The Human Upgrade with Dave Asprey—formerly Bulletproof Radio


For a decade, Dave Asprey, “the father of biohacking,” elevated what you knew about the capabilities of your mind and body across a thousand episodes of Bulletproof Radio. Now, he’s evolving it even further in his plan to upgrade humanity. You’re invited to expand your knowledge, explore your own performance and embrace possibility with The Human Upgrade™.
You’ll meet bright thinkers and radical doers who push the boundaries of science, technology, personal development, and human performance in every way imaginable. You’ll learn from experts around the world who elevate what it means to be human.
Every guest you listen to, every topic you learn about, every new idea you discover on this podcast moves you forward.
Join The Human Upgrade™ with Dave Asprey on this next evolution to upgrade your mind, body and life. 

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  • Shamirans
    So grateful for this podcast
    My title says it all! Thank you Dave for all these knowledge and amazing people you introduce to us. I’ve been learning and growing so much with this podcast. Love it!
  • Nigel2020
    Did he really just say “F-U” to an 18 yr old?
    Been listening to Dave’s podcast for 6 years and although I’ve enjoyed listening, I hear him get more and more emotionally charged about certain political topics in a way I find super unhelpful to his cause. Saying “F@&K YOU” addressed to female teenage activist Greta Thornburg in the Robert Greene episode and complaining that she “complains too much” is ridiculous. Does he really think that in order for a teenager to get people feeling inspired and fired up about climate change that she should also feel obligated to get an engineering degree and invent some technology to help save the planet, or just shut up? Is his 40 Years of Zen wearing off? Can’t we all live and let live and not throw epithets in the direction of a young woman who is passionate about bringing light to a very real subject and whose heart is obviously in the right place? Dave please use your platform to pick on someone your own size.
  • StarLetterLunch
    Dave is honestly the most condescending jerk in the health space. He may have good information, but his holier-than-though attitude makes him unbearable to listen to.
  • clkgma
    Life changing
    I started listening to this podcast 8 years ago. I love Dave Asprey for what he has done my family and I (also his kooky sense of humor). I was 52 years old and having issues with joint and hip pain. Got on board woth gluten free with Dave and immediate relief. I had sleep issues I followed Dave’s podcast with all kinds of speakers trying different things and much better sleep. My brain was slowing down so I learned a few other things from this podcast and upgraded through brain octane oil and other things. I can hold my own with 20 somethings at work now and am now 60. I am just average in life and I like it that way however due to this podcasts I am above average in my health now. Thanks Dave for all that you and your crew do for all of us! Trust is a huge part of why I listen also. Just don’t stop with this work please!
  • thehoosierinohio
    Dave is a snob
    I enjoy the guests Dave invites to his show but I just can’t stand him. I would like to learn from him but it’s hard with his self congratulatory attitude
  • ljunco2021
    Good job
    I am very grateful for the good job you and your team have done for all these years, sharing so many sources of good information to optimize our health.
  • ClarissaGayle
    Wisdom one hour at a time.
    Dave, I love your podcast. I would really love if you would do one on best practices when building a house. My husband and I are hoping to have a home custom built in the next few years and I’d love to hear your advice on this topic.
  • ShannaK08
    Closed minded
    This used to be my favorite podcast, but the more I listen, I hate that he interrupts his guests. If they have a different opinion from him, he insults them and shuts it down. Wish he was more open minded. Good topics, just needs some adjustment.
  • djkezako
    Please be careful about Resveratrol
    I like your show and how you present along with some of the guests that are featured. In the “hairloss” episode you mention Resveratrol which has been found to be a potent estrogenic compound! There is a large misconception out there that Resveratrol is part of the French paradox which is how come French people drinking wine are thin and no cholesterol! Well I have been studying this since the early 90’s. The body does not need to overload with beneficial agents such as the polyphenols. Red grapes skins in wine have a naturally balanced proportion of polyphenols enhanced by natural fermentation. It will take tons of red grape skins to put this in a pill so alternative sources are used like knotweed but your body does not know what to do with overkill quantities of it!!!
