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This is The Fighting Cock. A Tottenham Hotspur podcast hosted by Flav, with Alex, Cal, John, Ricky, Spooky and T on rotation. Engineer Al remotely edits and mixes our degenerate dissection of all things THFC. Up the Spurs! Love the shirt.> Patreon -> Twitch -> Twitter -> Facebook -> Instagram -> WhatsApp -> YouTube - See for privacy and opt-out information.

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  • MitchK32
    Who’s gonna get bummed?
    Seems like every episode boils down to who is gonna get bummed - you, your misses, or one of your parents - so that Spurs can win a trophy. Sorry dad, gotta take one for the team.
  • Dalinar’s Pain
    Best and most hilarious podcast for Tottenham! COYS!
    Out of the dozen or so Tottenham dedicated podcasts, this is by far my favorite. Truly hilarious analysis that captures the heart and soul of what it means to be a Spurs supporter. The humor mixed with the soul-testing existence of being a Spurs supporter, along with the cynicism and ability to laugh at ourselves, makes this the most valuable podcast series for any true spurs supporter! Not for the younglings though (because you probably don’t want your kids listening to grown men discuss the prospect of one of the hosts “rimming out Dean Smith” in order to get a guaranteed Champions League place! Haha!)
  • JJ333~!@
    Great show
    I learn more about the Spurs from this show than I do from my in-laws that live just near White Hart Lane.
  • Mmaatttt2121
    Love the shirt. Love the pod
  • Francois DeLeafsuck
    best podcast ever, spurs and in general. funny as hell
  • BobbyW-1981
    Best Spurs Podcast
    Love this podcast, I never miss an episode. It’s exactly as if me and my mates were sitting around chatting about football and busting each others balls.
  • a-steele
    Best Spurs Pod
    All the boys are great, but Flav, T, and my dude RICKY are the 🐐s.
  • Levels2Sucio
    Good ones and bad ones
    Great variety of opinions from this group on Spurs. They have genuine fun chemistry but too often the conversation becomes juvenile and gross for no reason other than they are juvenile and gross guys at their cores.
  • radshoesbro
    The Uncontested Champion
    If you are a Tottenham Hotspur supporter this is the podcast for you. Been listening since season two, and it’s only gotten better.
  • 10centSuperMan
    Flav is crazy
    “I don’t think Dele Alli is as good as everyone else does.” That’s like classic heel stuff. Great podcast if you like drunk Spurs fans with opinions.
  • OdotSdot
    Tears to cheers
    When my wife took the kids and left me, I thought there would be no more joy in my life. The sun shined less brightly and the silence boomed louder. Food tasted like gruel and the world appeared to have no meaning. When, just days after I moved back in with my parents and they died, I really didn’t know why I continued on. I had to sell the furniture to keep the house. An empty house. Then I found this podcast, and now the sobs of sorrow have turned to tears of laughter, echoing around the barren walls as I sit on my knees in the middle of what was a life. P.s. Karen, if you’re reading this, come home.
  • Typical American Spur
    Read this Foxy Flav
    Short story: when I was about 14, my best friend and I were traveling to a football tournament. His mom drove us in a van, and we decided to bring our new girlfriends along with. His mom driving, friend in front seat. Two girlfriends in the middle seats. Me in the very back. Well I get car sick from time to time and instead of asking embarrassingly to pull over so I could vomit, I thought to myself I’d just puke in my lap. Nobody knew until they started to smell it and it was horribly embarrassing. Hosed myself and my kit off, scored a penalty in the game.
  • cason2389
    Get em on the plane
    Love the pod been listening for a few years, always a 30 percenter and Ricky is the gem you should all be honored to be around. Just a quick question; Bardi would there be room on the plane Chelsea is on to add Trippier for sure and I’m almost for sure I’d lump Dier in there too? COYS Long Live King Rick Teddy
  • Jms_dc
    Often as good as Kane, sometimes as questionable as Yedlin
    Writers, comedians, battle rappers and all around clever chaps (clowns) engage in excellent, salty Spurs banter. Also in the mix: —Solid Poo stories. —Drugging and drinking bravado (but not for the children!) —Dodgy tips on relationships, lovemaking and career progression. —Deplorable questions from listeners that have nothing to do with actual football. —Ignoring clubs that are beneath us, and their scum supporters. Endorsed by Pochettino and Levy.
