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  • missGaigui
    Powerful knowledge
    You both are unique in your own ways and take the student along with ease & grace- I thank you for your dedication. May Allah continue to increase you both and make your work a sadaqa jaariyah & an inspiration/ example for the upcoming ones, Yaarebi🙏🏾
  • Lama.21
    Recommend this to everyone
    The wisdom and knowledge from these speakers has helped me understand my faith on a deeper level everyday, this podcast is an incredible blessing!
  • zohaib rattu
    Lack of titles and descriptions makes it hard to track
    The podcasts are Alhamdulillah great but if there can be better organization such as setting up playlists for different things like Heartwork, General Khutbahs, etc so it’s easier to track and follow the content that would be AMAZING.
  • Najmah/Muhijra
    I am so grateful to Allah to be able to listen to Qalam teachers. Our Sheihk left Maryland and went to Texas and is greatly missed. Alhamdulillah for these podcasts, I am still able to learn from him.
  • noorulaien
    Thank you!!
    So grateful for this resource and the fact that it’s constantly updated. All the speakers are so knowledgeable and heartwarming. If you don’t listen to this podcast you are missing out :)
  • Tostam0567
    Terrible. Just terrible
  • ustadha ayaan
    Favorite podcast
    The passion the ilm the eloquence I am so proud to join the qalam family! I can’t wait to learn more from you guys❤️
  • samibailly
    Made me cry
    Messenger part 16 made me cry 😭 This is the best series
  • Fayzah 🌹
    جزاكم الله خير
    Your podcasts are life changing. Thank you so much for bringing light into my life. May Allah reward you all for your efforts & Kindness ❤️❤️❤️
  • Medzy4real
    Qalam podcast has literally changed my life. Alhamdulilah for the work you guys are doing, may Allah reward the entire team.
  • ibramish
    Best podecast
    I love Qalam, May Allah reward the scholars and those behind the scenes to make it happen. My only suggestion: please update the Mufti Kamani’ Tuesday lectures more frequent. I like to follow the Tuesday episode, and sometimes it takes a while to see it on the podecast.... again it’s easy for me to make such suggestion at the comfort of my phone, I know it’s a lot more work and effort on y’all side. JazakaAllah
  • An Aspiring Dervish
    Please update the Heartworks podcasts regularly.
  • ibe2013
    Paths to paradise
    Massalikul Jinaan ... Amazing book ..
  • Dee.1.2.3
    Amazing podcast mashallah. Would listen to Divine Parables on my way to work in the morning, it’s my favorite series so far. Not too long but still in depth. May Allah swt reward the listeners and creators of this podcast.
  • Qiwing
    Perfect for Ramadan
    Assalamu alaykum. Alhamdulillah and I’m very thankful and found this series as very beneficial in navigating my daily life, as a constant reminder as well as learning about Islam (tafseer, hadith, linguistic of Qur’an) and our beloved Prophet Prophet ﷺ (Seerah), especially during Ramadan. May Allah SWT reward all your good deeds and efforts, and open path to Jannah for everyone who has made these podcasts available. إن شاء الله
  • Yasss meen
    Sufficient answer series is phenomenal!!!
    Salaaam!! I can’t thank you guys enough for the work that you do. The sufficient answer series-podcast taught be sh. Mikael Smith is a gem! I can’t stop recommending it. Thank you Qalam and Sh. Mikael, may Allah reward you guys
  • Osemommey
    A must listen daily podcast
    MasyaAllah, this podcast is amazing. My current favourite series are the Lives of the Prophets and Heartwork. They are simply inspiring and insightful. I have no words to describe my gratitude for making it easier for Muslims like us who don't have access to the institute physically to be present spiritually through these recordings. May Allah bless everyone with Qalam with barakah and grant everyone Jannah for all the efforts.
  • Salmasasss
    Relatable topics.
    JazakAllah Khayr for this. I love it and learn lot from the shaykhs.
