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Join VeggieTales and What's in the Bible? creator Phil Vischer and co-host Skye Jethani (author, speaker, pastor) for a fast-paced and often funny conversation about pop culture, media, theology, and the fun, fun, fun of living a thoughtful Christian life in an increasingly post-Christian culture.

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  • DJ Absti-Chris
    A true encouragement
    My family and I have been so encouraged by this podcast, so glad to know we are not alone as Christians dissatisfied with being pressured to fit in with the politics on the right or left. Nuance and grace for the “other” is a good thing.
  • yoummooo
    ok but lots of annoying ads recited by PV
    Always selling. Content Ok but marketing jingles and cajoling tiresome.
  • AmirikanShqiptar
    Please be better
    I used to enjoy listening to this podcast. However, the hosts more and more delight in tearing down believers to their political right. They critique Christian nationalism but refuse (are blind?) to equally critique the flaws of the politicized “Christian” left, this has become a divisive, unfair, and blind-to-their-own-hypocrisy podcast. I plead with the hosts to take out the log in their own eye. I want to listen to you, but I fear your Christianity is just as compromised with progressive (cloaked as “compassion”) political beliefs as Christian nationalists. Your vision of the nation is just colored blue, not red. Jesus sides with neither. Jesus is for his gospel. His righteousness (honor, esteem, acceptance) is based off of Jesus and gospel alone, not how many cheap political shots you win. You would do well to make the gospel your focus again.
  • HitTheSnooze
    Too much fluff
    The topics they cover are very interesting but unfortunately, there’s too much filler and chitchat. I like a podcast that is concise, organized, and gets to the point.
  • Toddlikeshats88
    I’ve listened to this podcast for years and have valued it for its level headed, bible based conversation about current Christian tops and events. Lately, I have felt frustrated with how much the focus has been on how horrible the Christian right is while never mentioning that the majority of the Christian right is not the fanatics that they continually speak of. They have gone as far as Skye stating that “republicans make me sick”. As a moderate republican, that felt pretty harsh coming from people I have trusted to speak truth and wisdom. I miss the level-headed, unbiased talk.
  • C L Linker
    Trumps fault??
    If you like a one sided view & lazy arguments (it’s Trump fault), this podcast is for you. In a shroud of religion, their opinions give the illusion of a faith based podcast. The hosts don’t even appear to respect each other. Do some research & provide a deeper conversation instead of the tired (&lame) arguments of racism, gun’s fault, Trump’s fault, etc. it could be a good podcast.
  • curiousblueprints
    Ultimately Frustrating
    This podcast has basically become Skye moderating Phil and Katelyn’s condescension. I honestly agree with most of the takes, but it’s frustrating to hear them give weak one sided arguments episode after episode. Example: In the episode on April 12th, 2023, the Tennessee expulsion was discussed. The trio expressed frustration that politics and religion were merging as shown in the Daily Wire’s critique of Justin Pearson’s sermon. I agree with their frustration. But they conveniently ignore that Justin Pearson got expelled from the senate and then gave a sermon directly discussing his expulsion and the political context behind it. I’ll continue to subscribe & donate to Skye’s projects. But the Holy Post is too tiring to listen to anymore.
  • Kiana Karahalis
    Was good
    It WAS good, but now that they separated the News and the religion I don’t know what I’m clicking on, News? Religion???? Put it back! People can pause the episode if they need.
  • Mr. Teeee
    Phil please listen and reply to Kaitlyn thoughtfully
    I really like this show overall but become quite disappointed by how Phil is unable to reply in any fashion to the depth of comments from Kaitlyn. I have heard this repeatedly but this time was too much In episode 560 listen at 31:40, 44:22 and 46:32. He is quite dismissive. I’m not sure he even realizes it but she deserves better engagement
  • m0vł
    The right frame, in listing to the HP ;)
    "You are coming at me as if I am a bad person or have bad intentions and you know that am not a bad person with bad intentions, so maybe there might be another reason I disagree with you..... Maybe we could find another way to discuss this" -Kaitlyn's husband🤷‍♂️
  • h.e.f.p.
