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We're currently covering Dark Matter on Apple TV+. Bald Move Pulp is where you can get your fix of robots, aliens, action space adventures, and everything in between; on television or on the big screen. Pulp was not made for serious drama, if that’s your thing, you might be looking for Bald Move Prestige.

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  • KBMC2013
    Have you watched it?!?
    Here’s a wild concept- actually watching something before you spend an hour talking about it! If that’s too much, a simple Google search would answer your Boys Meets World questions instead of spending the entire time asking why stuff is happening. Also, what’s up with all the dead air pauses? Either prep your show better or edit those out.
  • Valvane Jim
    Good Lawd A-Rod likes the smell of his farts
    U would think former cult members would be more alert than most being suckered into spouting illogical nonsense with absolute certainty. Apparently the carrot of moral superiority works on these idiots regardless.
  • Dee the mailman
    Found an old friend
    I used to listen to these guys years ago—followed them through “breaking bad”. I quit listening when they threw up a paywall for most of their content. This morning for some reason their name, Bald Move, popped into my head and I looked them up. I am looking forward to listening to them again.
  • horgar
    Preachy leftist snowflakes
    Always eager to back leftist politics.
  • CenPenHawkFan
    One of the best
    Wrote a long review for Bald Move Prestige, but will summarize by saying these guys are great at what they do.
  • Deadhead-Dan10
    One of my new faves…
    Been digging these guys side projects (House of Dragon, We Own This City) and found a goldmine by discovering their ongoing Bald Move Pulp show. Perfect companion to ongoing shows and also a great way to reminisce old films/shows (Star Wars, Unforgiven) and discovers new ones (Expanse, Foundation). A new fave that’s been playing about half of my waking life since discovering it.
  • Miss Devi
    Super entertaining!!
    I wish I could give you ten stars for the Dukes of Hazzard episode!!!!! Love you Jim and A Ron, and I really enjoyed Jay’s laugh. 🤩
  • firneocnfkele fbic
    One Stop Shop ✨✨✨
    I’ve been rockin with Jim & A. Ron since my first search for a GOT accompanying podcast. They had the most reviews on Apple so I gave them a listen and literally never stopped. So many of the shows I’ve watched over the last 5-7 years have been because they have a pod cast about it. From Walking Dead to Breaking Bad to The Leftovers to Mr. Robot to The Expanse to House of the Dragon and on and on… “that’s my man, and I’ma stick beside him!” For #1, they’re frickin’ hilarious. B, they’re super smart. And lastly, they’re consistent with their insights and depth of conversation. At this point, they feel like my friends.
  • JustTheFAQsMam
    10 out of 10 would recommend
    Started listening to these guys early in the Game of Thrones series and kept listening. Every episode has been delightfully insightful, fun, and even sometimes educational! Jim and A. Ron are great hosts with good banter, while offering nice perspectives on the various shows and movies. 10 out of 10 would recommend.
  • Wormswart
    It’s so so
    While I do believe these guys work very hard on the show. It onetime doesn’t show in the content they deliver. Maybe they take on too many shows at once, but a lot of times they don’t know characters names, get characters mixed up with others, completely forget whole scenes, and some concepts go right over their heads. Compared to other tv review podcasts, it comes off as lazy content. How hard is it to have IMDb open as you record so you at least know the characters names by episode 5? Maybe give the show your full attention when you watch it. Or, maybe take notes.
  • Bellalees
    Love Bald Move
    Love these guys and their insights! Adds another layer of enjoyment to todays film and television.
  • kristi history
    You guys really should cover andor. It is a sophisticated brilliant political espionage rebellion story in Star Wars world. Best show this year
  • Okiedokiedokey
    Stop saying leal. Please.
  • Taka G
    The best
    Man I love these guys. Pop culture criticism at its peak. A.Ron’s reference to the Ghostbusters 2 poster this week had me laughing for maybe 5 minutes.
  • BD1598
    Ohh dear...so now anyone who has a different opinion from A-Ron apparently has no idea what they’re talking about. Way to alienate non-book readers or really anybody with an alternative opinion. He’s apparently just trying to “teach us all about political motivations” and everything is common folk have ‘missed’. Jim is reduced to needing to repeat the same 2 lines - “Well, I guess we’ll have to see what happens” or “Yeah, it could be...”, otherwise, he gets attacked and accused of thinking the “whole thing is a joke”. This has devolved into a joyless routine, mixed with ads and plugs. With so many other podcast options now, this team needs to rediscover why they’re doing this if they want to keep any listeners.
