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Presented by David Law and Catherine Whitaker, and featuring Matt Roberts, The Tennis Podcast is a downloadable tennis audio show featuring weekly chat, big-name guests, and daily editions at the Grand Slam tournaments. It is crowdfunded every December by its listeners.

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  • XavierY15
    If you wanted to listen to Brits talk tennis, sure…give it a go
    The team has a respectable amount of years behind the mic. If you’re following a Grand Slam event live then this podcast can be informative and entertaining. The podcasts with Billie Jean King and Mary Carillo I would also put up at the top in addition to the coverage at the Grand Slams.
  • JeanneFrom Florida
    The Tennis Podcast
    How can anyone rate this podcast anything below 5 stars? Really? Catherine, David and Matt bring the best tennis commentary and analysis, plus they are engaging and such fun to listen to each time they are together. I support them every year and want to see them keep going strong! Brilliant!
  • SportsKal
    The Best Tennis Podcast
    This is the best tennis podcast I have listened to on a consistent basis for analysis, frankness and solid reviews of both big and small matches. The rapport of the group is phenomenal. Their laughter makes me laugh but the best thing about the podcast is that they provide the type of coverage that is simply not available for tennis in the U.S. They break down critical points of the matches, they provide information about the players’ answers to questions in the press conferences, they talk about legends of the sport, the current top players and players to watch. If you’re a tennis fan, this podcast is a must listen.
  • Chuckolla
    Great Tennis Podcast
    David, Katherine and Matt are great and they have awesome interviews and a great rapport. I listen to way too many tennis podcasts and this would be my first choice to get regular updates and know what’s going on in the tennis world.
  • Tennis Boy Ben
    Top Notch Podcast
    The best podcast to listen to if you are a tennis lover. They’ve got the older folk, David, to give perspectives from the tennis past and the newer folk, Matt, to give a newer perspective. Catherine gets to be stuck right in the middle of those two minds. So, if you are excited about the current tournament going on, get excited with the tennis podcast! P.S. Those haters on Twitter don’t know anything
  • Dean is a shmuck
    Best podcast for tennis lovers everywhere
    Here’s how I know I love the tennis podcast. I am sitting here watching Leylah Fernandez, the most exciting young tennis player I’ve seen in years, lose in the U.S. Open women’s finals and I can’t be sad. Because I know right now that Emma Rodacanu’s performance is making Catherine, Matt and David incredibly happy! Keep up the great work all three of you and thanks for always providing great content, even when the matches are sub par.
  • univex
    THE Tennis Podcast
    There are many very good, even great, podcasts that cover tennis. For my money (and I do back their annual crowd funding), this is the best one for analysis and in-depth reporting. The team is talented and fun. Highly recommended.
  • Former Ump
    Interesting point made by David Law
    When speaking about Sloane Stephens David roughly said it’s a shame and unfair to be blessed with talent and have others project how that talent should be used. I thought that was an excellent point, and it caused me to wonder why so many can’t apply the same grace to Nick Kyrgios. Immensely talented, yet the narrative on him is his talent is wasted. Curious
  • dwise21
    Please, just tennis
    A very good trio when they are talking tennis. However, when the conversation turns to COVID or the evils of the patriarchy they can be quite insufferable.
  • bxgrisak1993
    Good podcast
    One of the best tennis podcasts out there. Catherine, Matt, and David all have a good rapport. My only complaint is that I can do without the white male guilt and “toxic masculinity” lectures from Catherine. Not necessarily saying “stick to sports” but not every decision made by a tennis director at a tournament is a decision to oppress women’s tennis. I don’t need that in a tennis podcast.
  • trampled on
    Wonderful discussions of all things tennis
    David, Catherine, and Matt cover the most intriguing results, history, and happenings in the tennis world. It’s like visiting a museum with three fascinating and professional curators as your guides. Discussions of details, news, stats, and connections are as rewarding as the sometimes serious, sometimes funny, and always charming dynamic on full display between these three eloquent hosts. Even when there is no live tennis to be discussed, the show “revisits” former tournaments and legendary figures to give context to the current state of this exciting sport.
  • kb23
    catherine whitaker is a useless sexist. people caring more about men’s tennis is not proof that tennis doesn’t have a gender equality. dummy. 😂
  • kapeters0n
    Humorous and insightful
    Recently began listening to The Tennis Podcast and my husband and I have become massive fans. Love the chemistry of Catherine, David, and Matt as hosts. Their analysis & commentary is at once poetic, gravely serious, and yet devilishly funny. Listening has deepened my appreciation for the sport.
  • karyu3
    Best tennis podcast out there
    Fun and sometimes goofy podcast with good balance of tennis coverage and analysis. And unlike other commentors, I love that Catherine is willing to speak out on gender imbalance issues. If you want to avoid politics, then don’t watch sports. Read a history book and you will find that sports have and always will be agents of social changes. So more David, Matt and Catherine? Yes please.
