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Gunsmoke was a long-running old-time radio and television Western drama program set in Dodge City, Kansas during the settlement of the American West. The radio show first aired on April 26, 1952 and ran until June 18, 1961 on the CBS radio network.

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  • GeoffInCarlsbad
    Contemporary commercials
    I love gunsmoke, and have been listening to all-time radio westerns for a long time. But now the inclusion of the contemporary commercials during the show on top of the vintage commercials has ruined it for me. I give it three stars because of my love for gunsmoke. Before this, I would’ve given it five stars.
  • 45dutch
    Bait and switch
    Half the show is an infomercial.
  • marylamb1
    My favorite Western!
    Watched Gun Smoke when I was a youngster, and radio I can listen while I work. :)
  • Layla--77
    The best podcast
    I listen every night,while I do my homework,and as I play. Myself and my dad both love gunsmoke . I have listened to all of them and have started over twice.
  • Valntynallyr
    Updated review
    I use to love this podcasts and would listen to it to wind down before bed. Recently there are so many commercials and some that are loud and startling. I think I will have to find something else.
  • Carson McGee
    Love it!
    Gunsmoke is so good! Thanks for spending so much time on these!
  • KRIT76
    Any time listening
    I discovered a bunch of the old radio shows on my Sirius radio classics ch. I especially love listening to William Conrad and Gunsmoke at any time so I came here hoping for more and hit the jackpot! I feel the old Radio shows definitely beat the majority of TV nowadays. I love going to Dodge at bedtime.
  • Mr. Melmac
    I want old time ads
    Love everything about it all OTR, would love old time ads instead of new depressing ones.
  • Horselover2479
    Awesome podcast
    It’s great to be able to have access to classic OTR but the ads kill it. The ads are louder than the show and I get the quality wasn’t great then but at least try and match it. I turn the show on when I go to bed and the ads wake me up at the end.
  • Lowly Jimson
    When I was a kid 60+ years ago I listened to Gunsmoke. They were good stories. But now that I’m old I find the stories more deeply moving and sensitive. This podcast is a great service. I’d never been to Dodge City until a few years ago. I bought something at Walmart and got a hamburger and moved on.
  • MarkH419
    Like a friendly companion
    These episodes, especially the more adult-oriented ones (like Gunsmoke) are a great companion when I’m driving, walking around town, or just want a friendly distraction. The programs are great. And Andrew’s ability to clean up the sounds some and add interesting background is a nice plus. Thanks!
  • marketpop
    Story of Gunsmoke
    This is great! Thanks Andrew!
  • Boyblue1408
    Love this Show
    Please continue playing these reruns. Thanks !!!
  • Conrad Dehner
    Pop and cigs
    Effective advertising! As a result of listening to Gunsmoke, I now drink Pepsi, and I’ve switched to L&Ms...
  • Wesley30😄
    Love it
    It’s nice to listen to something that my grandpa listened to when he was a kid
  • fishyk7
    Great Gunsmoke shows!
    Best Gunsmoke shows ever! Robert Conrad as Matt Dillon .. LOTS of great performances and sound effects.. very clear recordings also, not all scratchy and blurred sound... this in my opinion is best podcast of old westerns hands down!!
  • No Axe to grind
    👍🏼 A really good show
    Place yourself into a different time, when the family used to huddle around the wireless in the family room each night, to let their imagination take them to Dodge City.
    Great podcast
    Andrew does a great job, the quality of sound is remarkable I listen while sitting in traffic Going home every night from work . The news on the radio can be depressing sometimes This takes me away for a short time at least .Thanks "Andy"
  • Nyrfan44
    I can't get enough
    Best old time westerns on podcast.
    Andrew love the Gunsmoke podcasts. I do miss the original adds for cigarettes and alcohol only because it was a major part of radio in the 50's. Keep up the great work. I am a loyal listener of all of the oTR W podcasts. Fred W
  • rustyblue
    Nice to listen on long trips
    Thanks. I listen to these when I was on train from Maryland to Texas.
  • McKnittey
    Great listen
    My husband and I both enjoy Gunsmoke. I had been listening to Andrew's podcast since it's inception. I appreciate his efforts to present and preserve radio programs. He chooses some programs that are traditional western fare but then throws in some "darker" radio fare like Gunsmoke which at times is film noir set in the west. I love to hear William Conrad's portrayal of Matt Dillon. I would have missed it if it weren't for this podcast.
  • Semi1069
    Thanks this is great thing to listen to while doing homework in collage. This is a good podcast.
  • PO Dave
    Old Time Radio Westerns Gunsmoke
    Great podcast. Keep up the great work Andrew!!
  • Gregory Hood
    My favorite of the Westerns podcasts. Andrew does a nice job in presenting the episodes in the order which they originally aired while providing some background. Keep up the good work.
  • ehmob
    Great podcast
    Whether it's gunsmoke, my favorite, or any of the other great Westerns, I really enjoy this podcast, and Andrew does an excellent job!
  • Rob Crotts
    Gunsmoke - Andrew Rhynes
    Andrew is as smooth as butter and does a great job!
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