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  • Jdaylyre
    One of my fave podcasts
    It’s really interesting to get the context for a horror movie, it adds so much to learn about the cultural vibes and events of the time a movie was made, what past stories and influences can be seen, what influence it had on later movies as well as broader culture. And the hosts are fun to listen to :)
  • Roliroll
    Just Fascinating
    Wow! Fascinating takes on horror. I can’t believe it took me so long to learned about this podcast. Where have u two ladies been all my life? No longer do I have to listen to a bunch of dorks just doing movie recaps and offering unsubstantiated opinions on other podcasts. These hosts actually dive into the psychology and the deeper social implications that are inherent to the horror movies genre. I actually do my home work before listening to the podcast.
  • Kimmyfi
    Better Than Some Others
    This is a re-write of my original review. As a long time listener I’ve had time to ruminate on the host’s personalities and their POV of horror. While they are a lot smarter and more accurately analytical than most hosts who laugh at their own jokes and really say nothing at all, their feminism sounds really cynical and puts a real damper on the entertainment factor. I would think two people that seem this intelligent would have more self awareness, however I guess this shows the blind spot we all have on how we see ourselves. I’m sure these are the type of women who would say “I don’t care what you think” as opposed to considering the criticism as a possible learning experience. Overall still enjoy them but sometimes, less is more. Keep the patriarchal, man hating for wine time with friends.
  • Real Love Punk
    It’s interesting to me how the both of you went so hard on Kelly Rowland for her slur against Jason, but never really address how almost the entire modern horror genre is profoundly racist.
  • JoeMcCauley
    Just Terrific!
    I just stumbled onto this podcast and find it to be a fantastic show! The explorations of the themes of great horror are so thoughtful. This has to be the most intelligent show on horror out there. Give it a listen. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Ichoptop
    As a member of the Wank Bank.....
    I really enjoy this podcast. It is informative, theorys and thoughts are well argued, the discussions go from humorous to nearly dictatioin of college psych, and both podcasters are well spoken and have great compatible dsicussions. Thanks you for something well done, great sounding, and soemthing that leads me to internal dialog and srguments.
  • jenn wa
    Love this podcast.
  • StinaMakesNoise
    This has been my favorite podcast for years. These ladies are so fun to listen to and I always learn new things. It’s the type of horror movie conversation I wish I could sit alongside them to have!
  • C. Dem
    Entertaining & Engaging
    Love this podcast - they provide a deeper look into horror movies that I thoroughly enjoy while also providing balance with political views and the impact that the world of today and yesterday has on the media. If I was going to be petty and take a star away - it would be only cause the summer break each year is devastating lol.
  • Neil t 2222
    Smart & witty, makes me more passionate about horror
    Absolutely my favorite movie podcast, of any movie genre. Just a joy to listen to on every episode, from two fun and incredibly knowledgeable and interesting hosts. I can’t say enough how refreshing it is to have a movie podcast that not only *isn’t* just two dudes talking, but a podcast with two hosts that have so much passion for horror and film, and treat the movies with humility, awe, and a with bringing true academic perspective that adds so much to the discussion. A true can’t miss podcast for movie and/or horror fans
  • Nick MIchalak
    Smart & Insightful Discussions on Horror
    Alex & Andrea are far smarter than I am about the layered topics of socio-political insights into horror, and they span their knowledge across a wide net with intelligent and enthusiastic discussions! Well read and researched, they aren’t afraid to share their opinions and have a bit of fun in the process. Great respect for them both!
  • bonseymaronsey
    Entertaining, informative, and one of my favorites!
    One of the best podcasts featuring critical examinations of horror movies out there!
  • Jane Krahe
    Horror Is Always Political
    Pretty funny reading reviews from people who apparently never read the synopsis and didn’t realize this was a podcast about horror by two sociologists. Film analysis in my film analysis podcast?! How dare! It’s also amusing to see the typical “grrrr stop making horror political” from people who probably think Rage Against the Machine only recently “went woke”. All of that to say, this podcast is awesome and is upsetting all the right people.