  • Uhlirach
    Great Podcast
    I feel like most of the other podcasts pander too much to the listeners. Love the in-depth and most often hilarious commentary. Really enjoyed the episode on Suzanne Lenglen, thanks.
  • carlos1978fl
    I wish you didn’t cover Naomi Osaka anymore. Press conferences are part of being a tennis player. I suffer from mental health issues as well , but still go to work and do my job , I don’t have the privilege of choosing which aspects of my job I don’t wanna do. At the end of the days work , I go home and still support women’s tennis by subscriptions, merchandise , etc etc ... I look forward to the press conferences. If it wasn’t for the media and the fans there wouldn’t be a tennis and there would t be Naomi Osaka. Stop covering her.
  • Pin the Baller
    Almost always an enjoyable listen
    This is the best tennis podcast I have found. I look forward to each new podcast. With the exception of when Catherine (spelling?) goes into work mode and does stuff like complain how she “doesn’t want a male coach to get credit for Jennifer Brady’s improved results even if it was to his credit she improved.” More great tennis talk, less man-hating. David and Matt are awesome no complaints.
  • Charlie&Clover's MOM
    Highlight of my week
    Totally silly people (who did not give this podcast 5 stars) want these smart HILARIOUS hosts to not diverge and make this podcast the best podcast anywhere. Best combination of in depth serious tennis, and SO much FUN. Everyone should listen even NON Tennis enthusiasts!
  • Big.Tennis.Fan
    Decent but need more predictions not recap
    If they didn’t have accents, this would be unbearable to listen to. They rely on too much recap which anyone could do. Listeners would get much more value with predictions on players play style/ recent form/ court surface rather than telling us about matches we’ve already watched
  • Debra097d
    More Originality
    I’m looking for a bit more substance and maybe some light humor from my tennis podcasts.
  • Francodynamic
    Great tennis podcast
    I would have given 5 stars if they stuck to tennis on their podcast. When they get into other areas, however, things go rapidly downhill
  • khorton75
    Terrific podcast and the chemistry between the hosts makes the show!
  • John Avery1
    Great podcast
    The best tennis podcast out there
  • scorpiodawg
    Awoke my inner tennis nerd
    The hosts have deep knowledge, tremendous experience, great chemistry, and impeccable, original British accents to add that extra touch of goodness. I LOVE this podcast and thanks to it I've learned to appreciate players and aspects of the game I never paid any attention to. They awoke my inner tennis nerd and now I'm hooked. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
  • Openning
    Insightful and Fun...
    David, Catherine and Matt bring their Tennis passion in every episode. They always have great insights and bring the action to life. The podcast are particularly good when you miss a day of one of the slams. They love the game and often have great color on players. They always seem like they are having fun no matter how late at night they tape the show. Their creativity during the pandemic has been very uplifting....keep it going!
  • mattmoff
    This is my favorite podcast about tennis, by leaps and bounds. Each installment feels like you’re meeting your friends at a pub to discuss your favorite sport and have a few laughs. I’m always so excited for the next installment!
  • G Kranz
  • silverfox tennis fan
    Best tennis podcast (especially during pandemic)
    Love the hosts and all their British humor and speculation on the psyche of all tennis players. Always puts a smile😊 on my face!
  • spocks_beard28
    Doesn’t get any better!
    They are the best in the business! Informative, funny, and collaborative.
  • Savannahdad
    Katherine Needs To Go
    Best tennis podcast out there, but Katherine has been getting more and more opinionated & annoying on feminists issues and it has begun to affect the overall chemistry of the show. Please stick to the tennis!
  • Goodmusicsupporter
    Absolutely love listening to them! Informative, well put together, charming personalities, great humor! So glad to have found a tennis podcast and an excellent one at that!
  • SoFlo B
    Tennis talks is what we come here for...
    I used to listen to this pod religiously, not anymore. I stop by occasionally. I get that Catherine is passionate about dogs and politics, but at times it is a bit much. Tennis talks is what we come here for. I know the answer is to turn it off or skip though those segments, I do. Matt is awesome, such a great addition to the team.
  • ObjectiveBanker12474858
    Best tennis pod out there
    I absolutely love listening to Catherine, David, and Matt chat and bicker- the tennis chat is just a bonus! Learning so much as a newish fan to the sport, particularly with their tennis relived shows. Keep up the good work!!
