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Hollywood Mind Control and Occult Government. Learn the meanings behind Illuminati Symbols and explore High Profile Rituals performed by Top Celebrities. This is where the esoteric meets the political.

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  • truthlounge369
    King of Conspiracies
    I’ve been listening to freeman since 2010 and have seen him be on point on all of the happenings. Freeman was a huge piece of the conspiracy puzzle as he meshed the truth about who runs the world to how/why they have to control humanity. Freeman is A1 on the conspiracy realm.
  • Earchel
    One of the best. This guy has his finger on the pulse of what is going on. Keep up the good work my dude.
  • C_Talbot
    The best
    Freeman is the champ! No he’s not paying me to say this. He’s got the most interesting guests, world changing ideas discussed and, the life experience to back it up.
  • ScottieB33
    I want to like the show but he’s so obsessed with himself and about telling everyone he’s the first to know this or discover that, it’s sad really… Now his latest podcast are reruns from 2008 and titles state he was a global phenomenon…
  • Rickykcmo
    2 thumbs up! Love the show
  • Kybalist
    I’ve been listening to Freeman for over a decade. And maybe every 1/10 podcasts are worth listening to. And of course he can’t go an episode without telling his listeners he’s the first to have done anything, literally, greatest researcher for this, first to do that, etc. The podcast has become terrible.
  • WTFmailman
    A must for your podcast collection. Freeman’s booker gets killer guests . Freeman does a great job interviewing. “No “ continuous interruption
  • peepat
    More Oracle years content please
    The oracle years is like going back in time to cozy past Saturday nights. I miss oracle. I love you freeeeeman flyyyyyyyyy.
  • steve from Milwaukee
    Just excellent
    So much information and thought provoking ideas. I’m so glad I came across your podcast and I will be subscribing and watching more of your content and sharing your podcast
  • Jaci h.
    If you want to see…. Listen 2 freeman
    Wicked info that our spiritual soul needs to hear to fight the good fight. Keep it up freeman. Love from MO 🎈🤠
  • Chappy307
    The Greek is back!!!
  • Dixie Nicholson
  • kizihoney
    Exposing family who is doing remote neural monitoring on victims in the us and all over the world
    Exposing families at 204 s essey ave Compton ca 90221 who are doing electric harassment remote Neural monitoring in Your neighborhood This is for everyone who lives in Compton And who are going through “voices in the head “ bka “v2k” and are going through “electronic harassment” and “remote neural monitoring ” Please people google these names I’m giving you “V2K “ “electric harassment “ “remote neural monitoring “to know what it means and if is what you are going through families Garcia ,maravilla,uand lemus, Aguilar These families that come together in Studying neural networks Everyone in the family gang stock individuals whose parents own a house and or you inherit a Home a business or have money saved up please google these families information that I’m about to give you the phone numbers of these people are registered on websites to learn how to do remote neural monitoring and these are the only people around South Central who do this Their victims hear voices in There head and are getting tortured They change your feelings with remote neural monitoring So you could be happy living in the street and never go home with family members or your kids these people needs to be stopped and if you’re tired of living this way and want to do something about it report it to the police These families have devices in there homes they are Cynthia Maravilla and Sara maravilla at 610 w 101 st Los Angeles ca 90044 and Juan Carlos Garcia 3239976549 Juan Carlos Garcia 717 W 82nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90044 Home USA Trucking Companies California Los Angeles Carlos Garcia Trucking Company Overview Carlos Garcia Trucking is an active operating under USDOT Number 2744066. Gladys Villalobos lupita Garcia jenny Garcia Jennifer garcia at 204 s essey ave Compton ca 90221 and Christopher lemus Jonathan lemus milagros lemus Alex lemus at 237 w 88 th pl Los Angeles ca 90003 These people have a family member who works for a real estate agency that pays them off for gang stocking victims out of their house it’s called real estate Mobbing Maribel Villalobos (818) 645-4591 Mobil Twin Homes & Loans website Twin