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Trail Runner Nation is devoted to sharing knowledge and advice to the trail running community - from beginners to the pros! We offer tips and discussion regarding race nutrition, pacing strategy, mental focus and much more from well-respected members of the trail community.

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  • moose 7374
    Too many ads
    The hosts are very political in their questions and comments, not really wanting to say anything too controversial. They mostly agree with and pander to their guests. Might be that they don’t want to say anything that will upset sponsors. That said they do have some interesting guests on the show sometimes.
  • Raektm
    Chat gpt pod great! All pods have good humor.
    Excellent pod on chat gpt vs the experts. It was really insightful to better understand chat gpt, it’s accuracy, and how it can be used always appreciate the expert advice on this show. And done well with humor in all your pods!
  • ChargingDC
    This podcast is a must for all trail runners. I gave it a 4/5 because of their shameless product endorsements which annoy me, but I understand that the bills need to get paid. Well done overall.
  • run20221
    Enjoyed your most recent episode with Florus. Now you should all throw in with this year’s Inaugural Oregon 200 being put on by
  • 96737
    My favorite
    I’ve been listening over a year, and look forward to a new episode every week. I ran my first 50k last year in Susanville, CA shortly after turning 50. I don’t think I could have done it without them! Granted, I did come in DFL. Haha .. but I’m signed up again so maybe I’ll finish before they take down the arch this year!
  • Jess Kicks Rocks
    So much diet zealotry
    Please invite some registered sport dietitians to address some of the diet claims made by guests with absolutely no proper credentials to be giving nutritional advice. Big yikes.
  • HLO82
    Giving up on this one
    Used to like this show, but I wish the host would be a little more discerning or at least provide some push back when guest come on with outlandish ideas. A nutritionist that doesn’t recommend people eat vegetables!!! Because they have poison!! Come on. There was no challenge to this claim or at least not an honest, more scientific discussion about it.
  • lexy bruce
    New to Trail Running
    I’ve been flying through the Training Principles, these are perfect for a beginner. It’s motivation, it’s thought provoking, it’s introducing you to professionals, coach’s, experts. I just started getting into trail running this month and I’m excited to take bits and pieces from this podcast and apply to my training. Keep up the great work!
  • drew0623
    Trail runners must listen
    One of my favorite podcasts. My go to listen during my training runs.
  • deech1986
    This podcast is a great running partner!
    My wife and I started trail running a year ago, and we’ve been hooked on TRN ever since. I binged so many episodes on commutes and mid-week road runs over the past year, and now I look forward to each new episode that drops. These guys are the best!
  • MrsBrandieB
    The best!!
    This podcast is THE BEST! If you want to fall in love with running or rekindle your love for running, look no further. Scott and Don, thank you!!!
  • CanesFanNC
    Somewhat Disappointing
    First, I’ll start with positives. As a new trail runner, I’ve picked up a lot of good information. They have some good guests that provide some really relevant and useful tips. Then there are the cons. First, I will state that I started back at the beginning, so maybe these have been fixed or they improved. Let’s start with the audio problems. Almost every episode the guests cut in and out, one of the hosts has a mic that’s not very loud and just overall poor quality. This is also an unedited podcast. Please please please edit your podcasts. There is absolutely no reason these episodes should go over an hour. With editing you could cut them to 30-45 minutes, giving listeners a good experience. We don’t have to waste our time listening to your nonsensical banter, ramblings, and losing guests on Skype and then having to sit and wait for you to reconnect with them. So absolutely frustrating.
  • Arlie K
    Run, don't walk... to this podcast!
    Don, Scott, and their incredibly knowledgeable guests cover everything you need to know about running, but in a fun, educational, and approachable way! You’ll get tons of actionable advice and tangible tips, but you’ll also get heaps of inspiration from truly engaging individuals that genuinely want to help others. It's a newfound favorite!
  • jlinnski
    As a new ultra runner, this is what I was looking for, thank you, keep ‘em coming!
  • trailrunner64
    Episode 545
    Loved the interview w Jill Colangelo. It would be great to have more biometric research on ultra runners.
  • Skookum8
    I listened to Episode 540 with Dr Phil Maffetone where he advocates a high protein low carb diet with no caveats on what type of athlete or scenarios in which it is applicable. I find it really troubling that the hosts do not provide any diligence or critical perspective for the listener. If you listen to Matt Dixon and his podcasts, underfueling of carbs is all too common, which is to say that there’s no single approach that should be taken and one should be careful in determining what type of nutrition approach is best suited to their sport and dietary needs.