  • Rogermaria25
    Billie Jean King
    What a great interview Katherine she is gracious smart intelligent and just an Icon! I liked when she said she didn’t care about Grand Slams but wondered what if she cared. She cared about the bigger picture and Tennis and especially the WTA should be grateful for it! Thank you
  • Alekhya95
    Good content
    Edit: I really liked listening to this podcast at first. I listened to it a lot including so many old episodes. I like the banter between three. Good humor. Good natured. Anyway, I couldn’t listen to it frequently anymore. Hosts read too much between the lines when there is nothing, little partial and too much credit to their favorite players, generalizing tennis players to be selfish and not interesting etc.. I recently discovered this podcast and I am fairly new to tennis obsession. I love listening to three of them talk. Still I love all the insight and how the matches and players are analyzed. I will continue listening to it.
  • mommy dancer
    “Tennis Aggro” ?
    I snicker a lot when listening to this podcast and it has definitely been excellent in the lockdown. But one fault: what is tennis aggro? Must be aggressive stuff said by players?
  • 357cvs
    I love this podcast!!!!
    I discovered this podcast in the beginning of the Covid pandemic in April 2020. It is so entertaining and enjoyable to hear people talk about tennis and love it as much as I do! I am from Texas and I adore the British sense of humor :) keep up the great work y’all!
  • ajcurry_
    So good
    Listened since the summer of 2019 but this is literally the only podcast that has actually improved in the quarantine remote record era. It's soooo good now, the dynamic between the three of them has never been better. And this is when there's been less tennis than ever.
  • @jay_lass
    Likable and reliable
    This is one of those podcasts where the smart interesting one doesn’t get enough air time but generally very entertaining. Giving them an extra point because the audio fidelity is good.
  • cool4eva
    Pretty good!
    Pretty good!
  • Jeffpv
    Great pod for tennis lovers
    I listen to many tennis podcasts, and this one is my favorite. Their knowledge, good nature, professionalism, and humor make it a fun listen. Plus, the daily pods during big events are invaluable!
  • PJEberlyn
    Thoroughly enjoyable and informative
    I enjoy the banter between Catherine and David. The sobering nature of Matt’s contributions and stats to the conversation is welcome. Overall, a great listen!
  • bericjohnson
    The Best!
    I love The Tennis Podcast! Best analysis I’ve found on tennis, fun, and witty, David, Catherine, and Matt hit a grand slam every time!
  • Yorbo456
    Too Much Politics from Catherine
    Catherine frequently injects her political views into podcasts. I don't listen to tennis podcasts to hear the hosts talk about gender politics and especially not world politics. I don't care that Catherine is a liberal progressive, as she's stated on air (I might even agree with her once in awhile), but save the political rants for a non-tennis related podcast. Most followers of sport want to keep politics out of it. The good: All 3 hosts can often have good insights regarding tennis (especially Matt). When they stick to tennis, it's an enjoyable podcast. But, too many episodes get clouded with Catherine's opinions about feminism, world politics and even why she isn't a fan of certain players.
  • MTudo_SF
    Fun and insightful commentary
    Thank you for all the late nights to produce these podcasts - especially during Grand Slams. I find myself really looking forward to your in depth discussions and catty chats about the previous day’s events. David and Catherine are superb at analyzing the players’ performance and how they react to various situations. But I’m also quite impressed with Matt - for someone so young (the dude is 24), he’s quite sophisticated and wise beyond his years. All 3 of you bring something unique to the table and the end result is a fun, insightful, and addictive podcasts for tennis fans. Really appreciate all the hard work.
  • svgngngr
    Waiting for a best-of episode
    I’m listening to this podcast for the tennis commentary, but also for the chitchat of the trio. There should be a compilation of the best moments at the end of the year, including all the funniest exchanges between these three. One of my favorites so far was when Catherine was looking for a gender-neutral word for “ballsy”. Keep up the good work, and please give us a best-of episode!
  • MplsMan36
    My Must Listen
    I have been a longtime casual fan of tennis, but once I started listening to The Tennis Podcast a couple years ago, I got hooked on the sport. They keep me energized and interested in tennis year round, sharing stories beyond the big 3. The rapport among David, Katharine, and Matt is great (though you may need to listen for a few episodes to settle into their banter and friendship). Their Grand Slam coverage in particular is awesome, with daily recaps and is my must listen podcast every morning.
  • Squeakykiki
    The success of this podcast has more to do with the fact that there just aren’t many tennis podcasts to listen to. Full of cringey moments, usually care of Catherine. But what choice do we have? :/
  • Susiequeuesy
    The best
    I love this podcast. They do such a good job and work so hard. The recent episodes on Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson were especially impressive.
  • stavan7
    Thank you!
    Thank you David, Catherine and Matt aka Team Tennis (kind of like the Avengers, but cooler) for being the podcast conversation I look forward to most every week! Sending you my best from Antwerp, Belgium (best known for beer, chocolate, waffles, frites and as of 20 Oct 2019... Andy Murray) 🤷‍♂️💪🙌
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