  • Zoytron
    A Pure Gem
    Quick, easy to listen talks with lots of wisdoms and practical tips to use in daily life. Thank you, Qalam, for helping to revitalize my ibadah. May Allah reward all involved 1000x for their efforts.
  • lous95
    Thank you
    I live in a community where these programs aren’t abundant. To have this as a resource has been such a profound, life changing tool to say the least. This podcast has uplifted me in times of hardship, and has changed my relationship with Allah (swt). I pray that every person that is behind this effort is rewarded immensely. You all have made a huge impact in my life and many others that I know. Thank you all so much for your time, hard work, and dedication that you all have put forth to bring this effort to life.
  • ABAWhy Not
    In depth analyses and spiritual enlightenment!
  • Zunubia
    My Main Podcast
    These lectures make my drives worthwhile! Love the podcasts!
  • hannahalkadi
    Engaging and amazing.
    These podcasts are not ones that you want to idly play in the background. I’ve been taking notes on Mufti Hussein Kamani and Imam Mikaeel Smith’s series. I look forward every week to being able to turn the world off and have these intricate Islamic sciences broken down for me.
  • Hijabiniqua
    I learned lot of from all of you, my favorite is Sheikh Hussein Kamani. I want to personally tell him how amazing he is and how I pray that Allah always keeps him in His Grace inshallah. May Allah reward you all for your efforts and grant you the highest Jannah. ❤️❤️
  • Saadhq20
    Keep up the good work
    Really thought provoking lectures. May Allah reward all of you.
  • s khoga
    Great lectures and hangouts!
    I have been listenting to islamic lectures for years. Qalam has always had the most organized and best audio quality podcasts. All the speakers are very knowledgeable and always provide useful insight. The best recent addition is the Hangout with Sh. Jangda and Murphy. There is nothing else like two people of knowledge just hanging out in a normal way instead of a speaker lecturing at us. Really hope they continue the series on a regular basis! Keep it up, and may Allay bless you all!
  • Saingah
    Awesome. masha Allah. 10/10 would recommend. But in all honestly I love these podcasts because I can learn more about the life of the Prophet (sws) and increase my knowledge of the deen. Shoutout to The Hangout Podcast. I love listening to them while I'm working out it's a perfect mixture of beneficial knowledge, humor, and everything else you'd get being around other Muslims who are trying to improve their deen. I feel like I'm in the room with them when I'm listening to the podcast and sometimes I'm tempted to respond loooool. Also I have a question for AbdelRahman Murphy and Abdul Nasir Jangda (I think y'all said to put our questions here), can you guys talk more about using the word Kaffir and living in a Kaffir country? I hear that word get thrown around a lot by a lot of judgemental Muslims and I'm curious if there's any serious consequences in the Quran and sunnah regarading that stuff. thx!!
  • LadyJade2
    Hangouts where art thou?
    Salaams, Absolutely love this series we need more of these. But honestly, I am feel withdrawal symptoms. We need another episode! Suggestions: more women topics. We have loads on our shoulders and some traditions are very sticky. Like how we are raised to follow it strictly but it's not working to our advantage today.
  • Fatib78
    Great podcast
    I really enjoy listening to this podcast, from mufti Kamani to shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda to the hangout. Informative, enlightening, and added humor is a bonus.
  • Marbar1234566778908777753
    I love hearing you two talk in such a relaxed environment while still giving your listeners beneficial knowledge. I really appreciated the Halloween episode, please talk about Thanksgiving and birthdays as well!!
  • Sharkpoint
    Loving the hangouts. Topic suggestion. Holiday parties (Xmas etc.) and how to handle the Masjid Uncle who says you are haram for even thinking about going, etc.
  • Akbreezy17
    Salaam I love the new series! Have been a long time listener and a huge fan of abdelrehman Murphy, I was wondering if you guys can cover the topic of recreational and medicinal marijuana as I've heard a variety of views growing up, thank you brothers salaam.
  • NaAbdu.
