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  • Kristel980
    Love Mama Joyce!
    She always has a good word, and I truly appreciate her guidance along my faith walk!
  • irmapaula
    Thank you so much for what you do 😇. I been going thru some fear and depression about money problems having to think our finances are not getting better. Please pray for me 🙏🏼
  • Lee Willie7#7
    Good evening Mrs, Myer First of all giving honor to God, I’d like to thank him for allowing me, the opportunity to leave this positive message that’s been on my mind to reach out your amazing servant’s Mr. & Mrs. Myer, Mrs. Meyer, every morning I get up and I listen to you Mrs. Meyers and your ministries over podcast. Your inspirational messages have guided me, in the past several years through some most challenging life, altering circumstances. During the year of 2011 I lost five children and my young wife at the age of 37 to ovarian cancer just before that I lost my dear mother to massive coronary. It was during these times in the year 2011 when I lost basically my whole family, I needed someone desperately I needed someone I called God first but I was angry with him because in my feeble mind I believed he might have something to do with it but I know and realize that it was not his doing it was just there a time the circumstances were totally out of my control and I was at my weakest point were Satan definitely was under attack trying to get me to kill myself. If you had not been for your messages of strength power and perseverance definitely I would not be here. God works in so many ways but we have to be receptive and open to hear his messages at the time that we are challenged. The words you speak the words of truth and power we’re at the right time at the right moment without a doubt. Since I was introduced to spiritual guidance through your teachings I have been Metamorphasized in so many positive & powerful ways that I can’t imagine would even be possible we’re not for my reading and listening to your powerful messages. These messages resonate throughout the day for me, and I have an internal automatic teaching that’s been download it into my head through your messages that I can refer to in times of need and in times of sorrow. Your teachings have inspired me, to also speak in my own church which is located in Las Vegas Nevada, in the mountains specifically of Las Vegas Nevada the church is name Mt. Charleston Baptist Church. The pastor is Pastor Earl Greene, who is also an amazing pastor and his own right over sees the flock/ church family that he attends.. like your teachings i’m being fed powerful messages there is sometimes hard or difficult to hear but like I’ve heard you say before sometimes we need that tough meat message to make us uncomfortable which gets us moving in action the action that God wants us to demonstrate and he has blessed us with. Basically I want to just to say I want meet you but also I want to come out to your church one day soon hopefully in the participate in the ministry there I know I can be part of the and am a hard worker, in anything I feel passionate for and of course I’m very passionate for my Lord and Savior and just want to do his wheel and make him happy with my work I always want to please my Lord and Savior for he is delivered me truly he has delivered me. That’s not just working through the outreach programs and stuff like that but I just want to come out to the church and one day be part of the family there…..In conclusion I just want to say thank you so much Mrs. & Mr. Meyer, I love you both and keep doing what you’re doing because it’s truly made a difference in my life, and I know you’ve touched many more that you haven’t heard from either in letters or text messages similar to this God, bless you both and I as truly support your messages and I love you. Amen 🙏🏾
  • XxRonnie86xX
    Blunt & To The Point
    I absolutely LOVE Joyce’s Philosophy of the Lord and not holding anything back by just going straight to the point, I admire you very much Joyce and would love to have a one-on-one time with you so bad. You literally take the words/feelings out of me and the communication would be just a true blessing. Love you Joyce and praying for you also as you pray for all your supporters.
  • Blondie20162016
    Ginger is incredible. You can “hear” her smile on the podcast and it warms my heart.
  • wniyha
    Thx Joyce !
    just speaking is good and people laugh but you are not kidding I know you aren’t kidding because you don’t be laughing and I don’t think that they get that upload some more they will get why ur not laughing
  • Gracemclovin
    Life Changing
    I have listened to Joyce for over 20 years. GOD has given her an amazing gift to communicate the tools for a successful relationship with GOD. She is not afraid to tell you what you need to do to get the relationship with GOD that you say you want. If you want stay in your pit of self pity and despair - look somewhere else. If you want real change and a deeper relationship with GOD - Joyce is the perfect teacher..
  • cherylanne1957
    I agree that Joyce is the best preacher in this entire world. She’s so real. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything. She shares her downfalls with us and explains the help we can get from God. She’s very genuine. I really enjoy her stories she shares with us about Dave and her or her children and her. She makes us feel like we’re human. I could go on all day. I will close saying she connects me to the Lord. I listen to her several hours every day. Thank you so much Joyce for your wisdom. My life wouldn’t be the same without JMM. I pray for you and your family. Blessed be. A a
  • wpudal
    The best preacher
    The best of the best preachers in the world🗺🌎🌍🌏I love to listen and watch Joyce’s preach every single day & I love the most High God so much with all my heart and I love Joyce so much with all my heart.🙏❤️ I love my precious baby girl so much with all my ♥️🌈.
  • Karlie2103
    Anointed teacher of the Word
    I’ve learned so much about the Word of God through Joyce Meyer, particularly about how the mind is the battlefield. I’ve experienced so much freedom and growth in my life through her anointed teaching. She not only presents the truth of the Word in a practical way but also in a funny way. It’s such a joy to listen to her podcast.