  • Alexstrath1
    Best podcast production out there
    The team at Trail Runner Nation has crafted a show that in my mind, rivals the level of reporting seen in big budget productions like 60-minutes. They bring on the best runners and do a deep dive into optimizing the physical/mental aspects of running. This is my new favorite obsession.
  • Whiskeyonsin
    Great Show
    Great show with great content! I love to listen when out on runs or when I need motivation.
  • bellingham_barry
    Maybe running out of ideas
    It seems like half the episodes have good insightful guests that share good stories and experiences. But at this point it’s mostly Dr. Oz type crap for runners.
  • Clark [dying.2.self]
    So Very Helpful!
    Just listened to the “Seven Simple Rules for a Successful Long Run” episode. It was terrific! I’m currently preparing for my first ultra and this exposed came just in time for me to incorporate these tips into my race day strategy. Thanks!
  • matt wehrle
    Great episode! I just ordered the book!
    Love it!
  • jbird8888
    Stay true
    Hey, you guys are pretty good at this podcast stuff. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, not even me.
  • lukemundy
    Great for all levels
    I’ve gone all in on trail running this year and love the insights I’ve gained from this podcast. I feel like every episode has something for every level runner.
  • MrsKelliLove
    Moms run this trail episode
    Please create a podcast! I would listen to these ladies all day everyday. So much wisdom and knowledge. Thank you thank you.
  • Dboyceman
    Born to run episode
    That was a great episode to get the background on the book a d other books by Christopher McDougall
  • Matt73940552
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    “The brainstorming has commenced” has to go in the show intro!🤣
  • WTReed
    Show Notes
    Hey guys! Read the show notes seems like a great show! I’ll have to listen sometime.
  • J. Barshop
    It’s obvious that Scott puts extraordinary effort in finding guests that are authentic
  • cmoss23
    Used to love
    Use to be my favorite podcast. Now, too many ads.
  • Nmarble007
    Great for all
    I just discovered this podcast yesterday and binged it and will continue today. As someone who is just getting into running to better my health and life as a whole, I have learned a lot already. Don and Scott are genuine and truly funny. Even if I didn’t want to get into running I would still probably listen to them for the guests that they have on and life lessons given by everyone on the cast.
  • NickT826
    Entertaining & Informative
    Been listening for about 6 months now and I’m always excited when a new episode drops so I can listen to it while I’m out on the trails. I’ve learned so much from this podcast and can’t thank Scott and Don enough for all they do for the trail running community. Run... más!
  • jack_F@
    Best Podcast
    Every Episode is Superior 5/5
  • Mduz18dd
    Love the banter and the honesty. So funny and entertaining yet so informative. Also appreciate all the book authors that are on the show which makes this a unique listen compared to other shows that just interview pro Runner’s episode and episode.
  • free gum
    The click and clack of ultra running podcasts!
    These guys have a great rapport and a great skill to to draw the best out their guests. Happy listening.
  • dreams of economy
    A podcast I look forward to....
    I look forward to the podcast when it drops - a real treat. I love the friendship between Scott and Don and their dynamic keeps the discussion fun and entertaining. I have learned so much and as a newbie who does not have friends who share this same interest, this podcast has helped me become more prepared and informed. Thank you!
  • Alexander 77
    Cut out the attempted humor.
    I'm 7 episodes in, and will probably not survive more than another few episodes. These guys treat their podcast like it is open mic night at the standup comedy joint, endlessly quipping and trying to be clever. Thing is...they're not. At all. It is agonizingly painful to endure their attempts at being funny, and I am actually physically uncomfortable listening to it. Other than that...they have decent content and a good concept.
  • lasonnambula
    So informative!
    This podcast always teaches me something and/or gets me to consider things from a different point of view and leaves me inspired. Thanks for your boundless enthusiasm for trail running and embodying the trail community spirit 🤩
  • pylinjane
    Love this podcast
    Informative and fun to listen to
  • RomeoCharlieAlpha
    One of my favs!
    Love the banter between these two. Great guest list and so many back episodes to catch up with. Can’t believe this is free.
  • UVA Law Runner
    Improved from 1 star to 3 stars! Sound quality has improved.
