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Whatever you lead can only grow when you do. Experience real-life, real-time business and leadership coaching from Dave Ramsey, a successful CEO, popular radio personality, bestselling author, and now the host of The EntreLeadership Podcast. Dave takes your calls and draws on over 30 years of experience as the CEO of Ramsey Solutions to help you overcome the challenges you're facing. More at

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  • Lukeprohaska
    Look forward to this every week
    I look forward to the latest episode every week! I gain at least 1 tactical insight or action step to move my business forward every time I listen. Also, it is so comforting to know others are striving to run character first businesses and that I am not alone. Keep killing it! 💪💪💪
  • Alicia Bravo
    Stop with the politics
    I really love Dave Ramsey but when he goes off on politics, it’s such a turn off. Some of the thing she says are so annoying for me as a former democrat. This is a business show.
  • TGills3
    More episodes!
    Great show, loving the new format.
  • Travis Kellece
    It duke
    I have 100 robux and he has given no advise
  • Columbian9999
    This podcast is a great next step to Dave’s life-changing Dave Ramsey Show. I’m a small business owner and I get a helpful framework or tidbit every show. Thank you and keep up the great work!
  • A Must-Listen Poscast
    A Must-Listen Podcast
    I appreciate Dave Ramsey’s financial guidance, personal development tips, and enlightening discussion of business management. I think I remember him saying something about giving a 4 star review, but I choose to go with 5 stars!
  • Woodymoos
    Best Podcast from Ramsey Solutions!
    This is my favorite podcast from the Ramsey Solutions team (also the most relevant to me). I am so glad to hear from Dave about some of the trials that he has endured in his business ventures. He makes it feel like it’s possible for me to grow and develop my business into something even greater tomorrow. I admire Dave’s good heart and his care for his job and the difference he is making in the world. Dave makes plenty of money and could have retired years ago and taken it “easy”. Instead, he shows up, works hard, and cares about helping other people including small businesses. Thanks Dave!
  • Isa K K
    Dave asked me to leave a review
    I love the show and I wanted to rate it 5 stars, but week after week Dave tells me that he’s not interested in criticism and he just wants countless 5 star reviews. Of course I’m happy to contribute
  • Joel o' Colorado
    Such great value!
    I used to think the topic of entrée leadership did not apply to me. But after 11 years in business, this podcast has been such an eye-opener!
  • Jbid1712
    Love Dave!
    This show is so encouraging and insightful. It’s so worthwhile to listen to.
  • WFT??
    My favorite business podcast!
    Love listening to all the small businesses that are crushing it out there! Dave has a no nonsense attitude about being debt free. Love it!
  • Jesus1775
    Awesome! My Boss Could Use This!
    Truly enjoy this podcast and all of the content shared here. I do my best to apply it as just an employee not in leadership. Want to bring my best to my job. Not shaming but my boss could use this.
  • Tayler-
    Insightful, but missing collaboration
    I really enjoy this show. But to be better, it’s missing something… insight and collaboration with other business owners. The old version of Entreleadership was solely focused on other business owners and leaders. The new Entreleadership is solely focused on Ramsey. I would love to see a hybrid where Dave talks with other owners (almost like the labor convo wit Rowe). With all due respect, this feels too central like Dave alone has everything figured out and is more focused on selling Ramsey products than the pursuit of pure wisdom. I’ll continue to listen, but the old version was more shareable.
  • Sandskate71
    Great Podcast
    Love listening to all the different types of businesses and Dave has great advice!
  • asundseth
    100% Great real world business advice!
    Dave offers incredible real world advice and teaches while he talks through how to solve business questions. Incredible value for the price you pay!!!…👍👍
  • MByrd85
    Weekly Recharge
    Thanks, Dave and Team Ramsey for all that you do. Appreciate the information each week and it’s practicality to business and life.
  • Caleb Dueck
    Dave just knows what he’s talking about…
    You can just tell Dave loves doing this, in my opinion, it sounds like he loves doing it more than The Ramsey Show. I would say his business advice is debatably better than his financial advice, and he’s really good at providing a clear plan to callers.