  • Claude Frulla
    Before the doctor always check with Dave
    Dave Asprey gives a great service. Whatever doubts I have about nutrition and health in general I first check his resources. Recently the dentist suggested me a root canal. I listened to a podcast of Dave and I'm now making some changes that where probably causing the problem. In the specific I listened to his interview with Nadine Artemis and now reading her book about holistic dentistry. Thank you Dave
  • brewingit
    Not worth your time.
    I listened to almost every episode for 2 years. Be prepared to listen to the longest self promoting introduction ever and then also learn that that is the point of all the podcast info as well. To buy into Dave.
  • 745/437
    Hands down my favorite podcast
    Update 9/10/2021: episode 857… listen to the end! By far the BEST answer to Dave’s question!! I listen to podcasts on my commute to and from work everyday and by far my favorite podcast is Bulletproof radio. I have been listening for about 6 months now and have to say that so much of what I have learned has completely changed my life, for the better. I now drink Bulletproof coffee with Brain Octane Oil every morning and it's made a huge difference in my concentration and how excellent I feel. I love learning about all the things Dave is doing to biohack himself and while I can't afford to try them all, I definitely want to!! He has a wide variety of guests and his questions really help a "regular" person to take what you hear and incorporate little things to make you feel better. I am always excited when a new episode is posted.
  • Lemonthread7
    Stays on track
    I learn so much from this podcast and also Dave stays on track with the topic. Thank you Dave - for an enjoyable and educational podcast.
  • EricaBushwell
    Awesome podcast!
    Dave, host of the Bulletproof Radio podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Dclyon15
    Too much anti-vax talk
    Way too much time spent finding a way to drop his distrust of vaccines and misleading information. Calls it “vi-curious” but really just a facade for anti-vax.
  • Joe from Pittsburgh
    Great show
    Loved the episode on habits. Great show
  • Saltlife4ever
    Used to be great, only interested in selling now
    I’ve listened to Bulletproof Radio for years off and on. In the beginning it was ground breaking. There were few other podcasts focusing on health in an alternative way. I used to buy a lot of the products. The podcast of today is nothing like the early days. Now it has become one long commercial. I don’t have confidence in the information because there is such a push to sell product. There are breaks throughout to sell his ridiculously priced seminar and other products. There are also now many great quality podcasts that give you up to date information with out the constant song and dance.
  • HipsterHouseJams
    Rock star solid!
    Dude. Very enlightening. Well done to both of you!
  • Ramshackle Running
    Capitalist scum
    Asprey and his guests are blabbing for one reason only. SELLING PRODUCT! Basically Alex Jones without the rage.
  • thorn91
    Thank you Dave Asprey for this outstanding podcast. Lots of great information and guests.
  • janebutlR
    Your interview with Ann Louise Gittleman was fascinating. I felt trust and confidence listening to her speak, and the topics discussed were ground breaking. Thank you.
  • Michelle Wallenberg
    Best Podcast
    I love Bulletproof Radio. I learn so much in every episode. Dave is the leading bio hacker and has amazing guests!!
  • malfoxley
    Great show!
    Dave highlights all aspects of health and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that list
  • J Rose Maher
    Brian Rose is gross
    Someone dropped the ball and did not look into this guy. He censors anyone and any feedback he doesn’t like while making money off the back of “free speech.”” He’s grifter and a con artist. His courses are full of people asking for refunds. Look into Rebel Wisdoms podcast on him or Coffeezillas research. He’s the literal worst. Typically I love this podcast but this is such an error in judgement. Bad job Bulletproof. Seriously terrible.
  • AsianAmazin
    The Mentor I wish I had
    Dave Asprey is inspiring to listen to. He’s quirky, intelligent, successful, grounded, and thinks outside of the box. I’m grateful to have learned some of the insightful information he shares on his podcast. Thank you!
  • GusBouari
    Lots of great stuff
    There are always new things in health and wellness, and I’m glad this is a podcast that keeps me up to date.
  • Pamela B RN
    Public health
    I’m somewhat disappointed in how you are addressing public health issues surrounding the pandemic. You compare our decisions around the vaccine with our decisions around diet. You’re right these are both health issues. But one is related to a communicable disease with potential for your personal decision to result in someone else’s death. Not sure how that really compares with what I choose to eat for lunch.
