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Religion #11

Daniel Duval shares current events, teachings, and information from relevant guests on a Christ centered talk radio program.

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  • The T Fint
    Dan is a very good interviewer. He allows the guest to speak without many interruptions and he asks the right questions. We overcome the enemy by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.
  • Morc1
    I’m so glad you have continued with the pod cast. It’s a wow every time. Makes it easier for me to understand it all as events unfold. Thank you Dan!
  • CMSharpe
    Have heard Dan on other podcasts and thought I would check this out. Covers some very fascinating topics. Keep it up!
  • rodsworth77
    Underrated, epic discovery journey dealing with the most difficult subjects in the fringe space. Love and respect Dan. Keep shining your light it’s making a difference friend.
  • Merkel14716
    Difficult Topics
    This podcast covers difficult subjects. If you ever wonder why the world is screwed up…this podcast covers what and how the world got screwed up. The Bible covers the why. Some concepts are not clearly defined in Scripture. Always pray for confirmation.
  • Branddon Bee
    The keys that I need. Im eager to catch up on all of this material.
  • midnight.escapes
    Love it
    I could listen to each episode at least twice if not three times and not only learn something new each time but also enjoy it!:)
  • Jeremiah ben Jonah
  • Vjdxkgaxj
    Don’t be fooled
    He knows a lot yes. 2 stars for info n humble beginnings. But what he’s doing behind closed doors would shock you, as I know of quite a few ppl hurt by him and you wouldn’t believe it like me unless God shows you himself.. well he confirmed it. He’s hurt many working under him including survivors. Started humbly, finished pridefully, very sad. He was one of the greats & I hope he gets out of this whole Solomon experience before it’s too late. Scaryyyy stuff. Ask the Lord for yourself.
  • Proxie_
    So Good!
    I have learned so so much through Dan Duval’s interviews and teachings. They sounded pretty questionable at first but God has validated them in my life and shown me that yeah, this stuff is real. He has prepared me for things to come and things that are even happening right now in my life through Dan’s content. Have an open mind. Be seeking God and the truths that He wants to show you through these podcasts.
  • 808Coriey
    Love this podcast!
    Dan Duval is my people! Fringe but divinely inspired and mandated by God. It’s truly an adventure full of new things to learn.
  • A. Tay
    Dan, I cannot put into words how you have strengthened my faith and my spirit. Thank you for your wise words and guidance. I have never felt so much peace. God bless you!!
  • Dodeka D
    Surprisingly anti Semitic garbage, don’t waste your time, this man means well and has energy, but is misguided and confused. Dan, reach out if you want to grow
  • calvin_luther
    These guys belong in an insane asylum.
  • David O 428
    A little weird sometimes
    Honestly, it seems like some of this stuff is more “active imagination” than it is an actual encounter with Jesus, but I’ve still listened to quite a few episodes, and I give the 5-stars for the superb Exposing Kabbalah series that brother Dan has been releasing. Excellent work!
  • FreemusicYeah
    So many revelations in one podcast!
    I love love love this podcast and ministry! Just finished listening to Exposing Kabbalah 7. It had the best interpretation of the meaning of the number 666 that I have heard so far! And that was just at the end of the episode. So many more revelations throughout this and every single episode done by Dan and Bride Ministries. And I should know because I have listened to every single one. Some of them 2, 3, and 4 times.
  • ckarega06
    Absolutely the best podcast!!!
    I’ve been listening to Daniel for over 4 years now. I am continuously blown away by the content. I can’t wait until Thursday to hear what else Daniel has kicked up. I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot. I can’t recommend it more. Bride Ministries is on the cutting edge of revelation with a solid biblical foundation. Warning: only check this out if you are ready to go deeper. This is not for the faint of heart.
  • Hjsmallfrye
    Master Class in the Supernatural Realms
    If you’re hungry for the MORE of God, Listen to these podcasts! Wow! You’ll hear humility, hunger for Truth, deliverance, victory, and Father God getting more famous! From things you’ve never heard about to the deep things of God, you’ll invest your time and energy wisely by listening to these messages. Thank you Dan Duval, Bride Ministries, and all of those who have opened their hearts and lives to share how Good and Powerful and relational God really is!!
  • Myheartsapoem
    Informative, enjoyable, and SO enlightening!
    This is my #1 listened to podcast. I have listened and re-listened to so many of these episodes! Dan really does such a wonderful job engaging his guests and making space for them to share. Every guest has been engaging and has so much to bring to the table. I am so genuinely pleased with the consistency of content and quality that comes out of this ministry! Big BIG fan!!
  • kidsrfun2
    Relevant and Informative
    I’ve been listening for almost a year and I’ve grown more that I ever thought I could and just when I think I’ve heard everything Dan kicks it up a notch. This is by far my favorite podcast to listen to.
  • Chayil C
    This is where the Body of Christ needs to be
    This ministry is on-time for Kingdom progression. May GOD Bless you guys one thousand times more than you already are in Jesus name.
  • yungprodugy
    It’s real!