  • HorrorInStreetRomComInTheSheet
    Smart and fun
    Faculty of Horror is one of the best horror podcasts out there. Three things I love about it: 1) The hosts, Alex and Andrea, love horror films. They have a passion for the content that comes through in the enthusiasm of their reviews. Their attitude is contagious; you can’t not want to watch the movies they discuss. 2) FoH is a very smart show. Alex and Andrea have seen a *ton* of horror films and are accomplished critics with academic training. You learn about the sociocultural contexts, pertinent background info, and legacy of the films they review. It’s a dream for those of us who like to take deep dives into the content we consume. 3) FoH is a very honest show. A leitmotif of the podcast is grappling with the fact that many of these films can be simultaneously super enjoyable and highly problematic. Andrea and Alex walk the listener through their own emotions, thereby helping us acknowledge and push back against regrettable elements of a film without dismissing its merits. For me, this mirrors the fear/enjoyment duality of (good) horror cinema and amplifies my enjoyment of the genre in a way that very few analyses/critiques can match.
  • Wignke
    My favorite podcast
    I have been listening to these two women for many years and haven’t missed an episode yet. I love the academia insight they give on each film and genre they cover and that they make me think outside of the box. 🖤🤘🏻🖤
  • Horror Fan In NC
    Always brilliant and fun
    I’ve been recommending this podcast for years to anyone who mentions they like horror movies. They provide such a thoughtful analysis to each movie but it’s always approachable. This podcast is also a huge reason why I’ve become such a fan of the genre. I never really thought I fit in with the fan base until hearing Alex and Andrea share their insights. Thanks for making one of my absolute favorite podcasts!! Y’all keep it real!
  • NevadasGrace
    The best
    Truly one of, if not *thee* best analytical horror podcasts out there. Intelligent, engaging, and with insights you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Nicki416
    Entertaining and informative for true horror nerds!
    One of my absolute favorite horror podcasts. I was looking for podcasts that would do a deep dive on horror films beyond the usual well-trodden reviews and guys repeating the same old factoids and superficial insights and I’m so happy I found this! If you’re a horror nerd and want more of a thorough discussion on horror films from different viewpoints this is for you. These two truly explore the films/topics through multiple lenses, (filmmaking, literature and historical sources, socio/political context, feminism, film theory, you name it) and I love a good academic approach where I feel like I learned something new and though about a film I’ve seen a hundred times more critically than I had before. I appreciate that they really put the work in for the research and notes. You still get the fun personal and cultural analysis along with the more academic discussion points so it’s super entertaining and informative. Love these ladies, highly recommend!
  • munian00
    This is hands-down my favorite podcast. I look forward to it every single month. Alex and Andrea are sharp, funny, knowledgeable, and extremely easy to listen to. I find that their critique perfectly taps into heady academic insight while never losing a grounded sense of why the masses (and the hosts) have so much love for the genre. I feel like I gain a new perspective about film with each episode, and I take a ton of inspiration from this podcast in both style and content for my own writing as an academic. Bravo, ladies. This is top notch.
  • Socomomnon
    All the love for FOH
    An excellent podcast! The hosts are smart, funny and quite inspiring. I have a lot of respect for them both. Whether you agree with their takes or not they always offer interesting and insightful perspectives. I could not recommend FOH more! Start at the beginning. A very refreshing listen.
  • JayJayRose1
    Digging Deep
    The Faculty of Horror is the golden standard of horror analysis. Each episode produces bright understanding of the genre through topical discussions, intelligent deconstructions of relevant themes, and genuinely interesting observations across a variety of horror films. Plus, there’s plenty of fun to be had! Alex and Andrea are incredible hosts with the brains, hearts, and guts to really dig deep.
  • AGN9223
    Great Podcast
    Love these ladies and their foul mouths lol.
  • gueldch
    Foul language
    I hope they are smarter then they sound. Done with these ladies (I use that term loosely) 😂
  • taylorPICKLE
    Just not for me…..
    I stumbled upon this podcast after someone mentioned listening to the episode about Saw/Hostel and Eli Roth specifically, so I gave it a go. I had certain thoughts about that episode, but wanted to give another episode a try. I listened to a couple of others, and honestly? Just not for me…..while I think these women are educated in some aspects of the horror genre and at times are entertaining, I just found their political and feminist views to cloud the entire show. On top of that I just didn’t feel like there was any flow to the show and they jump from topic to topic and it just doesn’t make for great listening. The walking away moment for me was when one of the hosts belittled her mom for being proud of being a stay at home mom, and that her mom stated that it was just as important of a job as her dad working, which this host found wrong/“not feminist”…..I just found it really sad, but since she’s a feminist I guess being a stay at home mom nowadays is worthless……Keep in mind I don’t even have kids and that comment rubbed me wrong. Take the politics out of your show and just make it about the horror genre like you claim.