    12/4/2019 update: fixed most of the sound quality issues. August 2019 update: the August 10, 2019 podcast was the first time I’ve listened since writing the original 1-star review a few months ago. I was pleasantly surprised to hear they dumped Skype. I almost bumped them up to 3 stars because of that alone, but decided to wait a few weeks first to make sure the program really has improved. Old review: Inconsistent volume levels between episodes and between different people talking in the same episodes. Turn the volume to max and you still can’t hear some guests, while some of the people talking will blow out your eardrums. The most common guest interview platform is Skype, which frequently cuts out and adds to the volume issues. One of the hosts constantly cuts off guests mid answer to interject his blathering and oft-repeated opinions. Lack of any editing is an ongoing bit that would be funny, except it means you’re forced to listen to guests’ dogs barking and their car keys jingling and cars beeping and kids screaming in the background as they distractedly stutter and repeat themselves on air.
  • Anbr100brettbrett
    The guys are great! People need to chill about the advertisements, this is your cost for listening to a free podcasts 🤷‍♂️. I love when AJW and Sally are on. Only reason it’s not 5-stars: that darn sound quality 🤯.
  • B1gJoeSma11
    New to trail running.
    Got my first Belt Buckle this weekend and it feels so great. Thanks for the great informative and encouraging topics and guest. Keep it coming.
  • BonnieB47
    Love convos with Courtney!
    Enjoy these convos. Love the episode with Courtney! She’s the best!
  • Douglyss
    Ugh, these guys are so annoying. And the content is so generic. They are nice guys and all, and they have some good guests, but their banter is annoying and the content really isn't that interesting or insightful. And so many ads. Don't really understand why this podcast is so popular.
  • Me & Meeeeeee
    Enjoyable but too long and volume is recorded way too low
    I do enjoy this podcast but they do run a little to long. And the worst thing about this podcast is that it is recorded at a much lower volume than my other podcasts. If there is much background noise even with AirPods in and the volume all the way up I can’t hear them. Please please record at higher volume.
  • Kyle Ballentine
    Thank You!!
    I had never run a competitive race before this year, not even a 5k. I’m 31 and have been a runner on and off for about 10 years now, but I’ve always wanted to get into endurance racing. After a quick internet search, and to my shock, I found a wealth of ultra races around me in Ohio. I selected a 50k that was two months away, signed up, and started to train immediately. Thankfully I stumbled upon TRN during my first week of training and became quite addicted. I was listening to about 10 TRN episodes a week during the last two months. Scott and Don and all their amazing guests more than prepared me for my first ultra. I finished my first 50k in just over 6 hours and couldn’t have been happier. What a wealth of information this podcast has been for me! I can’t thank you guys enough for what you do for this amazing sport. I’ve signed up for 3 more ultras this year, and can’t wait to toe the line for my first 100 miler in the future. It’s great to be a part of this incredible Tribe. Thanks again Scott and Don!
  • Sworn Brother
    Not an ultra runner but I still enjoy it.
    Although I’ve never run in an ultra I still get a lot of benefits from this podcast. A lot of the topics and advice translate to shorter races and they also have great guests. Definitely worth checking out. I’ll probably get into longer trail races and if I do I’ll have this podcast and many other inspiring runners to thank for it.
  • John The Trail Runner
    If I could rate it more than 5 stars I would
    Don & Scott are informative and fun. I have learned many useful things from their podcast, and I highly recommend it to anyone that likes to run
  • AJtrailJ
    So many advertisements, good content
    Used to enjoy
  • kdmst9
    Love love love these guys!
    I am so glad I stumbled across the podcast. I’m not an ultrarunner at all, but I find this podcast to be so interesting, relevant, witty, funny, and smart. Don and Scott are just so fun to listen to - great humor! I listen on my long long commute into work and find myself laughing out loud and smiling most of the timing. Their regular guests are awesome, especially AJW! This is a really well done and great show for ANYONE who enjoys running, including me and my 3-mile “long” runs (ha!). I’m awed by anyone who can run this long and this far, so I love hearing all of be stories. There are tons of podcast episodes that aren’t ultra-focused and are relevant to any runner - nutrition, cross training, mental strength. Truly something for everyone. I’m having a great time listening back through the archives now. I feel so connected to Don, Scott and everyone else they have on the show because the conversation and discussions are REAL and not rehearsed. Just love you guys - please keep it up!!
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