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The Lawfare Podcast features discussions with experts, policymakers, and opinion leaders at the nexus of national security, law, and policy. On issues from foreign policy, homeland security, intelligence, and cybersecurity to governance and law, we have doubled down on seriousness at a time when others are running away from it. Visit us at
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  • midwestBlue
    Excellent show today! Per that facist italian facebook group that was removed from facebook. what they are saying & demanding isn’t even logical. they are using one side of their argument that a US company/facebook can’t impose IUS US standards on an Italian group chat because a US company has different standards than italian standards, basically they are saying you can’t judge us. then on the other hand it wants to flip their own argument for staying online/facebook to saying, oh yeah and btw, we insist you/facebbok allow our italian based chat group to be seen by US and the rest of the world, pretty much saying the US & the rest of the world standards be damned. Hey black shirts, you cannot have it both ways. blahhh
  • hang zuckerberg
    A question
    Why can’t texeira be court martialed
  • Hemet Hockey Gmom
    Fabulous - except . . .
    Informed discussion on relevant topics with enough background for those of us who aren’t paying a lot of attention when we should. Except - growling and chewing words in the misguided practice of following Paris Hilton - whom I’ve been informed was the originator of talking with the sound of a three-pack-a-day smoker who’s over 40. I’m hearing this confounding way of speaking in men as well as women. It hurts the vocal cords of listeners and garbles speech so it’s difficult to even understand what’s being said. I’m listening while pedaling my bike in traffic and even the audio playing through my 16 track hearing aids can’t make sense of words when they are garbled and the sound reduced at the end of sentences - where the important words are spoken.
  • mindcentric
    Tremendous respect!
    Tremendous respect! Superb in all respects. Superb April 2 Chatter podcast with Målfrid Braut-Hegghammer
  • ur_worst_NiGhTmArE
    Informative, well researched, followable (I’m 15 but I think they do a good job laying these things out in an understandable fashion).
  • Slanebrain
    Insightful, concise, balanced & fact driven!
    Consistently thought provoking and informative. The regulars as well as the guests bring keen intellects and broad knowledge to bear on discussions. I don’t always agree in whole with the positions taken, but I relish the rigor with which the positions are arrived at. Thanks!!!!!
  • Briseis27
    Are you there?
    Best episode title ever! I had to give a five star review just because I love that so much, but actually— this is a podcast that I didn’t expect to frequent, based on published works available from hosts, but you know? One day I realized I wanted to hear what they had to say in thinking through issues — a lot of people have gotten pretty lazy in their thinking— these folks are not lazy. They think. It is an under appreciated contribution these days maybe. But don’t forget to thank the great benefactor, Judy Blume, who took the time to raise a certain forgotten generation when their parents weren’t home.
  • Pudelmom
    Hacker’s mind
    Too disorganized
  • Omar Fan
    Chatter episode was great!
    Such an interesting story on the submarine retrieval, and the focus on impact to intelligence reporting from media was a great approach to the story. Thank you!
  • sfncar
    More Archivists! ⭐️
    David gets a gold star for seeing the root of the problem!
  • JohnStinson#2
    Not a big fan of the opening music but, personal taste aside, I’d prefer to have it fade out completely before Ben begins the intro. As it is, he and the music are competing. Also, Ben sound like he’s talking into a bucket, hollow and echo-y. It’s unfortunate to have minor technical issues detract from the information the Lawfare folks are trying to present.
  • coco 2023
    Can’t live without it!
    What a great show. In depth, but followable. Clever hosts, timely guests- what else could one want? Many, many thanks.
  • Joeynsc
    I think they are probably true believers
    I find that I disagree with much of what the narrative is. I also think that they believe what they are saying. Good to know where they are coming from.
  • Andieo1997
    This is the perfect choice for anyone interested in learning more about national security, law, or policy! Each episode is informative and enjoyable.
