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Publishing weekly since 2012, this show helps marketers navigate the ever changing marketing jungle with expert interviews from leading marketing pros. Join Social Media Examiner’s founder Michael Stelzner as he helps you discover new strategies and actionable tips to improve your marketing. Show notes at

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    Target Emails Without Permission
    Sorry, but no matter how you spin it (and the EU has this right) your email scraping from visitors to your websites is unethical. AI is making everyone freak out, it’s a massive change that will destroy jobs and businesses. But panic into unethical behavior will not win the day, nor the years. Back to the drawing board. Opportunities unseen need to be found. The world turns again, as usual.
  • Cbbonney
    Great show….right?
    Michael, I’ve been following your work since your book about white papers. I love how you get right to the core issue and solution. There isn’t a lot of fluff in your Podcasts. They are very informative and that is awesome. The only thing I can suggest, and I only do it because it becomes a distraction in listening to your show, is that you end almost every sentence with the word “right?” You are not the only one in the world that does it, but it would be nice to minimize that a bit.
  • drkms
    Good info but the MANSPLAINING 😳
    There are good guests on this show, but be prepared to fast forward through the host’s mansplaining. He does it to every guest to somehow prove he’s also an expert on whatever the topic is.
  • blythe_lyn
    amazing variety!
    i love the variety in social media marketing topics! all extremely helpful! ⭐️
  • hindrelations
    Top podcast since Ltd launch
    ☝️ can’t have enough of this community , meeting them in person is another lever at social media annual marketing world 🫶 love you guys from Kuwait 🇰🇼
  • Summrrb
    Great variety of topics. Good interview style.
    I have a show on regular rotation during my morning walks. I’m learning a variety of topics. I like how the host controls the interview and flow but in a very polite way. Highly recommend this show! Brenda Meller
  • hamtug
    Best Ever! AI with Michael and Paul Roetzer
    I’m a regular listener and a big fan. The AI interview with Paul Roetzer was excellent. Great info on how it works, with comments on AI impact and opportunities for marketers. Thank you for sharing tips to create prompts and different tools/sites for writing, graphics and video.
  • Eric Carter-Landin
    So helpful
    I’ve been struggling with social media marketing and I’ve learned so many tactical things to help me in my efforts.
  • Leslie Burnett
    Great tips every episode
    There’s always something to learn. Great guests sharing tips, tricks, and the newest features on various platforms.
  • BennySuave
    Too much cross promoting of other shows.
    Stick to the cross promotion either at the end or the beginning of the episode. Right in the middle distracts from and degrades the quality of the episode. I typically don’t mind an interrupt for a simple call to action. But if it is for a completely different show that has nothing to do with the content that is being consumed, it’s annoying.
  • heathglenfarm
    Politics of having Sean Cannell interview
    I am an avid listener to your podcast and I used to be an avid follower of Sean Cannell. Until….he posted a photo on instagram of he and is wife proudly holding their son who was holding a long gun (or a long gun replica). I was pretty unsettled about the image and the way it came across. I quit following him everywhere and when he came on your show 2 days after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Texas I just couldn’t listen to his voice on your interview. Picturing his IG image of their little boy with that gun and the proud papa made me unable to hear his voice or follow anything about him.
  • Dana R Snyder
    Great guests & actionable advice!
    As a social media marketer, I’m always looking to learn and share those learning with others. The Social Media Marketing World Podcast brings on experts in their craft to really dive into the nitty gritty of the issue. I appreciate the step-by-step approach to the questions. Thank you for all you do!
  • Never Quit!
    Actionable Content
    I just found this podcast and I love it because it shares actual usable content you can implement in your business.
  • NightriderCat
    Ad Man?
    Five min of ads at the top of the show is definitely a way to let me know how successful this show is for you. Seriously? Can’t you put your ads at the end? I promise we would possibly stay around to buy what you are selling if you didn’t ram it down our ears before your pitch. Okay, now that we have the worst offense mentioned let’s get to the meat of the issue. This show is for white people. It’s a ad, within an ad, within an ad, within an ad. If you can find the original thought in here you win the prize for having your own business. Do yourself a favor, spend the time you would spend listening to this show actually interacting with people on social media and you will see results. Make friends, explore, but don’t think you have to lower yourself to MLM ways of networking. Everyone can see through spam comments so invest in a thesaurus to properly punctuate your personality. Take photos of the sunset and tag yourself. Let people know you breathe. Don’t listen to people you would never have a drink with. They wouldn’t buy you a round when you have a reason to celebrate. Don’t let them see you cry. There, that is all better advice than anything these nobody’s will sell you. Keep your phones charged and don’t get political. BTW- last thought: the host is annoyingly racist. He made a comment about people speaking ‘Mexican’ - his words not mine. That was a moment I believe could have easily been edited out but I’m thankful it wasn’t because I could see what a complete Jacka$$ the host is.