  • Jeromy Thomps
    Please bring back the old host. One of the things that attracted me about this podcast was how the team was empowered to lead through hosting. I can listen to Dave Ramsey on multiple platforms if I choose. It’s more impactful for me to hear the philosophies of business from his team. I probably won’t listen or recommend like I used to. I’m very disappointed. This has been my favorite business podcast. The other host don’t dominate the conversation. They bring good balance and allow the guest speakers to be heard. Thank you for considering my thoughts!
  • sdegg
    Incredibly Helpful!
    Any small business leader needs to listen!!
  • JulieK1251
    Way to go, Will! Appreciate you!
  • jessie919214
    This is priceless 10 out of 10!
    This is the best of the best ! Hands down the most valuable podcast for small business period . This goes beyond even being a “podcast” . This is equivalent to having a someone that is a CEO taking you under their wing and teaching you the in’s and outs of owing a small business.. you can’t even put a price on this information. The passion behind Dave and his team shows .. his passion for you to WIN ! thanks guys for all that you all do God bless
  • AnthonyBlack83
    First episode
    I learned a lot from this episode, taking responsibility, seeking help, and being humble. I would recommend this episode to anyone who is interested in business and leadership, or who has faced challenges and setbacks in their businesses. This episode will inspire you to learn from your failures and grow your business.
  • JoanJoan02
    Dave taught this old dog new tricks!
    As a middle-aged small business owner of two companies, and after a life of management and being a dual role accountant and entrepreneur, boy did I think I knew things. I knew I was no Jeff Bezos billionaire, but I thought I was a great operations manager and very good at small business. WRONG! I’ve learned more from this podcast in a month than a life in the trenches taught me! I had my head down, set wags, and full of fear and stress. Thanks to Dave I LEAD and LOVE now and every single aspect of both my companies and my relationship with my partner is better! Profit is great, but you can’t love being an entrepreneur (even if you’re born to be one) if you’re miserable, and your companies and staff cannot thrive if you're miserable. Dave has made me resilient and confident and INTENTIONAL in every moment of my days - God bless this man he’s changed my life personally and professionally, and I listen daily to both his Ramsey show and this Entre podcast!!!
  • Mperry1111
    Makes me excited for Mondays!
    I love this podcast, I listen to it every week, and it makes my Monday that much better! I am a small business owner, about to celebrate 10 years as an entrepreneur, and the practical wisdom and insight gain from listening to Dave and the callers is fantastic. I appreciate the down to earth and hands on nature of the podcast versus theory and abstract processing. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone running a business and often send episodes to friends and people on my team. My only “complaint” is that there’s only one episode a week, give us more! :)
  • AuburnDude06
    Enjoyable, informative, and valuable show
    A great listen that will benefit any business owner or leader.
  • FrozensealionVzla22
    Wow!!! Forget an MBA! This is great!
    A fantastic resource to learn and understand how a business must be run and managed. Lots of free info that consultant will charge and arm and a leg. Thanks!!! Very helpful!
  • Ja Mu Shur
    Misses the mark
    It seems they work on issues around “mom and pop” type businesses and then jump to the much larger 100 employee company. There is some good info for beginners and a lot of ideas that are great but a small business can’t implement until they are much bigger. I am disappointed with this series.
  • @aandre.fmcd
    Great show!
    Helped me to start thinking about my job from a business standpoint. Making me a better leader and employee.
  • EthanJSchwartz
    Helpful & Entertaining
    Dave’s great. Love this show. Helpful for somebody who has no knowledge of real estate & wants to sit in on conversations between folks who do.
  • Wildwire
    Good advice overall but a lot of politics recently
    For some reason Dave chooses to throw in some political punches that show either a short memory or delusion about what caused inflation and supply chain issues and who was in power when mandates and shutdowns started. I love the overall content but this is off my list now because of the politics. If you want to polarize then don’t complaint about losing listeners.
  • RobArone
    Real experience
    I’m tired of listening to the young guys out that have the answers for him to run you business. I prefer to listen to an old dude that has actually done it and in a Godly way.
  • Eagles 9
    Practical wisdom
    Dave gives it to you straight. Practical guidance from an experienced entrepreneur who has a heart for helping others.
