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Crafts #9

Gayle and Sharlene talk about what they are wearing, what they are stalking, and of course, what they are knitting. Grab your knitting needles, your favorite yarn--or your favorite craft--and come knit with us! We are on Ravelry as gayleywayley and knitterninjashar. Show notes at

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  • Playing game
    New listener!
    I’m a new subscriber to your podcast and I’m enjoying it. I decided to start at the very beginning (2012) to get a good understanding of your show and how you all first began. It is awesome to see how two friends can make a great show with a common craft. I’m a knitter as well and I’m excited to listen to your podcast!
  • jennlinn2
    Not interested in the politics
    Love the knitting conversation but not keen on your politics. Stick to knitting!
  • Denise @ TheMountainMagpie
    Enthusiasm and joy of knitting and crochet
    This is my favorite knitting podcast. I am a fairly new podcast listener, only jumping on the bandwagon when I started knitting last year. Now, I listen to quite a few knitting podcasts along with other genres. What I love about Sharlene and Gayle is they have such enthusiasm for knitting. I alternate between listening to new episodes and going back to catch up on the years I missed and that enthusiasm has never waned, even through the rough patches in their lives. I love that they speak with kindness and they obviously like and support each other. They seem happy to be podcasting every week and that energy comes through. They are also knitters with a capital "K" and I learn something from each episode. Thank you, Yarniacs, for being bright voices in podcast-land!
  • HaddadM
    Absolutely fantastic podcast!
    If you are a knitter this podcast is a must! I started listening to it during the pandemic, and since I have not missed one episode! Gigi and Jazmine are super knowledgeable on the topic at hand, and it is always so much fun to listen to both of them and to Genevieve as well. She is so mature, and it is so sweet to hear her talk about her knitting and all the other crafts she gets her hands on.
  • Robincandace
    Best Knitting Podcast
    Really, this is the best knitting podcast I’ve found. It’s exactly at the level I want—knowledgeable talk about new patterns and knitting tips. Just like listening to expert knitters at a local yarn store knitting night! The presenters are friendly and fun to listen to and the knowledge presented is clear and useful.
  • DH843
    My favorite podcast!
    I discovered this wonderful duo during the pandemic and have since decided to go back and listen to every single episode from the start! Gayle and Sharlene are so warm, funny, knowledgeable… though I do not know them personally, I feel like they are my friends! They have also introduced me to the exciting world of Ravelry and to too many new patterns and designers to list. I hope they never stop podcasting together!
  • Michele Johnson
    Really enjoy these knitters. I’ve bought some of the patterns from your recommendation and they’ve been great. Thx knitter from Hollister Ca.
  • hickorieAK
    Happy Listen
    I have been a long listener of this podcast and as the episode was wrapping up today, I was reminded of how much I enjoy listening and how happy their podcast is. It’s calm and conversational and interesting. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.
  • bonnie3284
    What a joy
    A wonderfully chatty knitting podcast between two longtime friends. Gayle and Sharlene are so warm and funny. I’ve learned a lot from their podcast and it’s a regular source of inspiration. Their show notes are brief but comprehensive and it’s really nice to be able to look at the patterns they’re talking about while listening along.
  • Veralynn1964
    I loved this podcast but now....
    They always made me laugh and I do learn something every episode but it seems starting sometime last year they go way off topic, which is knitting. The little comments about family, work or friends is one thing, but I’m very aware of what is going on in the world right now. In the hour it takes me to drive to work, which is when I listen to them, the last thing I want to hear about is social issues, I hear enough about it on the news. I feel this all started with Ravelry and now these issues have seeped into my podcast. I find myself turning the podcast off immediately and never listening to the rest of it.
  • Really? Anyone used this one?
    Real life
    I love listening to you two as you live your lives and knit on. We are all experiencing this world differently and I love hearing about yours... the good, the bad and the ugly! It is a fun way to learn how others live. Before listening to you I never would have considered a fingering weight sweater, because it would not be warm enough. But now I am noticing lots of time when a light layer would be perfect. Thank you for all the fun, the pattern stalking, and the coping mechanisms. Thanks for handling the hard topics gracefully.
  • pbj2e
    Politics and Coronovirus
    Gayle, how about not even mentioning it. Thanks!
  • SnoreAway
    Love knitting along
    My favorite podcast to listen to when knitting. Keep it up guys!