  • chloe grac
    Best podcast for marketers!!
    Love this podcast. As a social media manager, sometimes I feel like I just cannot keep up! Michael is a fantastic researcher and interviewer. I learn so much from every episode and always walk away with practical steps to benefit the brands I’m working for. Very thankful for Michael’s work!!
  • Rice12154
    Best podcast for content creators
    I have never written a podcast review before and I listen to all the gurus since I own 4 websites. This is hands down the best one. His interview style is amazing constantly bringing every guest back to actionable steps. Keep up the great work! And thank you!
  • JGT2911
    Great content in between too many ads
    I understand the importance of monetizing your platform, but there’s just too many ads for me to have to navigate to listen to the content. I hope that you can find better balance.
  • Don't Pay for the App!!!!
    For beginners and experts
    I am in love with this podcast because it gives amazing overviews, but dives deep enough to be extremely valuable to new people on the platform.
  • Axxjstar
    Gets better & better
    I’m currently a marketing manager and always push our team to implement high quality content for marketing purposes. This podcast has been with me every step throughout my career in content marketing.
  • howjp
    Great Support
    Always valuable content. Interview with Joe Pulizzi gave helped me see the importance of staying on one platform and building that audience before diversifying. Very applicable information provided.
  • ASunhawk
    Too many ads and very distracting
    Too many ads and very distracting
  • DHerrold73
    The best podcast on Social Media
    By far the best Podcast on Social Media knowledge and strategies. Michael is a really good interviewer who goes really deep into a number of topics. A must listen!
  • BobBrown1million
    A marketer I listen to
    As a journalist, I have low tolerance for marketing blah blah blah, but Michael’s a really good interviewer, has a nice variety of guests (rotating between different social platforms), and has an upbeat style without going over the top. One of my regular podcasts. Always come away with practical tips. BobB
  • bradlyt11
    Can’t wait to dive in deeper
    I loved the first episode I heard with Seth Godin. Can’t wait to listen to all of the great interviews I know exist within. Thanks for what you are doing Jordan!
  • Story Dr1
    Great job!
    Michael does a great job of presenting information. I love the tips he gives and the content is relevant and clearly explained. The podcast notes are very helpful in that I don’t have to worry about missing something. Thanks Michael for doing such a great job!
  • Dan Quiterio
    Good for Beginners
    This podcast—and really many things that come out of Social Media Examiner—are geared towards entrepreneurs with little or no knowledge of social media. If you’re a professional social media marketer or work for a large brand, you won’t learn much that you didn’t already know. I attended last year’s Social Media Marketing World conference and found the same to be true.
  • Security Sam
    One of the best tools in my podcast toolbox
    I have been listening to this podcast for years and am way overdue in telling the world how enjoyable and informative your podcasts are. I have never been to your events but I still get tremendous value out of the podcast. Thank you!!
  • qmock
    So helpful...I’ve learned so much
    This podcast has been so helpful. I learn something every week that I try to put into action. Michael’s interview style is engaging and he asks all the questions I’d ask if I were in the room. I listen to many of these over and over. So grateful for this resource.
  • RaphSo
    Great podcast!
    Very insightful content
  • David RD
    Awesome show
    I love Michael’s approach and this podcast. You have an excellent lineup of top rate guests and solo episodes with priceless tips, suggestions, and advice! I have implemented SOOOO much of these nuggets of wisdom to my business as well and it’s been amazing. Keep up the great content and keep killing it! Thanks!
  • b0riotti
    Great Marketing Podcast to Stay Relevant
    I think this podcast is awesome. The guests are the best in the biz and always bring new trends and updates to the table. I am always learning something and highly recommend!
  • RacheltheStewart
    My favorite marketing podcast
    Once I found this show it quickly became my go-to source for all things marketing. Michael brings in a great variety of guests and covers a range of topics. I only wish there were more episodes.
