Pat Mayo Experience

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Sports, Entertainment and Comedy: Together at last. You may not win, but at least you'll have fun losing.

Produced daily, Pat Mayo guides you through the world of NFL, PGA, and UFC betting and Fantasy Sports, along with the latest in TV and Movies.

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Recent Reviews
  • Austin Ortiz
    Listener League 🚨🔥
    Best Tournament on DK, best golf info on Apple podcast app
  • phillies7893
    Great masters content
    Great masters content 5/5 stars
  • Jr123456789754347
    Pat’s the Best !
    I have been a listener for 6+ years and honestly Pat and his crew out together one of the best shows out there everyday. So much entertainment and I’m so happy I found Pat and his podcast.
  • Rizzo Bombs
    Masters 5 star
    Great show as always. Nohren34 would love some swag!!!!!
  • clarkito5
    Best golf content
    Amazing and entertaining golf content and NFL and cust Twitter @clarkito5
  • 11Boss11
    Very good content! @THarper13
  • Dfsroyalt769
    Love it
    Long time listener getting ready to cash big this week. Twitter @DFSroyalt760
  • JC2931
    Great Show
    Very entertaining, fun show to listen to, and they sometimes even give out a winner or 2. Kind of upset that Tim cursed Daniel Berger for the masters but he reverse curses Tua everyday, so I guess it’s a wash. Keep up the good work
  • WooTracker
    Best betting pod
    My favorite si woo enthusiast, whos not myself. Twitter @WooTracker 😘
  • Canesbsebll34
    Hilarious and informative
    DK: Canesbsebll34 Pat and Geoff bring the goods every week on the betting shows. Cust provides the crazy and they bring a wide variety of great guests on who provide great analysis. I look forward to new episodes popping up in my notifications each time. Subscribe and have a listen. You won’t regret it! Twitter: RichM_34
  • Justamush
    The best in the business
    By far the best in the game. Pat getting angry at Geoff will never not make me laugh. Just make sure to fade all of Pat’s picks, unless they are because of the Andercurse. Twitter- @justamush
  • Jeffzero
    Love the show.
    Thanks for everything Pat. You too Geoff. The Andaaaaahhhcurse is real @jbgohard on twittah
  • TAvery01
    Still the best pod you’ll listen to!
    This podcast made the quarantine survivable. It’s not only hilarious but gives great info. Even now that I’m free I still listen. 5/5 stars, totally recommend! Twitter: @ThomasAvery
  • JonnyTrueLove
    Exceptional content
    I have been listening to Pat for 6 years now and there is nobody better at producing high quality content. Especially for the masters!
  • Ebhanly4
    Always enjoy the shows! @ebhanly
  • corley21
    Come for Pat stay for the Cust takes
    The best fantasy/ entertainment pod out there cust is just a bonus. Twitter corley21 Draftiings corley
  • Hide yo wife
    Fantastic show
    Love the banter between Pat and guests. Info is top notch
  • TrentT66
    Best in the Biz
    Pat is the man and his guest are top notch. @TrentT66
  • Volfanvegas
    Another PME Classic
    You and Rick give the great info on this Pod. One I think you missed that is viable is Matt Jones @ 6300. Full fade on Rory betting Brooks but staying away on DFS. Twitter@volfanga DK vegasvolfan
  • DFS3590
    Pay Mayo is the best in the business
    Easily the first podcast I listen to each day. I came for the picks, but stayed for Pat egging on a triggered Geoff or a triggered Tim Andercust. DK: BJY3590
  • storychristoph
    Great Fantasy podcast
    Entertaining and very useful DFS podcast. @thechrisstory
  • CurtEbert
    Love the pod
    Love pat, love the guests, love making money on DraftKings. Si Woooo! Handle: kelebert2
  • stkcase
    Smart, fun golf talk
    Straight fire, every show is a fun hang. Great for walks and listening while working. Love the show! Twitter : Stkcase .
  • rj masots
    PME podcast.
    Best podcast out there. Nothing better!!! Pat brings it every week. @masots_labcab
  • eruff3
    Great Listen
    Listening to the PME has improved my process. It was the first pod I started listening to and still number 1 on my list. @eruff3
  • ap723625
    Best golf podcast
    Come for great analysis from Pat, stay for the best fades in Cust’s Corner @drewperrotta
  • Pappas42
    Pat Mayo > Mayo