  • dkgsjgdjgxyixiydyid
    Love it great podcast
    As someone that is new to knitting with only 6 months of experience I love that they are so enthusiastic and the segments and content is great. So many episodes to choose from and they are all so uplifting to listen to. It can go into the detail of the patterns they knit more but other than that it’s spot on
  • knitnsmyle
    Simply the Best!
    This is one of my favorite knitting podcasts because of the segments and the conversation bewtween the hosts. They discuss topics in a thoughtful insightful and most importantly, helpful way!
  • sassyquilter
    Listening to friends
    I love this podcast! I look forward to every episode and it is not only entertaining but highly informative! It’s like listening to two trusted friends who share your interests!
  • HLS6
    So good!!!
    I could listen to this podcast for days! It’s like having a fun and friendly knitting group available any time you want company. The focus here is on yarn, patterns made and stalked, knitting goals, and loving your stash. Upbeat, relaxed, and slightly enabling—I couldn’t ask for more!
  • jumbli92
    Wonderful Podcast!
    This Podcast really holds my interest and their voices are so soothing! Thanks for a great podcast about knitting.
  • Siochana
    Love this podcast!!
    So much fun to listen to. They make me want to knit all the things!! 😀
  • fbhpink
    Love It
    I so enjoy your show. Great content and you ladies are so knowledgeable and entertaining. Keep it up!
  • SusCochran
    Awesome team!
    These two are so knowledgeable and inspiring! Great information on each podcast. Plus they team up with Two Ewes and 2KnitLit Chicks for events, retreats and inspiring KALs! Thank you!
  • Shelliav123
    I just started listening to Podcasts and I have fallen in Love with the topics and conversations that you two have presented. I own urbangirlyarns and if you see me at and event I would love for you to stop by for a hug and some fiber love. Thanks
  • Knitter-J
    You’ll always learn something
    I’ve really enjoyed listening to this podcast. Each episode I come away with something new- a new perspective, a lesson on knitting, an interesting yarn/ tool review or pattern design and a smile at the Joy these ladies share. Thank you ladies for all you do!
  • Gresham7603
    Love this podcast!
    The Yarniacs Podcast has become one of my favorite knitting podcasts. Gayle and Sharlene have such a great combination of friendly discussion, experience and wisdom to offer knitters. I enjoy hearing about ups and downs of their knitting. I don’t belong to a local knit group, but their podcast is like sitting in a virtual one. I also really appreciate that I can listen in front of my kids without having to worry about adult language or content.
  • Danielle in KY
    Love this podcast
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for a couple of years now. I love hearing about all of the projects and the conversation. Danielle In KY
  • JaneenK
    This is one of my favorite podcast. Love how organized. Both girls are very knowledgeable about knitting , learning about new to me patterns. How their projects worked out. Different yarns. Along with tips. Thanks
  • Happy Hopper Rose
    So enjoyable
    This is a great knitting podcast. Because of the encouragement provided and amazing pattern discussions, I just finished my first sweater. I highly recommend it.
  • Elizabeth777777
    Great podcast!
    I enjoy listening to them and have learned many things.
  • Babs20205
    Love it!
    I love listening to the Yarniacs during my kiddos’ nap time (aka my knitting time). My stepdaughter, also a knitter, loves to listen to old episodes with me. I also appreciate the fact that you take the time to talk to us in Ravelry forums!
  • dkgcl
    For the obsessed knitter
    SO happy to have found this podcast! I like it so much I went back and started listening from the inaugural episode. The show notes are excellent. I usually listen to podcasts while commuting but I listen to Gayle and Sharlene (and yes, you too will think of them as your knitting buddies!) while knitting, so I can immediately go to the show notes and click on things that sound interesting. Warning: listening will make you want to knit EVEN MORE. Good job, Yarniacs!
  • Ahinski
    Great show but bird is a problem.
    I really really love this show. And I love listening on my drive to work but the bird making noises in the background has always been irritating to me. I could put up with it when it was just the occasional bell or cage noise but I had to completely stop listening to this most recent episode because the screeching was so startling I was worried I’d swerve and get into a accident. Why have the bird? You guys are so entertaining and endearing, but I really wish I could enjoy it more.
  • J. Lange
    Great Information, Chill Feels, and Friendly Folks!
    I'm currently binge listening to back episodes (I'm in 2015 right now), and I love this podcast! Great information from friendly folks and chill feels for walks with the dog or long drives to work. Thanks for making the show!
  • aleaness
    I love your easy back and forth conversation. Hearing about all your projects makes me happy!