  • AlisonB.Marsh
    Perfect 😚
    Joyce Is SOO good! I listen to her EVERY night. And I got to meet her in Phoenix!
  • lcangialosi72
    I have listened to Joyce for years and she has helped me with many things in my life and helped me to view a lot of things for the better. She’s helped me many times through many trials that I have been through mentally.
  • gamvee
    Love listening
    I love listening to Joyce. I listen to her while I am at work. Her sermons have helped me so much to see that God doesn’t expect me to be something I am not. I was struggling with my faith and I know God gave me her name because it just popped in my head.
  • TLizzle15
    Joyce’s practical and vulnerable teaching is life changing
    I absolutely love every message from Joyce, I believe she is anointed by God to illuminate His Word and help people not just study or understand but actually apply the principles and truth to their daily lives. My one request would probably be more towards Apple Podcasts app, the episodes are not in order and often there is “Part 2” or similar in the title and it’s not possible to search for a particular episode title to do the other relevant teachings in the series (as far as I can tell, maybe I am missing it).
  • SGraham19
    Thank you
    Thank you for trying days blessing, my husband and I really needed this today. So many people going through this things I am appreciative you spoke about it
  • Sassy Gammy
    Start your day right!
    I watch or listen to Joyce everyday first thing in the morning to start my day right! Thank you so much very much for your dedication to share God’s word with the world. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • THOR778909
    Mrs Joyce don’t let them harm me I need to graduate
  • drglbustilloa
    My daily dose of spiritual shake up!
    As we mature in our walk with God there comes the need for solid teaching that shakes you up and causes you to grow. I love these short video messages, they are perfect for filling your mind daily with the Word of God at home or on the go!
  • AKate78
    Life changing
    Joyce’s practical no nonsense style of teaching is great. She has a heart and a passion for not just reaching others for and with Christ, but to make sure you’re living a life worthy of the calling. A life you can enjoy. After listening to her for several weeks, I began to see myself implementing changes I’ve never implemented in my life. Simple yet profound changes. And I certainly feel the difference and find myself more obedient than I’ve ever been to God‘s word. I’m so thankful for Joyce’s ministry and that she makes all of her teachings free to anyone who’s willing to listen. She has quite the personal testimony and her honesty in sharing it is so refreshing. She is truly a woman of God but she is not like a stuffy pretentious preacher who acts as if they’ve never sinned, no Joyce let’s you know her faults and the one who has changed her, giving hope to all that they can too! I listen to her podcast everyday on my way to work. Great way to focus my thoughts for the rest of the day.
  • unknowncap
    I love Joyce Meyers
    She changed my life and she my inspiration
  • Carmelbound
    Joyce is selfless.. she is my inspiration through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
  • SCSPmom
    Listening since 2004
    Nothing has impacted my Christian life more than Joyce’s teachings. Thank you Joyce!
  • KKerwood
    I’ve been a Christian my whole life but life totally sidetracked me with anger and bitterness toward the people that hurt me. God started placing people in my life that set the example for me by their behavior and this lead me to start seeking the word of God again. Then Joyce Meyers showed up in my news feed. I started watching her teachings and haven’t looked back since. I feel totally changed and grateful. God is good! Open your heart and allow his grace. Thank god for real pastors like Joyce. She’s real and speaks to regular people. She saved my spiritual life❤️🙏😇
  • Forest ceaper
    perfect diversion
    Instead of listening to news, now I listen to Joyce on the way to work. Including the Bible verse she references in the show notes would be so helpful for more self study later. No words to explain how these quick snappy lessons will bless and empower you in these crazy, awful times.
  • queenbizhere2stay
    Amazing !!
    Don’t ever stop !!
  • Robyn7359
    Learning the Word
    Finally someone I can understand at my level. I so understand your way of teaching. I have been struggling to understand the Bible for so long and then God heard my prayer.
  • Dra.Pi
    On Point. On Message.
    Joyce and team, if you guys read this, let me tell you I continually have Joyce in my prayers, asking God to continue using her, guiding her, blessing her and just shielding her and your ministry. She has been such a blessing in my life. Currently I don’t have a church on the ground to call home but God has used her in numerous moments to bring me a word to something I’m thinking about or struggling with. This concept of practical application of the Word and walking out our faith in Jesus has been much needed. Thanks!
  • AlyssaRamirez<3
    She gets it. Her podcast get me through my day
    She is real & raw. She is divine at speaking to my heart the way God does. She’s been through worse than most people & came out on top because she chose God again & again. I’m not a big church goer. I don’t like the vibes of a cliquey church but something about her hits differently!
  • CeltieLG
    C’mon, you know...