  • Dragonwings121
    Chris Slobogin interview
    Maybe you should study Washington's new traffic State laws. Police can no longer do a traffic stop on probable cause; this is the reading, to the best of my knowledge. Police can not pull over a stolen car; any person pulled over can leave or not pull over unless it's for a DUI stop, and even then, police aren't pulling over those drivers much. My point in asking you to look at this is that it's become wild west driving, and it seems to me not enforcing minor laws, say no license plate or stolen car, has created more danger for other law-abiding citizens. What professors and politicians need to think about next time is what repercussions can happen in changing laws. I hate to say this, but it's created a lawless atmosphere. Police in Seattle don't arrest personal use drug users, this change was about the same time as the traffic, and I can say violence has gone way up because of a couple of minor tweaks in laws. This year I have had five murders, and rapes, robberies, and assaults have increased in less than a 5-mile area from my home. I understand covid could have something to do with this, but it's become ridiculous and barely liveable in Seattle. Please take care when changing laws and look carefully at citizens' safety besides the criminal's safety, and study what changes might do to a community. I love your podcast and find it fascinating subjects. Can you also look at the correlation between homicides and early releases done from jails and prisons? I work in a Jail and have seen the murder rate skyrocket, especially around homeless encampments that may have been where the early releases may have gone. They've become more like a homeless gangs with lots of violence of, murders, rapes, and serious assaults. Shelters have been placed in minority areas, and they've had a massive increase in violence. It may correlate with legalizing all drugs, which not arresting personal use has accomplished. Crime in Seattle is terrible, and we need help with some studies done on violence and citizens feeling unsafe in our community. Thank you.
  • Coach9642
    Sound quality is a big turn off
    So many of your guests use poor microphones and can make it really hard to listen. I often stop listening when the guests sound poor. Even the use of basic iPhone headphones would make a world of difference!
  • Samulagee
    This Podcast Makes Me Feel Smart & Stupid
    Just started listening recently, and I really enjoy this podcast even though I don’t have a legal background. Usually, I can make sense of everything said on the pod. That being said, I did recently have a hard time googling the legal term “En Banc” because I kept spelling it “On Bonk.” So listening is sometimes a humbling experience. I feel like I’m learning a lot, and I generally like podcasts where experts/total nerds engage in rigorous discussions of important topics. Ben Wittes is very funny, and I recently subscribed to his dog newsletter on Substack, which I highly recommend.
  • lebo_in_the_burgh
    Lawfare fanfare
    One of my go-to podcasts throughout the week! It’s not just for legal experts. I always come away with more nuanced understanding on myriad topics. Thank you.
  • Eylyis
    Midterm ‘22 episode
    This is a go to podcast for me but the Nov 10 episode was unbearable. Aside from the unquestioned groupthink, Molly Reynolds’s vocal fry and high-rising terminal were out of control and caused an insurrection of my ears. Ugh!
  • Need Reliability
    I drive a lot by 5-minute headline newscasts finish quickly & most broadcast only Monday-Friday. Lawfare gets into sufficient detail where listeners can actually learn something useful. And it presents 7 different programs every 7 days. Great. The 10/27/22 program on trains & security was excellent.
  • LindsayLucky
    The Lawfare Podcast
    I find at least 90% of shows fascinating and very helpful for understanding things that are happening in the world. I’m not a lawyer, and I really appreciate the legal sophistication brought “down” to my level.
  • Smalltowncrawler
    Straight talk - nuance included
    Lawfare is the essential thoughtful person’s guide to the bizarre events shaking the US and the world. The news may not always be good, but the smart and brave approach of the Lawfare podcast gives me the info and hope to understand and act.
  • apt6ix
    Very swampy
    It’s a great podcast if you want to be inundated with the DC policy bubble group think. I stopped listening after they had the propaganda chief Nina Jancowickz on.
  • J. Sims, Jr.
    ***Update: Scott R. Anderson frequently lets his voice trail off when he is talking, which makes big chunks of his comments indecipherable. :-/ Please, Scott, get a better microphone or maybe be more intentional about making sure you speak clearly throughout all your comments. Probably just be easier to do a little consumer research and buy a better mic.*** I'm not a lawyer, and I still like this podcast on the whole. I like a lot of the content and I learn a great deal from the discussions. Sometimes it gets in the weeds for me, but I think that's because I'm not a lawyer. One or two of the contributors *always* has an i'm smarter than you, finger-wagging, professorial tone/presence--but i SWEAR that I can hear a consequent eye-roll in the voice of some of the more down-to-earth hosts, and that makes up for it. LOL
  • Ginagina Smith
    Gone w the Wind
    Informative, interesting episode
  • Lulu3305
    Latest Chatter podcast
    I love Mary Louise Kelly on NPR so was very excited to listen to this podcast. The podcast didn’t disappoint. I never knew she wrote books but now that I know, will be getting them. Thank you for all your insightful podcasts.
  • Princeton Petrus
    Gleeson interview was great
    Best non trump lawfare in a long time!
  • comingoutofthekitchen
    Love your show…. I just wish y’all would check with Postal employees who actually do the work, on how ballots and political mail are handled . The political junk it treated like express mail but they only pay Pennie’s to mail it out. The Ballots used to be Certified Return Receipt until counties got to cheap to pay the postage, now, while they are delivered with Express Mail processing even though they only pay First class rates.
