Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli

Comedy #97

Welcome to the Tin Foil Hat conspiracy podcast, with Sam Tripoli and his glorified interns XG and Johnny Woodard!

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  • quackycovidiot
    1000 percent just let the guest speak for a minute. Interesting topics tho.
  • Likely_Flat_Earth
    Good Job!
    XG serves a purpose, I’m certain of it
  • jck 87
    Why isn’t xg and Johnny not posted as hosts??
  • Eee Em Bee
    Fun Show
    Sam’s an entertaining host.
  • Joelgjfugdfdyy
    Awesome podcast
    Great conspiracy podcast . Shoutout blue chew
  • This nickname is taken 240
    Eddie Bravo is special needs
    Please don’t have Eddie the interrupter on anymore. Guy might be a little slow.
  • Scott stremick
    100 percent
    Please go one just one show without saying 100 percent
  • FLABERGASTED yo moma
    Tin Foil Review
    Quickly becoming my favorite podcast. Salute Sam!
  • Billy Bambaattaa
    Is Ari Tommy G with a sinus infection?
    Loved the Ari episode, but I think it’s Tommy G with a bad cold? It’s my conspiracy mind kick in’ in….. Great stuff!!!
  • Yahhhlonduh
    Anthony Leiser = 😴
    What was the point of this episode? This guy didn’t bring anything interesting to this episode. You guys did a nice job filling in around but he was a truly bad guest. I’ll know to skip it I see him name on any future episodes. Otherwise keep up the great work!
  • valahalla33
    Jew control the media and hate white christians.
  • Geeeeeg0567
    Made ari human again
    Loved him national lampoon when I was 11 and like Xg got offended then came back with joe then back off when he got too cocky and insulted a recently deceased man and daughter but sam got the good side of him on this one
  • Brandi Ramirez
    TFH Rocks
    Love the show!!
  • Abby Ketcham
    Love Y’all
    So thankful for y’all! This podcasts has helped me throughout the entire plandemic… Keep up the good work, much love! <333
  • Hop mane
    Sam is the absolute MAN!! And JW and XG are so awesome. You guys are the best. Highest vibrations to all of you, peace!
  • Hdbdhdhdh
    Love the show
    Could you have George Wiseman on every day? One of the best shows I have heard.
  • fried bacon grass
    Please bring awareness
    A child in Eugene Oregon is being sexualized this weekend at a drag queen show. The child is eleven. The police have sworn to make this show happen. The bar is old Nicks. The child is shown in full drag in the pictures. Please report on this Sam and Johnny, I listen to you every day at work. Johnny can find the info. Thank you, blessings.
  • reincarnatedTimeTraveler
    Red pill
    Ever battle against the machine is won by a sacrifice. We sacrifice time spent learning facts, accepting mistakes, and correcting our paths to the future. In by doing so we change others in their path of destruction and hopefully preventing another lamb whose being lead to the slaughter.
  • Di Davis
    Sam and the boys are the best!
  • RoboWilsin
    browns gas
    mr wiseman’s book is not available on amazon and it makes me wonder why. keep your tinfoil hat on super tight. the powers that be don’t want you knowing…..
  • Detroit Viking
    Sam simply can't let guests speak.
  • tcol777
    Come on
    Great topics and interesting guests. The host need to let the guest talk more. We don’t always need to hear your opinion. Stop over talking the guests please!!!!!
  • okayleen
    Truth-spiracies being dropped
    Sam does the best podcasts around, tin foil hat being my all time favorite! The guests are always interesting and knowledgeable and Sam and the guys always bring a new perspective and some comedy with all the darkness that surrounds us in the 21st century. If you’re looking to wake up and not be a sheep anymore, this is a good way to dive on in… head first! I’ve gone to a couple of Sam’s comedy shows, one with Eddie Bravo, and they were hilarious with a healthy dose of reality. Most comedians now a days are straying away from the “dangerous” subjects but Sam heads straight for them. I’ll be on team tin-foil forever. Thanks guys!
  • Ooo Ice King
    Lit 🔥
    One of the best, most underrated podcasts out there. Tons of deep thought provoking conversations to be found here. Thank you for all your hard work Sam, it’s truly a blessing 🙌
  • lope186
    Great show
    Great show but Sam loves to mention that he was on Rogan.. bro we get it ! Lol still love the show
  • JaayGrizzle
    The Anti-dote for MSM
