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Sports, Entertainment and Comedy: Together at last. You may not win, but at least you'll have fun losing.Produced daily, Pat Mayo guides you through the world of NFL, PGA, and UFC betting and Fantasy Sports, along with the latest in TV and Movies.

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  • GatorMike
    Best DFS Podcast!!!
    The Pat Mayo podcast is the best place to start your NFL and Gold DFS week, every week!!! Pat & guests provide amazing content and analysis, and are always entertaining as well!!!! DK: GatorMAB BEST PICK: TAMPA BAY+3.5
  • rickcutt
    The goat
    Mayo is the best
  • @billyah40
    The PME
    @billyah40 on twitter Great NHL show! Good Job! Keep the content coming! Thanks Dude!
  • Pasch03
    Twitter @Pasch_Tex Love all the banter on the show plus all the golf knowledge doesn’t hurt.
  • ELIte101010
    Fun for All
    Golf, Football, insane takes? Pat has it all. Don't like something? They will make you interested. I somehow now watch golf. Twitter- phil_meagher
  • Jc0521
    Love the shows
    Love the new content coming out. @jc49373392
  • LandOfSteve
    Enjoyable Pod
    New to fantasy golf. Pat & crew make golf interesting and entertaining.
  • darren@actionnetwork
    Pat said write a Review
    Mayo says “tomorrow” funny. The chubby guys are all the way crazy, but it’s oddly endearing. “THEY DONT JUST TALK ABOUT THE PICKS.” 5/5. Would recommend.
  • @petermaneast
    best content in fantasy
    between the entertainment of the football picks show, and the actual legitimate analysis of golf picks shows, it all makes for the best fantasy listen in the business @petermaneast for OAD entry
  • raging hippo
    Love this podcast bigly
    Been listening for years these guys are genuine and fun love all the effort they put in and can’t wait for the best one! Tremendously!
  • R.Miller88
    Solid content
    Love the show. Great content for golf and football. Get up the good work pat!
  • brolofson
    Great Show!
    Great Show! Pat does awesome. Great analysis. Great guests. Most importantly entertaining. My favorite guest is Geoff Fienberg. DK handle: Brolofson Twitter handle: @brolofson
  • curly_01
    Best show around!!
    Everybody needs to give any of Pats pods a listen and you’ll see why he’s the talk of the town!! Tw: @eaglekneagle
  • Tjselbra
    Great entertainment.
    The information may not be great but at least you will laugh. @tselbrade
  • 155 Funson
    Best fantasy golf content in the business!
    Mayo and Feinberg provide the best combination of fantasy golf knowledge mixed with pure entertainment. The show is must listen content every week! Twitter/DK cboggs310
  • Dk Tully936
    Pat Mayo Experience
    Great Golf pics and previews @ttull_tim
  • MainStreetin
    Entertaining PGA and NFL content
    PGA shows are always fun listen, and the content from outside guests is great. Keep up the good work in 2021! Twitter: @Mystery_Main
  • FrigittyFrak
    Must listen for Golf DFS
    Very informative shows! Pretty darn funny too ... DK: FrigittyFrak
  • JDGallio
    Best breakdowns for my DFS golf.
    Pat and a great revolving crew of Golf experts breakdown the week for me and I love it. Pat is awesome for sharing the love to other guys in the business even those who can’t help him at all. Class dude and podcast. Twitter me @Spazgolfer
  • JJM202111
    Hey I did it! Great show. Twitter @jmic1122
  • schmoe50
    Great podcast
    Pat is funny and knowledgeable a great combo for any dfs fan that doesn’t want to be bored out of their mind
  • Racefan31
    Great show
    Best golf show out there. Informational and entertaining
  • LufthansaHeist
    Pat Mayo Is Bringing the World Together- One Podcast At a Time
    The Pat Mayo Experience is simply the best DFS podcast on the web. Mayo keenly weaves sports, humor, culture, and DFS into an entertaining hour. Pat, along with his weekly roster of diverse guests, has been bringing the World closer together one DFS podcast at a time!
  • MattCard
    May Media Network
    Smart discussion regarding DFS and gambling, but more importantly, thoroughly entertaining. The picks show is one of the most entertaining things you’ll listen to every single week. Where else can you go to get quality golf content and Challenge content in the same place? Addendum: now we get to scream about hilarious movies too. Also, there’s an insane person firing off insane takes, so that’s fun. Twitter: imhoff_matt
  • Ctwal
    Awesome Podcast
    Lots of good DFS Info and funny content. Keep up the good work! Has a ton of good content and comes out regularly. Twitter:@walder_clayton
  • Codster1124
    Best Podcast Hands Down!!!!
