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Matt Farah and Zack Klapman sit down with automotive icons, pro drivers, comedians and other friends to discuss automotive industry news, racing, projects and whatever else comes to mind.
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  • Revluc
    Great when it stays on cars/watches…
    Matt and Zach are great when they stick to the topic of cars. They have great access, insight and experience for car reviews and what is happening in the car industry. The watch information is interesting as well. It goes off the rails with the politics. They will openly say who shouldn’t be talking about cars and yet feel the need to jam politics in as they “know little bit about this stuff”. Then a completely biases conversation starts. It wouldn’t be SO BAD if it wasn’t so one sided. Way to take anyone out of agreeing with you when everyone else is so “terrible”. They have no more access to politics than the rest of us, but they do to cars. Back to the car stuff. Matt does a great job interviewing the guests and keeping the show moving and interesting. The hosts are objective in what they like and don’t about the cars (too bad they couldn’t take that to politics), so you get an honest answer. The part of the podcasts where they take listen questions is interesting and informative. I think the paid tier system they have is also well run and very fair. Unfortunately, if you have a platform in LA you MUST jam politics into it somehow and they can’t help themselves to leave it out. Otherwise it would be a higher rated show.
  • Grhfvjfbh
    Disappointing drop in quality
    What has happened to this show? Tuned in to the latest episode, which can be roughly summarized as “Matt Farrah tells drivers concerned about EV range that he knows their needs better than they do, and then rants at his co-host about the semantics of a question he asked.” Used to like these guys, but lately it just seems like a venue for Farrah to engage in egotistical diatribes.
  • joerogansucks72
    Don’t Ask Questions
    Was listening to the pod today and was shocked to see how rude you were about the guy asking would you rather buy a z06 or zr1. You blew it way out of proportion, you should of just skipped the question or just answered, not wined about how it wasn’t the correct format for you to answer. Zach was right in this situation, hopefully you treat you fans a little better because without them you’d be no-one.
  • hallta1
    Best auto podcast this is.
    Been listening for learns and even went through the full catalog once.
  • Adam Mza
    Good car enthusiast content
    The show is at its best when Matt talks cars and his experiences with all he has driven. The show is at its worst when he talks over his guests and rarely lets them finish a story… also it’s annoying the way he laughs a bit too long at his own jokes.
  • MoJoRo78
    Elon Musk (We get it already)
    Even though Musk lives rent-free in Farah’s head he’s a progressive man of the people who’s super-relatable because who doesn’t own Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches? I guess acknowledging your privilege and and saying the “right “ thing is enough without having to actually make a difference. Also, maybe Zach could have an original opinion for once instead of agreeing and just adding to whatever Matt says, he’s annoying at this point. I do like their coverage on cars though
  • InsideNashville
    Stick to Cars!
    Enjoyable podcast that has some good content. When it veers into politics, which seems increasingly often, I stop and find something else. Can’t we have one thing these days that doesn’t intermingle politics?
  • MattBelenis
    Always A Great Listen
    I don’t think I have ever listened to an episode of The Smoking Tire podcast and walked away feeling like it wasn’t worth my time. No matter what genre of guest appears on the show Matt always strikes good and interesting conversation. Zach does a really good job producing and keeping the podcast feeling put together, as well as being a great part of the conversation. Even if you aren’t into cars I recommend giving this podcast a listen, especially when there is a guest on. I think half the reason this podcast is such a good listen is Matt’s backbone, I never hear him spewing b.s. or swaying his opinion from what he actually believes, definitely makes me confident in what I hear on the show. All in all a great and entertaining listen worth your time.
  • nsx276
    Awesome show
    I love the honesty of this show. The crew shows are the best. Guests can be cool but crew shows make it seem like hanging out with friends and chatting about cars.
  • cdczsekm
    Best automotive podcast out there!
    Best ever!
  • Englishimport
    Best Automotive podcast.
    Matt and Zack are super down to earth, as much as they have a love for the super rich, they know a large majority of their listeners aren’t going to drop $100-500k on a car. They have great observational opinions about every car they review.
  • Thiccc boy Dallas
    Great show
    Love this podcast!
  • jhanson1023
    Best podcast for car people who want more
    This has to be hands down one of the best podcasts for car enthusiasts who want more than just car talk. I always take something useful from each podcast and I listen every single Tuesday and Thursday like clockwork. I along with many others appreciate the work you guys put into this and the wide variety of guests you’re able to get on the show. Thank you guys for all the content!
  • Subie spence
    I mean it’s just the best
    TST is the best automotive podcast
  • json453
    The best car show
    Love these guys
  • Dave Brittelli.
    My home for automotive information and insight. Matt and Zach are ever entertaining.
  • Stick to cars
    Great, if it sticks to cars.
    Listen to this podcast if you want; 1. A grown man who likes cats. 2. A guy who ordered a pink Porsche. 3. A 40 year old who has a Ferrari and Lamborghini and is a “progressive” (It’s time to grow up, Matt) 4. A guy who is into Seiko watches. 5. A guy who talks non stop about progressive, social justice politics. Givin the above. This is not guy who’s opinion anybody should value.