    A survivors paradise
  • qishere
    Trust the Q Plan
    The revelation of Q Plan has opened hidden Truth. Dave Hayes’ quarterly updates are Awesome. The Lord Jesus is leading His Kingdom... Bless the Peacekeepers. Looking forward to the NEXT UPDATE!! Q drops, Dreams, and Digital Soldiers.
  • calvero422
    Deliverance game changer!!
    Everyone needs to listen to this podcast if they want the tools and insights of overcoming and then overthrowing the kingdom of darkness.
  • servant hands
    Mr&Mr Dan duval
    I started praying according to the Holy Spirit training and spiritual eye sights into the spiritual realm with the word of God. I came across this podcast and I’m being feed spiritual more than I ever expected.Thank you!!!! Davenport,Florida
  • deKayinLA
    Try it Out
    As a non-Christian, I was skeptical of this podcast after the heavy-sell that began the show; a book-sale pitch that dripped with rectifying religiousity. Moving past my fast and biased judgement, I stayed to listen for awhile. Turns out, (so far) that there's a lot of good info, with many of the "conspiratorial" realms' story-lines surreptitiously melded seamlessly into one sensible 'big-picture' . Try it out!
  • Kiwipie84
    Eye opening
    Great podcast to get understanding about the spiritual side of our world and the war Christians are facing.
  • damon l gardiner
    i really like your show
    i really like your show. thank you for blessing us with the knowledge of him you walk in. i do want to say i was a oneness pentecostal all my life that is currently having my understanding opened for a different veiw but i do not feel the logic connecting onesness veiw of the godhead and their veiw salvation a fair argument. iv hear many excuses for why repentance, baptism in water and receiving the Spirit is not bible salvation (maybe the way they veiw it inside that box is notbut) ex.. acts is not for docrtine its for history ect.. then break said rule to prove a different argument with others. i believe that i could as easy been a trinity guy and recieved the same understanding . ex the father gives me repentace im baptism into the body of christ and received the holy spirit at hands being laid on. its kind of like when the stuff shirt guy comes to the door with his new veiw on god and gets you to agree with point one and if point one is true then point two is also true, then let me strech you with throwing in something i could never got you to agree with but since i have you 2-0 on points just give me the benifit of doubt on the next point ect.. in know this is taught way to present things but i think its a shot gun method of communication theology rather not sharing but trying to convince . i am also in good company with our church fathers throughout early church history there is way more Glory (for lack of better words)wrapped up in these three commandments.. oh the beauty of repenting for my sins before such a loving god bringing me into right standing to receive all god has for me. A repentance would have been impossible unless the goodness of god brought me into it. i had no power in myself ! oh the day i went to the river before the family of god and had my sins washed away . It was as beautiful as my first born being brought into this world. Above ALL DAYS when i was crying out with tears of powerlessness from sin and lack of faith joy ect.. Lightning shook my soul as i began to speak with tongues . it total freaked out this at the time 16 yr old kid. what was this?? lolol.. i am now 43 my first loves in life outside family & love to do when i can is theology and early church history + Jesus movement til modern day Study . its by the grace of god that i am saved and it is by the grace of god i can stand never adding anything to the free gift of salvation able to obey my father in total bliss who is already pleased because of what he did at the cross in the flesh of god and perfect man the second adam Jesus. i am in ralationship with him which brings revelation wisdom of being in him. A love that casts out all fear of punishment but a spirit of sonship. i love him so because he first loved me enabling me to love him in return ! i am so looking forward to more of your podcast and youtube also be looking to buy any material i find to add to my rooms of books lolol please dont think this is a negative review i have maybe written 2 others in my life so forgive me if i do not present myself well in the beauty of my fraility and aweful spelling lolol. i think this is a super groovy ministry and im looking forward to the OIL (whack) the lord puts on it ! rotfl
  • thewallnelson
    God is working miracles through this ministry
    This podcast has opened up my mind to so many ideas and awakened me to do much information. Dan Duval is able to bring complex, fringe topics and explain it in simple ways. His information is also easily confirmed with the bible. I highly recommend this for ANYONE needing further knowledge on the spirit realm, disassociative disorder, mind control, ritual abuse, or anything in between. This ministry is a huge blessing.
  • Ww35w
    Can't get enough!
  • Evenstar570
    Excellent Podcast
    Hello... Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your show... One of my favorites! Thank you :)
  • Goodkingleo
    Very Insightful!
    We are enjoying Dan's teaching immensely.
  • Guitarnate27
    Excellent show.
    Dan Duval has a great show with a wide variety of topics that seem often overlooked. His books are also well put together. You can tell by his demeanor that Daniel is a very honest and humble man.
  • Ku Kai
    Very Thoughtful
    Thought-provoking and tastefully presented show. I highly recommend it. The subject matter is important because it will help us to not be deceived.
  • Open Doors Fan
    Good podcasts
    Just came across Dan while on Doug Riggs' website. He is very interesting. I am looking forward to listening to many more of his podcasts.
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