    Golf is back, some of my favorite shows to watch and listen too. If you bet on golf and don’t watch or listen, “give your head a shack” as Pat would say.
  • ThatCatRaj
    Reasons To Put Mayo On Your Fries ....
    Mayo is the best spread available, will make your sandwiches extra Custy. Highly recommend! NFL, PGA, UFC and Pop Culture are fully covered by this incredible Great North podcast. With a Top Cat and Rivers Stalker/Apologist as sidekicks this podcast makes life much more tolerable. Mayo Podcasts are full body sanitizers and are worth more than a pallet of Costco toilet paper. This podcast is the best Canadian export since Slings & Arrows. Sans Guffman...Waiting for Mayo. -- DK: FrogHammer twitter: @FrogHammer99
  • @p_demel
    Best entertainment
    Love how you break down golfers. Best in the business. Very entertaining. @p_demel
  • Nick Graveman
    Just listen to it all
    Pat has a variety of top notch content with a never ending revolving door of guests ranging from topics such as Golf to Reality tv. He’s particularly made me interested in golf to the point where it is my best fantasy sport before not knowing anything of note previously. Thanks as always for Pat! Dk: cdagostino
  • LoganWilt
    Best DFS show
    Love the show!!! Everyone needs to be listening to Pat. Twitter: @wilt_logan DK: lawilt
  • FrankieFullThrottle
    Safe to say I’m addicted to this show. I love the passion the guys have for sports and well, a few other things, like McDonald’s monopoly and Herbert prizm collections. What other podcast can you get half decent picks along with some good laughs?!
  • Sju09
    Great Listen
    Pat is hilarious and brings quality golf analysis along for the ride.
  • Schrammy44 WV
    You love money? Listen to the PME!!
    Best in the business!! Nobody works harder or provides more informative and entertaining content! DK - Smokin_Greens
  • aestader
    Good stuff!
    Funny and insightful, look forward to it on my drive to and from work
  • Clinton Ward
    I like this shows.
  • Bdub819
    Sentry Week
    Love the podcast and listen weekly for DK tips as well as one and done advice!!!
  • ireakj19
    Fun listen and informative
    Love the humor throughout all shows and always some good plays and info no matter what sport is the topic. Twitter: DPTEJ
  • Todd Piatt
    Awesome, entertaining podcast
    Pat is hilarious and when Tim and Geoff are on it is comedy gold. You can also get great information on fantasy football, golf, mma among other topics. Give it a listen you won’t regret it.
  • Canesbsebll34
    Hilarious and informative
    DK: Canesbsebll34 Pat and the crew are very entertaining and provide great content every week. Pat has a wide cast of visitors on the show who provide a lot of great analysis and entertainment. I look forward to new episodes popping up in my notifications each time. Subscribe and have a listen. You won’t regret it!
  • franky five iron
    Meh. I still listen
  • justincrooks
    Pat Mayo Experience
    Always the first stop of my golf week. DK: justincrooks
  • Kaleb98
    Cust the 🐐
    Fading Tims free money teaser has helped fund my college, thanks Cust! twitter: @kalebatwell for giveaway
  • gretz23
    Make it a part of your weekly routine!
    Great DFS content with humor and wit mixed in. Especially love the golf content. Keep up the great work!
  • Ditty13b
    A fun and informative show
    My favorite sports/fantasy sports podcast! Very funny and informative. DK handle Ditty13b Twitter @brentwdemers
  • freimanj09
    2020 Preview
    Always enjoyable listening to you and Geoff Twitter: @jfre009
  • Patrick Reed's Ego
    Great Content
    Always like to listen to Pat during my lead-in to tournaments, comes with such great stats and insight that help me go through my lineup construction. @jwbreuns
  • Josh Radzak
    Great pods all around
    Wow! Great shows! @joshradzak on twitter
  • Steve Levy 12
    Best DFS Golf Podcast I Have Found
    As a long time golf watcher and new DFS golf punter, I cannot recommend Pat’s podcasts enough. Not only do Pat and Geoff give frequent winners, they also bring a genuine passion for the game of golf that I find infectious. Monday mornings are made much better with Pat and the gang (and you may get a few outright winners along the way). @Steve_lev
  • lbullard64
    Glad golf is back
    Mayo media gonna be lit through Super Bowl Twitter @lloyd_bullard
  • Goregantua
    Spreading the good Mayo word!!
    Best betting/DFS content in the game, long time listener, Dog or Pass boys got me interested initially for the UFC cards and been subscribed to both formats ever since, from Cust's crazy takes to Finberg's rage fueled rants, if you're not tuning into this show, you need to rethink you're entire life!! Gore_Gantua on the tweets, for that One and Done entry! 🤞
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