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Welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal, but take part ourselves. Follow us as we join religions, undergo alternative treatments, seek out the paranormal, and always find the humor in life's biggest mysteries. We show up - so you don’t have to.

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  • NullAvocado
    Long time fan
    Long time fan and the show has not lost its touch!
  • rexlynx
    Refreshing Takes on the Wide World of Woo-Woo
    I’ve been a fan since I first discovered ONRAC while on a solo cross-country road trip in 2019. I was instantly hooked, and spent the majority of my remaining 30 hours of windshield time diving into their impressive back-catalog of adventures into the heart of so many corners of the world of woo-woo. Their hands-on approach to separating the wheat from the chaff in the realms of pseudo/fringe science and the occult is respectful, fair, and oftentimes hilarious. And while they pull no punches with the true grifters, Ross and Carrie balance that hard line with empathy for the the sometimes well-meaning folks out there - many of whom are simply searching for answers in this mysterious world. It’s one of the aspects of this show that I appreciate most. I look forward to each episode, and hope that Ross and Carrie continue this mission for many years to come.
  • limp_triscuit
    Who’s leaving negative reviews of this podcast?
    Scientologists probably
  • Emma3232323
    Great fun from ep.1 to now
    The backlog is just as fun and interesting as the current episodes. I love these two so much. They’ve been a comfort for years.
  • Em Stank
    I adore Ross and Carrie, but contemporary ONRAC? Ehhhhh…
    I was a huge ONRAC fan from the beginning through about 2020ish? I don’t have an exact episode where this started bugging me. I feel like some of their episodes where groups that are based on legends are “investigated,” it ends up sounding like two cis white people making fun of indigenous and other cultural movements lately, rather than cults. Go to a Southern Baptist church where they’re speaking in tongues and voting to strip people of their rights, instead of coming for relatively harmless spiritual ideas that a) bring people comfort (some of which are silly; I’m not arguing that) or b) being ignorant of ideas way older than them that have been incredibly meaningful to people who have been silenced by white Christian patriarchy. I don’t care if they personally aren’t spiritual. That isn’t the point. Their Kabbalah episodes were pretty antisemitic and like. Guys, I promise you, we Jews have enough issues without feeling disrespected/made fun of by investigative reporters who are genuinely worthy of admiration and who are better than that. I fell in love with Ross and Carrie because they investigated things that are dangerous or fascinating (and because I also love hot drinks). But they’ve become mean-spirited the past few years, and at the expense of some of their fans who are actively marginalized. Ross and Carrie, I believe you are both better than this. Get back to your investigative roots, and for f—-s sake, check your privilege.
  • Susanna in Seattle
    Thoughtful, balanced and fun
    A wide variety of topics presented in a smart, thoughtful way. I really enjoy the relaxed, unscripted presentation by two people who use language so well, are naturally curious and do solid research. The follow-up episode on the child trafficking film was excellent but one note—seriously, TMI on the kidney stone.
  • Justbringmesugar
    The very best
    the very best (also the very best opening music)
  • Mythic Potato
    Challenge yourself, understand others
    So to get this out of the way: I’m a Christian, I go to church and everything. I was attracted to this show because I love to learn about the beliefs of others, and I believe the best way to share the love of Jesus with people is to first understand their background. Well, Ross and Carrie may be disappointed in me, because I’ve become a bit of a proselyte for their podcast. I recommend it to everybody I can. Ross and Carrie are so kind and considerate during their investigations, and they ask amazing and insightful questions that I love to consider as if I were the one who had to answer. They aren’t afraid to stand up and confront people if it comes to that (something I don’t do very well), and they convicted me to have the courage to address some ignorance expressed by people in my own life. If you can keep an open mind and accept having your own biases and beliefs challenged from time to time, and/or if you care about other people and need a healthy dose of conviction, this is a podcast for you. I think everyone has something to gain by listening.
