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Fueled by art, sexuality, playfulness, adventure, and imagination, Rose & Dayv Caraway will arouse your senses with libidinous tales of love, loss, action, adventure, romance, suspense, horror, science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy. Brimming with limitless creativity and moxie these erotic stories are sure to seduce your thoughts and leave you and your partner(s) wanting more! This show is for adults only.

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  • 182brandonh
    Fantastic pad cast.
    This is so much fun to listen to. I enjoy listening to your banter and very much enjoy the stories. Keep it up please.
  • VampyPet
    Lovely and lots of variety🖤
    This is my favorite podcast for erotica. One of the things that makes it really good is they are actually stories, although centered around fun time they are stories. Personally this is my favorite type of erotica. It's very relaxing to listen; friendly atmosphere before, and after the story; and holds your attention even with stories that aren't your forte. I love being exposed to the variety and imagination in these stories. 5 stars all the way. Hope everyone enjoys this podcast. P.s. Dreamtime #1. You were asking about writers who use their dreams as inspiration. I know a few who do, however every single person aside from you write horror.
  • Mattgrinnell
    There is no one better
    Kiss me quick is the best!!!!!! I haven’t heard anyone else tell stories like Rose and Dave. One of the best things about them they don’t sound like robots and her voice is so beautiful and wants you wanting more of the stories. Thank you guys you are the best keep it…. Not you Dave haha
  • SweetCarolineP
    Best podcast of it’s kind hands down!
    There are no other erotica podcasts even playing in the the same league. Rose and Big Daddy are Michael Jordan and the ‘92 Bulls. Everyone else is playing middle school rec league ball.
  • BYU Allumni
    The Classical Education
    Perfect 1st Listen for me… I’ve tried a few Erotic Podcasts before but they were boring or Promotional teases & incomplete stories…I hated them So I went back to Sports & Economics etc This story in 2nd person captured my attention…the writing was exquisite & your talent for presenting the authors hard work brings it to life! Sorry you two had to get real jobs…I hope you continue to follow this passion for Sensuality…you have a real gift of presentation…Thankyou
  • Kcummins
    The best
    Always beautiful always sexy and so are the stories, and big daddy rounds her out the show, just bought insatiable wives I think that’s makes 12 in my collection
  • danktighny
    Better than the rest
    These two simply do it better. Better sound quality, better voice acting and inflection, better humor, better music, better editing, and, oh yeah, BETTER STORIES! In the time between releases I always play the field and search for other erotica podcasts. I always find something new….and am always disappointed. Please keep them/us coming!!
  • whoooooowhoooooowhooooo
    Those boobs look good I would like to see the rest
  • OldEarthling
    Love this show.
    This is a great Show
  • themariashow#1
    A safe space for erotica
    I love the dynamic between Rose and Big Daddy. I love the acceptance and safe space you can find in these stories. They are fun and sexy and quite enjoyable!
  • nate 0299
    Can we get stories of men getting pegged by women
  • aDifferentJeff
    A breath of fresh air
    This podcast features professional writing (many different authors), reading (no fake sultry voice here), and sound design. It all makes a big difference. The variety of stories is a delight.
  • ams100000
    More episodes!!
    PLEASE put more episodes up, I hate the long wait in between episodes
  • Greenie58
    Puts Most Competition to Shame
    The Caraway’s have created a haven where people can find all genres of erotic stories, told with the most amazing, eloquent voice in the business. The production quality is first rate, and I enjoy the preambles which not only frame the story, but give enough insight to know if I’m even interested in hearing the subject matter. They’re clearly the mark for competition to aspire to.
  • ktspindler
    Great show
    Love what you guys do - this is a great show. Important when you start is to listen to more then one episode since there is such great variety.
  • blushingsunshine
    A sample of Erotica for the newly initiated
    This pod makes an effort to cover all types of erotic fiction and kinks. By listening its helped me explore different genres and writing styles I would have never picked up (like The Odd Coupling, I think by Landon Dixon?).
  • Borntolose14
    Like Admiring Stunning Artwork!
    I actually just stumbled across your guys podcast and let me just say wow! I found something that that I did not realize I was missing. It’s like finding an oasis in the desert. The way you bring stories to life is breathtaking. You can literally hear your talent and gift rippling through like gliding your hand across velvet sheets. I am so hooked that I even got a audible membership so I could listen to your guys audible books. Through that I have found other amazing writers. You guys bring it every time. Keep it up and keep bringing it. Just wow!
  • jtmahone
    Don’t listen to the haters.
    Honestly, this podcast should have a solid 4.8 rating. Rose and Dave are a fun couple with sexy voices. Rose’s narration is spot on and they offer a wide variety of themes. ALSO, they give away free audiobooks on the reg which just gives you even more to listen to.
  • latenight fun.
    Love the show but still sad.
    I love the show abs how it incorporates so many forms of erotica. The only reason it’s only 4 stars is because some of my favorites have been archived and that makes me sad.
  • Verygood121233221
    Late night
    Great late night podcast to listen to just before sleep. The show that creates dreams that are golden! (If your single female and a freak Hambone429 on Telegram.) seriously though this is a great podcast. You should listen to it.
  • Yokman 15
    Where can I post?
    I love the stories on here and I was curious if you take writing from aspiring writers? If so where can I send you some potential stories?
