dingusdringus
    A true republican
    I’m a liberal and listen to this for perspective. I also listen because it’s comforting to know that there are still those left in the GOP that are normal, moral, and capable of thinking for themselves. Thanks Chris.
  • Dasio123
    No more fox anything
    Especially that hack Chris Wallace.
  • Sadman2
    Go to CNN
    Go to CNN where you belong
  • RandyW80
    Chris is a class act
    When I think of Fox News I think of bizzare Trump propaganda and far right wing conspiracy theorists until I came across Chris Wallace. I try to get my news from multiple sources and Chris is the first and only person I trust from Fox News...extremely professional and informed, much appreciated.
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