  • ecdhunt
    So much great information
    If you own a business, you should be listening to this show. Been listening for a while, but the Elise Darma episode inspired me to write a review. Michael has a tremendous voice for podcasting, but the questions he asks are almost like the exact questions you would ask after hearing the previous information. He is a master at digging deeper so you can have the best understanding of the content that’s being presented AND then APPLY it to your business immediately!
  • Pretty_Brown_Woman
    Great Resource!
    I learn so much from this podcast as a busy creative / Mama entrepreneur it’s one of my go to sources of info on all things social media / biz. Thank you!! ❤️
  • Chavo_55
    Great Content
    I am a YouTuber and future Social Media Marketer who wants to help others with their marketing journey. All the information that I have heard on this podcast, not only fill me with positive and informative content that I can relate to. I get inspired to learn and grow my own content, to reach the potential that I know it can reach.
  • Spumph
    Has been a great guide as a forge my way into the social media marketing world
    This podcast has been a great resource for finding reputable leaders in whatever aspect of social media marketing available.
  • Tiffany Ka
    Helpful, Interesting, Good Hosts
    Happy with the podcast so far after 2 listens! Thank you Michael Stelzner for the resource!
  • Gaarlaptop
    Actionable information every episode!
    Quickly becoming a favorite pc of mine. Always good content!
  • Mbufalo
    Massive Amounts of Knowledge
    A podcast that will pertain to every corner of the new evolving marketing world. Michael Stelzner offers great expertise to really grasp the ever changing social media world. On point, and love to listen all day long in my AirPods. Thanks Michael you rock! 👍
  • Amelia N L
    Can you do an episode on how to get buy in from your company: from different departments and leadership? I work at a national company where everyone “knows” marketing better than the marketing team. It’s very outdated their knowledge. All they do is complain and don’t value data.
  • Kwinberg20
    I’ve been an avid listener for years! Love the content and love the Social Media Marketing World conference!
  • Maxxsells
    My entire company benefits because I listen
    I can’t begin to tell you how many times I share your podcast- We have a Tuesday meeting every week and I bring your valuable information to the meeting every week! thank you
  • Sprocket19
    My go to social media podcast just like evergreen tactics podcast
    I love your show it has amazing information and has helped my business. If you like social media marketing I would appreciate it you checked out my podcast evergreen tactics! But this show has the best information on social media marketing! Thank you 🙏
  • LindaRey in Roxbury
    LEVEL UP your marketing with THIS IS THE PODCAST!!
    I cannot say or emphasize enough how this podcast has changed our marketing for our THREE businesses. Michael Stelzner is a PRO. His interviewing skills are awesome and the guests are talent whom are so generous with their knowledge and time. I can’t believe what nuggets of GOLD I’ve gleaned from this podcast. This is my top show and i look forward to every week when an episode drops!! love Love LOVE! Thank you to the SMMWORLD team!!!!! See you Stelzner at #SMMW20 #FirstTimer!!!
  • Bvphelps
    Practical & Informative
    I’m a high school Broadcast Video Production teacher who listens while driving to and from work. Michael’s guests and topics provide an authentic platform to talk with my students about using social media purposefully. It provides some great ideas for video projects for us to use. I have shared the podcast with a number of students looking to add social media to their marketing portfolio. It has helped some even get paid internships handling social media for local businesses! Thanks for sharing Michael! Keep up the good work.
  • fearlessj316
    Great podcast for marketers of all ages, experiences, brands, etc. I don’t listen to an episode without walking away with at least 3 powerful insights that drive my decision maker in a niche category. Thanks for the awesome work.
  • Elena-elenik
    Amazing! Actionable!
    Now I can hardly wait to go to the gym and listen to your podcasts. In every episode I have found at least one precious idea that is already showing results. All of your guests are so generous in giving away their secrets and you are amazing!
  • Rachael0128
    I have been listening for over a year. You are so insightful and direct that even I understand. I love how you back your guest up and ask those questions ,we have, for what they just send. Your guest are always fantastic, but so are your solo ones. Thank you for what you give to us. Rachael Warrington
  • Craighero
    Great Job
    A group I help manage recently had David Mann speak about using your personal brand to help make the client the Hero of what you do. You then become the Spirit Guide... Rory and Michael’s discussion around developing your own personal brand dovetailed with this extremely well. Shared the podcast with our LI group so everyone could get exposed to Rory and his process.
  • Densely
    Love the podcast you really care about creating the best value for your customers
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