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A daily podcast that revels in all things Bravo (and beyond!). Join Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam as they praise, ridicule, and eviscerate the Real Housewives, Below Deck, and whatever other crap Bravo throws at us. We mock because we love. Support us at for bonus episodes, video recaps, and exclusive access to our Discord server.

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  • Kms1284739293648
    Literally laugh out loud amazing
  • C-AP
    Best (and most hilarious) podcast
    This particular podcast has had my shoulders shaking and tears running down my face on the NYC subway trains. Thankfully, acting weird in public is acceptable here. Ha!
  • xxsammyxx978
    Simply the best
    No one does it better than these 2!! Makes my day everyday.
  • SAV 74
    Very entertaining - my new favorite
    This podcast makes me laugh out loud, especially the impressions. I am obsessed and look forward to Ronnie and Ben’s take on Vanderpump Rules, Summer House, Winter House and Southern Charm. Ronnie and Ben are the very best.
  • sonia_says
    Love their Real Housewives & VPR! Their Lisa and Ken impressions are brilliant! Lol
  • LindaYogaGirl
    German Tom for jumping on Gabri’s bed—mean. He got his. Love you guys!
  • I didn’t do anything wrong!!
    I’ve taken on your impression of Jenn A! I speak like Scarlet O’Hara and add baby to the end of every sentence baby!! I love this pod baby! I’m all in on NJ right now but can’t wait to listen to the others baby!! You guys are hysterical baby!
  • LDOD.
    I have always been into Bravo, but now I literally just watch the shows to listen to your podcast. Your Lindsay and Carl impressions bring me such joy I literally can’t describe it.
  • hollyholy77
    My Favorites
    I am obsessed with y’all. I don’t even watch all the shows but I listen to all your recaps just because I love hearing all your bullship. Keep it coming, you complete me.
  • kckckckckkckckckckc
    So Good
    Not to be dramatic, but I’m not sure what I would do without this podcast. Lifesaver and so so hilarious!
  • LP90909
    You two regular poors really make me laugh. Love ya!
  • Traci Gallagher
    So funny
    Ben and Ronnie never disappoint! Have seen them live 3 times and each show is better than the previous one.
  • Instagrommy
    Love to listen to your recaps, so funny! But have to admit that I don’t love the fat shaming of Gail. I don’t get that.
  • rosealldavis
    THE BEST Bravo podcast!
    Ben and Ronnie are the absolute best. They make me laugh so so hard.
  • Michelley mom
    Love you guys
    But, please… the joke about Tom and his son being a mixologist. I can’t hear it again. Still 5 stars cuz I’ll listen to you guys forever
  • Kim69420
    Best podcast Ever!!!
    Ben and Ronnie are like a warm hug. They are both so funny, sweet, and relatable. I love y’all so much!!!
  • oldasshousewife
    You two are hilarious
  • Rodders323
    No seriously, hysterical.
  • Andrésney
    Family Karma
    The fat one just likes to disagree! He’s also a hypocrite and contradicts himself on a regular! He’s annoying! You’re not funny and you’re mommy issues are boring!
  • SMO4438
    Lisa Vanderpump
    Ronnie’s impression of Lisa is absolutely incredible and I would pay good money to listen to it all day 😂
  • Javonte1
    The Inest wine you guys are talking about is Martelle grandmothers name he named it after her
  • Mr Blind
    Please make your Live shows….
    …the Top Chef and Bellow Deck recaps. Don’t waste your VPR or RH recaps on Lives. I never listen to the Lives. They’re terrible compared with your focused, hilarious ‘studio’ recaps. I know you won’t listen since that’s probably how you make a ton of money, I just wanted to let you know, I hate the Live episodes and never download those.
  • LauraP210
    The Recap of the penultimate episode of PumpRules was everything
    I’ve been a huge fan of Ronnie from when he was still co-hosting Rose Pricks, so when he left that show I naturally made my way over to Watch What Crappens even though I don’t watch any Bravo shows beside Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Like many others, I started watching Vanderpump Rules after Scandoval broke and I love their recaps of it! Ronnie and Ben’s reenactment of the season finale trailer at the end of the most recent recap was the best part of an already hilarious live episode. I wish your tour would come down to Florida (although I understand why you probably don’t schedule a tour here, lol). Please consider adding Tampa to your tour route if you ever do decide to come down to Florida!
  • seasidebargains
    You make me day happier!
    I love listening to you guys! Tried some other podcasts that talk about Bravo and yours is the best by far. Thanks for sharing your talents
  • KittyKimmy666
    I just was listening to episode #322, Human Piñatas again and the voice you guys do for Martin Lawrence Ballard is the same voice you guys do for Bill Aydin😂😂 so good love you guys
  • not sonhapoy camper
    Summer House Martha’s Vineyard
    In regards to the comment about the secret handshake: fraternity life is incredibly important to the black community, and you criticizing the guys for keeping their secret handshake, SECRET and out of view from the public(which is how secret handshakes work even if there isn’t a camera) is dismissive and subsequently offensive. I’m a fan of the show, but not a fan of you insulting part of black culture
  • Tanyawest
    Listen …
    I am so happy i found these guys. I’ve been hearing them mention the bad reviews they get and i just laugh. If you have a heart beat and want to laugh. Listen to these guys. Love it.
