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A weekly podcast on topics related to astrology, hosted by professional astrologer Chris Brennan. The purpose of the show is to provide discussions ranging from explorations of specific astrological techniques, to treatments of issues pertaining to the history and philosophy of astrology.

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  • sleelala
    Spot on
    I love your deep dives and intuitive no nonsense reads thank you!!!!
  • shgrihfthf
    Deep and Rich Conversation
    Such nourishing, intelligent, thoughtful conversation between Steven Forrest and Chris Brennen. Thank you.
  • 4saramarie
    Kinda weird
    Consistently the best astrological podcast out there but this recent analysis of Aries missed the mark. I think it was supposed to be about the astrological sign Aries but was a psychological analysis of co-astrologer Rick Levine. Not really that interesting!
  • Jaspy NY
    Dumb woke mainstream mass formation psychosis
    Study Kabbalah if you want to learn about astrological origins, form biblically sound interpretations of the cosmos, and optimize their ability to elevate the human experience towards deeper connection with divine source.
  • jennarae:]
    Incredibly Educational and In Depth!
    I can listen to Chris Brennan literally ALL DAY. The most educational astrology podcast I have found. I greatly appreciate this work and will continue to recommend!
  • NaomiT.
    A go to
    For clear and useful astrology information
  • Noura2019
    Latest podcast- March 2022 was one of the best ones yet! Great perspectives and dialogue! Very clear- thank you
  • Darlene Michele
    Can’t Recommend Highly Enough!
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and can’t believe I’ve never left a review! Chris is brilliant, yet so masterfully breaks things down so they are easy to understand. His guests are the best of the best and I learn so much from each and every episode! Love this podcast! I feel smarter each time I listen!
  • luminous shadow
    Problems with Austin the Mansplainer
    Dear Chris, You are such a gem. Thank you for all that you bring to the astrology community. I have learned so much from you and really appreciate your deep dives and fascinating guests. However, I had to stop listening to the forecasts (which is such a bummer) because I can’t deal with Austin’s obnoxious mansplaining. I know he has mercury in Aries but it cannot excuse his cringingly know-it-all, misogynistic way of communicating, especially with Kelly and Leisa. It actually hurts to listen to everyone stroking his ego as he interrupts and repeats points that have already been made, mostly by women. Someone needs to talk to him about it. Seriously. Otherwise, this podcast is so amazing and generally addresses social justice issues really well, which is great, especially considering that you’re often dealing with archaic subjects and ideas. I love the way you interweave the old with the new.
  • debzgal
    Eager to hear More
    I fell upon this podcasts while browsing!! So very excited to hear more🌟
  • niknakoo
    Love Chris but wish Austin wasn’t so prevalent
    Chris is a valuable asset to the astrology community. This podcast is such an incredible undertaking and he continues to impress with the guests and knowledge he provides us all. However…Austin is so absurd. Why does he interrupt everyone so much? Also, it’s so much worse with women. He interrupts women and takes their point and presents it as his own so frequently it’s almost comical that he doesn’t have the awareness of this behavior. He’ll interrupt as Lisa or someone is ACTIVELY making the point, to mansplain and speak over her as if it literally isn’t occurring to him that she’s saying exactly that. He really should listen to the podcasts again to see just how insufferable he really is. How is any one person so annoying and literally the embodiment of the “actuallyyyyyyyy” meme. Ugh I know y’all are friends but get rid of him, Chris. I almost always skip the episodes he’s on which is disappointing because they’re all the forecasts
  • Joyce829
    Very good podcast!
    This is one of my favorite podcast. Really enjoyed it from beginning to end. Thank you !
  • Pampam78
    The planets series 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
    That series was so freaking amazing and I’m wrapping up now with Pluto & Richard Tarnas and I think my brain just exploded. (In addition to my heart bursting with so much admiration and respect for such beautiful stories, recollections and explanations). Thank you so much for sharing this work. Makes me feel so good about being a giant nerd!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • stargazer567
    Love it
    I love this podcast and Chris’ voice is super chill and sexy. Keep ‘em coming.
