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A daily podcast that revels in all things Bravo (and beyond!). Join Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam as they praise, ridicule, and eviscerate the Real Housewives, Below Deck, and whatever other crap Bravo throws at us. We mock because we love. Support us at for bonus episodes, video recaps, and exclusive access to our Discord server.

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  • GoreLouJ
    Favorite Podcast Eva!!!
    This podcast is one of the funniest recaps of reality television that I have ever listened to! Their Teresa Giudice impression along with many other housewives have me rolling on the floor. I am well aware that I look like a maniac driving down the road when listening to this podcast. You two are my absolute favorite!! Thank you for the countless hours of laughter ❤️🫶
  • NappyDresser
    Love the Podcast!
    However, Semester at Sea is not below specks! It’s an awesome program! Spring 1980! ❤️
  • Momlife❤️2
    Love you but what’s with all the ads ?
    Love your show! Makes me laugh so hard but why are there SO many ads in your latest podcasts? I’m fast forwarding more than listening.
  • KIPHazel
    You’re simply the Best. 🤯💥🤯 Kellee from Oregon
  • missylazo
    Wild & crazy guys!! .. Ben & Ronnie
    Listen just listen & you will laugh & make you want to Listen & laugh much more .. Mariposa!! I love how you guys do Kristan .. & Jax & Britney sooo funny .. I find myself saying “…kah kah mariposa seriously “ out of nowhere 😂😂🙏 guys don’t ever stop recapping these Bravo shows & if Andy ever quits you guys should take his place OMG!! It be so much fun guys ! Keep being wild & crazy …guys!! 😘
  • MCKallDAY
    I never listened to a recap pod because i never saw the point until now. I belly laugh and I watch bravo shows I never did, just so I can follow along with Ben and Ronnie. Im so glad there are several hours of content a week. they have legit brought joy to my life.
  • Atypical Christina.
    The best 💕
    I don’t watch much bravo, but this is my favorite podcast. You guys ALWAYS make me laugh & smile! Which as an autistic woman going through menopause, I can’t stand most people. 😂 But I seriously (Kristen voice) love you guys!!!!! Ps. Thinking of watching more bravo just to listen to your recaps. 😂💕
  • Contactually obsessed
    Best bravo pod
    SO good, so funny, so real. I hope they recap bravo forEVER.
  • Megggie3000
    Asking fans to do FREE LABOR?
    I’m sorry, did I just hear you two asking fans to type episode transcripts and categorize podcast episodes for you for FREE? I hope I misheard, bc I never heard a word about you PAYING them for the work you’re asking them to “help” you with. This podcast makes more than enough money to hire someone for minimum wage off UpWork or Thumbtack or through a temp agency, and relying on your fame and fanbase to get away with free labor is seriously gross. This shows such a lack of respect for your fans, and a gross disregard for the zillions of people who need jobs/gigs/additional income. If your workload is too much, HIRE a person fairly or just quit doing the podcast—but don’t take away work from someone who does transcription and data entry/categorization, and DEF don’t do it by conning fans into doing your grunt work for you for free. Gross gross gross
  • Alewstyd
    Loyal long time listener
    But really Dana bowling she made fun of your podcast on her podcast before lol . Have y’all seen what a bully she is and making fun of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and having her husband bully someone on her behalf .
  • Barbie 91
    Love Ronnie & Ben! They are hilarious recapping bravo shows
  • directv app bites
    When did Ronnie start hating everyone? 🤣
  • beenmmmmmm
    I swear I’m never gonna stop loving you two goobers ♥️
    The best and funniest podcast you’ll EVER come across. Period. Dot.
  • Atassel
    Like Hours in the sand glass..These are the days of our lives….
    Paying homage to Marlena during her possession era! 🙌🏼 You got me!
  • Trmroller
    Totally authentic and entertaining. Perfect Team!!!
    You two are sooo in sync!!!!Thanks for keeping it real and not drowning us in ads! I appreciate your humor and perspective! CONGRATULATIONS on sll your success. !
  • heather ab
    Cream of the crop!
    This show got me hooked on podcasting when I stumbled upon it after watching Summer house. I feel like at this point the hosts Ben and Ronnie are like me personal friends.
  • shihsonny
    Crying laughing
  • LipPowbyBrittPow
    The best!!!!!
    The impressions are my absolute favorite and y’all killed The Valley scene of the dinner after Jax’s hair loss event. My favorite podcast ever!!!
  • Kelcielewis
    Hilarious Podcast
    Super talented impressionist!