  • KevMcEvoy
    So helpful, fantastic insights
    I am the owner of a small business that my wife and I started, and which is growing. This podcast is opening my mind as to how I can expand my vision of what the business can be, and how to structure it so as to achieve those goals in incremental steps. Every episode had profound insights which I am incorporating into our business model. Very grateful to Dave and the entire Ramsey team.
  • genuisjim
    Best business podcast on the planet
    This is a great podcast for all entrepreneurs, new and old. Super applicable concepts that transfer to any industry. My only complaint is the episodes are shorter than I would like, but I’ll take what I can get!
  • We Asia Taylor
    They duke
    I got 360 Robux and it didn’t give it to me and I am a real person
  • DirtDigger83
    Fantastic Podcast!!!!!
    Folks……ANYTHING Ramsey is awesome and life changing!!! So much value to gain through all of their podcasts! Those who follow the guidance found here will find success in all areas of life.
  • brian bonfield
    Ramsey quad is the TRUTH!!!
    Words can’t even explain how much this podcast and the whole Ramsey network helps millions of people!!! DO NOT pass this network up . Gain knowledge and here is where you should get it from !!! LOVE YOU ALL 💙💪💯🔥💙💪💪🔥💯💯💯 - Brian Bonfield
  • tvhj(g
    Come on Dave
    I’ve loved your advice from when you started with the baby steps and I love the advice you give on running a business. But for the love of God can you stop complaining about everything . Half of your episode has become a political monologue or how young people terrible . Just stop. And stick with what your good at
  • ruthieLizWeat
    Stop with the political garbage opinions
    Stop dogging on people who work from home
  • srkusel
    Good message, good advice, business essential
    If you’re in business or going to be, Dave is a good person to listen to. Applying his principles will definitely take your business to the next level. Funny and poignant, never a dull moment or bad suggestion.
  • Trudi S.
    Good advice, but rudely interrupts people
    I understand that there’s a time limit on these things, but some episodes are painful to listen to! He interrupts the callers rudely, and doesn’t listen. The advice is good overall, but there are much better leadership podcasts out there where the host actually has respect for the callers.
  • DRugnao
    Inspiring and Encouraging
    The truth is spoken in a humorously confident but humble way and the solid, straightforward information is refreshing. It’s obvious how much Dave Ramsey loves doing this show, and his level of expertise is worth every call. This podcast is priceless. I have “binge-listened” since I discovered it. The Ramsey standard of excellence (stemming from Dave Ramsey himself) is evident.
  • tuffandpretty
    Dave is the real deal!
    Love these podcasts ! I Quote Dave all the time and remind myself “Don’t be in the business;” Get out and Run the Business!” It helps a ton to have these podcasts for guidance when you are a solo entrepreneur. Thank you! Chris
  • jp4987
    Great podcast
    A great podcast with a lot of good information!
  • Bpittyred
    Straight shooter
    Dave just calls it like it is. He always has such great insight and truly cares about helping us small business owners who can’t seem to get enough help! No matter where you are at in life and business, you can always learn more by listening to this podcast. Thankful to have found this!!!
  • Shureeck
    Gotta love Dave
    Dave is so straightforward and practical in his financial advice.
  • Mr Hermit
    Motivating & Practical
    As a “job owner” I find this podcast to be motivating and practical. Some of the situations callers find themselves in makes me glad I own a job rather than a business. I look forward to each new episode.
  • Merrikfaulkner
    Great advice on leadership and small business from the 🐐
  • CharKachSkin
    Loving Dave’s advice!
    As a brand new business owner I have been looking for guidance and information anywhere I can. I couldn’t have found a better podcast! I’ve always been a fan of the Ramsey network, and this show is just as excellent as all the others! I am so appreciative of Dave’s wisdom. You cannot beat his 30+ years of REAL practical advice! Highly recommend this podcast!
  • sbgox
    Great stuff for business owners
    Excellent advice on how to run and grow a business with real world experience vs theory. Love Dave and the Ramsey team. Their baby steps have helped us get debt free and share those steps with others.
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