    Topic Suggestions
    Asalamwa'alykum! So great of you all to start a podcast where topics of concern in the community are being discussed. Some topics I would suggest would be; -The impact of information-overload on muslims' spirituality, while deciphering what's accurate and what's not -Music's stance in Islam and the nuance it carries and also how the content of music in the 21st century compared to centuries ago, changed the views or fatwas of islamic scholars -Ego
  • Ebraheim Ismail
    Hangout series
    Just finished listening to this and it was amazing 👌🏽 ma sha Allah. The dynamic between you two is very nice and refreshing to hear and the topic was covered in a very relevant way ma sha Allah. Looking forward to future episodes. As for suggestions, gender interactions may be a very relevant one. Another subject could be the marriage issue in our community right now. Both in finding someone and the various pitfalls and struggles people face, and after finding someone and keeping a marriage great and healthy.
  • Paliluck
    Qalam Hang Out
    First I want to say May Allah reward you with goodness. This was a great episode. I would like it if you interviewed regular Muslims with normal blue collar jobs so we can also relate to them being Muslim in America.
  • Umu Yasmin
    May Allah reward your efforts.
  • browndude03
    Concise Insightful Lecture
    Podcast is clear, concise, and bite-size; however, it is packed with knowledge. It is one of my favorites. I am learning and filling my knowledge gaps of Quran and Hadiths. Keep it up!
  • deoband
    By Far the Best Islamic Podcast Series in English
    Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda and Mufti Kamani may Allah swt grant both of them Jannah, are two gems that we should take advantage of. The Seerah Podcast is extremely beautiful and The Beginning of Guidance has helped me in reforming the way I conduct myself in my everyday activities as a University student.
  • Ifiujdyd
    Positive review
    This is an outstanding institute, words can't describe how pleased I am. Jazzakum Allah Khair 10000x
  • HindPauline
    Definitely worth your while
    I am always looking forward to the publication of the next episode of this series taught by Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda (May Allah preserve him Amin). This series is informative, engaging, accessible to folks of all levels of education, trustworthy, and heart touching. I find it very convenient to keep my mind occupied with this podcast whilst completing other duties such as cooking, cleaning, or exercising. And I am amazed by how much of the information, mostly the stories and less the names and dates, unfortunately, that I am able to retain and articulate later. I highly recommend this podcast for Muslims and nonMuslims alike, because anyone interested in learning about the life of the Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings be upon him) will benefit from Sheikh Jangda's (May Allah grant him Jennat Al Furdose Amin) trustworthy and well-informed telling of the Seerah.
  • sanaahmed
    A great resource!!
    The Seerah podcasts are a great way of learning the history of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)! The podcasts are great for listening on your commutes or even while working out! Jazakumullahu chairman to the Qalam team. May Allah accept!
  • geostrophi
    Very detailed and well done Seerah lectures!
    I have been a Muslim a long time, but learned so many new things from these lectures on the life of our Prophet. An awesome podcast.
  • judeanwaleed
    Superb lectures..
    MASHALLAH love the deliverance in the lectures! amazing catchy voice.
  • Infinityiz
    Amazing, inspiring, mashallah, so above and beyond and deep. May we all benefit from this knowledge. Jazakallah .
  • Olive zaitun
    Allah Akbar one the best
    jazzakkallahu khairan for an excellent podcast may Allah swt open up our doors and grant us BARAKAH and may Aljannatul firdausi be our final abode ameen
  • Learning Muslimah
    Truly enlightening! Jazakum Allahu kher, Qalam Institute.
  • Ozair Masood
    Truely fantastic!
    I must subscribe for all Muslim brothers and sisters! Learned so many details about the prophet (pbuh)'s life that I was previously ignorant of. May Allah bless and protect Sheikh Abdul Nasir and the Qalam Institute team. You guys have changed my life
  • Jazkallah khair
    May Allah swt accept your efforts and grant you the best!
    Jazkallah khair!
  • User2234hfdt
    Detailed Sheerah
    Great compilation of the sheerah. May Allah increase you in knowledge and reward you the best in here and hereafter.
  • H-styles
    A must subscription.
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