  • Britt Stad
    I appreciate the work Dave is doing.
    I really appreciate the medical experts Dave brings into this show, and the conversations he has with them. I have not listened to any of the COVID podcasts...because there is enough COVID info being thrown in my face on a daily basis, but I am guessing that’s where the “pseudoscience” claim type reviews are coming from; Dave interviews very credible scientists and doctors as well. Remember that these podcasts are conversations between people, not religious doctrines on how to live your life. Dave does have a bit of a chip on his shoulder, but I believe his intention is to educate and help people. I think it’s important to acknowledge that almost everyone has a chip on their shoulder at some point in time. He probably intersperses interviews with advertisements for his products because he needs to make a living...go figure.
  • fiziks
    Very informative
    Love the educational benefits. Dave is amazing.
  • lookingformoderate
    Stop the ‘you are bad people.....’
    Dave, love your podcast but please stop the stuff like ‘if you don’t read my book, you are a bad person. Just kidding’. Or ‘if you are not afraid of COVID you are a bad person. Just kidding’. You say you are kidding but it’s very clear you are not kidding. Just stop it. It takes away from the great info you are trying to get out to the public.
  • corricorey
    Amazing ROI
    If you want to listen to a podcast that will give you a solid ROI...this is it! I’ve learned so much from Dave and all the experts that he interviews. I’ve listened to almost every single episode, I’m normally a week or two behind, and always look forward to more.
  • Laurallllllll
    Awesome podcast!
    Love listing to you and your guests. Keep it coming!
  • beezieferrando
    Dave nailed this interview with keto mojo
    Long time listener and finally writing a review. Long overdue. What motivates me to write this was the interview with Dorian from Keto mojo. It was so informative and boy does Dorian know his stuff. I can now understand how he created the best ketone testing meter on the market. He is so passionate and sincere about helping people improve their life not just selling and making profits. He even has a 501k fund to support research into preventative measures. Anyway loved this interview and back to Dave...well done on making it so enjoyable to listen to.
  • Txsing
    For Students of Health with Open Minds
    I have been following Dave Asprey for a long time. I like the fact that he questions the narrative of the western medicine approach and digs deeper looking for alternatives. If you have pre-formed opinions about health and think the CDC and NIH are the ultimate authority on all matters health related, this is probably not the podcast for you. You should stick to WebMD, Wikipedia, your TV commercials and American Heart Association for your health info. But, for people who are fellow learners and questioners, and are looking to improve your overall health, who want to hear the other viewpoints and dig into the latest data that’s ignored by MSM, even if they don’t agree with some guests, I recommend you give this a try.
  • favcreation
    Thank you
    Your focus on providing value to the listener far exceeds any other podcast I’ve heard. Just listened to your interview of a guest that I recently heard on another podcast. Got so much more from your interview because your questions are well thought out, and you engage with the guest’s responses. Thank you!
  • Silian Rail
    This clown has ZERO education and simply shills for every pseudoscience scammer who pays him enough money to be on his podcast.
  • eltrevogue
    An excellent well of knowledge and research for the forward-thinking human
    I have been loving Dave's offerings on these podcasts and all that he is about. In an age where the truth is often obscured or falsified for personal gain, I appreciate that Dave is intent on understanding the truth that has been known by the ancients and truth that is yet to be discovered. He is well-connected with experts in many niches of the health and wellness community and I find their discourse educational, inspirational, and useful. He promotes companies that make beneficial products, and it's funny, I actually look forward to the ads, to learning about companies that are creating innovative and beneficial products. I feel like this is the way ads *should* be - actually spreading information about things that add value to one's quality of life, rather than clever marketing of products that increase toxicity at the buyers expense. Thanks Dave and team. Keep reaching.
  • Deb Food as Medicine
    Top 4 Foods to eliminate for less Inflammation
    Yesterday’s podcast with Dave interviewing Dr. Amy had very tangible information. I liked the info about how long the body takes to regenerate certain types of cells as well as the main topic on how to reduce inflammation.
  • MauiJen💫
    So grateful 🙏
    Yes the collective is great🌟 going to join for sure!