  • Acolesberry
    A Fun Workshop in Critical Thinking
    I am hooked on this podcast since I started listening. As a rationalist and scientist, I can barely listen to someone give me a 10-second summary of their horoscope without rolling my eyes, so the idea of attending one of these sessions strikes me as impossible. This is why their tag line speaks so strongly to me: They go so I don’t have to, and I appreciate that. I listen to this podcast with my kids, because it is a workshop in critical thinking. The Gail Thackray episode (383) is a particularly splendid example of how they pull this off. Typically, one has had an experience or researched something and the other listens along with us, to the story. As it rolls out, the one of them that is the listener makes comment on the various problems as they arise, breaking down what is fundamentally wrong or harmful about the approach. In this case, Carrie recounts her attendance to a course on past-life regression healing with Gail Thackeray, and, while she does, Ross breaks down his major objections, which in this case were fascinating. Like I said, I would roll my eyes and walk away from Gale Thackray, but Ross gives respect to every person they interview or research and in this case, he kept talking about all the past-life explanations offered by Gale Thackray being “inefficient.” My kids were in the car and I backed up and replayed key sections so they could understand what he meant. He’s referring to the rule of science that you prefer the most efficient explanation. Thackray explains birthmarks as wounds of various sorts from a past life and explains conflicts with bosses as memories of those reincarnated people having tortured you in a past life. None of this is helpful for the listener or efficient, when bad feelings about your boss are nearly universal and birth marks are just how skin works sometimes. No further explanation needed. His analysis was great. When he’s telling the story, Carrie’s analyses are equally insightful. Her highlighting the current weird obsession with trauma is particularly elucidating. In their investigations, they could make fun of people, but they are kind and generous. Can’t recommend the podcast enough.
  • MoogLoom
    Top Pod
    ONRAC is always on the top of my list of podcasts I recommend to others.
  • JDZM3
    Just the best.
    The best!!!!
  • Greyson Jason
    Little bit of sunshine
    I love Ross and Carrie and suggest them to anyone who asks for recommendations! I love how respectful they are towards anyone they feel are earnest in their beliefs, and how they give honest feedback about their experiences. 10/10!
  • Peaceisgood4u
    Bait and switch
    They cover one topic over 6+ episodes and end a lot of them promising the next episode will have the interesting information. It doesn’t come. Kind of a podcast equivalent of getting paid per word. I understand they have to pay the bills but it gets really tedious after awhile.
  • Hairj46
    Third party summations
    This is a dangerous podcast. It’s two people taking 3rd party interpretations of some of other person that they’ve decided to speak down about. I listened to the Bashar episode. And they totally misquoted him in every kneecap shot they chose to take. This is a gross representation of how humans have the capacity to take cheap shots at others to feel like they have a higher authority to seek control. It’s super fear based, and is not beneficial at all. This is a crass, mean spirited, source of “entertainment.” Inaccurate, misquoted information, that was followed up with making fun of someone for the sake of claiming to know better than others. Smh. Seriously, Misguided. For example, there are 5 “rules” and she misrepresented the first 3 rules. Not worth putting energy into.
  • erinbeanqueen
    One of my absolute favorites
    I’ve been listening for at least 5 years, if not longer. Ross & Carrie are brilliant and very funny. Even with the depth and difficulty of some of the topics they cover this is one of my comfort shows (and I’ve listened through it at least 3 times). If you haven’t already tried it out I highly recommend it.
  • SpencerJP
    One of my favorite podcasts
    Ross and Carrie are just straight up fun to listen to. They make me laugh, they make me think. This podcast has made me a better person.
  • burnbabyburn0317
    Well done journalism with mean spirited intent at times
    I listened to this show for a year or two and decided it wasn’t for me. The journalism and storytelling are great. What bothered me was how the premise was to secretly infiltrate whatever group was involved, gain their trust, then verbally kneecap them with a crow bar for the sake of laughs and self righteousness. It feels like listening to a bully tell their life story. I’m pro-science and nonreligious, but the way this show is conducted just feels mean-spirited and crass. Do better.
  • KalmiaM
    Literally Life-changing
    i love oh no ross and carrie, gotta be up there on my list of top five white people like ever
  • ham in mew hampshire
    I really love their friendship and rapport and the content is always interesting!
  • CharChar Baby
    This show is not made of the reproductive goo of goats.
  • Swordfolk
    Favorite podcast
    I love how their investigations are presented like stories, not like reports. Take the lower reviews with a grain of salt: They’re generally split 50/50 between zealots of whatever Ross and Carrie just criticized and people who hate Carrie for no reason (sexism, probably). If you’re looking for an extensive experiment and presentation, this isn’t the podcast for you. But if you want some friends who tell you all about the wacky thing they tried out last Thursday, this is the perfect fit.
  • Botli
    a smug MORMON?! 😂
    Happened upon an episode about Bashar wherein the hosts begin by getting the timeline of Darryl Anka’s life WAY off (missing everything from the 1970s). Then every other detail is skewed through a lens that *assumes* this must all be a made-up capitalist scheme. Meanwhile one of the hosts is MORMON. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Enough said!
