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Running podcast to motivate and help runners of every level, speed, and age run their best. Claire Bartholic interviews running influencers, scientists, psychologists, nutritionists, and everyday runners with inspiring stories.

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  • haleymarie12
    LOVE this podcast!!
    so much info and easy to digest - this is a great podcast for any level of runner. I would love an episode (or two or three!!) about what to eat and when. I think there’s a few, but I’d love to have some more, maybe with specific foods and meals that runners love.
  • NicT_CO
    A must-listen for any runner!
    I’ve listened to a lot of running podcasts. Claire’s show is my absolute favorite and the only one I keep coming back to. Her approach resonates with me so much and guests are super knowledgeable.
  • mindytinkerbell
    Coach Claire not only provides most invigorating podcasts but truly does it with her heart & soul…you can feel her authenticity & genuine concern for each & every listener no matter where they are in their running journey…topics are right on trend & will inspire you…she is the best!!!!
  • Thebishopolasley
    Great Podcast
    Excellent advice, engaging guest, and lots of fun to listen to! Thanks for the great podcast!
  • almost fading
    Engaging host , interesting topics
    Perfect length for a long warm up!
  • KellyBB22
    Most useful running podcast!
    I listen to a lot of running podcasts but this one is definitely the most useful for running information. I have gained a lot of insight into my own running and Claire is a wonderful host!
  • G1G1!
    Excellent Show
    I enjoy listening to Run To The Top because it gives me the information and tips I need to help me become a better runner. I even listen to it while running or riding my bike. Overall it is entertaining and Claire seems like able.
  • reluctant buckeye
    Great podcast
    Claire is a network radio level host. Curious, engaging, passionate about her sport, her listeners. Interviews always engaging. I learn something new every time I listen.
  • aprilceleste
    Great for runners from beginners to advanced!
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for years. I love it’s wide range of topics and guests. I love to listen to it on a solo run—-it’s like I’m on a run with friends! I’ve been running for over 20 years and am pretty good at it, but still am able to learn new things each week to help improve my running.
  • kath in co
    Great for masters women
    I enjoy seeing the achievements of masters women. Great tips and advice. Inspirational.
  • MoJoe Fix
    Balanced, Supportive, Achievable
    I listen to a lot of running, fitness and triathlon oriented Podcasts. Run to the Top is always on my MUST LISTEN list. They have the right topics at the right time (it seems). I love the balanced approach of host, Claire Bartholic. She’s down to business - no fluff. I always come away from this podcast informed and inspired to continue my running and fitness journey. Make this Podcast a regular listen.
  • butterfly0920
    Great podcast for runners
    Love the podcast, have been listening to it for years on my runs. I like the new format too and always learn something new. I like the non traditional topics as well that set this podcast apart from others. Claire also has a very soothing voice!
  • Tuba Tony
    INJURY 😱
    I had an ankle injury in February this year. I’m still on the mend but I stay connected to running by listening to the show. It’s a great way for me to ‘stay in the game’ even though it’s been almost two months since my injury
  • kprnng
    Always helpful & inspiring guests on the podcast! It’s been great to have this podcast along my running journey.
  • I guess my nickname was taken...
    You won’t be disappointed!
    Each episode is full of useful information and Claire always has great guests to interview.
  • BillieSuttlea
    So connected
    Look forward to every week!
  • Scrapgrrrrl
    There are not many running podcasts with such a wide variety of topics applicable to all levels (beginners like myself). Thank you for being there!
  • BooVT
    Short and sweet
    Great information
  • mamabear_runs_marathons
    A must for runners
    I love this podcast! They are short and to the point whether you have 10 minutes or an hour and I find the perfect to listen to in the car and on my easy runs.
  • kwrunner3
    good info
    two thumbs up!
  • Stanford 2
    Helping me chase my running dream
    Amazing information for all kinds of runners! Helped me a lot (:
  • 57864755855885
    Great information on a variety of topics
    This is a great podcast if you want to learn more about running.
  • Jujeeeeeee
    Excellent running podcast
    Run to the Top is a great source of information for all runners, whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced runner. I’ve been listening for years, and still learning new things all the time.
  • Hmille3014
    Great running podcast
    I always find something helpful on these episodes. Claire is a great host!
  • ddewees
    The best running podcast!
    I’ve learned so much by listening to Run To The Top. Undoubtedly, the show has helped me become a better runner! I truly believe it’s one of the biggest factors as to of how I’ve managed to stay healthy, avoid injury, and run faster! I love the variety of topics, experts, and first-hand experiences. Even though some episodes are focused on topics that are not obviously applicable to my own goals or interests, I still manage to learn something valuable by listening. Thank you for the great information!
  • weston walker
    Great Podcast!!
    Love this Podcast!! It is so informative and I can’t say enough good things about it!!
