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Gita for Daily Living is a weekly podcast that distils the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita and presents it in a way that is action-able and relevant to daily life

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  • Tuliphaka
    I really appreciate the straightforward nature of these talks. Bringing the Bhagavad-Gita into modern daily life is a wonderful way to focus on God. Thank you.
  • Christopher Monroe
    Invaluable Resource
    I am enjoying this podcast very much. Neil is a great friend and teacher. I used to attend these Gita lectures in person and it was a life altering experience. Here I have the next best thing. Many thanks and blessings. Hari Om
  • Bhimmay
    The beginning
    How can I start from Episode 1? Where is the beginning?
  • Omi Narang
    Bhagwat Gita verses 1 to 12
    Nilbhai, you have left me longing for more episodes. When can we expect to hear more podcasts on the subject ? Thanks for all you do ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ
  • G_apps
    The episodes are not available
    Canโ€™t download episodes anymore why? Why is this still not working
  • Wudapalooza
    The podcast is temporarily unavailable
    Excellent way to go about reading Gita. Thanks for sharing and devoting your time for making these podcasts. For some reason, the podcast is not available anymore. The error says that the file is temporarily not available. Can we have them back please??
    Very well explained!! Thank you
    Very well explained!!
  • Raees09
    Neel Bhai, first time I have come across such a relevant translation and narration of The Gita. Beautiful! I look forward to listening to the podcast everyday. Thank you!
  • TripuraRahasya
    Very pleasant to listen to
    Neil Bhatt is very pleasant to listen to. His lectures are calming for the mind, offer excellent insights into Gita's teaching and easy to understand...
  • Gopala Molakaluri
    Essential knowledge to lead a happy life
    This is relevant to everyone who is in a quest of happiness. Well narrated by Neil Bhatt.
  • William08
    I was looking for an intelligent audio commentary on the spiritual life and the spiritual disciplines. This one is excellent. The speaker is erudite, eloquent and on target. Very well trained and very wise. In addition, the podcast itself is well-recorded and simple, no fancy bells and whistles, just the wisdom I was wanting to hear. Thank you.
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