Homes & Loans 8101 Potter Ave CA 3236323119 this number is registered in a website name Where they Buy and sells devices to do v2k And electric harassment on victims 3234391101 This number is registered at websites for “neural network “And it’s registered to address 610 W. 101 St., Los Angeles, CA 90044 3239976549 Juan Carlos Garcia 717 W 82nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90044 Home USA Trucking Companies California Los Angeles Carlos Garcia Trucking Company Overview Carlos Garcia Trucking is an active operating under USDOT Number 2744066. #print45mg owner Alex Neser Aguilar and family members #krizzkoticcustom business party bus kingz are doing remote neural monitoring on their victims who has business property’s and or homes to put voices in their heads gang staking please I have Evidence on my Instagram please be aware of Alex Neser Aguilar he has a website at with Janet casas it’s called mind over matter connecting the brain to a computer as you can see in some videos I have on my Instagram just want people to know whe are doing remote neural monitoring and because they rented my place at 9022 s Broadway Los Ángels ca 90003 and stopped paying rent so I could lose my place and got raped buy Krizz from kotic custom and party bus kingz with a control substance to start me up on the remote neural monitoring and also my kids please be careful with these man they are Dangerous Oscar Garcia and father Oscar Garcia and Karla Garcia at 9823 Dorothy Ave, South Gate, CA 90280 are responsible for my health of mine when Christopher rented my yard Oscar Garcia would brake into my home in the meddle of the night with out me knowing after Christopher would drugged me so I could get raped buy Oscar Garcia They are 3ways to google numbers the way a website registers your number. #1. (3234391101) #2. 323-439-1101 #3. “3234391101” Please go to my Instagram honeykizi3
  • b!rdy19
    Great pod!
    This show is so good! Just came upon it n can’t wait to listen to all the past episodes. ❤️
  • joeyreup
    Yo freeman love the podcast but you’ve been inconsistent lately
  • evayoume
    Eric Jon Phelps is your man for this topic.
  • CT9200
    Why the obsession with crypto currency and NFTs?
    Crypto is 1s and 0s, the last thing the “next global currency” will be based on.
  • Robes420!
    I love freeman and I always love his show!
    Amazing show. I love my Saturday nights to listen and learn.
  • joshelliot
    I always enjoy this show!
    I’m a long time listener… such a great show and usually far ahead of the curve!
  • Hippie_hobbit
    Always free May we always Be
  • dwburch
    Interesting shows
    Good shows never a dull show! Freeman would you entertain the idea of having zach Hubbard(gematria effect news)on for a show on gematria? Would make for an interesting show 👍
  • Ayobami6196
    Q is not our savior!
    I personally believe Q is nothing but another CIA operation. It’s will be used as a justification to discredit real information about pedophilia and child trafficking. No, I would rather all the information be exposed all at once. This way people will have a choice to make. Either keep believing what they want to believe, or face up to the truth.
  • The Eye is You
    Super Podcast
    I love Freeman and his deep well of knowledge!! This podcast rules.
  • Jerebllfrg
    The TRUTH!
    This guy has been through some stuff in his life but he seems to have learned from each and every experience. I don’t think he is partisan but he looks for truth whether it be political or not. I like how he is a normal guy with a high critical thinking emphasis on finding and talking about the truth. Don’t change your style because it’s perfect!! Takes some getting used to but hang in there for a couple of episodes and you will like this podcast. Thank you for giving clarity to situations!!
  • Bcrhoadsv
    Freeman is The Man!
    Freeman is the type of dude you just want to hang out and talk with.
  • anon09042014
    A true pioneer! One of a kind!
    Freeman Fly! Seeking the Truth and inviting you along for the ride! Why would you turn down an invitation like that!? Bringing a perspective that’s one of a kind! Give a try!
  • kingblackacid
    Love this show!
    Still one of the best.
  • pac-dog
  • Chuck•Wheezy
    Definition of Nice:
    Pleasing; Agreeable; Delightful. ... Don’t know which dictionary he’s referring to??!! Still. Love the show, been listening for years now. Hope you’re feeling alright Freeman.
  • Rob Dres
    Anti-semitic guests
    If you like the occasional anti-semitic guest, this is the place for you.