    Discovered this show a few years ago when Sam and Eddie Bravo were on infowars. I started towards the beginning pre Johnny and have been hooked ever since. Aaron sucked by the way glad he’s gone really. J Nice is a much better addition to the show. But the fact that you got queeny and called a drill a power drill instead of just a drill made me laugh. You’re a smart nerd dork it’s cool own it. You ain’t foolin no one homie.
  • xgbjk
    What is wrong with you?
    You bloviate over and derail every single guest you have. Why is everything a train wreck with you? I guess the sound of your own voice is the most important thing to you.
  • BlackGayLesbian
    Super Bear
    Anyone else
  • xbdhhdhhdh/172743
    Wanna be best friends?
    Sam, I absolutely adore you, your outlook on all the crazy stuff, and of course, this podcast. It is an excellent balance of observing the crazy but not absorbing. So happy I found it!
  • Laini99
    One of two idiotic comment per show otherwise great
    Ppl in SF are not ok w getting their cars broken into. I don’t like sf either but you guys sound dumb when you generalize the thinking of a whole population based on what you heard a couple people say. It’s hard to take u seriously when I hear that I immediately lose my Boner and question everything you’re saying:
  • PatrickSlides916
    I love the show but…
    I love the shoe but the intro ads are so long and it seems like the podcast pauses ever 5-10 minutes for a blue chew ad or a stupid ad about copying some crypto dude which seems super sketchy. If I pay for it on Rockfin is there still ads?
  • scagpitt
    So informative and so many killer topics. Also sam, Evian backwoods is Naive. Food for thought lol
  • MrJ585
    You complain about fictitious characters being turned black but have you ever heard of white washed history of real people? I love the show, I just wanted you to touch on that topic.
  • Jes-Lane
    Lake Elsinore
    Wiki-ed the city and when it came to the 1950-60s when the lake was dry it glosses over how or why it was and how it filled up again. Hmmm
  • looknjsjsjsnbs
    Come back to the dojo October
    Please Come back to the dojo October , you said o this current episode that you need to figure something out :) so heres a suggestion
  • KTLA2004
    Sam is top notch
    Love this pod. Sam has so many but this is def my favorite always great guest and topics never a full moment!
  • acg651
    A must listen
    Best show on the internet
  • Linchpin11
    My Fav
    Absolutely my favorite podcast!! Keeps me thinkin and I definitely get some laughs. Love you guys!!
  • Apanda76
    Cincinnati is where the Illuminati lives
    Duuuude I’ve been saying since 2012 that Cincinnati (where I live) is the real place where the Illuminati reside. Indian Hill neighborhood. This episode was so validating to so many intuitions I’ve had and things I witnessed. Especially in 2000 and 2001. Excellent episode!
  • Sloany pony
    Love you Sam!!!
  • BroGodThaGreat
    Smooth Brain Tripoli
    Cool topics of discussion and great guests. XG and Johnny are great people for helping their mentally handicap friend put on a podcast.
  • Podcast Fregorn
    Excelente Podcast
    Es un podcast con humor para gente adulta. Pero con temas intersetantes que te ayuda a pensar en las cosas fuera de lo normal. Es un programa en ingles que te divierte
  • Trucker10220
    Great podcast
    Love the content. Very interesting 🤔
  • Jsirbdn
    The OG Conspiracy Pod
    Must listen for anyone looking to explore alternative narratives.
  • Battlebirch
    Light hearted conspiracy with humor
    They don’t apologize for having an open mind. Stop melting your brain with social media and listen to this. Get Shepard Ambellas next.
  • red neckninja
    Civil war not so easy
    The civil war will not be so easy!! Don’t forget, USA MUST FALL to form the NWO. It will be patriots and Christian’s VS communist , UN, cartels, Muslim sleeper cells, and satanic soldiers. Red Dawn baby, WOLVERINNNNNES!!!! JESUS SAVES!!
  • grrrdrek
    It wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t an add every 10 minutes. I love the podcast but it’s like you talk good for like 20 minutes then Bam another commercial or multiple adds at once
  • tonyfrompittsburgh
    Episode 604
    Was a banger . Just the discussion that was had was great. Bring that guest Moreno on again.
  • JohnC5893
    The host is blowhard with soft mind
  • Salthawk33
    Great show - 5 stars
    Don’t let Johnny “C-3PO” Woodard read adds. Keep up the awesome work, gentlemen!
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