  • Amelie0322
    The show is ok. I tried listening many years ago, but it was mostly a bunch of grown men giggling. They sometimes say something profound, but mostly it’s an agenda based show. Bardi is a hater who only talks about how Lamela isn’t good enough, and Trippier needs to get out of our club. To put it plain, he’s insufferable. Greg’s alright sometimes. T seems less of a joke. For the first year, I thought Windy was a girl. Mushed mouth Brits sound like they were saying Wendy. Alex from Bristol’s voice is wasted here. He should narrate a documentary on 17 century British hats. Give this show a listen, it’s worth your while. But, just listen for entertainment reasons. They are no authority on anything. They talked about poo today. Poo.
  • Echo-6-Charlie
    Better than Pornhub
    My gran has been going through a bit of a dry spell since my grandfather passed away, but since this podcast came out she’s been happily letting her freak flag fly. She’s stopped going to her weekly bridge games and started strumming her imaginary guitar naked to Flav and the crew.
  • boundbymusic
    #1 Poo Porn Podcast
    Searched high and low for the right combination of sexual education and poo science and finally found this. Each episode features the top minds in each field. If you can make it through the 45 minutes of entertaining talk about the greatest team in world football you will be delighted with the unrivaled porn and poo knowledge of the hosts and guests. You can shake and you can dance but the last drop will always end in your pants. Spit in my mouth. COYS
  • cdooley79
    5 star pod
    Legends. All of ‘em. Come on you Spurs!
  • robsweeney11
    This pod makes my day
    I am American, so it is difficult to find consistent coverage of Spurs. I honestly feel like I’m friends with all the guys on the show. It’s wonderful to listen to after a win to rejoice, and it’s comforting to listen after a loss to know others feel the same sadness we do. They are so optimistic about Spurs no matter the circumstances and I genuinely get excited every time I see a new episode is available. London is far but I’d LOVE to hang at a pub for a live show one day. Shoutout to the 30 percenters!
  • Brendon Enders
    My Favorite Soccer Pod
    5 stars for my favorite soccer podcast in the world. Would be brilliant if you could give my podcast a shout in the show - Michigander FC! - Brendon (Your biggest fan in Michigan)
  • Zach Smiley
    I am American, forgive my American soccer mind, but I have been following spurs since I studied abroad and watched spurs live in the Europa league in Florence. I will be in London for the north London derby March 2, what should I do prematch? Would you guys grab a pint?
  • cbsmooth13
    Girth of insights is unrivaled.
    Are you an American? Love Spurs? Then get your knowledge gap filled to the hilt by the ballsiest fan tier there is. The mix of coverage and humor will make you nipples tingly. Plus, their appreciation for American Spurs fans insights are second to none. They’ve agreed to do a Pod from Princeton, NJ to support Princeton Spurs. Thanks lads!
  • TheKingChadwick
    Be a 30%er. You might not laugh harder
  • Kang_Kevo
    COYS from the US of A
    Seriously love the pod, love the humor and love the Spurs. Keep up the good work over there and I’ll keep listening over here. (Other side of the Pond)
  • MCOguy1979
    Great show for a novice fan
    As a newish American Spurs fan, this is easily my favorite Spurs pod. They don’t take themselves too seriously but still touch on all the news you’d like to hear.
  • MoussaMoussaMoussa
    Great pod for any spurs fan
    This is one of my favorite pods to listen to. Great fan insight and really captures an accurate depiction of what it feels like to be a spurs fan. 1st half of the pod deals with previous games action and some overall news around the club while the 2nd half devolves into more humorous content. Keep up the good work.
    Mates,I love this dam POD. You fellas make the season and off season respectively awesome. Keep up the great work.