  • atbutt03
    A good time
    Always a good time listening to Matt and Zach together or with guests. Really enjoy the content both automotive related and otherwise. Makes a night watch at sea go quickly.
  • RaceDeck
    Good fun and Great content!
    Love the approach and no-holds taken take mat has on his car reviews and behind the scenes. If I’m not driving something that sounds great on the road, I’m listening to this! Racedeck / RD Speedgarage
  • That guy that rates games
    Too much political talk
    I used to listen to this show as the episodes came out and really enjoyed it. But lately it’s just gotten more and more political complaining. I come here to hear about cars and funny stories, not about how much he hates whatever side he’s not on. I know my opinion isn’t going to change a thing at all but I hope these car podcasts will get back to what we all come here for which is car reviews and stories about them. Shows like everyday driver and tfl stick to what they know which is what makes them such great shows.
  • Boomer22770
    It’s ok
    Ok podcast. Host comes off like a typical d-bag but sure he is probably the total opposite in person. Great thing about it is that you can always turn it off when you’ve had enough.
  • Messenger18
    Good show needs to stay on topic
    I really like the show. I just found the podcast and I really like it, but I wish Matt would stay on topic and I get onto stupid controversial topics like politics or Twitter lol. Just talk about cars. If you don’t like Tesla trash the company but when he starts talking about controversial topics that have nothing to do with cars it turns me off from the Show. When he talks about cars I’m very intrigued and love it. When he starts talking about politics or controversial subjects I turn it off.
  • AudioFILE87
    Glad this show exists. I listen to podcasts when I run and when I commute. This one is in heavy rotation. Always entertaining and informative. The one start reviews are almost as entertaining as the show itself. Keep it up!
  • scotthilly
    Matt lol
    Been a listener for a couple years and find the show to be funny and informative, but like everyone else says — Matt can go big on politics sometimes and it’s annoying. He is kind of a douche and talks over people but that’s part of the charm and it’s honestly entertaining. Other than that, good show and absolutely love the people they have on.
  • jermgal
    Great guest
    The show has always been good but since opening the studio it’s elevated to great. The guest have become greatly varied, which has lead to more interesting car related topics and personal stories. This is content I look forward to. Awesome job Matt and zack!
  • J m c 6 7 9
    Best around
    What happened to the first 110 or so episodes? ITunes stops around 115. Went looking for “tales of Greenwich” today and one of the earlier Alex Roy episodes... no dice. Anyone know how to find the earlier episodes? Shoutengine shows a 404 error
    Best podcast ever
    Gotta love it, matt is a genius, and very insightful. It’s always a pleasure listening to him and Zach! 11/10 would recommend for all Jews😈🙌🏼
  • Airfreek
    Spikes Car Radio
    Pretty crappy if you to ambush someone on their own podcast like you did on SCR with the Tesla designer episode.
  • BB_Berto
    Just rewatched your appearance on JRE. In 2019. You crushed it! You were so good dude. Hope the two of you are friends.
  • nopiston
    Best Show Yet
    Matt and Zack, your show with Bert Kreischer was truly fantastic. Engaging, personal, funny (I listen to your podcast while running and laughing out loud made it it a little difficult!), and man- you had me excited for his endurance race b-day gift too! Great job. -Randy down in OC
  • JMY1996
    Favorite podcast
    It’s pretty much perfectly organized. No annoying “transitions”, all the sponsorship is in bathe beginning of the show, the conversations usually have nice flow, and the hosts + guests typically stay on topic. The Tesla criticisms might sound heated at first, but they end up being valid and even funny. I have yet to find another podcast that can do all those things and keep my attention from start to finish.
  • Komisch
    Best Car Podcast
    This has to be one of the best car podcasts out there. The guests are always knowledgable and Matt and Zach have a way of making the conversation flow and keep the guests talking. There are so many amazing guests that I cannot even pick a favorite, but you owe it to yourself to check out some of the Doug DeMuro and Freddy Hernandez (Tavarish) shows to get a taste of the behind the scenes for these popular YouTube content creators. Then there are the crew shows, which go in depth into a variety of topics and are a perfect companion to the SmokingTire YouTube car reviews. Props to Matt and Zach for such an awesome podcast, as this is not easy, but each episode reminds me why I love this show!
  • zzzzzz3425rz123
    Winding watch talk
    The winding watches chat was swell. I can listen to people talk about winding watches all day and night. Maybe do a separate podcast about winding watches and then another about dials and then another about tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick sounds.
  • johnsonkl7
    Social justice warrior talking cars
    If you’re into social justice politics, promoting useless vaccine info, hating on Elon Musk & Tesla, then this is your podcast. However, if the host Matt Farah left all of that out, it probably would be a 5 star podcast in my opinion. He is knowledge about cars in general, because he grew up as a rich kid and had access to many things the average person couldn’t.
  • HousCajun
    High Quality
    Matt and Zach put together a high quality show. They are journalists and not beholden to any manufacturer. I appreciate their thoughtful opinions and professional content.