    A great show
    I tune in to this show for thoughtful, intelligent dialogue concerning current events as well as broader themes. The hosts provide sound opinions without being preachy or boring, and they do not hesitate to call out hypocrisy in the church for the sake of defending the actual Gospel.I appreciate this show very much.
  • Sm456748726
    Good Enough
    Admittedly I listen to the podcast to get a leftward Christian slant on the news of the week. I am generally grateful for the opinions of the hosts but I am often frustrated at the straw men the hosts build to dismiss views they don’t agree with. The mission statement of the show is towards living a thoughtful life, if that is truly the case, please present positions that are commonly held by your brothers and sisters in an accurate light rather than accusing all traditional Christians as being far right radicals. Show some respect for the universal Church. Aside from the straw-manning, this is a great resource for people wanting to understand the news of the week from a Christian perspective.
  • Jfam 54
    My lifeline
    This is my favorite podcast and my lifeline during times where I am discouraged by people who call themselves Christians yet act badly. Skye, Phil, Christian and Caitlyn all have amazing insights into the intersection of being a follower of Jesus in the current culture we live. If you want to be entertained, challenged, and encouraged the this is the podcast for you.
  • 12Doyle1212
    Condescending and quietly angry
    Appreciate that they call out hypocrisy, but there is something disturbing about the broad, consistently negative characterizations they present of the church, as as a whole. Possibly b/c they’ve seen the ugly “business” side of Christian publishing and powerful, hypocritical leadership? Not sure, but the guys, in particular, seem cynical and to assume the worst about the church and seem hardened in their point of view. It makes me wonder if they are ever around normal, kind people. I thought I’d enjoy listening to them, but I don’t. It’s not actually funny, it’s veiled anger and a bit dark.
  • Jscarbrough78
    Long time listener
    I love this show. Interesting stories and interviews. My faith and walk with Christ has been edified so much by this podcast! I feel as though Phil, Skye, and sometimes Kaitlyn or Christian are friends of mine! Keep up the great work!
  • Godismyoath(Lisa)
    Wow this show!
    This podcast is expanding God for me - making Him bigger than I knew He was! I’m not gonna lie - at times it is uncomfortable to question deeply held beliefs. That being said, it has me searching more to know God on a more intimate level. I love this thoughtful and intelligent show that challenges me, but also it is obvious that the hosts and guests love God.
  • sueub
    Love you guys! Funny. Biblical. Always gives me something new to think about. Thanks for all the behind the scenes work it takes to make these podcasts.
  • Rick Astley1
    Nothing like it, in my mind. Funny at times. Serious at others. Engaging always. But most importantly- sober-minded. Not beholden to a particular ideology, but to the ways of Jesus. Highly recommend!
  • Rcahel
    One of the best
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. I like the new format split into two episodes. Keep up the good work.
  • suffici3ntgrace
    New format
    I love the new format of episodes split between interviews and news! I hope you continue.
  • Jo Waz
    Two podcast feedback
    I love your podcast! I do prefer the two episodes a week. I don’t think they both have to be an hour or more though. I like being able to share the interviews with other without all the group discussion before. That is why I like the two episode format better. Don’t get me wrong I love the group chat too, but isn’t always what I want to share with others. Love you guys and I have listened to all the episodes from the beginning.
  • BMichaels
    They lost me on the first episode
    A coworker recommended this podcast since I am always looking to grow in my Christian faith. After a couple of minutes of one-sided criticism against law-enforcement officers from the guest on this episode, I had to stop. And unfortunately sounded like the same old leftist propaganda that you get everywhere else.
  • Rookshark
    It is good to have a place to hear things presented in a Christian, usually loving lol, way, but from different/challenging perspectives, while also trying to have some fun. Sometimes too much, sometimes not enough, but on the whole, a great podcast and the passion for Christ is obvious.