    If you’re even seeking more information on Joyce Meyer’s videos here then you have a tug on your heart that’s seeking truth. The woman speaks Truth. You are looking for God and Jesus and you know she has powerful things to say to you personally. Her straightforward message is faith, we serve the good God and you’re never too deep in a pit that He can’t pull you out and love you. The battlefield of the mind is a key to her ministry and she is clear-spoken on why we need faith and not to get bogged down in the mysteries that accompany being a believer. It’s not about not thinking, not being an intellectual person, but it is about thinking right. You already believe in someone, something, and somehow — just put your beliefs in the Truth. Joyce also emphasizes the Bible and she’s so knowledgeable on the books within. As she tells us regularly, don’t just read the Bible, but study it for yourself. That’s challenging, yes, but when you do it for yourself, you discover things meant especially for you. Not in a “magic book” way but in a relationship with God — He speaks to us often through His Word. We have promptings of what’s for us (and I like the term GodWinks for some of those that seem like coincidences) and we learn to know Him better and how He wants the best for us. It’s amazing how you see the threads run throughout the books - themes that a man-written series of books over many years couldn’t connect without a divine intervention. The production value of these videos are great for listening/viewing from your iPhone/iPad and I’m so very grateful these are available. Been enjoying and learning from Joyce’s messages since “Life in the Word”. I’m incredibly happy that I can keep all of the podcast versions as long as I want to revisit the messages. These are the same episodes on her daily tv shows. I mainly connect with the “Enjoying Everyday Life” series and I just fast-forward through Ginger speaking (eek, sorry). Enjoy!
  • GaleForceII
    Wherever we go...
    We’ve been lucky enough to live all over the US and then abroad. Finding a local church is sometimes tough, but Joyce Meyer Ministries was always there teaching us the Word. God bless you, Joyce, and staff! You’ve been our constant feed of practical and realistic Bible truth for over 10 years now! (We also appreciate the laughs ;)
  • Oh mind
    Word of encouragement
    Thank you Jesus for using Joyce ministry to bless my life. Thank you Joyce
  • Purplelyd
    not updating
    why are there no more updates since october?
  • JazzInVegas
    Love the messages
    One of the most consistent speakers
  • Christine787
    Unable to update podcast
    My podcasts for JM stopped updating on Oct 16, 2020. Just wondering when they will be back.
  • johnjoseph72
    Spot on
    For the last six years she has given me digestible inspiration and word. Thank you Lord for her life.
  • CarmelHoover777
    The Best women who speaks the word of God
    I always go to Joyce to hear about the word of God . I can relate .
  • AEM07
    This women has seriously helped me so much. She has shown me & taught me- how to overcome my past, grow from it, and be renewed with the word of God. I am so thankful for Mama Joyce, I encourage you to listen. She is as real as it gets! 💕
  • great thing to do
    Joyce Meyer
    She’s awesome
  • theianster
    Spirit Filled Podcast
    She really really preaches and teaches from her own experience with Gods Help. It felt like that she was talking to me. Loved the way she Teaches
  • tjghearts
    Common sense
    I love the teachings Joyce has for us on God’s word. She is down to earth and doesn’t sugar coat the truth. Which we all need to hear. Her lessons are for EVERYONE. And are food for the soul. Thank you Joyce.
  • Juniorsmith4444
    Black lives matter
    I wish you would address the killings of un armed black men and women, the church has been silent about this injustice but has ample messages about his to deal with covid.
  • walkinginChrist
    Thank you Joyce!
    I enjoy listening to your messages. The Lord is my healer and striength in everything! Thank you, Joyce, for your messages! God has blessed you greatly!
  • Quilttime
    God has blessed you so much with knowledge and common sense. I appreciate your willingness to continue to teach and share His word. It has been a tremendous help to me. I know God showed me your program. Thank you and bless you and Dave and your family and your ministry!
  • grateful613!
    When I am weak My Jesus is strong ! Thank you Joyce Meyer for your awesome teachings. And the way you do not sugar coat anything, you have inspire me to the fullest ! Love her!
  • jordyndoohan
    Life saver 🙏🏼
    Listening to Joyce every morning has truly changed my life and I’m more closer to God than I ever have been! So blessed for her!
  • Fra-Lis
    I love you, mama Joyce!
    God always speaks to me through you. THANK YOU!❤️
  • mparron
    Fantastic and true teaching
    Joyce is absolutely amazing. Her teaching is very intense and clear with all true foundation in the word of God. I’ve been listening her messages for years and it is absolutely 100% accurate and lined up with the scriptures. Thank you Joyce God bless you
  • PineyGirl60
    Joyce Just Keeps Getting Better
    I have been a fan of Joyce’s for around 30 years. Her knowledge of the Word and her ability to relate the information in easily understood manner make listening to her enjoyable.
  • Jake1532!
    Great Teacher
    Joyce is a fantastic teacher of the Word. There is a word, encouragement, and reminders of truth for both the new believer as well as those who have walked with Jesus for years. As a pastor I find her teachings to be aligned with the Bible. She does not teach a prosperity gospel. My challenge to those who rate her with one star and call her a liar, false prophet, heretic, etc.: provide specific, detailed examples for your argument against her and her teaching as opposed to just saying, “steer clear, she’s a liar and a thief”.
  • Annabella clara
    Amazing woman
    I listening to Joyce Mayer every morning! I laugh, I cried, I think, I wonder and I praise God for all he is doing and has done to my life and the life of others! Her story is so amazing and I love how bold she is and not afraid of sharing all she went thru when younger. She is an inspiration and I have no doubts she has brought many to Jesus just because she is raw, real and simple! Love love Joyce!!!!
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