  • Nikarnoldi
    My partner has always been really into horror. I used to have very little interest in horror films until this podcast was recommended to me in a community on Facebook. That was in 2016. Now that Alex and Andrea have helped me understand horror as a genre with their academic assessments and socio-political analyses, I have a much deeper appreciation. This brought me closer to my partner and gave us more to talk about as well. We listen together on road trips too.
  • TimWB1
    An insight with every episode
    Horror seen through social and political lenses. Andrea and Alexandra have given me new perspectives on horror media and how it represents society.
  • Jill Lloyd Flanagan
    The faculty of horror is a good example of how academic analysis is often quite shallow if it’s done the wrong way. In a worst case scenario it becomes taking text A and tying it to film B with the thinnest of connections. They also don’t seem to know much about the history of the genre which I think is important to be a horror critic. 70s horror tends to be handled in a dismissive and uninteresting way. Also the podcast has been around for 10+ years and they’ve never bought better mics or improve the sound which to me shows the slipshod nature of the whole project
  • spdrmn71221
    Awesome podcast
    I’ve started listening to your podcast about a month ago. I’m very impressed on how well it’s put together. I’m a long time listener to Evolution of Horror and Projections podcast and the podcast is a pleasure to listen to. I also love the music that is played to end each episode. Keep up the great work!
  • B. Rod16
    Great, Informative Podcast
    Faculty of Horror is my go-to podcast for horror movie analysis. As a fellow sociologist, I’m a huge fan of the wonderful movie breakdown provided by these two talented ladies. I also enjoy their perspectives which is both refreshing and in many cases nuanced. Take the time, and listen from episode 1.
  • Serious4Soda
    Listen or die trying
    Since the pandemic, I’ve been watching horror consistently. I tend to think hard about media and so I decided to start listening to horror podcasts and such to learn more about the social and historical contexts of the genre. My husband recommend this podcast after I complained about another podcast I’d been listening to shrugging at Robert Shaw’s performance of Quint in Jaws (while the host ate and talked with mouthfuls of pasta). I’ve been enjoying TFoH! I’m listening to older episodes first, and only on episode 38. The production is so-so at times, but I’m assuming it’ll be ironed out soon as at this point, the hosts now have 3+ years under their belts (episode 38 is from May 2016). There’s an annual “Assessment” episode that excites my subversive educator need for revisiting past discussions. I enjoy the fan feedback and have learned so much.
  • The Infamous Niko
    Awesome Podcast!
    I love this podcast & these ladies are so intelligent & funny. Their research & discussions are always so thorough & stimulating. Definitely one of my favorites!
  • kcvidkid
    First-Class Horror Podcast
    I love the knowledge and perspective that these women provide. Every episode is like, well… a class in horror. Entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking. Love it!
  • Jasmin193
    Super intelligent and entertaining
    Came across this podcast after re-watching the Craft and wanting to hear some modern commentary about it afterward. I’ve listened to no other show in my library since then. These ladies bring in super intelligent and entertaining commentary about well known and also obscure movies. They go deeply beyond the surface with fresh historical and feminist context, all while keeping the discussion lighthearted and witty. They also have an impressive longevity in podcasting, I think I played a 2012 or 2013 episode last night. I was pleased to hear that the audio/production quality was high and very listenable.
  • banomassasrv
    Awesome show with awesome hosts
    I look forward to and enjoy every episode even when I am not a fan of the topic. Alex and Andrea provide such great insight and a pov that is different than what you get on any other show that even if you don’t like the episode’s topic, film, etc. you can’t help but love listening.
  • TinyTim68!
    Smartest Ladies Around
    Highly recommend. Honestly every other podcast wishes they could do this.
  • Damian Karras
    Something different!
    It is so refreshing to find something a little different in the world of horror podcasting. Awesome show! Great hosts who know horror through and through, and are also able to give great academic context to so much of the genre and it’s films. Can’t recommend it enough.
  • los the vamp slayer
    Fantastic show and fantastic hosts!!
    If I could rate this show higher than 5 stars I would. The two hosts are amazingly knowledgeable in film and obviously research whatever film they are discussing. I found them because they have been mentioned more than once on another podcast I listen to, Gaylord’s of Darkness, and I’m obsessed with this show now as well. Alex and Andrea are extremely charming and have very fun chemistry with each other. Highly recommend.
