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The NoSleep Podcast is a multi-award winning anthology series of original horror stories, with rich atmospheric music to enhance the frightening tales.

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  • mysticmandi11
    Quality has severely declined
    This show used to be great and actually creepy, scary, and worth listening to. Wish the host would just lay off the “acting” as well. And don’t get me started on the wokeness. Also what’s with forcing stories to fit the terrible themes? It’s just not working. Over the past few years, the stories just don’t even make sense. Abruptly ending with no clear “ending”? I don’t get how these stories are chosen, but they’re horrible. I’m not sure why I bother to keep listening to the newly released episodes. I guess they will just make for good background noise now and are really easy to fall asleep to. Total snooze fest.
  • Michelle444
    Used to be worth it - not so much now
    I used to love this podcast. I would pay annually for the no ad version and would eagerly wait for new episodes. Now I don’t see the value, and even the free version - I find myself skipping thru the stories more often than not. I miss the scary stories that would have me so captivated.
  • Dreadland
    Woknes Night
    On the beginning it was fun… now it feels like they should change the name to a “Woknes Night” lookout, trigger warning some horror stories may be not scary, boring and include Men.
  • heiwovrisiqnridhbfud
    Long time listener
    I found this podcast when I was 12 years old. It helped me through a pretty tough time. I could never accurately put into words how much this podcast means to me. I’ve re-listened several times and have a list two pages long of all my favorite stories. Genuinely this is the greatest thing to happen to the horror genre, they’ve re-defined audio horror, and I would like to say a genuine heart-felt *THANK YOU* to everyone who works so hard to make this podcast, and I hope it continues for many years.
  • waammys
    Long time listener
    Changing my long standing 5 star to a 3. I can't deal with the pointless themes anymore and the selection of stories they add has gone completely off the rails. There's too much avant-garde fetishistic/shock value stuff, and the themed seasons - and episodes - are pointless when literally nothing ever ties together. As a production itself, the audio quality, voice acting, and reliability of their schedule is the best in the business. The show is just suffering from some very poorly picked stories IMO. Every episode is wildly hit or miss, with some of the most recent leaving me turned off from the pod entirely. I've gone from excitedly tuning in every single week and waiting to listen to episodes on the day they air, to now stockpiling 4 or 5 in a row so I can skip through if I wind up hating a story. I find myself skipping at least 1 story per episode lately.
  • middle age white woman
    Theatre in your mind
  • 1975 j
    Not the same
    This podcast hasn’t been good in years. It has morphed from a really creepy series to some kind of somber soap opera. I can only stomach seasons 4-13. Do better!
  • doobino
    Why do all these horror narrators sound like Ai?
    It’s as if they have no comprehension of the drama of the stories that they’re reading. Emphasis is applied at random and the pace of the reading speeds up and slows down without reason.
  • shadyladyyy
    Disturbing in the BEST way!
    One of my go-to podcasts that NEVER gets old. The stories are always good and I love the voice actors! If you love listening to horror stories or weird/disturbing/dark stories that are voiced with great quality you will love this podcast. Period. UPDATE: I had forgotten I had already reviewed this podcast (I believe this is the only podcast I’ve felt moved to actually rate and write a review for). It’s SO good and I look forward to it every Sunday. I wish they were longer because I can’t get enough of it. My favorite podcast of all time. I wish there was more merch because I would totally rep nosleep all the time.
  • SovietShotaChan
    The best Podcast that will ever exist
    I fall asleep to this
  • Cricket Miriam
    Episode 19.17
    I normally like your stuff but Red Flags is irresponsible. Most school shooters are not bullied but are the bullies and usually have extreme right wing leanings with a history of violence against women. The concept of the victim-shooter was misleading journalism from the days of Columbine and has made things worse for noticing actual red flags and has made getting help for actually bullied kids more difficult. It's well written and acted but please reconsider.
  • MJane05
    My absolute favorite podcast!