  • The Real JHizzy
    Balanced and helpful.
    The Holy Post is a podcast that I never miss. I appreciate the thoughtful, balanced, and biblical approach to the challenges at hand. I am grateful for the interviews - I’ve bought a lot of books because of the exposure to the authors. I share and recommend constantly.
  • Androssidy
    Great content! Love the veggie tales stuff
  • Peanut7423
    I use to like this show but not so much over the past several years. I’m not finding the Christian content anymore and it just seems to be a platform for political views and hateful comments against those who don’t agree with them. Time to cut this cancer out of my life and move on.
  • IowaIsBetter
    Filled with appreciation for the Holy Post
    I have listened from the first episode and have appreciated it all. Grateful for the thoughts expressed and the perspective given on all topics covered. Just brilliant! I love the new format (rolled out early 2023) of two episodes per week, one covering the news and the other an interview. More Holy Post in my feed is always appreciated. Do yourself a favor and become a Patreon Supporter and you will get access to even more content! Additionally, subscribe to ‘With God Daily’ and you can have Skye’s voice in your ears daily. I will never get tired of more Skye, Phil, Christian, and Kaitlyn in my ears.
  • fprasuhn
    Real and honest
    A real and honest sharing of thoughts, perspectives, and perceptions. Fred
  • Quijoelax
    Some of the best Christian content I’ve ever listened to
    I’ve been a Christ- follower for a long time, I’ve been to many different kinds of churches and have listened to sermons from many different kinds Christians. That said, this podcast has some of the best Christian content I’ve ever listened to. 10/10 in every way. We need more holistic, thoughtful Christian messages in our increasingly pluralistic (and divisice) culture. This podcasts helps me a ton.
  • Bromeliad1
    Great Christian podcast
    I just started listening recently and I think this podcast is fantastic for people of faith. It tries to be critical yet fair to alternate viewpoints, being as charitable as possible, which I appreciate.
  • SW 1952
    Thoughts on awe and reparations
    American evangelicals usually don’t have the permanence and the taxing ability that was required to build stately edifices like the European cathedrals. Our goal is to find our awe in worship. That can get tricky because the production can end up honoring the band instead of God. On reparations, the real question is what can help? We’ve been doing welfare and affirmative action for generations and it’s questionable whether things have gotten better or how much better. When I look at how well Asians have done it occurs to me that the real damage that has been done to blacks in this country has been to develop a culture, probably originating in slavery, that worked against several of the positive attributes that are needed to get ahead. Asians (in general) have extremely strong family ties and a very high value for education. How do we build those characteristics in African Americans?
  • stu032
    Critical commentary that is harshest on their own
    Longtime listener, first time reviewer. As part of the white evangelical church, I hear and appreciate Kaitlyn, Christian, Skye and Phil’s critiques of the church. Their arguments are usually well thought out and often cut to the quick. I worry sometime that those who may be struggling with their faith may look at the church conflicts highlighted on the show as a reason for rejecting Christianity altogether. But there’s probably enough hidden conflict in the church and it probably needs the light the Holy Post sheds and a heaping portion of God’s grace to help it work through its demons. Maybe when an unbelieving world sees us come to grip with our failures through corporate regeneration, they will give the author of our faith another look.
  • Kjjjhjjh
    Lots to think about
    This has become one of my regulars. They are great a picking topics that gives a lot to think about when the listening time has finished
  • Mouths full of laughtet
    #543 When discussing Damar Tisby
    In response to Mr Vischer's statements... Myocarditis is heart muscle inflammation not infection. The doctors and researchers who are acknowledging the increasing frequency of and raising public awareness of myocarditis in certain populations are some of the most experienced, published, and well respected doctors in their fields.Myocarditis is a document scientific fact not a fringe conspiracy theory as a possible emerging vx side effect. Some schools, colleges, and teams are now establishing policies requiring their athletes to be tested for it before they can play because of it. Please do your research. You sound ignorant and uninformed in your obvious bias.