  • wassupmeng
    Always fun to listen to
    Great pod for Spurs fans. These guys are hilarious and have great discussions. Loved the Micky Hazard one especially
  • Team Leader 77
    Like aural sex
    Best fap I've had with my pants on. Almost as good as Lamela stamping on a cesc fabergé egg or Son spinning past Kenny (who killed Kenny?). Brings my spirits up when we're struggling through the various visiting (and ManU) bus parkers, and gets me flying when the team is destroying all in their path.
  • Adam785434678954321
    A Must for US Spurs Fans
    Started listening this season. This is the best Spurs pod. “And remember only the players change. The game stays the same.” -Wu. 30%er
  • éperons
    As one of the 30%ers who make it all the way through (and have done so since day one), I’m answering the call to leave a review. Less sweary and laddish than it used to be, every episode is must-listen pod. I wish Flav did James Richardson-style wordplay, though.
  • Datdude88
    If loving it is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
    Amazing podcast for a Spurs fan. It’s something I look forward to throughout the season. Great humor, amazing stories, and plenty of football discussion.
  • chizikpizik
    "No trivia, like cocaine from Bolivia" it the onli podcast I can finish
  • zmw920
    Hashtag 30 percent
    Be the 30 percent who listens from start to finish. You won't be disappointed, particulary when they talk about having a wank underneath a tree #COYS
  • KevincoysB
    Fantastic pod! Just a bunch of lads talking about spurs and other things like shredded porn mags! and wanking under trees! Definitely recommend to any spurs fan.
  • Lee Jay
    Waiting for Ricky
    “Fear is a state of nervousness only fit for children.” – Wu Tang Clan Sounds like Audere-est-Facere to me, Ricky. Drinks?
  • Kube42
    COYS for Come on you Spurs!
    “No trivia, like cocaine straight from Bolivia.” That has nothing to do w Spurs but it’s funny... like this podcast
  • Srh11
    Best Podcast on iTunes
    Never left a review on a podcast before but I'm a long time listener from the USA--you guys have always been quality. #30%
  • Max Delva
    The 30% here...
    Liverpool fan, but still have a soft spot for suprs and poch, love the show. BTW Flav, stop talking crap about liverpool so much.
  • Beetdiggers
    Best Podcast I Listen too
    “No trivia raw like cocaine straight from Bolivia”
  • c_bafi
    Part of the 30% !!
    Love the pod, always excited to hear the lads review games and give predictions for upcoming games. Must listen for all spurs fans!
  • JPardee
    I Jack, I Rob, I Sin...
    Aw man, I’m Jackie Robinson. A bit of tactics, a bit of banter, some ribaldry, and all heart. Listen to lads talk about the club we love so much!
  • Daniel Aeche
    Oooh baby i like it rawwwwwww
    Yeah baby i like it rawwwwwwwwwwww
  • AlehandPanda
    Local is best
    You guys are great, somehow, informative despite their best efforts to be silly, part of my weekly build up for the game. Cheers lads.
  • 1234lav
    Great podcast. I've been following Spurs from the US for sometime now. Recently, the thought popped into my head that there might be some good Tottenham-related podcasts to satiate my desire for having more Spurs in my life. Tried out this one. Been loving it ever since. Good insights and reflections. Love hearing the updates on the youth development.
  • Nick Petr
    One of my favorites! Love the structuring of the episodes.
  • g r b v v s k
    Love the pod
    amazing pod. alex from bristol is a complete nonce though.
  • Staves49
    These guys are completely nuts but man are they hilarious!! I love this pod! COYFS!!!
  • Atlas Cesar
    Live vicariously through others' dangerous mistakes
    Top Spurs podcast, but the real value here is listening to the presenters tell of their past missteps. These are the kinds of booze fueled mistakes most listeners wish they could have in their lives, but are afraid to dive in with such reckless abandon. Really great stuff.
  • Pav13r
    Good for any Spurs fan
    These guys are great. They’re funny but very informative. As an American who is relatively new to rooting for the Spurs, it’s good to hear the opions of passionate Tottenham fans
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