  • Kc1022
    Sounds like an SNL skit
    The information is fantastic but I can’t get over the fact the monotonous tone of the host and guests sound just like the NPR SNL skit “the delicious dish” I find myself skipping ahead or listening on double time or I zone out
  • Padideh J
    AMAZING podcast! I have learned so much about astrology through these episodes.
  • lilly&co
    the absolute best!
    i’ve learned so much! do not listen to those who want shorter episodes! the more examples the better! just listen in parts. this is a gem 💎 thank you to chris, co-hosts, & guests!
  • Taichung2018
    Deep dives
    It’s hard to imagine there being a more informative podcast on astrology. I haven’t missed an episode in a year. The recent episode with Ray Grasse touched on so many important things; I’m on my third listen now. I’ve been doing astrology almost 30 years, and this show has really helped me catch up with the e traditional revival — while not discounting the modern approach.
  • MellyBelly888
    a gift for all astro nerds
  • Ella_Loves_Cheesecake
  • rel1114
    I look forward to these podcasts and try to soak up every bit of knowledge given. Thank you Chris for your time !!!
  • Mvt11
    All you need
    I’m a professional astrologer and consider this my reference library for all questions pertaining to reading birth charts. Yes some of the episodes can be a little tedious at times. This is due to Chris’ thoroughness and i consider it a fair trade off considering the accuracy and breadth of the material.
  • LexTheGal
    Very long episodes
    I love that this podcast exists and when I have it in me, I learn so so much. I just wish the episodes were a bit more concise and to the point. I find myself hitting the fast forward button because I just want to “get to the good stuff.” It feels a little daunting to play an episode when I know it’s going to be super long and kind of dry. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect Astro podcast. I truly thought this was it but I just find myself kind of bored.
  • Jazzmin1
    Thank you Chris
    Discovering this pod has changed my life and motivated me to take my studies further and more seriously. Thank you.
  • Reality Listener
  • Kid cully
    I have learned more from this podcast than I even knew was possible and I am so incredibly grateful. Thank you all for all your hard work on this. Also, just finished the Mars episode and can confirm (on a personal level anyway) the statements about abrupt friendship endings for Mars in the 11th.
  • Hannskies
    Deeply Informative about Tons of Astrology Topics,
    This is an incredible podcast. Chris Brennan is very scholarly in his own treatment of astrological research and information (his book is incredible) and his high standards are also apparent in this podcast. He welcomes a huge range of guests - some quite famous- and covers a wide variety of topics. I recommend this podcast for anyone from the deep astro nerd to the casual toe-dipper who just wants the monthly forecasts. Also, can I just that Chris has a really nice speaking voice.
  • withinward
    Thank you
    I have been following astrology for over 10 years. This is easily my favorite show on any platform. I love the monthly forecasts but this show is a treasure trove of amazing material to strengthen your knowledge delivered in a beautiful way. Thank you Chris for your hard work and of course I love the mainstays and guests as well.
  • _nellaq
    Needs better guest speakers
    I love this podcast, it’s super in-depth & the information it provides is invaluable. I look forward to each episode & learning more about astrology. However, the host is super monotone & tends to pick guests who are also monotone/not really interesting/have nothing to contribute & it makes the whole thing really unlistenable. It’s hard to get through all of the “uhms” & “yeas”.
  • C2G2
    Proper Astrology Lectures
    I discovered this podcast after enrolling in an overpriced astrology podcast (over 2k - mentioning it for perspective and because for me that is a lot of $$$ and I’m almost done paying my cc). This FREE podcast taught me and is teaching more than what I got out of that class. Look for all of their timeless episodes about the signs (2 parts) the houses (two parts) and planets (on going)These gave me a better understanding of the complexity that is astrology. I am now an aspiring “whole house” with traditional ruler ship astrologer. I support it via Patreon. Chris with Leisa, Austin and Kelly and all the guests and topics that Chris brings keep inspiring and teaching me. Check the website and YouTube to get more.
  • basiliskfondler
    Best astrology podcast out there
    Full on classes, lectures, fascinating interviews and debates. You can learn so much from this podcast and Chris is a wonderful host who brings out a diverse array of astrologers. Much love Chris, you are a wonderful human being. Many blessings for your continued success in this work.
