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Escapades in Mind-Expansion and Cultural Misadventures. Mindrolling Podcast is about coming unstuck and the recent history of awoken awareness. It’s about the intersection of culture, consciousness and realization with Raghu Markus.

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  • the other Dell
    Personally, I look forward to hearing Raghu’s introductions on the Ram Dass podcast. I wouldn’t take it personally, that some object. Since I’ve been listening a while, It feels like Raghu brought the gift of these lectures to us in the first place. And it lends structure. The Leper/Banana story showed Raghu is quite self critical, all the while doing his best to spread the love.
  • Shouzyy Q
    Thank you Duncan and Raghu!
    Absolutely love this podcast and all the be here now network podcast . Brings me so much peace and perspective while I drive and work. 💗Ram Ram.
  • ktodarling
    Stick to the subject
    Podcast about Kurt Cobain with Danny Goldberg. Talks about Kurt for 30 seconds, derails the rest of the conversation to talk about himself and Trump. The heck?
  • Borealisx
    Warms the heart
    Really enjoyed the last episode with Ram Dev and hearing stories about Ram Dass and Trungpa Rinpoche. Thank you for the teachings! Beautiful quotes
  • Funk Dumplin
    Fresh air!
    I’ve listened to Ram Dass lectures for years and just never explored podcasts until recently— the last two years or so. What a gem of a podcast Rhagu! These talks could not have arrived on my doorstep at a better time.
  • jpbechard
    Pete holmes & Duncan got the hook in me
    Pete & Duncan nudged me over the bridge into Ram Dass’s territory. “You’re safe secure&loved.” Even if not religious or spiritual I highly recommend After listening to lectures & quotes of his, “Be here now” awakened my soul I’ve evolved personally & adapted to being formation from the teachings of Raghu, Mirabai Starr, Krishna, Ram Dass, Maharishi-Ji, Neem Karoli, etc…this show articulates various soul-points from the wisdom of BabaRamDass. “the here and now… just this.. just this moment.. this moment right here&now”
  • nickanderhoey
    Ram Ram
    You’re the best Raghu! Thank you!
  • Ms Patsy
    “Yeah” involuntary reaction when I see a new episode
    I absolutely love this podcast. To me Ravi is the lovable, wise, and real grump you want as your friend. His guest all share a common strand of having a sign post to soul, and we can all use that! Thank you Ragu, your voice and your advocacy for other voices is appropriated.
  • mukiule33
    Walking Each Other Home
    I love this podcast - and all on the Be Here Now Network. Thank you, Marabai!
  • JoshCrist
    Thoughtful, empowering and enlightening! 🙌
    Whether you’re already deep into your journey of awakened consciousness, or just getting started integrating a holistic lifestyle - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Raghu does an incredible job leading conversations that cover the entire range of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical challenges we all face learning to navigate the transition towards a higher state of being. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
  • golgikanji
    Raghu—I am listening
    Than you for your persistent efforts and substantive contributions. I am grateful! You must be happy with your contribution to the world.
  • Jayfiddy
    Thank you
    You’re a bright light in the world, Raghu! Keep on keeping on 🤟
  • jimmy with the long Meat
  • emmy, friend
    Thank you
    Thank you for having these conversations. Thank you for opening my mind and putting into words the feelings and internal questions I’ve been having for years. You are a blessing and a gift. Keep sharing!
  • ejhy74
    Host is an arrogant, judgmental jerk. Practice your own advice.
  • goosekrishna
    Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram
  • swuelfing
    Unique content in the spiritual podcast space
    Hi Raghu! It's Suzanne Wuelfing. :-) (Hi Saraswati!) I found your podcast when I was looking up kundalini content and other spiritual content and was so excited to find this! This covers topics that I am not finding elsewhere. Also, so glad you got Krista Tippett - she and On Being have meant so much to me and been such a moral support to me for years - great to get her insights. Take care! Good to hear you on here! :-)
  • Rosie R.
    Helpful but sexist undertones
    I just listened to the episode on liminality and found it insightful, profound, and practically applicable to my life. However, the male speaker kept putting down and speaking over the female speaker. He also presented his responses to her as if they were corrections or contradictions to what she said, when the content of his response was actually in alignment with what she said — and still, the woman apologized repeatedly.
  • kittychi
    So happy to have found Mindrolling podcast!
    A treasure trove of wonderful interviews of amazing people on beautiful topics: my go-to podcast every day. Thank you Raghu and Be Here Now Network for consistently high quality content in this and all the rest of your podcasts. A+ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • spej58
    Great podcast
    Love the show! Found it one day and enjoyed it so much that I started listening to it from the very beginning. Covers a wide variety of topics from social commentary to the deepest spiritual experiences. Raghu brilliantly advocates spirituality in action with humor, warmth, and compassion.
  • Sean--Cain
    Love this guy
    Great podcast, helpful advice and great guests. And Raghu is a real mensch.