  • LLBC1
    Favorite reality TV / Bravo recap shop
    This is my favorite podcast! It's a timeline cleanser for life. I look forward to the podcasts more than the actual shows.
  • ginny91794
    Hi chefs
    Literally the only bravo podcast that matters. I love that they put out episodes almost every day!! Truly cannot get enough. A must listen 🙏
  • bugbusch2
    Wipe your mouth and I don’t like your frenetic energy
    Bravossimo!! Nailed it Ben! Captured my exact thoughts I had to screen record and send to friends.
  • Krbowe01
    Love it!
    I watch most of the show that are recapped but a couple I don’t watch but still listen to the recap. Hilarious! Great podcast to balance my True Crime obsession!
  • JP10375
    I’m listening to some old ollld episodes and I have to say that I’m SO glad Matt is no longer part of the show. What a Debbie downer … and for some reason I feel like he had some sort of underlying grudge against Ben. It is so awkward listening to his digs and passive aggressive comments. Good riddance! You guys have so much amazing chemistry. Love you both!💙💙
  • Terrible Food Delivery
    Listening to Episode 114 was demoralizing.
    Hearing Ronnie refer to Peter as “Uncle Ben” when discussing RHOA and excusing a woman in ‘Blood, sweat and …” being tardy because of “black people time” blew my mind and not in a good way. It was long ago, but still. You both are brilliant and you don’t need to stoop this low.
  • Hb1224
    the funniest
    This podcast is the missing link to my Bravo addiction!!!! have never looked forward to listening to a podcast as much as I do with Watch What Crappens. It is hilarious and I like how they critique the episodes and poke fun at the people on Bravo without being entirely mean spirited. The hosts have so much chemistry together and I’m obsessed with the voice imitations they do, my favorite is Dorit. Thank you for making me lol during my commute!
  • Jim H in Nevada
    Funny but can take awhile to roll
    The guys are very funny overall but I feel I need to fast forward the first 5-10 minutes until they get in a groove. Sometimes they talk about the less impactful topics early.
  • DebRN72
    I love this!!
    I love your podcast!! Your 2 recaps of Below Deck with Jill had me giggling the whole time. Ding dong lol!!!
  • Capejan
    The voices crack me up!
    This show makes me giggle the whole time listening. The voice mimicking is so good- thanks for all the laughs!
  • Jodie1968
    These guys are so talented! They make me laugh so hard!
  • xanadu7
    Still AMAZING after all these years…
    I’m a long time listener and, even when I disagree with these guys or want to shout at them, I’m still entertained. They make me laugh at the silliness of these shows. Their chemistry & friendship shines & it’s nice to listen to people who seem to really enjoy these shows & their work. Thanks for the laughs!!!! We need laughter right now and Ronnie & Ben never disappoint!
  • MagsCobey
    Best bravo podcast
  • bMP91
    The best
    This is the only podcast I listen to that actually makes me laugh out loud while I’m driving, I actually look forward to going places to listen to these two. They make it feel like you’re in the conversation with them. Seriously these guys are AMAZING. Their sarcastic and sometimes dark humor is right up my alley. 10/10
  • Nutmeg51387
    I mean…
    I heard that this podcast was hilarious, so I was excited to give it a try. I began listening to the VPR recaps. Four episodes listened to and I’ve had enough. I’m pretty disappointed at the misogyny that underscores so many of the hosts’ opinions about the women of the show.
  • JPurdon
    Stop with the 2 parters!
    As a longtime listener I’m about ready to stop listening because you keep doing these long shows that end up as 2 parters. A 2 parter is great when you’re reviewing a finale or a reunion or something special, but it’s too much for a random HW or BD episode. The only reason they grow to 2 parts is because you guys go down rabbit holes that have nothing to do with the episode you’re discussing. Please stop!
  • 7LadiBugs
    You guys are Hilarious
    Found this podcast after it was recommended by the Reality Tea Gossip Site! My first time listening today while working and Yall had me crackin up! Your Robyn from Potomac impression is hilarious!
  • Modestgudge
    You keep me giggling
    You boys keep me giggling all week long! The people in Kroger think I’m military as I walk down the isles chuckling to myself. No notes! But when I saw that the title of this weeks Summer House was ‘The Only Living Flower Boy In New York’, I swooned!!!! No one knows that song. So 5 stars for you
  • Dawn from NorCal
    The GOAT
    This is my favorite podcast of all time. I’ve been listening since day one and Ben & Ronnie never disappoint. I even listen to the shows I don’t watch sometimes just because they are funny and I love their POV and impressions. I saw them live and it was a highlight of my year. Love it! 😊
    Thank You!