  • deliahbabbingtonstanwick
    Patricia Poppins
    Bob Barker is alive!! 😂
  • Kim1169
    Can’t get enough 😘
    Thank you boys, you never disappoint!!! You’ve inspired me to experiment with leeks!!!!
  • Gliiiiiitttttt
    This is the gold standard of podcasts. There will never be a better one. I can’t believe I never reviewed! I have no clue who wouldn’t love this, aside from people who don’t watch any of the shows. The beauty is also in the sheer number of shows you cover, there’s something for every Bravo viewer!
  • Max👌🏻👍🏻😝😊😁😋
    That “laugh” 👎🏼
    Top Chef recaps are overloaded with fake dialogue from Padma & Ronnie’s loud inhale laugh. I love you guys but it’s too much.
  • katieod512
    Summer House
    I listened to the Carl and Lindsey proposal scene about 6 times, Carl’s voice is my absolute favorite 😂😂😂
  • jlmisco
    I love this podcast
    Your Lala imitation needs work. Scheana’s the one with the hard S’s because of her veneers.
  • kenzeebell
    May I just say that I am living for an hour and a half recap on a 30 minute show. ( Tom S/WWHL ) I really feel like we should be friends, because this is how it goes down with me and my bravo-besties! Thanks for the giggles, y’all. 💕😎💕
  • Dygg8902
    Love Ben and Ronnie
    My go-to for funny, smart takes on Bravo. They really brighten the day with their humorous recaps.
  • Podcastloverk
    Love the dynamic between Ben and Ronnie. Funny, silly, and entertaining. Thank you for making my day brighter!
  • Professor Petticoat
    Chef's kiss...
  • slynzz
    You guys make my day ! 🤣
  • Laurae1072
    I Can't!
    Ben and Ronnie never disappoint. I listen with my air pods in during work and without fail end up laughing out loud several times per podcast . I'm sure my co workers think I'm crazy! Thanks you for the entertainment guys!!!
  • Goooo gooo
    So Good!!!
    Ben and Ronnie are a match made in heaven! Play off of each other perfectly and make me literally LOL with their impressions. I even love the sponsor list they go through at the end.
  • AwolfnamedEarl
    My go to for a better day
    Always makes me laugh, every single episode no matter how bad of a day I might be having.
  • AntiB
    I just laugh and laugh and laugh
    And we all need to do that don’t we? Boost that serotonin with this podcast. Hilarious!
  • nifer86
    Just discovered this and am binging all the old episodes. Absolutely hilarious!! I am dying at your James Kennedy and Tom Swartz impressions and then today I heard Alexia for the first time and lololololol!! Thank you so much for making such quality content and feeding my bravo obsession. Highly recommended for laugh out loud humor!
  • BravHos
    Love these guys! Every time they do the Miami impressions, I laugh so hard.
  • Elise April
    The BEST
    Ben and Ronnie single handedly have the best Bravo podcast. They make my day so much better every time I tune in, and I can’t stop laughing out loud at their various impressions. I can’t wait to see them in Chicago!!
  • Pmn1978
    Leave politics out of this podcast
  • Lilyh21
    The most compliments no one asked for
    Anytime that I’m cleaning or cooking or walking the dog or driving, I have to have something on or I can’t concentrate. For that reason, I listen to audiobooks and podcasts. These guys are *absolute geniuses.* I thought I was taking crazy pills because anytime I’ve tried to join online discourse about Bravo shows, most of the mainstream opinions are the opposite of mine. I finally felt fully validated while listening to this pod! Granted, at times they’re a little on the harsh side re: some of the personalities for comedic effect. But overall, I could not agree more on their assessment of these characters. I truly believe these two guys have beautiful hearts while still being able to zero in on the CORE of someone’s insecurities and why they act the way they do. In case they ever read this, I want to say thank you so much for giving me something to do while I am redecorating my house or doing housework drudgery and making me cry laughing. You really have added value to the world with this work that you’ve done and I love you both so much!!
  • JP10375
    I have loved you both for all the housewives recaps but your Top Chef recaps have me crying happy tears every episode!!😂😂😂 Thank You for bringing so much joy to us!!!
  • notakhaleesianymore
    The best
  • Rbb_Jenn
    So talented and hysterical
    Ronnie and Ben are so beyond amazing at what they do, I follow some shows I’m only half interested in just so I can hear what these two have to say 😂 They deliver SO MUCH content, we are honestly not worthy.
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