  • buudhaboy
    Raghu is so full of himself and talks to much over his guests
  • RachelJoyLackey
    My favorite
    I have been listening to mindrolling from the beginning. It is my favorite podcast of all the many I listen to. Raghu's voice is soothing and calming...he makes me feel at ease when listening and his spiritual heart comes through when intervewing guests. My heart felt thanks to Raghu and all involved for creating this podcast for us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.......
  • Tony‰
    These guys are the greatest
    Funny insightful and you can tell they’re having fun doing it
  • Tod Benton Jones
    Food for the Soul
    Raghu is the boss! I look forward to this moving and insightful podcast every week and it always fulfills my expectations. Soul expanding goodness every single time! Thanks, Raghu, for this and the whole Be Here Now Network! RAM RAM!
  • Cheer Dickson
    Helps you think more compassionately
    My friends hate these kind of podcasts but they benefit from me listening to them.
  • MichelleTheDragon
    Warm and Spiritually Explorative
    I listen only sporadically these days, but I do enjoy this show and the questions it explores. The host seems genuinely curious and open minded with his guests.
  • Hoopsluv22
    Good stuff
    Great resource and fun to listen to.
  • HellCamino
    I never miss an episode!
    My job allows me to listen to podcasts while I work and this is one of my go-tos! The last few years have been a snowball of events that have led me to the Be Here Now Network, Ram Dass and satsang. I feel like Rhagu and friends are family! I live in Bloomington, IN, and while it's the most open-minded city in the state, I still find it tricky day-to-day connecting with like-minded people. I feel inspired and less alone listening to these podcasts. It's really been a blessing for me. I also recommend to those who I feel are ready. Much love and peace from the good ol' Midwest!
  • A purple pope.
    Duncan Trussell brought me here.
    If you love dtfh you'll love Raghu Markus' podcast as well. Awesome.
  • Perkeaux
    So Good
    Great guests and stories. I look forward to each week.
  • klr1322
    Great guests!
    Love the show and the mindpod network -- so much content!!! So happy you took Duncan's advice.
  • soundofclap
    Angry Liberals
    Listened to 2 podcasts-Summary of what I heard = love everyone but republicans, they are evil cause they don’t force everyone to do good things. Either I don’t get it or they don’t, and since I’m me, I’ll go with them not getting it.
  • Safish
    I dont listen to this podcast religiously like i do some others, but i do love it each time i listen. Love their honesty about their own journey, no bs!
  • TallGreen
    I love the mix of the everyday and the cosmic!
  • Thank you for sharing
    Review pod
    Thank you Raghu and David for all the work you've put into this. It has been helpful for me as I continue to work on myself. Check it out see what you think. Music, insight, funny dudes who've been doing this for sometime.
  • Brew-ski
    Thank you Dunkin
    Great info...
  • treehug
    my joy is a new episode of mindrolling
    david silver and raghu markus are my virtual buddies in consciousness. i can always turn my brain over to them to learn some necessary tools in shifting perspectives towards enlightenment or whatever lol. i learn a lot through these guys. they kind of have amazing stories to share while having their finger on a deeply spiritual pulse, so to speak. thanks for the podcast, its super helpful! peace...
  • exzisd
    Consistently thought provoking
    Great podcast, with quality discussions, topics, and ideas. A podcast for anyone interested in spirituality, practices, and discussion.
  • nickyfreeshow
    Fantastic Spiritual Pod with Zero Pretensions
    Listening to the show helps me to learn how to be in each moment and connect to that flow. I was also introduced to some great music as well through this pod. Love you David and Raghu!
  • kfatka
    one of my favorites!
    great talks on spirituality and consciousness in totally unpretentious, down-to-earth language. i've learned a lot from these guys, so many great jumping off points for me: meditations with a buddhists nun, choygam trungpa rinpoche, neem karoli baba, ram dass, yantras/miracles/mystical experiences from india! really inspired me to deepen my meditation practice- went to a 10 day silent vippassina retreat and i really do credit david and raghu for stoking that interest. they are both funny and interesting people, shaped by their time with enlightened beings and the psychonautical explorations of the 1960's here in the states. if you tend to roll your eyes at the 'new age' movement but are curious about spirituality, philosophy, psychedelia, or mysticycism- this could be your way in!
  • 80i08
    thank you
    you guys make me laugh and smile!
  • JeffroDK
    Good podcast, but...
    Please update ramdass here and now. Please don't let that podcast whither while you work on this one. Ramdass here and now is very important. Thank you.
  • Bulskfiviisjsjfif
    I Love you Guys
    I really get a Lot out of you guys. This is so calming and warm to listen to.. I wish everyone in the could enjoy this.. Thanks
  • Bram NYC
    I love this podcast. I laugh. I think. I let my mind roll with the wisdom!
  • shady3s
    Great people
    Great people with a great message
  • AssHanderson
    Great podcast
    I can't get enough of this pod
  • you me us them
    These guys expose a way to look at life with a greater vantage point, listen to them to find out what that means. I am grateful for how much they shift my consciousness and help me be more playful with the phenomena of life.
  • TJS334
    Love this podcast
  • A supporter of Rogan
    Love it
    These two are great, not many podcast out that cover the topics that they do from credible and estut sources
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