    Thank you guys for covering ALL the shows, including the predominately black cast shows like RHOA, RHOP, SH: Martha’s Vinyard ect… I feel like you guys always do an excellent job with voices and never do ignorant stereotypical blackccents when doing your voices acting. I’ve become a huge fan and always find myself laughing out loud whenever listening to you two talented men!
  • The middle23
    Was a Christian listener
    The hatered for Christians by the host in The Valley recap has unfortunately caused me to have to unsubscribe.
  • totoro260
    Ronnie PLEASE fix your audio
    I’m only giving a one star so they might actually see this. Only Ronnies audio will go in and out of being super echo-ey (not a word?I listen with headphones a lot of the time and it’s unlistenable when his audio is like that and I have to change it. Ben’s is crystal clear
  • ShameOnZynga
    Thanks for the laughs!
    These two are SO funny. When Ronnie likened a cast member of The Valley to Mrs Kravitz from Bewitched, I had to Google. I then proceeded to LOL on & off for the next 20 minutes. 😆 Their takes are both spot-on & hilarious!
  • clausfawn
    Ben, please, stop stammering
    Obviously a great podcast, Ronnie is amazing but lately I’ve been having a tough time enjoying it because Ben Never seems to know when to give it a rest— please stop repeating yourself! And over explaining your projection-laden explanations of relationship dynamics! We get it (it’s not that complicated), please get on with the recap.. also the Katie Maloney scoffing is painful, please lay off that sound. Joke made, move on.
  • wildandfunny
    100on summer house
    Something is wrong with Carl - thank you for seeing more! Love the conversation!
  • beezinthekneez
    Sometimes great and other times maddening
    I’ve listened to Ben and Ronnie since WWC started. It’s so good most of the time that I admit I am spoiled and nitpick-y, HOWEVER I hate Ben’s impressions of Robin, Lindsey Hubbard, Garcelle ( downright racist imo). I also feel like they have watered down content and opinions for the almighty dollar. So much is about shilling their Patreon and tour dates. Again, I get it but they’ve lost my trust. I no longer can listen and enjoy fully because I know that they are pandering to their advertisers and freshly-minted fan base. These new listeners have no idea of just how great this podcast was. It was irreverent and subversive ‘outsider culture’. No more, sadly. Instead we get to listen to them talk about the cars they’re buying, events they’re invited to properties they are buying etc. ugh.
  • SallySalamander1111
    You two are unbelievably talented and I agree with your take on Lindsay on Summer House! Thank you for being balanced about it. Love you both !
  • murdered eardrums
    Best impressions! GARSH!
    Because I often find myself exclaiming “GARSH!” in real life, wanted to honor my fave impressions: Ronnie’s “Popeye as victim” voice for Sandoval (dying!!) - Craig from SC - Ramona and Sai from RHONY - Scheana and Kristen from VPR (Seriously…seriously?!) - Lisa and Monica (blrlrlrlrrrrrr!) from RHSLC. Honorable mention: “I’m Greek!” excessively inserted into every RHSLC Angie impression. It’s overboard in the most perfect way. Also, thanks to you I’ve quit VPR, and don’t have to waste my time watching this new overproduced hot garbage version of VPR. It was SO much better when it had the organic reality feel, so giving you my ad dollars instead!!
  • Texasmama7
    LOVE!!!!! 😍😍😍
    I can’t get enough of Ronnie & Ben. They literally have me rolling laughing. My family looks at me crazy as I cackle the whole time listening to them on my headphones. My favorite reality recap podcast of all time! Makes me enjoy my reality shows even more! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Despondent Chucklehead
    Always Hilarious!!!!!
    Ronnie and Ben are so incredibly talented at retelling reality shows in the most captivating ways! They can mimic the voices of the characters perfectly, but also summarize the shows very thoroughly and are more interestingly than the shows by themselves! I sometimes listen before I watch the shows because they are so great at capturing what happened and I love to hear their perspectives first and know what to expect! I have been listening for years and listen to other podcasts, but nobody is nearly as good as the Watch What Crappens Boys! Thank you!!!!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗
  • TNelly7
    Ann… The Office?
    I was just watching The Office and Ann, Tom’s assistant, appeared! I thought I was just hearing someone with a similar voice but it was totally her. She was one of the telemarketers when Michael got a second job. One of his coworkers. So randommm PS- love you guys!
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