  • gādonā
    The paradox of Democracy
    The first part was interesting but in the end it just sounded like young guys in a dorm room I am an almost 80 year old retired nurse who has children, grandchildren land, soil, ground water and looks over a lake which is silting in. Wisconsin has lost its liberal democracy to really horrendous people who think our education, health, drinking water should be run in a private systems or even the profit center of private corporations who are science Deniers If you have any good ideas on how to save not just our democracy but the human race on this planet, step out of that dorm room and investigate what we are doing or trying to do every day. Point your angst and sarcasm on those science deniers who do policy by prevarication
  • RCG55
    Insightful and expert analysis, thought provoking discussion
    Insightful and expert analysis on compelling issues. I particularly appreciate the civil dialogue and thought provoking discussion that occurs when hosts have different interpretations of a situation. The only very minor criticism I have is the sound quality of the recording by Twitter Spaces. Some of the dialogue is difficult to follow when it sounds a bit broken up, or when a speaker’s voice sounds muffled or distant. Thank you for this very informative and important podcast.
  • Heudjejsuxhdndbxhd
    Good content
    They recently had someone on who spoke so fast that I had to use the 1/2x feature for the first time ever, I think Scott Anderson? I actually thought something was wrong with my phone and had to double check. Kind of weird to have to switch back and forth between speeds when listening but c’est la vie. But other than that, good show.
  • fiahsticks47
    Please do something about the volume swings
    Please do something to level out the volume, it swings between painfully loud and too quiet to hear. I get that people don’t have the greatest mics, but run a filter to level it out.
  • Swanima
    Lawfare Podcast
    If I am writing a review after giving 5 stars, obviously it means I love this. What I love is the deep academic dive into issues that concern all citizens without being boring! It’s intelligent and thought provoking. I always come away knowing little more about the issue discussed.
  • itwasntmesir45
    Bubble of Talking Points
    It's scary to think that lawyers who are supposed to without feeling follow and apply the law to matters have being tainted & poisoned with their hate for Trump. They have lost a grip on what is right or wrong. The truth matters and they apparently don't know what it is anymore. Sad.
  • Tymahz Toumadje
    Amazing Podcast
    One of the best national security/politics podcasts on the Apple Podcasts app.
  • nbdjehsga
    Good podcast but duck Supreme Court related stuff
    Love the podcast but they always duck controversial Supreme Court issues… makes you wonder why considering law is the central focus of the podcast…
  • Dog painter
    Brilliant and informative!
    I always learn so much from these podcasts. Yesterday it was an interesting interview with a native speaker journalist in Ukraine; Today with a Finn about Finland’s problematic relationship with the Soviet Union during WW2 and Cold War. Never knew much about the latter, and the former was very precise about the Russian/ Ukrainian war. Thank you!
  • Dragonfire 559
    Excellent, thoughtful, serious
    Today’s discussion with Andrea Chalupa covering Ukraine, the Soviet-manufactured famine inflicted on Ukrainians in the 1930s, and the twisted mindset that intentionally and with extreme depravity dehumanizes an “other” and sells that view to ordinary people, prompted me to write this 5 star review after listening for a few years. Wittes’ discussion with Chalupa was emblematic of the excellent, serious, apolitical work that Lawfare produces to benefit listeners. Lawfare exemplifies a commitment to thoughtful civil discussion based on facts and intelligent analysis rather than emotion or manipulative use of language.
  • No Nickname Reviewer
    Gitmo Fomer Chief Defense Counsel On
    Astonishingly this daily podcast seems to get better as time passes. Who but Ben Wittes could interview (or even think to interview) the Gitmo Former Chief Defense Counsel. The interview was measured, interesting, informative and even after the interminable Gitmo process made one stop and think again, not just about the 9/11 defendants but about the 20 + uncharged people there deprived on even a sliver of due process. Lawfare Podcast, you’ve hit it out of the park once again.
  • AgatecourtRoad
    Superb Podcast But Please Instruct Guests on Recording
    Lawfare is one of my favorite podcasts. It consistently features the most astute experts in long-form analysis. However, on behalf of myself and other listeners, I request that you PLEASE give your guests (and remotely connecting hosts) the proper technical instructions to produce high quality recordings in a non-ISDN, non-studio setting. To ensure legibility of the recording, the chief concerns are: 1) make sure they are using a microphone CLOSE to their mouth, not 12, 18, or 24 inches away on a laptop; 2) disable or minimize any noise-reduction processing on their end, which will often make the guest sound like he or she is underwater; and 3) if at all possible, ensure that they connect via ethernet cable, not via WiFi. Any processing of the audio should be done by you, the producer, with high quality tools, not by the guest. If the guest is connecting via Zoom, for instance, in Audio Settings they should select “Music and Professional Audio - Show in-meeting option to enable ‘Original Sound,’” and then enable it. This will provide the highest fidelity and least amount of distortion. If Original Sound does not produce an acceptable recording, “Suppress Background Noise” should be set to "Low" — not “Auto” or anything else. The goal should NOT be the elimination of background noise; it should be the LEGIBILITY of the voice, and this can only be accomplished by not over-processing it, and making sure it is adequately miked in the first place. Thank you for your outstanding work.