  • Dogsbacklegs
    Dog noses are made of the same substance as black olives
  • Jstapf
    Love Ross and Carrie
    I love Ross and Carrie sooo much! I really enjoy hearing them bring up old jokes, my ears perk up whenever I hear a pyramid mentioned just waiting for the stairs reference. They always make me laugh and it’s a topic I love. MaxFun is a blessing!
  • FranOhio
    Late to the party
    I’m still catching up on the back catalog, but so far I love it. OWL!
  • Kydmarlowe
    Low hanging fruit
    I listened to only one show, so please take my comments within that context, but this is low level sneering. Have these guys tackled the problem of consciousness—and it’s a HUGE problem for science? Is there a difference between mind and brain? Is mind a part of the ground of reality? If it is, if there’s one mind we all partake of, we’re suddenly in some interesting territory that isn’t addressed by literal treatments of myth. (I’m sneering now.) Have these guys ever discussed the unconscious, archetypes, or the varieties of religious experience? Do they know anything about William James, Carl Jung, or Ken Wilber? This show is great for bias confirmation, but it picks fights with lightweights…
  • mazyberry
    Love it!
    As a forensic scientist, it was interesting, and sometimes frustrating, to listen to the episode of the forensic scientist on Noah’s ark. Like my mother told a priest once, “she’s a scientist so she’s going to need more proof than that”. Keep up the great work, Ross and Carrie! I love your chemistry and energy!
  • Takoshaq
    Great show about Noah’s ark
    Iiiiiiii could have given youuuuuuuuu a rooooooooose gaaardennnnnnn 🥰
  • millenial1990
    Thoughtful and fun
    ONRAC is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to and to recommend. They contain multitudes as people. First off, they are such kind, compassionate, and thoughtful people. They do not sneer at the people involved in their investigations, ever. It is top-form for skeptically-minded people. Despite their kindness, the journalism from Carrie pulls no punches. They have had some really amazing moments of backing charlatans into corners, and she plays it absolutely flawlessly. Ross brings a level of attention to detail that creates a faithful record of the investigation. Also, Carrie has been getting pretty blue with her humor lately, which comes as a hilarious surprise relative to the rest of the tone of the show 😂.
  • lemontorpiggo
    stop screaming
    please, carrie, you stress me out. some of the episodes are duds but a lot of them are interesting! i like this podcast overall. i hate the theme song. it’s so short it doesn’t matter and is easily skipped but it is like nails on a chalkboard to me.
  • cthandhs
    People believe weird things!
    Everyone believes weird things, Carrie and Ross are here to help us understand what and why and how we get into these weird belief systems by going there themselves. Following this show has helped me to see and examine the weird stuff I believe and to be more compassionate to other folks who believe different weird things.
  • Ruuyn
    Wholesome investigations!
    As someone who wants to understand how people from other worldviews rationalize their conclusions (to the point of joining flat earth debate groups), these two are so refreshing to hear! They are so genuine about what they like and appreciate from their experiences, and approach everything from a non-confrontational standpoint, while still looking at everything with a critical eye and pointing out what doesn’t match the overwhelming body of evidence that science has determined and why. Also, the way that they make honest attempts to recognize that not everyone will be familiar with even the most common of Religious stories is so wonderful.
  • Cynebērg
    Hit bēo godne ūtwyrp !
    ic ġehlysned to eall se capitol and ġehwā bēo scēatas. ġēfrēan biþ cwēman and boccræftisc. mīn dierling fīf ūt of fīf.
  • FossilizedAmber
    kindred spirits, feels like home
    I have been listening to this podcast for years, and just felt the need to express how much I love it. I grew up as an evangelical Christian and have been continuously deconstructing my faith. Ross and Carrie have helped me on this journey, and have also helped me to remember my experience with the church both critically and fondly. Also they love Jars of Clay and so do I. I feel like we could be friends and I love going on all these adventures with them via this podcast. They are so knowledgeable, brilliant, and funny. I love love love this show!
  • Pollinatrix
    These two people will gamely try out your weird thing.