  • Sjmanatee
    Don't Miss This One
    I have been listening to this fun and informative podcast for a couple years. Gayle and Sharlene are a fabulous combination. Different in many ways, and so sympatico. They go well beyond the listing of "what I finished, what I am making, what I want to make and what I bought". They talk about WIPs and FOs with content that adds a dimension of learning. They talk about the yarn, the design and the pattern in a way that allows the listener to better understand whether the project might be a good fit. I always hear something that increases my own "toolbox" of knowledge. In their "what are you wearing" segment, they give really helpful info about the longer term wearabity of the garment and the yarn. This is so helpful in understanding how the yarn will behave over time. This helps me consider whether or not I might want to use it and, if so, in what type of a project. I love their "what are you stalking" segment. They talk about patterns they are interested in and, more important, why that pattern interests them. They mention yarn they have stashed that might be appropriate for the project. They overlap and diverge in their pattern interests, offering a breadth of possibilities. Their love for all things knitting is evident and contagious. I highly recommend folks give them a listen. Their Ravelry group is very active and fun too. Check it out. Shelley aka knitting-travels
  • HanoverStreet
    One of my Faves!
    I am always so happy to see a new Yarniacs Podcast episode! One of my favorite segments is "What are you stalking". Great way to discover new patterns or designers. Thanks ladies for providing us with such a great podcast!
  • marinKnitter
    always illuminating
    This may be my favorite knitting related podcast. It is well organized (what are you: wearing, stalking, knitting...), and I find myself saving it for when I can look up all the patterns on Ravelry while they discuss them (good show notes).
  • Thixon1
    Love these ladies
    I love these ladies! When I listen to them it feels like we're all just sitting around together knitting. It's an easy listen, and great information.
  • Noogai3
    The Yarniacs feel like friends I have know for years, even though I have only been listening for a few months. Gayle and Sharlene make me laugh, but also inspire me to just enjoy the process of knitting with no regrets. I am listening to older podcasts because I can't wait for the new ones to come out, and the wonderful thing is that the older podcasts are still relevant since I can find the patterns they talk about and learn from their experiences. I am hooked!
  • MissPopTart
    I feel late to the party on this podcast! It is wonderful. Every episode is interesting and informative. I enjoy the commraderie between the hosts and have gotten a lot of great ideas to incorporate into my knitting.
  • Knitsta
    Look forward to each podcast
    I really enjoy listening to these ladies. They have pleasant speaking tones and articulation. I have found many inspirational patterns and ideas by tuning in to what they a stalking & knitting. Also they host KALS that are fun to join in. Keep up the good work ladies!
  • PhotoHappyCaro
    Entertaining but..
    Very entertaining and fun knit alongs. Feels like knit night with the ladies. Needs some audio work, a little echoing and up and down volume.
  • Meganut1626
    Great podcast! I always look forward to the next one and love hearing of all the projects and knitting tips.
  • Pebstx
    Love this podcast. They are very inspiring especially in the sweater realm. Thanks for bringing a little joy with what y'all do!
  • BoLin42754
    Feel like I am there with you
    I really enjoy the Yarniacs podcast and group on Ravelry. Sharlene and Gayle are friendly, enthusiastic and informative. I love listening and laughing with them.
  • sewBknit
    Love Love Love
    Great podcast - one of my favorites!!!
  • MmeHalsema
    So much YES!
    I absolutely adore Gale and Charlene! You are so lovely to listen to and I want to be like you when I grow up! :-P Your taste in yarn and knitware is AMAZING! Keep up the California love and I look forward to each new episode.
  • Addicted froggy
    I've listened from the very beginning. One of the best!
    One of the best!
  • JP@90
    Really engaging!
    I just started knitting and have kind of thrown myself down the rabbit hole, including downloading a million different knitting podcasts. So far, Sharlene and Gayle’s is the best. They’re so enthusiastic and interested in knitting that it really comes through. And they can describe their projects so well that I can almost picture them, which is vital for a audio-only podcast. The recording quality is good and they are very active, both in uploading podcasts and on their associated Revelry group. Good work, gals!
  • LoriAnn70
    This is my #1 favorite podcast. Gayle and Sharlene host a well produced show FULL of fiber content that is educational, inspirational, and fun. The shows are so good, I frequently go back to replay episodes. Highly recommend them!
  • flying_muse
    Knitterly Fun
    One of my favorites - perfect for making my work commute more like a knit night. :-)
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