    The man, the myth, the legend... I found The PME the week the Andercurse birth and been watch/listening ever since. Not afraid to call anyone out and doesn’t sugar coat any analysis! Golf and football DFS has become a little bit easier and fun!
  • wilcoxrm
    Win or Lose, this Show is the Best
    Twitter: @mitch_wilcox I’ve been listening to Pat and the gang since before the Willett Masters win. Regardless of how the week goes for picks, it’s always a top notch listen. Come for the picks, stay for the laughs. Keep killing it, Pat!
  • mb1234567937
    Best Golf Content
    Pat has your golf gambling itch covered. Whether it’s DFS, one and done pools, picking the winner of a tournament, or who to bet H2H.
  • CodyZHanson
    Woo woo
    Go Pat! It's your birthday! We gonna party like it's your birthday
  • IndianaJoinz
    Killing it
    Offered $1000 to get my face on the wall.. shot down.. very entertaining show!!!
  • Pazzman99
    Best pod on iTunes
    Love this pod, super entertaining and a great listen. Golf content is the best out there, helped me win some serious $$. DK Pazzman99
  • Cmarvel2015
    Informative and entertaining
    Pat is the man and hilarious. The first podcast I listen to every week for golf DFS/betting. DK: Cmarvel2015 Twitter: @CharlesMarvel
  • scottypyoung
    Best show around! Pat and Geoff are straight 🔥🔥 @scottpyoung
  • tlgrissom
    Best DFS podcast in the business
    If you want to make some money give this show a listen. Pat and his group do excellent work in all areas. Give this show a listen!!! Dk: tlgrissom
  • BChap71 (Brett)
    #1 DFS/betting Show
    The OG DFS/ betting podcast. Simply the best, get to laugh while picking up great info. From picks to ownership projections, got it all. Plus it is a must to figure out who is Andercursed for the week! If you’re not listening yet, better start immediately DK: BChap71 @bchap71
  • Gert in Double H
    One of the best out there!
    Geoff interrupts, Cust has crazy takes, Pat’s blood pressure rises! Let’s get that cut sweat show!!! Twitter: @GarrettSkare
  • lofty35
    Best Golf Podcast
    Started listening to the PME 5 years ago. Haven’t missed a show since. Love it! @JasonLofquist
  • Tony Siguil
    Best in the Biz!
    I look forward to listening to Pat’s content every week. DK toasta32 Twitter 516Tone
  • Tom Highway
    Mayo speaks clearly
    I’m a postman and not allowed to wear ear pods so I appreciate Pat Mayo for A. Providing the best content and B. Speaking loud and clear so I can hear him while traffic drives by. Thank you Mr. Mayo
  • 🥶🧠
    Great stuff
    Great content that is seemingly constant
  • PSEinESP
    Fantasy Golf Must Listen
    The Pat Mayo Experience is a must listen podcast for anyone who wants insight into trends, stats, and narratives for daily fantasy golf. I frequently listen to it twice because there is an abundance of useful content. Twitter: nicedreaminc
  • Rockett26
    Highly Entertaining and Very Informative Content
    Love the Podcast.. Great Golf/Sports content with a lot of laughs!!
  • Frg106
    A must listen for DFS golf addicts!!
    The show has some of the best guests in the industry. Very entertaining and a lot of insight to make your DK screens green!! Twitter: @rwmurray5
  • wamaral19
    Great Listen
    Love listening to Pat and Fienberg. Not a believer is cust’s curse anymore though if we’re being honest (despite Riv). Twitter: wamaral19
  • Ted grey
    Came for golf stayed for the fun
    The intro for tim onto the master show talking about everyone existing somewhere is why I’ll always continue to listen to the show. Great golf content better laughs. @fmarshall00
  • 1234ere
    Excellence no doubt
    If you are not watching/listening to every piece of content from the Mayo Media Network... you are missing out and not winning enough. @carpg926
  • xXweadrowXx
    Mayo show is awesome!
    Great show! Listen everyday I can! I prefer this style of content versus others. Thanks! twitter @weadrow DK: xXweadrowXx
  • @BennyGonzales1
    Great entertainment and good information on daily fantasy sports and a ton of other good content.
    Entertaining and humorous, tons of informative content. Twitter@BennyGonzales1
  • Derrick Cooper
    Great advice
    Very excited for the upcoming official beginning of the golf season with all the Masters content! The best podcasts for week to week golf content out there. Derrick Cooper DK: NewHavenPacers Twitter: NewHavenPacers
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