  • He who shall remain nameless
    Best coverage
    Die hard bald move fan from way back
  • TheBinApt22322
    No longer able to listen
    They are basically msnbc or the view ladies at this point. Lots of other options but sad bc I really liked their thrones and breaking bad coverage
  • Badastro10
    Gone woke
    Found these guys back in 2015 when I was looking for a good GOT podcast. Loved their insights and knowledge of the show and story. The last few years and more recently the wokeness of the show and seeing old movies through modern lens have really turn me away from the podcast. There’s better movie podcast on YouTube if you look for it
  • j.heritage
    Favorite Podcast of All Time
    Jim and A. Ron break it down with their patented blend of wit, critique and a few good ole F-Bombs.
  • ctyus91
    Favorite Podcast Network!
    I’ve been a Bald Move club member for about 5 years now and I love everything they do. They do great deep dives into the content and I always get something new out of the shows/movies that they cover. I frequently re-listen to episodes and listen to episodes for things I haven’t even watched. Their club content is great and I’ve gotten so many recommendations for shows/board games/video games from their weekly Friday lunch episodes. Love these guys!
  • chris justis
    Could listen for hours
    Been listening to Jim and A.Ron for years, sometimes even listen to them cover movies/shows I don’t even watch just because they are fun to listen to.
  • Jilybean82
    Willy Wonka Amazing
    I appreciate all their takes on the shows and movies i am watching. Amazing, engaging work and conversation. Their review of Willy Wonk and the Chocolate had me laughing out loud. I have never really examined this movie, but just accepted it as part of my childhood, so hearing a thoughtful analysis was hysterical! “No self respecting Bavarian would be lapping up that chocolate.” 🤣🍫🤣
  • candylies
    The Book of Bald Move
    I’ve been listening to these guys for so long their voices give me comfort. (Love ARons wife too.) The GOT, Mad Men and Leftovers content went above and beyond, amazing deep dives. They don’t just recap, they give great insight and it’s clear they do their homework. Thanks for all the years of hard work.
  • Pdbxt4
    Amazing podcast network
    I’ve been listening to everything Jim and Aron have been doing for years. They’re a staple in my podcast queue and their views on the wide variety of shows and movies they cover are wonderful. Always excited to see a new Baldmove cast pop up!
  • MartinforPresident
    Good insight
    I really enjoyed listening to your reviews of both seasons of the Mandalorian, so obviously I’m going to listen to you two discuss Loki! I totally watched some Clone Wars episodes during Mandolorian from your suggestion to get a better insight to Bo-Katan and Ashoka. I was very happy I did so. A. Ron makes me laugh out loud at times and Jim is a nice balance to A. Ron. Even if you guys go off on a tangent, you both seem to bring it back around and give new connections to the theme of the episode. You two never disappoint, and I look forward to hearing your views on what I’m watching at the same time. Thank you!!
  • CositaPR
    Please cover the new Netflix show Ratched
  • xxxFREEWEEZYxxx
    Bald move
    Great pods
  • KevinthDayAdventist666
    The best tv and movie podcast out there
    I started listening to baldmove since their early game of thrones coverage and have been a huge fan ever since. Their honest and in depth conversations always feel personal and authentic while still offering a kind of scholastic insight into everything they cover. I often look forward to their podcasts as much, if not more, than the episodes or movies they’re based on. I like a lot of pop culture/ tv podcasts but no one does it like Baldmove, they’re the best by a long shot!
  • MuppetOfAMan
    Love the show!
    Jim and ARon are awesome! Love these guys! I especially love their coverage of The Leftovers. That’s up there with Show Hoppers and Post Show Recaps as my favorite coverage of my favorite series.
  • MomGRNMT
    Funny and addictive
    Disappointed lately, the Deadwood movie review was sloppy- not watching the entire series hurt but Started listening because of GoT but now have gone to the beginning and listen to literally every podcast whether I watch the shows or not. Update yay!!! TwD is back!!!
  • girardspeed
    Oh, ARon
    Nice recap of the Witcher series but dear god, smack ARon in the back of the head until he pronounces Geralt with a hard “G”.
  • Zultan1!3
    I enjoy them but the AD timing
    Very good I absolutely recommend. But would appreciate some sort of transition into the ads instead of a sentence finishing and then some different audio for an ad for 2 minutes.
  • dhm72
    So I was trying to listen and enjoy the episode on season one of The Witcher but as usual I found it difficult with ARon constant banter. He was talking over the ladies and making lame attempts to pronounce the names of the characters and kingdoms. I appreciate humor but when it’s ignorant and childish not so much. Get it together and respect your co-hosts the material and your audience.
  • sarahtatuga
    Hilarious and Insightful.
    Have been a longtime BM listener, and they continue to deliver great content.
  • Flexibleofficeruler
    His dark matters
    I understand criticism of a show but when the reviewer is ‘too good for the material’, why do it at all? Cecile is too high brow for this show and should work on material worthy of her ‘upward sniff’.