  • qpmkgufr
    Why are you promoting anti vaxxers?
    This is reckless and irresponsible. Up to this point I had a lot of respect for you and your guests. Are you opposed to people getting vaccinated? Please make yourself clear on this. By the way, I found Dr. Mercola quickly on Google. He is not being censored.
  • Mgovoni
    Epic Podcast- Truly life changing info!
    Dave’s Podcast is one of the best! He delivers exceptional well researched information by some of the best leaders in their fields. I HIGHLY recommend his work, not only his podcast but his products and books. His work has truly made a difference in my life! THANK YOU DAVE!
  • Danielle 4567
    Beware of misinformation to sell products
    Disappointed Asprey has fallen victim to the anti-vaxxer movement. Having Dr. Mercola on the podcast to sell his products and lies is irresponsible for human welfare to beat the pandemic. DR. MERCOLA WAS WARNED BY THE FDA TO STOP SPREADING COVID-19 MISINFORMATION TO SELL HIS PRODUCTS. Unsubscribed, will not buy any of his supplements, coffee etc. ever again. Shame on you.
  • dutchtoad1
    Fostering conspiracy theories
    I was a fan of his Blue Zones book. However this latest podcast with Dr. Joe Mercola makes me doubt all of his information. This podcast does nothing but foster misinformation and conspiracy theories about COVID-19.
  • drunkengoat32
    Dr. Becky Campbell
    I have to say that this Podcast lost all credibility when I listened to the episode with Dr. Becky Campbell. I will not listen to another thing she has to say once I found out she is an Anti-Vaxer! She has not vaccinated her three children, EVER!!! People like that are a danger to society! I hope her kids are homeschooled and not out in society.
  • Ivonne's Account
    Great Podcast
    I’ve been listening to Dave for a couple of months. I’ve always been health conscious, but like many people, I gained the Covid 10lbs! I decided to take control of my health again, and thanks to Dave and his guests - I’ve dropped more than 10 lbs, reduced inflammation, and feel fantastic!! I’m 54, post menopause and feel and look decades younger. I feel so good I’m considering pulling out a bikini this summer! I’m also not taking the unproven ‘experimental jab’ in my arm, and instead building and trusting my own immune system with nutrition, exercise, and positivity - and shutting off toxic fear mongering TV like CNN & others. I’m really surprised at all the negativity I’m reading. Dave - you’re awesome and inspiring. Thank you for what you do!
  • JUICY4321
    I just listened to an episode where the guest who was there to speak about fasting benefits completely diss fasting. Dave tried to say “maybe we don’t know”, but it was really ridiculous to hear. Also, the hard sales pitch every episode is a turn off
  • Yard Dog
    Pushes products during interview
    Interviewer, while talking to guest, in the span of 15m plugged his own book (not the guest’s), his own shaking platform (instead of walking 20m), then proceeded to push his own mitochondrial supplements on the scientist he was interviewing. “I’m not asking for an endorsement but will you take them if I send a stack to you?” The guest said no, then he pressed him trying to find some loophole to push another product. Interviewer: “Surely you take coffee?” Guest: “no, don’t like the taste.” It was so unrelenting I had to shut it off.
  • kaycee883
    Too much ego
    I find this podcast to be hit or miss. You really have to be interested in the deeper level science to listen and follow this podcast. Unfortunately I find Dave’s ego comes through too often and it is off putting. We know you have investments in many companies and we know that you have written books. If you really want to help people, this podcast isn’t supposed to be about you or your opinion or how great you should be about educating people in an unbiased way about a variety of health topics. I sense insecurity. He has the right idea but is missing the mark. Jason from mind body green is a much better host.
  • COD Philosopher
    Live Q&As
    Love them! Keep going with them!
  • your imagination
    Quality health content
    Dave has been at it with a consistently good podcast for many years now. The diversity of topics and guests is very welcome and I find it to round out the overarching message of how to optimize human beings. I especially love the new Q&A format, since I have and know a lot of people who have dealt with many of the same health problems Dave has gone through and discusses. I love to arm myself with knowledge so I can relay it to the people in my circle, and this is one of the better podcasts out there for this. Thank you, Dave, and keep it up!
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