  • Trevor welds
    850 miles of commuting/week made fun
    Im a welder/mechanic at a power plant in Baltimore, but live near Gettysburg, Pa. I drive 850 miles a week commuting to work in my heavily modified mk5 vw jetta. While i responsibly fly up and down the freeway to and from work i listen to Matt and Zack talk cars, modifications, and everyday hardships and pleasures in between. They may talk about “high end” cars i cant afford but i just love listening. I also enjoy the youtube content that i throw on my tv in my home shop while i do paint, mechanical, and welding side jobs to make the hard work and long days more enjoyable. Keep it up you guys, all the content is much appreciated!!!!
  • leobachand
    Finally a social justice car show!
    If your a social justice warrior this is your place! Love cars and fighting for equity, this is the best show!!!
  • Ethan’s Mac
    How Much is Porsche paying you
    People ask about what cars would be good for different situations and no matter the situation the answer is a Porsche. Yes they have nice cars but be a little more creative, immediately lose interest when the answer to every question is Porsche.
  • Last normal person left
    Less dope = more hope
    The shows have improved with Matt not smoking weed during them. The quality is better.
  • AdamLovesHittingBalls
    My Favorite Podcast
    Absolutely love Matt and Zack. I’ve been listening to the show for 2.5 years now and love going back to listen to some of the old gems. Best part about the podcast is Matt has an awesome wealth of knowledge when it comes to autos but whenever he opens his mouth about anything else, especially politics, sounds like a stoner tankie. Can’t agree on everything but love the car talk.
  • DinoJKC
    Perfect Media
    Matt and Zack along with all of the regular guests of the show/long time friends have entertained me on this Podcast and parallel video channels since I started going to college in 2009. This show is my perfect form of entertainment. I’m not word savvy enough to explain why, it just is. I’m happy to hear of the Patreon subscription news, and to have an easy and low-key way to support the content that’s supported me for so long. In my household, instead of Saturday morning cartoons, we prefer to catch up on TST car reviews with our milk and cereal. Thank you!
  • Fergasaures
    Knowledgeable, Honest, Authentic and So Refreshing
    Matt and Zach are top shelf. I’ve only discovered the podcast a year or so ago but have listened to every episode. They are deeply knowledgeable about the automotive landscape. And when they do not know something. They are honest about it. It’s so refreshing to hear someone say “I don’t know”. (You won’t hear on TST is “don’t quote me,” which is often followed by an ignorant comment. ) They have facts that they deliver well and they clearly articulate when they pivot to opinions. Theyhave don’t follow any party lines even though people throw them into a certain category. There party line is decency and respect. Yet they have values they believe in and are not going to simply dance around a issue. Which is so authentic and enjoyable to listen to.Truly it makes me more inclined to listen to a podcast when they stand for something. And even if I disagree. It doesn’t matter I and many offering desire for people to stand up for what they understand and believe in but to do it with decency and respect. Which Is something we desperately need more of in this world.
  • Marcustrom
    Finally: Straight-Up Car People Podcast!
    Love the content, verify entertaining while I’m traveling until I can see the YouTube content. Awesome guests! (Steve Dinan was OUTSTANDING!) Thanks Matt and team for a great weekly program!
  • Bhkhfygbnkohv
    Used to love it, had to unsubscribe- just can’t stand Matt pushing his silver spoon, Cali liberal POV non stop. Since when is it cool to be a big pharma fan boy ? Zack get away from this clown. PS- Matt , did Elon bang your wife at some point ?
  • Reindeer2695
    Gareth Reynolds Episode Excellent
    I’m conservative and want to come to this podcast for cars only and escape politics. However, Matt’s warning at the beginning was great and how he made it clear that’s what this episode was about. The topics discussed were spot on and Matt presented them with his platform in the correct way.
  • sampson17771
    Goodbye Smokin Tire
    I guess there are no guest standards in podcasting , anyone , regardless of their business activities can be featured. Lost a listener.
  • willb115
    Downhill slide
    Show used to be one of if not the best car related podcasts, now it’s trust fund champagne socialist California boot licking hour with with some my Lambo or 328 talk.I’m over it.
  • Helmet124
    Show used to be credible
    I used to love this show and the mostly unbiased reviews of cars no matter the brand etc, which in all fairness is a hard thing to do. I had to stop listening though because of the literal hate for anyone who was a republican or trump supporter. Why should that have anything to do with automotive reviews? The plain ignorant comments like, “republicans all beat their wives”, etc (and yes this is an actual quote from Matt, just have no place in a podcast about car performance and reviews. If you notice comments and hate towards the other side are almost always left wing sided on where the hate comes from. Can’t we just talk cars? In your candidate of choices own words and only complete sentence he’s successfully completed, “c’mon man”.
  • InkedAneurysm
    Mike Spinelli episode- East Coast greatness
    Great references and laughs! Now a fan of him in the show
  • Cdezzy420
    Best car podcast
    Love it!!!!!
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