  • anarchoarcher
    Love the pod! Loving His Dark Materials so far. I never read the books but I’m definitely going to after this season and I hope they have a bigger cgi budget next season
  • Bambis Dad
    His Dark Materials Gals
    Love this Padcast. My wife and I listen to these two every episode same as we did GOT recaps.
  • Hosha333
    Good when not discussing social politics
    I loved Jim and A-Ron’s podcasts on GOT, Sharp Objects and Westworld. And I was ok with the woke references there, as they were simple light touches. Now the podcast on His Dark Materials featuring Cecily and Alexis, is very interesting and informed on the books, but the constant virtue signaling and pointing out instances of “the patriarchy” and “misogyny” is rampant and extremely distracting. I am a woman, and not conservative, but it makes me cringe every time one of them apologizes to the other for interrupting and the other explains that she’s just been trained by the patriarchy to be overly apologetic. Internal insecurities in Lyra are standard for a child, any child - it is not the result of misogyny in the books. It’s getting difficult to get through the discussion, which at times is very interesting, without rolling my eyes when they go off on a tangent on social and gender equality in a fantasy book and try desperately to relate it to our current society. Please dial back on the social commentary and focus on the show and book connections.
  • Naptown Ninja
    You guys used to try harder
    I was a huge fan and club member of these guys. In the last couple years, though, the more I listened, the less I enjoyed. Pros ARon and Jim have been friends for a long time and they have a good rapport. ARon tries to find a deeper meaning in what he watches. Cons They very rarely have different, let alone opposing, opinions anymore. ARon has dominated the conversation more and more over time. In trying to find deeper meaning, they tend to spiral into tinfoil hat theorizing for long chunks of time. They have gotten more nitpicky over time and it’s just not enjoyable to listen to. Moreover, they used to bring something to the table other than criticism. They used to work harder at looking up references they didn’t understand or background information that would provide a better understanding of the material. Now it just seems like they hit record and blast away. Oh and ARon is woke just in case you forgot.
  • cant thunk of a nick name
    Bald TV for life!!
    Love the bald move crew, and Cecli is an amazing addition!!! So stoked for their coverage of mandolirian!
  • Me2457788888888
    Jim and Aron only please
    I listen to this podcast because I want to know what Jim and Aron think about different tv shows, not Aron’s lame wife who’s trying way too hard to be cool. Bring back the original hosts. Thx.
  • tpphd
    New HBO Series/New Bald Move TV Pod
    One of the best takes on tv just got quantum leaps better by giving us the female counterparts of Jim and A.Ron musing over the upcoming HBO series based on Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials. Appreciated their informed and informative recap of the less than stellar movie version and excitedly awaiting what they will bring to the new series. They've already shown they have their own distinctive voice while still maintaining the humor, thoughtfullness, and intelligence I've come to expect from the Bald Move brand.
  • Trish P Chicago
    One of my favorite podcasts
    Loves these guys, GOT, Chernobyl, etc. Going back to do a Breaking Bad rewatch since El Camino is being released. Listening to their Breaking Good podcast.
  • abosshard
    Love it- when will there be a succession pod :)
  • jhorsley23
    Hands down my favorite podcasters!
    I’ve been a Club Bald Move Member for a few years now and listen to nearly every podcast they produce (which is a lot). Top notch content on television, movies, and a few other things as well. They have the perfect balance of insightful examination and comedy. It’s easy to tell that the hosts have been friends for many years, because they share a chemistry that you find from many other podcasts (and Cecily is great too). This is the only podcast network that actively influences what I watch on television. I may have never watched shows like Fargo and Mr. Robot without their coverage and they are now among my favorite shows. Bald Move is single handedly responsible for my discovery and love of The Expanse. If you like TV, Bald Move is the only podcast network you’ll need and I strongly urge people to give joining Club Bald Move a try. Their premium content is excellent and you’re sure to get your money’s worth for the amount of quality content it provides.
  • Pepperoni503
    One of my favorites
    These guys do such a great job covering shows, I’ll watch a show just because I know that they are covering it. Keep up the good work!
  • YupOkay
    These guys work hard and do a great job.
  • mspumpkinpatch
    Great review
    Are you guys watching NOS4A3? On AMC . Worth a review. Keep up the suggestions. Vicky
  • Robert Henry Holtz
    Loves these two and their takes. Less politics plz!
    Great takes and a very professional approach that is still highly entertaining. 5 out 5 if they drop the politics, I’m here to be entertained!
  • tominatortl
    Great Content As Always!
    Thank you guys for the great content and entertainment. I look forward to your podcasts just as much as I look forward to the shows you’re discussing!
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