  • Broken Arrow
    I love this so much! I just discovered this! Thank you so very much for the content!
  • kingkong573.05
    *inhale* a
  • CJ Gorge
    Under Cover Cop
    You should make more for this one.
  • octane3
    Latest show
    Best podcast duo
  • javabum*
    My Niche!
    Wow! This is the best erotica podcast, hands down. I love writing erotica with a bit of horror and paranormal. I thought I was too weird, but there’s others out there. Thank you, Rose and Big Daddy.
  • midwestbeachbum
    Love the podcast
    Is more episodes coming or did the show get canceled
  • Petty801
    Never disappoints
    Mrs. Rose Caraway and her husband Dave Caraway produce they most riveting stories that always get you in the mood. Honestly this podcast never disappoints. I may not be into all the sub genres they cover but Rose and Big Daddy Dave make them come to life. The music production and diverse story lines compliment one another with big studio quality. If you enjoy erotic stories that have sultry narration along with a music selection that enhances the mood and tension then you’ve hit the jackpot. I’ve enjoyed going back and listening to the older episodes and get excited every time I see a new release. I’ve recently got my wife into this podcast and we like to compare which ones we like.
  • uejegyd oh heegegd
    Worst thing I’ve ever heard
  • Srdr946
    Brilliant. So sexy and so fun.
    This podcast epitomizes everything good about the genre. The enthusiasm of the host, and the passion with which she promotes her work and passion is inspiring and always puts me in the best mood. The last episode especially, was brilliant. Keep it up.
  • bullwn1
    would y'all like my number
  • TripleJay3
    stories are good but too many conversations
    Stories are good, and narration is good enough, But I want them to reduce pre-talking before reading stories. So I give 3/5. Keep up!
  • blueroomentertainment
    Total Disappointment
    I expected so much more due to the other reviews but was quickly corrected. Almost comical...even to the point of cartoonish. Yes they read semi appropriately for the subject manor, but only semi. I expected so much more then talking about a hidden thought of...’delights from Samual Clemens’ after 30 mins.
  • Lizzy Braxton
    Too good to be TRUE!!
    I can listen to your stories all day 😩 whenever I’m looking for new ideas 💡 I listen to this podcast! It gets me in the MOOD!!! Thank you for giving us great entertainment! 💋
  • RunToSlow
    FIVE Stars!
    Great show my wife an absolutely love it.
  • thosismyneandnickname
    Ava receives a text
    This episode was pretty boring and regret clicking on it
  • Georgi@:Martin
    So HOT!
    Rose and big daddy get me going every time!! This is a hot podcast and allows you to explore your sexuality safely. Would highly recommend
  • fools for love
    THE BEST erotica podcast of ALL TIME!!!
    Rose and Big Daddy, you guys make the best erotica podcast of all time! I’ve love you guys from the very first episode in 2011, Books and Boners! Been hooked ever since. My wife loves it too, she especially loves Big Daddies and his deep sexy voice and wants more of his stories; I’m only a little jealous about that. But we both agree that the stories that Rose writes are THE BEST. We want more of those!!!! And more episodes in general! But we get it, perfection takes time. So we’ll patiently wait, as we have all these years, it’s totally worth it. BTW, we’ve bought all your books on Audible, For the Men and Sweet Danger are our favorites. More, we want more!
  • Iceman Buff
    Beautiful story-telling and good for your fantasies. And look out, another story is about to COME ON! Well played podcast.
  • Realmenarebreadwinners
    Spice up your life with these erotic tales!
    These awesome stories are just what my wife and I needed to further spice up our bedroom after 16 years of marriage. They have helped bring our sex lives to a new level and it was already awesome! Thanks Rose & Big Daddy!
  • NYC Timothy
    Great show
    Hey Rose, I love your stories. They are so erotic. Thanks for sharing.
  • ElimS Clown
    Sexy Voice and Great Stories
    This lovely lady has a fantastic, sultry voice and enhances ever story she reads. My wife and I are long time fans.
  • Danial Boone 13
    Great stories
    Great stories that I love hearing even at work with ear buds in. 😎 Please keep the narrations coming
  • Cpopepope
    Great stories
    Love em keep them coming!
  • wunderlust69
    Truly a 5 star rating is in order! This lovely podcast has had me so hot so many times it’s definitely worth every moment of the suspense held and every second of beautifully told stories make for a luscious orgasm!
  • Isabella the cat
    Love it
    Keep it up
  • You'reabadidea
    Everyday Erotica
    I am such a huge fan of this podcast and one of the newest Lurid Listeners. I am irrevocably in love with this podcast; the sound of Rose’s voice is a hypnotic hand to hold as she takes you down the rabbit hole of the deepest and darkest desires you never thought you’d fancy. 5/5 10/10 only the highest marks to Rose and Big Daddy, they’ve got a listener for life as long as their on the air❤️
    Best Erotica podcast
    There is no better erotica podcast out there. Rose’s voice and Big Daddy’s production make this podcast the best, period! Have listened to them all and some several times. Keep them and us cuming 😎
  • Fiver LaLa
    Love Listening
    This is awesome and fills my mind with all types of images I’ve never had. Keep doing what you’re doing❤️
  • DrDog827483927947
    She has the voice of a middle aged fat woman
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