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Islam #4

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  • Serene State
    Thank You
    Thank you for all of your knowledge and wisdom. I listen to your YouTube and podcast every day. I am a convert to Islam for 15 years now. Still I am learning about Islam. Because of you my knowledge continues to expand. Thank You from the depths of my being for teaching me so many things about Islam and how to be a better Muslim May Allah bless you always Ameen.
  • Baban maryam
    Jazakallahu kairan
    May Allah bless you and guide you in deen
  • currybaly
    Thank you
    Thank you for your time, thank you for your energy and thank you for your messages. May Allah bless you in this life and the life after.
  • Mohamed Azeen Ali
    Thank you
    May Allah bless you. Aameen
  • Liliana8480
    Thank you!
    Mashallah this is my favorite podcast! Mufti is such a smart man Mashallah and I love listening to this everyday! May allah grant us all jannah inshallah
  • AcidHydra99
    From a Christian
    May God have mercy on your soul. Your are very wise. I pray that my God; YHWH sees you as one who does good. I am sorry that most Christian’s are very ignorant about themselves, I hope you understand.
  • NS🍎
    Amazing way to boost our Iman!
    Grateful for this podcast and for sheikh mufti menk. He has the ability to convey the messages of the Holy Quran in such a beautiful way. Alhumdulliah!
  • sonia,romaisah
    May Allah reward you
    Mufti menk may Allah give you long healthy life and you keep on increasing my level of iman. I feel so blessed by just listening to you. Alhamdulilah May Allah give you success in this life and in the hereafter. Ameen.
  • lmesdixon
    Your kind and positive and uplifting way
    Thank you!!! Tabaraka Allahu fika! Mashaa Allah! Your lessons and explanations are insightful, positive and encouraging. It’s always a pleasure to listen to your recitations and learn from you.
  • Sheik Bilal Sesay
    love mufti#
    Mashallah mufti meek the best lecturer in the world may Allah grant your wishes in alarm
  • Sabyrah
    Ramadahn 2022 #9
    You mention Muslims are commanded “NOT to kill their children.” I wish you could expand on this idea beyond “burying them in the sand” or killing them in infancy, forward in time to “honor killing.” I also wish you would extend it backwards in terms of abortion after the 3 month mark. I believe such information would make a HUGE impact on western Muslims and perhaps others around the world… and would be great as a follow up to the NetFlix show Al-Rawiah school for girls. People, Muslim and otherwise NEED to know the difference between culture & religion. Thank you for all of your efforts. Your podcast make our Ramadahn better & like you’re a part of our family ❤️🙏
  • Amena Haleem
    Very Knowledgeable
    MashAllah. Mufti Menk is humble and is easy to understand. Alhamdallah I listen to his advice. May Allah grant him strength 🤲
  • TheEmptyPickleJar
    Never disappoints
    Wallahi this man is genuinely sincere in his Dawah. He has brought many including my closer to our deen. May Allah bless him
  • Tscherim
    Mufti Menk
    Mufti Menk must be a friends to Angels as he has been gifted to comfort our hearts and increase our knowledge. Wish he visits the USA. Aslan T. Soobzokov
  • Tima Kane
    A sincere man and amazing scholar!
    Mufti Menk, you are a true scholar for this generation. Your work has truly helped me love my Deen and I pray Allah keeps you here to inspire many more and that e is pleased with what you do.
  • Tey30
    The best
    Mefti you are the best May Allah bless you and your family. I love you !!!!
  • BibaDZ89
    Mashallah this series is inspiring and the best way to self-educate. I only wish we had the option of requesting a topic? If you see this Mufti Menk, I would appreciate your teachings about what to do when a parent is suffering from a form of dementia and old age and their behavior is affecting the whole family in a negative way (inshallah kheire). Thank you!
  • muslimamerican
    SubhanAllah I literally had to unsubscribe bc the brother blasts his Muslims Central ad before and after every single lecture. I can’t take it anymore, so unfortunate
  • x xx xx
    Remarkable thanks to Mufti Menk
    Mufti Menk, may Almighty Allah continue to grant you good health and long life to keep doing what you’re doing for the Muslims around the world. Your preaching have changed me from so many things that I was doing that was not right. Even though I’m not 100% perfect, but I’m performing my salat on time.
  • Habibski2801
    Love Mufti Menk
    I have been listening to him for about 3 years now. So happy to have found him, don’t remember how I stumbled upon him but I’m glad I did. Makes everything so simple and clear! And he’s funny lol.
  • عائشة خالد❤️🙏🏼
    ما شاء الله
    Ma Shaa Allah ❤️ just found out I could listen to these amazing scholars on my podcast Allah reward y’all❤️🙏🏼
  • MDBsucre
    Might Allah reward you and all my Muslim brothers and sisters
    I can't emphasize enough how much listening this podcast restored my iman. I literally didn’t miss any single prayers for MONTHS !! It feels like Jummah every time I turn in on his or other Islamic podcast.
  • Samar sajjad
    Thank you
    One of the best thing happened on podcast app i chose listening to this than music while commuting. JazakAllah khair .
  • Abdo_ali
    Mashallah, Very Good Speeches!
  • S1111234
    Excellent podcast
    Great insight and advice!
  • BasedInTexas
    Very informative Anna a great learning opportunity
    Mashallah love the podcasts
  • ILoveAllAh24
    I Love Listening To Him 💙 He Follow The Salafi Right ?
  • Roko310s
  • Mozehrozay
    May Allah reward you my brother
  • AO2015whohasthisnicknametoo
    Men can make their wives blush for good reason. Yes, this comment seems like it’s from out of the blue.
  • SistaVersace
    i’m so thankful for his words, especially during Ramadan. his words and interpretations are easy to understand and truly contributes to my understanding of Islam. Ya Allah (SWT) reward him and muslim center for giving us access to these khutubas.
  • Shukri &
    get me through the day man , may Allāh (Swt) take him and his family to the highest ranks of Jannah 💕
  • Reviews Expert
    Very good hearted and brilliant scholar. May Allah swt reward him.
  • Ur5iya
    Ma Sha Allah
    Ma Sha Allah.....
  • Dtabbah
    One of my favorite speakers
    Mashallah , sheikh mufti menk is an amazing speaker , he tackles every day situations that everyone can relate to, he has a beautiful character and a lovely way to get the point across. May Allah be pleased with him and help him with his dawa.
  • Chung.Li
    My family and I are benefiting immensely from these talks. May Allah SWT continue to guide this great scholar of Islam! Ameen🙏🏼
  • Starrynightsunlight
    May Allah bless you for all your hard work. These lectures really recharge my eman, alhamdulilah.
  • Adeal05
    I ❤️ his bayans. May Allah swt put barakt in his life and earnings.
  • DREAD93
    uplifts my iman to the utmust! may Allah grant you jannah.
  • Abe28374
    Alhamduliah these are great, inshallah you upload as many as you can and never stop. Jazakallah
  • marc seagull
    Loving this
    I highly appreciate the daily Ramadan lectures. Much appreciated
  • Ashaz786
    These lectures cannot be anymore helpful
  • Riyadh Gordon
    My wife loves listening to Bra Mufti Menk, Shukran for making it available to all of us. May Allah reward you immensely.
  • raherafe
    Mashaallah, Mashaallah, Mashaallah
    Mashaallah very goog sheikh very clear inglish may Allah (swa) bless you and grant us knowledge and patience for all Muslim brother and sister specially for those that just became Muslim from all over the world ameen.
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