  • stuckatsea237
    Informative and well researched.
    My favorite horror podcast. Alex and Andrea create an inclusive space to critically analyze all things horror. As a woman and die hard horror fan, I love coming away from this podcast with new insights and perspectives on the genre I already love. As an added bonus, I love when Alex drops references to the Real Housewives (another love of mine.) keep up the great work! I can’t wait to tune in every month.
  • Edan F.
    Please please PLEASE I’m BEGGING you to review The Company of Wolves, a nuanced werewolf movie based on the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale. Adapted from Angela Carter’s feminist novel “The Bloody Chamber”, I’m DYING to hear your take on it! I’ve been listening to your podcast for a couple months ever since it got a shoutout on Necronomipod and I LOVE it! Hoping you will cover this movie one day!
  • NinthWave9
    Ups and Downs
    Like other reviewers, I find some episode enjoyable, while others make me yell out loud “oh c’mon!! The latter is well illustrated by the show about Saw/Hostel: Overanalysis to the nth degree, dissecting every character and scene in minute sexual/racial/political terms. Jeez, lighten up, it’s just a horror movie.
  • veronicat93
    Good overall, but exclusionary for some
    I really do love this podcast most of the time, but as a Christian horror fan, they do make me feel invalidated in many ways — especially for the episodes like The Exorcist and similar movies that deal specifically with Catholic/Christian themes. I love being a Christian horror fan for many reasons (partly because some people seem to believe they’re mutually exclusive), but sometimes the hosts are so openly condescending and belittling of Christians that it feels like they don’t even want them as listeners. Just a sad turn-off sometimes.
  • BringBackJolt
    The intellectual insights are supreme.
  • AvneeshC
    Peak Podcast
    One of the best horror podcasts out there. Subscribe to their Patreon!
  • Abominominous
    Proof you can criticize something and still like it.
    Six stars ⭐️(minus one because I can never have enough). I look forward to their episode dropping every month, giving me the presence of mind to enjoy and explore horror from views beyond the binary. Alex and Andrea offer so much analysis and insight to their films, and leave behind in their wake the crumpled corpses of misogynist internet trolls (who some say are still clutching their phones to leave 1-star reviews to this day). Combine whimsy, morbidity, and academic prowess, add in marginally acceptable sound quality, and a dash of blood. Recommended EPs: 47. Caved In // 68. House Proud // 99. Be Our Guest
  • Madmupit
    Great show!
    I love this show, intelligent and charismatic hosts talking about my favorite genre, it’s great. A lot of the movies I have never seen or haven’t seen for a long time so it’s a good opportunity to go back and watch them, then listen to the podcast. The hosts all was have something interesting to say that I hadn’t thought of. It really enriches the movie experience.
  • AgUPRWQKahck12368
    Where have y’all been all my life?
    I love intelligent horror loving women, calling out toxic masculinity. If this isn’t a genre yet it needs to be. I only listened to one episode so far and I’m obsessed. I was sent here from Every Horror Movie on Netflix podcast, so shoutout to them for the awesome recommendation.
  • Lady Undertaker
    Some good episodes and some bad
    I find that some of the episodes are good and interesting but some others feel under researched and all over the place. As a woman that loves horror I do love hearing the perspective of other women that love horror. But sometimes it just feels like they hate more horror movies than love. Hearing them talk about the other female characters in Halloween (aside from Laurie Strode) as expendable being an example of the hosts making a remark I found a little odd. And like other reviewers have mentioned movies they dislike are nit picked to death. Personally not for me, but maybe just different tastes.
  • PeteBunbury
    Essential listening.
    Kindly do yourself a favor and listen to this brilliant podcast and support their patreon. Money and time well-spent. Insightful, passionate, and thoughtful discussions on horror movies. A gem of a podcast with engaging, informative hosts. Andrea and Alex, you slay!
  • Peach0725
    Smart and fun podcast!
    I love listening to Alex and Andrea. They are both well-spoken, smart, and have great banter. Their podcast has made me appreciate horror movies so much more.
  • Yo0@Oo0o0O0o0o@o0O0oO@O0oO0@0
    these two woke dingbats would find clouds problematic if they stared at them long enough.
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