    That's what makes this show so fun to listen to. Do they really think that taking a coffee enema will detoxify them? Maybe not, but they will show up and try the thing, and ask questions, and then talk about their experiences. The interview episodes are really interesting as well; they have hosted flat-earth believers, a guy who wants us all to drink our urine, a guy who is sure that owls and aliens are connected to each other, and several people who have left high-pressure religious groups. Also interviews with an expert on anger (Carol Tavris). Carrie's skill at asking important questions is impressive to me. The variety here is great. I recommend the Scientology series, the UFO conferences, holotropic breathing, and the Wim Hof episodes. The (ongoing) series, where Ross attended a homeschooling conference hosted by the Ark Encounter, is also fascinating. Basically, you can scroll through recent episodes until something catches your interest, it'll probably be good. Also, these guys come across as pretty caring and fun people. I enjoy their willingness to try an astonishing variety of strange things (weird diets, ayahuasca, alternative medicines, homeopathy, and lots of religions). They give things a pretty fair shake -- like if Scientology had turned out to be the secret to living a happy life, I think they would've noticed, and taken notes so they could tell us about it later. I recommend this show.
  • okkimberly
    Here to brag
    Just here to say how throughly I enjoy the show but mostly to brag about the fact that my birthday is also October 23, the same as the day of creation they espoused at the ark theme park. It really makes sense now. Thanks guys!
  • jmgums
    I don’t believe color is real...
    and I love this podcast.
  • Pdlm99
    even as a leftist...
    i think carrie's contempt for religion gets frustrating to listen to. i want to like this podcast because i find it interesting, but they're just so dismissive of any belief that isnt rigorously scientific (in a way that gets annoying and holier-than-thou). and i think it's a little lazy to lump everything religious together -- like yeah some religious stories are absurd and unscientific, but the stories alone aren't harming people. conspiracy theories, extremism, and hate are, so that's what you should be focusing on
  • amehex
    Just a delight
    The thing about Ross and Carrie that makes this podcast work so well is that they just have such an affable chemistry that is so fun to listen to. The subject matter is often mildly interesting to me, but as a skeptic and atheist I more just find it so lovely to hear these warm-hearted, generous, and critical takes on kooky worlds I don’t take part in. Anyone who doesn’t like this podcast is not someone I want to hang out with.
  • MyOhMichael
    Proven Results
    I had been listening for 7 years before doing ayahuasca with Carrie and dozens of strangers and then writing an extemporaneous haiku about a haunted doll with mind powers. Two days later my boyfriend of 13 years proposed. Coincidence?! Definitely not. Ross and Carrie: guaranteed to make your goals come true for just a few small payments of…
  • MadamMelonMeow
    Always a perfect podcast
    Been listening since 2014, listened to every episode on backlog that year and each new episode since. Their dedication and professionalism when researching and discussing these topics is unmatched. Edit: its 2022, and my review is the same. Amazing.
  • natalienumbers
    Cloyingly cutesy, cliché bullshirt
    We tried to listen to one episode on a topic we were interested in, and instead of getting to the point ever we sat there and listened for 20 minutes learning about their SAT scores, when they left for their road trip, and the singular funny joke about their gay child friend. Defeated, we had to turn it off because it made us hate the Integratron just knowing that they had been there.
  • B. McAlister
    It’s Kind of a Great Complement to Therapy and Deconstruction
    As someone who also deconstructed faith and left the church, I wish I could be as light hearted, mellow, and generous as Ross and Carrie 🫠 The show is helping me adopt a more amused, but no less rational, perspective when confronted by bizarre beliefs (but first, let me process some trauma, k).
  • 还我们豆邮!
    So funny I die
    Their show is so funny. I finished episode 1-139 in a month
  • Amasia Y
    Loved listening to their podcast with Professor Elizabeth Loftus who was my professor at UCI.
  • MadlyB
    Everybody loves to go to the pool!
    This show, just like Satan, has been my friend and constant companion for many years now. I’m so grateful for the sharing of knowledge, joy, and curiosity that this show has provided. Thank you Ross and Carrie! :)
  • From the Eighth Floor
    Amaze balls!
    I love these two. And if you don’t, you’re an idiot. (I officially certify that I am NOT the parent of either Mr Poppy or Miss Blocher.)
  • Bio_Guy
    What a great show
    Funny, insightful, and interesting love this show!
  • Ynalak7
    Funny and informative
  • ReadMoreFeministBooks
    Great Show
    Most of the negative reviews I have been reading about ONRAC are critizing Carrie for being disrespectful or not having a degree (which she has a master’s degree). To those reviews, first of all check your sexism at the door. Secondly, Carrie has so much grace and patience when interviewing people. I could never do that. Honestly, just wanted to leave this review to boost this podcast. Love it, keep doing what you are doing Ross and Carrie.
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