    I love everything about horror I laugh during movies in the scary and horror genre. I love this podcast, I find the title a bit funny at times because I have fallen asleep listening to it but definitely not because I find it boring. This podcast actually gives me goosebumps and cold chills at times and I love it! I highly recommend you take a listen because in my opinion it is amazing!
  • Jrd_1093
    Hit or Miss
    The production value is as good as it can get for a show like this, but the quality of stories varies widely. Some are actually impressive, but others sound like a high schooler wrote them. A great number of them seem to stop mid-story with no climax at all, which is frustrating after you’ve just spent 1+ hours listening to them. If I understand correctly, they’re taken verbatim from posts on r/NoSleep, so I guess that explains it.
  • GRG87122
    The adult goosebumps!!
    If you grew up reading goosebumps or watching the tv show or Disney's are you afraid of the dark, you will LOVE this podcast. All the stories are so entertaining some you will enjoy more than others, regardless they are wayyyy better than anything else out there. I LOVE Nicole Doolin’s voice, I wish she was on more, she always give me the goosebumps lol. Thank you NOSLEEP for my sleepless nights.
  • Dannie Review This
    Updating review for season 19
    Wasn’t too impressed with season 19 until episode five. Finally felt like I got my money’s worth as a Paid subscriber this season. Hope it’s consistent. Keep up the great work.
  • oreogirl5
    Best episode I have heard in a long time! I love this podcast! Been listening for many years. Thank you for the awesome stories tonight! Your all Great!
  • Kkon27
    I’ve been listening for years and have listened to every season. Sometimes I want to rip my hair out because the themes seem to have no purpose (coughcoughlastseasoncoughcough) and sometimes the stories are poorly written both grammatically and stylistically. However, this season prompted me to write a review— it’s been great so far! I really appreciate the voice acted Poe readings and the stories have been more solid on average. You guys are doing great 👍
    Love these short horror stories.
  • Mossiahs Seven
    Love the show! It gets me through
  • Jackson Shadwell
    Long time listener, first time caller
    Love the show! The voice acting is superb! I for one appreciate the commitment to featuring stories dealing with horror from all walks of life. Don’t listen to the anti-woke nonsense in these reviews. The stories are excellent! And I like the middle ad break to give listeners a chance to catch their breath! My favorite tales are supernatural/urban legend type stories, and the best of the best are ones that bring the listener into the conflict. ((I.e. “now that you’ve heard my story it’ll come for you too..” The only thing I’d give in criticism((and it’s a bit more personal preference than anything)) I don’t find the stories of being stuck at sea scary. Lately there are whole chunks of episodes where one if not more stories are about being stuck on a boat/on a ship/in the water etc.. now these stories are written well and acted well but it just doesn’t get my hair standing on end like other stories. Keep on frightening and disturbing!
  • .redd.666.
    Peter Lewis
    Peter Lewis has the most delicious voice!
  • NekoNinja22
    This podcast, David and his team, deserve nothing less then 5 stars. They paint a picture in all of their story telling and audio production like no-one else. No competition.
  • jaykizs
    I listen to them when I need to relax. I feel so light and at peace. Trust David and team in his story telling.
  • Miya Delbal
    Hands down, the best!
    Every episode is chilling or disturbing, often times both! 😂 I love the way the sound effects take the gruesome over the top. You guys really are the best 👌 thanks for all you do!
  • amanderin
    This is a wonderful podcast and the narrations are so well done! Just spooky enough and I love the variety of stories.
  • Zombie Jo3
    The best horror podcast out there!
    Seriously, this is one of, if not the best horror story podcasts out there. I’ve been listening since 2018 and while it’s taking me longer than I’d like to get through the entire catalogue ( I listen to too many podcasts at once and I rotate what I listen to), the quality of the show continues to get better and better. I’m fact, my only complaint about the quality is the fact that it’s been so good that it sets the bar a little high for other shows out there. But if anything, I’d say that’s a good problem to have. Even the stories I didn’t like (which hey, with a horror story podcast that tells several different stories, not every one of them will be one I jam with) we’re still told in an amazing way. The only thing I’m not looking forward to with this podcast is catching up to the current episodes and having to wait for new ones to come out. You guys keep up the good work! Also, just going to throw this out there in case the No Sleep folks read this review: Would you guys do a collab with Dead By Daylight? I think it’d be cool playing as one of the voice actors, or even Cummings as well as maybe one of the more prolific monsters from the tales they’ve told.