  • CNicolette
    Listen monthly
    Thank you for sharing!
  • riribex
    Trading Places
    Chris mentions in his interview with the great Bernadette Brady a script that should be written re: Mesopotamian king propitiation rituals. Made me think of the 1983 Eddie Murphy & Dan Ackroyd movie Trading Places! Ha
  • Laura0620
    Snooze Fest
    DEAR GOD this guy could put you to sleep if you were high on meth!
  • lostboyslair
    An Outstanding Podcast
    An educated and articulate astrologer, Chris is the best fo the best when it comes to astrology online.
  • frannycrow
    Pure Treasure
    This podcast is an absolute gem if you are serious about learning astrology. It took me a minute to get past the time commitment until I realized how valuable these episodes are. Also I love the no hype tone and the mix of hosts and guests. Chris Brennan: thank you! I deeply appreciate your work, your Scorpio stellium, and your generosity. Sincerely, Scorpio moon/Gemini rising/Capricorn sun with north node and Mars in Pisces.
  • liza_denver
    Best astrology podcast out there
    Love the deep dives and intelligence this channel provides. Priceless for any student. The people interviewed on this channel are the best of the best. And Chris is the best. Careful about other astrology podcasts channels. Some not as educated as you will find here and even might, unfortunately, misinform.
  • Milena Rangelov
    Outstanding podcast! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    I love this show and I firmly believe it is THE BEST podcast on astrology out there. Chris is super knowledgeable, systematic, creative, and generous in sharing his knowledge. Episodes are interesting, relevant, informative, guests are diverse and always bring interesting perspectives. I learned a ton from this podcast and you will too. It is packed with wisdom and some episodes could easily be workshops. I have been supporting it on Patreon for years and because I find it so so so valuable! Thank you, Chris!
  • sohonest ithurts
    Wonderful, diverse, provocative
    Amazing work, I have sent your “explaining astrology to non-astrologers” to many people whom I am close to. it offered something I have not been able to give in terms of tact with clear and quick communication regarding answers to questions of skepticism. Love your work. I found this podcast a month or so ago and listen to at least 3 episodes a week. It has been a pleasure.
  • margythomas
    So grateful for this podcast!
    I have learned so much from listening to Chris and guests. Thank you!!!
  • hyrmind
    Words cannot describe the usefulness of this podcast. Thank you very much for your work and dedication.
  • liky 3
    The energy level on this is kinda low and a bummer for such an exciting topic !
  • hello old rabbit
    Great show
    Wish the episodes could be broken down into smaller episodes. The one guy (not chris) tends to take up way more time talking than he should for the forecast episodes.
  • cora g 123
    One episode in and Wow, just incredible, astrology was already enticing but now I will be diving in and learning more. Thank you.
  • Colleenliberty
    This podcast provides a wealth of information for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of astrology beyond the basics but also covers the fundamentals for those who are at the beginning of their learning. I am so grateful for the work of all of these amazing astrologers!
  • Lunar Magick Astrology
    Best astrology podcast there is
    This is the best astrology podcast for learning and understanding astrology that I have found ! No matter your level, you will gain tremendous knowledge from this podcast !!
  • Garden of Om
    I can’t believe this is free!
    Thank you Chris and the gang for providing thorough, insightful, and charming astrology conversation.
  • LaLa_Loveelyyy
    Loved it
    Amazing podcast! One of my favorites
  • rachelberlin
    This podcast is such an educational boon! I started out looking for more of Austin Coppock’s astrological analysis but came to really appreciate the dynamic of the three on the monthly discussions. Kelly is incredibly insightful in an easygoing way, while Chris’s sense of humor is so dry it took me several episodes to recognize its existence. Full of wisdom and helpful tips for making one’s way through the day to day terrain, especially in this year when so much is going on and so much is hidden... Thank you!
  • laurieziminski
    Best podcast for in depth Astro info
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for years. Years ago, only listening to the monthly forecasts, I could barley understand the words Chris, Kelly, and Austin were saying! Here I am years later, finally able to go back and listen to some more complex episodes and actually able to understand them. You can learn so much! This podcast is like a free Astro course. A true blessing!
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