  • maing
  • Jso215
    Episode 542 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    I love The Holy Post and never miss an episode. I’ve been struggling in/through my faith since around 2015, and THP has sometimes been the only thing keeping me hanging on. I’m going to go ahead and call episode 542 one of the top 5 of 2023, both the dialogue portion and the interview portion. I’m thankful for the hope I feel after finishing the episode.
  • InPaj
    Awesome Podcast
    I have loved this podcast. Someone from church mentioned it to me during covid in the fall of 2020 and I went back to the beginning. It is now the start of 2023, and I’ve almost caught up to 2022. These conversations over time have been so thought provoking and have brought me a deeper faith.
  • d.lynn.mi
    A breath of fresh air
    I love this podcast. It’s almost therapeutic. I don’t always agree 100% with the hosts but I love that the reasoning for their opinions are based in scripture and not a political party. It’s nice to get perspective outside of my admittedly biased bubble.
  • bowdon braver
    Too silly
    Some good stuff but too silly and juvenile for the topics they choose to cover
  • Marcnatx
    Time to unsubscribe.
    The podcast seems to be more often than not devolving to more political narrative that tends to be one sided, fails to present a balanced range of reasonable viewpoints or fixates on generalized stereotypes of individuals holding opposing viewpoints. In the past I have generally appreciated the insightful discussion of current Christian issues, but lately I have been more disappointed in the content.
  • hummingbirdwinona
    Needed this
    At a place in my life where I know what I believe, but am confused about all the “extra” things that get attached to faith these days. These guys have been an incredible encouragement to me and made me feel so normal and heard in my quest to reconcile and understand my upbringing with my adult thoughts and beliefs. Thank you guys for continuing the conversation and making space at the table.
  • Vader_74
    Pretty Good Podcast
    The chemistry between the hosts is really great, and the tooics discussed are relevant. Skye tends to be too agenda-driven and seems to think the Church in America is unique and evil(especially in recent episodes). Maybe he's getting old and cranky. Lol I've travelled a lot, and seen healthy Churches and unhealthy Churches. It seems more prevelant here because there are so many churches, but it is not isolated. When they stick to addressing topics biblically, and aren't going out of their way to make digs, it's great to listen to.
  • Christopher deM
    Used to be funny and thinky
    I used to look forward to this podcast arriving in my feed each week. Phil and Syke were interesting and fun to listen to. Over the past two years, Skye has become so pretentious and condescending I can’t listen to it. He uses the gross term “crotch Christianity “ to describe those of us who consider sexual ethics to be important. When he called his fellow pastors who made assumptions about what others believed about the afterlife “stupid” I stopped listening.
  • laurel_sharon
    Worth listening some of the time
    The guests are pretty good if you can put up with some of the adolescent nonsense in the beginning. Kaitlin and Christian’s comments are well worth listening to.
  • Renarin123
    Hit or miss
    Pretty good most of the time, but there are occasional episodes that are a little useless
  • J23243412
    Not a Christian podcast
    The host use this podcast to push their agendas rather than focus on what the Bible says is true.
  • Amandapanda123456789
    This is a MUST listen
    Thank you for this podcast, it is both enlightening and thought provoking. I continue to be challenged biblically and personally.
  • eYoung32
    A Mess
    “It’s just a big jambalaya of sin.” —Phil Vischer
  • Dietz 78
    Great show for fake Christians
    Super liberal show for Christians who are delusional and caught up in these immoral times. It’s embarrassing to listen to.
  • audrasena
    The beginning 20 minutes of this show is tedious
    When I first starting listening to this podcast, I appreciated Skye’s depth and Phil’s humor. The topics were interesting to me and I listened weekly. But the butt jokes, sparring between Phil and Skye don’t make it worthwhile enough for my time.
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