  • limp bisuit 1
    I tried hard to like this podcast because mark Devlin wa on. Couldn’t make it through any others because clearly it’s planned opposition or drivel.
  • PichJ
    This podcast pushes dangerous conspiracy theories.
  • parker-1
    Are you high?
    Seriously, you people are all nuts! Get real lives!
  • Giraffe killa
    Thank You.
    Freeman. You are awesome. Great listen.
  • Sith101
    New Listener
    I am a new Listener used to listen to a person with the initials CL but he decided to go full on pay to play. You filled my listening needs greatly.
  • zoident
    Your guest is half aware
    He still hasn’t figured out why “the Elite” Do all this evil huh Tell him it’s for Satan That is it All politicians are parasites
  • .swinedriver.
    The Sjw/Blm reviews aside, I agree with a low rating. Stoner dude lets goofballs rant unchallenged. This is podcast101. Loons blather, host is silent and murmurs “cool, totally agree” before casting a paywall. Otherwise he could not secure guests. Fry is a milksop.
  • vvmasooof
    Acknowledge the Full Truth
    By the titles of your episodes my initial thought was “interesting”. Then I listened. And, although you reference conspiracies from ancient times, you do so from a very limited, conservative white male perspective. Almost as if you don’t acknowledge in this search for truth that the original man was Black and was created “in our likeness”. Don’t take a deep dive then limit how you message truth based upon your feelings.
  • MySatori
    Loyal listener
    Enjoy hearing the knowledge and perspectives shared by Freeman and his guests. Agree most times with the information shared. Have learned some things as well. Keep it up.
  • TManLD13
    Freeman you Rock
    Great job Freeman Thank You
  • Theshawna32
    Everyone I don’t like
    Anyone these people disagree with is a lizard person lol classic tin foil hat wearing losers
  • 😌Qty
    So disappointed in you
    I think you are showing that you are an entitled white man of a certain age with no empathy unlike the younger white people. Whether Flloyd & the officers were crises actors or not, people thought it was real and it brought out all the pain that black people have felt for ever. And unlike you and your guest people around the world had empathy and sympathy. I now see why you moved to South Carolina. Also the manic laughter makes you seem so cold. Shame on you Freeman. Oh and I am a member. Also the 17 year old who shot the video was organized. There were a lot of pictures of George at the funeral.
  • warninger77
    Excellent Podcast
    Great host. Lots of really interesting guests all in one place. Even if I might not think I’ll be interested in a particular episode, the guest is typically really interesting and I end up being glad I listened. The host is great in that he’s always very respectful of his guests and is a great facilitator of the conversation moving it forward in an interesting way. The podcast will certainly challenge your perception and common beliefs, but I find keeping an open mind to all viewpoints opens me up to so many more possibilities than the proverbial box. If you’re new... enjoy the rabbit hole!
  • Esoteric Gladiator
    Great podcast!
    Thank you Freeman for all the years of excellent research and information. You are an OG in that game bro! 💥🥊
  • lexicusmaximus
    Always a good listen
    I have been Listening to Freeman since he appeared on Alex Jones back in 2012. I really all of his shows he put out back in the day on YouTube. And he really does challenge your way of thinking. I will say after listening to him for so long it is a lot of the same thing but I have still continued to listen to him and try to support him. I hope he will continue for a long time
  • thaselton
    Paradise stolen
    I suggest looking up the stefan Verstappen episodes. He is a buddy of mine and they’re a good listen.
  • UzLurkin
    FreeMan tv
    Always interesting thoughtful, and full of hate lol😂 Keep doing your thing FreeMan.
  • ElliotRockefeller
    Eyes wide shut
    You’ll start to hear the same personal antecdotes over and over . One track mind , delusional , intellectually dishonest , rambling , problems with basic reasoning skills , has been smoking weed in an echo chamber for 20 years
  • jordanjfawkes
    Powerful podcast, thank you Freeman & Team
  • Nate_rz
    Absolute Favorite
    Freeman is a wealth of knowledge and each episode will captivate you and lead you down rabbit holes you didn’t even know existed. This podcast has been a major inspiration for my own esoteric studies and I only wish I found it sooner.
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