  • Matt Gaidica
    Chatty, lacks evidence
    Really great conversations around a central theme (running). Take this review as a complement that I’m still aboard: even though experts are brought on, advice is pretty wishy washy. There are statements like, “carbohydrates are so important for recovery… but so is protein and fat.” Okay, so food is important. I also just heard, “I think all stress is the same… as if a saber toothed tiger is chasing us.” That’s absolutely wrong, there are U-shaped curves involved. Point being, all running is not activating fight or flight, meaning recovery techniques should be spoken about in a more nuanced fashion. Because these details are overlooked, the episodes blend together, and after listening to more than 10, you get the idea: moderation. I would appreciate more studies, and even hard positions if not just to serve as a starting point to examine pros/cons of techniques and strategies.
  • dalem99
    Run to the Top
    awesome podcasts for runners!!!!!!!!!!!
  • JudyWesleyChapel
    Excellent info on everything running!
    Great podcast on everything to do with running: nutrition, form, gear, hormones, pacing, training and more! Love listening to Claire and her excellent guests while I run!
  • DerrickNabors
    Lots of good information
    There is plenty of good information on here ranging from 5K to Marathon and beyond. Helpful advice for runners at any stage.
  • 12stephanie345
    Learning Lots!!
    I’m new to running and this is my go to show to learn more out my new passion. It’s also a great way to keep myself motivated — and fun to listen to while I run!!
  • TheRunner2121
    Awesome Podcast
    What an amazing opportunity for runners at all stages of their career!
  • AKRunner.LEA
    A podcast for every runner!
    Thanks so much for delivering applicable, useful running info! You confirm things I was wondering about and built upon my knowledge base. I would love more info on how to execute a marathon taper, my peak mileage weeks have been in the 60-70 mile range.
  • Smiles: )
    Thanks for keeping me company
    I am one of those listeners who is hitting the play button for this show when I head out for a run. So thank you for the company. I always come back more informed on running. I also come back with a better idea of how my next race plan will go. Loved the last show on the 5k. Because I do one a year #turkeytrot. This year I broke through my 24 min barrier and got a 23. Which showed me that speed work really does help. Hope this will help me on my Marathon. Going for 3:50. Thanks again, kathy.
  • angster321
    So Helpful!
    Finally! This podcast provides so much good information. I’m a recreational runner, but have learned a ton from this podcast and feel much more confident in my approach to running.
  • Brianyarbrough2
    One of the best running podcasts
    I have subscribed to the RTTTP podcast since October of 2017. I have long enjoyed their informative and entertaining interviews. I also appreciate the new short tip segments with Coach Claire Bartholic. The quality is better than ever with Claire’s articulate easy to listen to voice; she is the best host yet.
  • spiralwriter
    Great focus on one subject per episode
    I really like the deep dive into one topic for each show with Run to the Top. Great way to learn, and makes it easy to return for a review later on.
  • Kidcoos3
    Short and Sweet
    Really enjoy this podcast. Very informative without being long and drawn out like too many.
  • P3498
    Informative and direct
    Love that the episodes are informative and direct. Can listen to a full episode during the drive home from work. Topics are always relative and lessons easy to integrate into the training routine. Thanks Claire!
  • just a regular runner
    Great advice about running
    Found these podcasts by chance- mentioned on another running podcast. I am now totally hooked and wait anxiously for the new episodes each week! The topics are super relevant and have given me so many great tips for running smarter. I have recommended this podcast to many and as well their running clinics online. Add these together and you get an arsenal of information to use to move your running to the next level of fun and fitness.
  • Blade 6743654
    Great on long runs
    I listen weekly love it can’t wait for a new one to come out. Would love to see more on 5k focus. With so many great episodes I wish apple would have a search within episodes for keywords.
  • ECap18
    Excellent Podcast!
    This is a very informative podcast that covers a wide range of running related content that is helpful, insightful and fun to learn!
  • RunSweetPotato
    Solid Running Podcast
    This is a solid podcast with a lot of information for runners.
  • DebGelb
    One of my favorite running podcasts ever
    I love this podcast and am always happy to see a brand new episode appear on my feed! Coach Claire has such a pleasant voice and she knows her stuff! Great guests and really informative. Keep up the terrific work!
  • Recreational Runner
    My favorite running podcast
    I have listened to this podcast for years while running, every episode has good information to help you be a better runner.
  • smashcake54
    A must listen!
    Great source of easy to implement advice for the average runner! It’s my go to podcast for all things running related.
  • Jonnyphotography
    Love this podcast!
    This podcast brings within the normal runners reach a wealth of information and experience through conversations with experts. Huge value for me! Thank you for what you do, and don’t stop!
  • redcsmper
    I have gleaned so much knowledge from the wealth offered in these episodes. Thank you!!!
  • Jeff D_418
    Great listening!!
    These podcasts are informative across a wide variety of subjects. This is my goto choice to listen to while running or cycling. Keep up the great work!!
  • Motherrunner26.2
    Must listen for runners
    This is the best podcast for runners of all levels. They are always exploring the latest research and gear with industry experts and researchers. Perfect for entertainment on an easy run!
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