  • Dice4life9076
    In love!
    I listen to this every chance I get. I do a 3 hour work drive every month and this is what I put on! Even to sleep each night. I finally caught up to all episodes and I enjoy replaying them since it’s been a while since I first heard them, it’s like a refresher to great stories.
  • puppercal
    That intro music!
    I really like the Enigma themed music. I’m a Gen X and remember hearing for the first time. Well done, Brandon B !’
  • ChrisF1346
    Great podcast
    And to the idiot that thinks inclusivity is propaganda go crawl under a rock where you can be with your own kind you gross little worm
  • Steibz
    Was awesome until it went woke!
    I used to love this show, but after maybe 2021 its just alot of liberal propaganda. Horror and politics don't mix.
  • MayleensandersmarinaLee
    it makes me sleep💀👍🏼
    The podcast helps me sleep🧖🏼‍♀️
  • diana 1229
    no more meat!!
    i love this podcast but have not enjoyed the 10 part table full of meat story. stopped listening to it after 4th episode. so glad it’s over this week
  • Mreant
    I found this podcast over a year ago and absolutely fell in love. Realized I had been listening to the two newest seasons so went all the way back to season 1 and started from there. I listen every single day at work and finish about two episodes a day. I will be sad once I’m caught up and waiting for new episodes and would love to see one of their live shows.
  • kbphill
    Love the stories
    Only on the second Halloween episode in the first season. The stories are great but the overdramatized voices are super annoying.
  • Clisaac
    I’m Addicted
    This show is amazing. I loved hearing the occasional no sleep story from Real Life Ghost Stories and am so excited that there is a whole podcast dedicated to these stories. The host has a perfect voice for it and the narrators are great. Definitely would recommend!
  • S. Phillip S.
    Have you ever played Bloody Mary?
    It’s a game; a really fun game. First, you go into a rrum with a mir’r.
  • Caroline 14
    Been listening for 5 years now
    This podcast doesn’t do scary anymore it just does upsetting, it’s just shock value now with things that make you want to vomit, not psychological thriller anymore, which makes me sad
  • Zet03666
    One of the best horror podcast I have ever heard I would recommend buying the season passes
  • Jael snape
    The best of the best
    I don’t know who would give this great podcast a low rating but for me this podcast is one of the best I listen to it everywhere at this point and every episode is great it’s gorey, creepy, and just everything I’ve always wanted ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Tlennon1076
    Pretty much the pedestal of all short stories podcasts
    Been listening to this podcast for a little over a year. I’ve given many others in the same genre a try and I can’t bring myself to follow those. In short, NoSleep’s worst stories are still very good. The best stories are phenomenal and in a class by themselves.
  • Carter34
    Best Sound Design and Most Immersive
    I’ve listened to all episodes of NoSleep and four different horror podcasts, along with some episodes from several other horror podcasts. What’s easily found is that NoSleep is by far the best at making no mistakes, sound design, and quality of content! These attributes contribute to what I believe to be the best and most immersive horror podcast out there! One thing I wish for? A new episode every 3.5 days instead of once a week would be awesome!
  • PuLsE_Wh3r3ismydad
    I have trouble sleeping and these help me fall asleep really fast.