  • green cinamon
    Good depth, great coverage of topics, relevant guests
  • Lepetitmont
    Who knew
    … it’s always an hour long and they cover some pretty esoteric topics (they are mostly lawyers, I think), yet the deep dives into ‘the machinery’ are insightful, informative and this is why I always tune in.
  • LTietjens12
    I love this podcast!
    I was introduced to the Lawfare website by my international politics professor. I started getting my news from the sight in early January 2022. As a political science major with a minor in pre law I found website very informative and helpful. I recently decided to listen to the podcast and I am so happy I did. Not only is it a great way for me to get my information, but it is also a great way to save time. I know that I can get reliable information from this podcast without taking time out of my studies to read multiple articles and journals. I highly recommend this podcast!!!
    Love this podcast
    Not an attorney but have worked with and for them for thirty years. Love the law. Love that this podcast does not dumb anything down and provides thoughtful views and deep explanations and lively discussions. Listening in comforts me. There really ARE smart people out there trying to figure things out. And cable news personalities are not them! Thank you for being there. I know it’s not just for me but sometimes I think it is…..
  • Humbled Father
    I’ve been a quiet consumer of the redoubtable Lawfare blog and podcast since the earliest days. As someone with a strong interest in law and national security but is neither a lawyer nor an academic— I find their non-partisan and dispassionate discussions very enlightening and thought provoking.
  • Michelle ultimate player
    Audio is at time atrocious. Please recruit anew sound engineer.
    The topics are compelling, and the moderators are incredibly well informed. However, the audio is at times so clouded that it is difficult to comprehend the guests without turning to max volume. I am not hard of hearing by any means, but the quality in each episode varies wildly. For example, in the Peng Shuai episode, while the moderator and the female guest’s audio were clear and well balanced, the male guest’s audio was garbled and it sounded like he was just mumbling into a telephone. Not sure if it was vocal fry or what, but it sounded like he was trying to have a phone conversation during a funeral. For a podcast that is the arm of an incredibly well run legal research group, I am surprised at the poor quality of sound editing. I would HIGHLY recommend you recruit a new sound engineer, someone like Claire Bidigare-curtis who runs the 538 podcast sound editing. This is an issue that is isolated not to a single episode but one that I found recurring over and over and over. It truly has gotten to the point where despite having subscribed to, listened to, and supported this podcast for several years now, I finally felt the need to leave a review so that you understand how to improve your operations. Thank you.
  • BelowGramd
    Amazing conversation
    Between Alexander Vindman and Fiona Hill. I think they have much more to say.
    Speaking of whistle blowers in general, and the Panama Papers in particular: “The lack of remorse about taking information that is proprietary to a company, and using that for personal gain…what was Panama Papers? It was taking information from law firms and publishing it. There are more and more examples of that occurring, and I think that will continue to occur until such time as, whether it be the states or the feds, recognize that there is another side to the coin. I’m not advocating widespread prosecution, but there has to be an acknowledgment that corporations are entitled to protect their trade secrets, their assets, their information. And employees sign confidentiality provisions, and let’s not lose sight of the fact that many employees when they become whistle blowers could we’ll be violating those confidentiality provisions” And, uh, I’m not sure I need to spend an hour with a podcast only to hear a vigorous and indignant defense of the rights of Mossack Fonesca
  • rhinohide57
    Container Shipping episode was fascinating!
    So informative and made so much sense. Thank you!
  • joel88s
    A, quote, excellent, end quote, episode
    An intriguing sampling this week from what sounds like a fascinating book on Trump and the presidency, marred only by Ben Wittes’s unfortunate insistence on didactically bracketing every single use of quotation marks with “quote....end quote” as if he were reading testimony into a court record rather than a book to an audience, thereby lending even his melifluous delivery the consistency of a mouthful of rock candy, and at times almost evoking Victor Borge’s Phonetic Punctuation routine. I hope he will have many occasions to read from this book in the future, and that he will learn to give his audiences credit for being able to understand when a three-word quotation ends, and read like a normal person reading fine prose aloud.
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