  • SuperchickMG
    Great!! 😁
    I just started listening, but it’s pretty good so far! I’m impressed!! And I’m seriously considering buying season passes. Actually, I’ve pretty much made my mind up to buy them. {as a side note, normally I ABHOR the advertisements and skip right past them, but the Nature Box advertisement that you guys did is great! I lmbo!! I actually rewound so that I could listen to it. No! My spleen!!💀🤣} I’ve seen where some reviewers have said that the earliest seasons are the best. I haven’t started season 15 yet, but I actually think that the podcast has gotten better as the years have progressed. I started listening at SE9 & went backwards {I’m at SE3 now} and honestly, I think that the more recent seasons that I’ve listened to are better. To each their own, I guess lolol. {ps I Love most of the regular contributors on the podcast, but ....{and I’m sure that they’ve heard this before lol} I Really Love Peter Lewis’s and Nikolle Doolin’s voices!😍} *******UPDATE******* TO OTHER CERTAIN REVIEWERS - - THIS IS *NOT* THE PLACE FOR YOUR RACISM AND HOMOPHOBIA!!!! IF U DON’T LIKE IT, THEN DON’T LISTEN!! THERE IS *NO* NEED FOR YOU TO LEAVE HATEFUL COMMENTS!! GO. AWAY. *******UPDATE #2******* I just finished the season 10 Valentine’s Bonus Episode. I had to come back to say that that was one of the most beautiful stories that I have ever heard / read. Seriously .... it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Jesse Clark. ❤️🥰💕😍Amazing job!! ************UPDATE #3************** I’m up to season 13 now, & the stories in this season (se13) just aren’t as good. I’ve read other reviews saying as much, but until I got to this season, I didn’t get it ~ but NOW I do. Several of the stories that they’ve chosen to perform for se13 are just awful. They are nowhere near the quality of stories that I’ve come to expect & love from the NoSleep Podcast. Some of them end ridiculously, & some just don’t make sense. Like, at all. They’re downright terrible compared to the earlier season’s episodes. I’m very disappointed in them. Season 15 ep 2 — I’m sorry but I have to say this: •••••Danielle Mccrae’s narration & pronunciation is VERY VERY VERY!! hard to listen to!! {& you know EXACTLY WHY!!!!!**} I can’t listen to any story that she reads bc i can’t get past her terrible reading.
  • davschnm
    Shockingly awful
    Old-time follower from the early days. After season 10, the quality launches down the drain with such audacity that it is surreal. Waited a long time to post this review, but every time I revisit this show the quality has outdone itself in blandness and horrendous ‘voice acting.’ Stop making this show.
  • Maddengod
    No Sleep has spoiled me
    As another reviewer said, the bar is set. I’m spoiled and can hardly listen to anything else. These writers and actors are A++. Just phenomenal.
  • keepdreamingkid
    A Chef’s kiss
    The only regret I have with listening to this podcast is finding it first. It has set the bar very high and now my brain wants to compare every horror podcast to it. The storytelling is phenomenal. The sound effects and the voice acting is a chef’s kiss. It completely enthralls you within the story. You almost feel like you become part of it. Everyone apart of this podcast has done an incredible job. I’m a fan for life.
  • AustinBeauty
    Promises of bone-chilling content FULFILLED!
    The production quality of the NoSleep podcast is literally some of the best around! The acting, the stories, the horror... I just can't! The mood of this podcast is everything that it promises and there's a good reason why it's got such high ratings, a strong fan base, and longevity! Tune in to see why!
  • kong rong
    Embrace the magic
    The OG horror podcast
  • Chimmby
    Woke and political
    Every third or fourth story has woke or political crap shoved into it and it totally ruins the experience. I don’t listen to an horror podcast to be reminded of world politics or social issues. I come here to be entertained and horrified. If the host would just curate a little better, it would be 5 stars. I recommend listening to the older seasons as the newer seasons have more frequent sjw agenda injections. Also, Peter Lewis is an excellent voice actor and episodes featuring him are usually the best.
  • Vikky Eve
    Goat Valley campgrounds got me Hooked!
    Love this podcast to lull me to sleep, very well done voice acting and great selection of creepy stories, was obsessed with the Goat Valley Campgroud stories cannot wait for that to come back 🤍 definitely recommend and have a listen.
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