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  • Yasemin Denizli
    Great podcast for understanding Quran
    It’s a great podcast whoever wants to learn and understand Quran more deeply. Its make you resonate with God’s words and guidence. Thank you! Jazakallahu hayran!
  • AJ4873
    One of my favorite people to learn from
    Things are always explained in a way, I not only understand but with amazing storytelling that holds my attention (not to mention he’s very funny!) I always learn, and am always excited to listen. Whether on my lunch break or driving home, I know I’m going to understand Islam and the Quran more. Thank you for all you do!
  • sarin00
    Where is the khutbah ?
    Why there is no khutbas anymore 😭😭😭😭 i had completed all youtube kutbas💔💔
  • Sami Amin Rad
    Best teacher
    May allah bless you
  • Benz316
  • thadiccus
    In depth analysis
    His in depth tafseer commentary and understanding of the fitnas of our time is wholesome, helps us really ponder and marvel about the word of Allah.
  • jaylenwaddle
  • RktLg_Sqre
    Love it
    Don’t let anyone tell you this# is a bad podcast it’s great❤️
  • christanity only
    FACKEST Religion ever
    How do y’all believe in a moon god it just makes no since you people are spiritually lost and blind.
  • Hafiz Muhammad Tayyab
    Only 1 minute podcasts
    Aoa. Just curious about the length of the podcasts, why there are only 1 minute or 2 minutes podcasts? Is there any technical difficulty or something else?
  • Amnah-Maan
    🤲 Islam
    Wajid shukran for sharing the right path …. to Islam …Allahu Akbar!
  • sakn104
    The NAK Ramdan 2021 Urdu series was the best . No need to mention that all the lectures are very healing and therapeutic SUBHANALLHA . In Texas we are on the roads mostly so it’s very beneficial to have these lectures on podcast available. Thank you all for doing all that effort . JAZAKALLHA.
  • Haneen6Al
    Rational and informative
    Best!!! Can speak to millennials.
  • Ahmed Hijazy
    Listening to what that man saying is an act of meditation.
  • Fuvkbfivkbv
    I know brother Nouman doesn’t care about how many starts he is getting, but please know that you are helping so many people out there! May Allah give you the strength to keep up the good work :)
  • sholaslims
    May Allah bless brother Nouman
    May Allah bless brother Nouman. Your series have helped my knowledge of Quran . Thank you!
  • Sarwia137935
    Allah bless you brother
    You will find a new thing in every single khutbah ❤️ and they are very interesting
  • muhammad anwer
    May Allah give him long life.
  • iko2011
    May Allah rewards you with Jannah Freedous
    Everything time I loose hope and listen to the postcard of Sheik Nouman, I feel connected to Allah. All the Hutunahs are great. May Allah keep giving you strength to explain the Adeen to us. Jazzah Khallah Khair
  • S1111234
    Excellent podcast
    Great insight!
  • Ace - Merc
    Just the fact that they have repeated sexual offender NAK is a disgrace. Thank you for attending my TED Talk
  • hayathaji78
    This helped me make more of a connection with allah alxamdillah I feel so much better
  • ShadyEl
    Excellent MashAllah
    Please have more episodes. Especially tafseer would be great!
  • Mrborris34
    Why there is no more episodes since June 2019?
    First of all thanks so much for amazing podcasts that is very insightful and refreshing. I have been listening the podcasts since 2018 but there has been no more update on this channel since June 2019. Can you please please please keep the channel updated. This is the only channel that I’m able to follow Nouman Ali Khan’s khutbah
  • m0ktar
    Thank you , Good Bless You
    Thank you , Good Bless You
  • CassyBH
    I absolutely love the context in which the talks are given through a teachers prospective. I listen on the way to work. It starts my day off in a very fruitful way. Alhamduilah for all you do to bring Islam to the forefront, always trying to let the believers know how much Allah (swt) loves them, and to keep striving. Keep up the exceptional work. I always look forward to whatever comes next and share with my children and anyone I believe can receive the benefit as much as I I do. May Allah reward you for deeds. Inshallah!
  • Kyautagogo
    Imaan booster
    This is my recipe to nurture my imaan to fruition. I listen to it as I go to work almost everyday.Because of this podcast I’m beginning to really understand the Quran. Sometimes I read the translation and remember immediately the tafseer. May Allah bless Nouman Ali khan and his zurriyyah. 18/05/2019 I pray to meet him someday so as to bring these teachings to my community...Allah SWT would continue to shower you with all that you desire from Allah and increase Nouman and his zurriyya in knowledge to continue to simplify the concept of worship and enable us enjoy being Muslims without prejudice.
  • Laris9812
    He’s absolutely amazing and inspirational.
  • some muslim :)
    Some Muslim :)
    I can’t describe what I have learnt from your work. May Allah reward you and keep guiding you.
  • mahmudgh
    True Muslim
    I have listened to several Islamic scholars in the USA and around the globe, I will say without any hesitation that Nouman’s message resonates well with myself and most Muslims I have come to know. He educates me on the true essence of being a submitter to the will of Allah. Islam is easier than people are mad to believe, it’s not all doom and gloom of becoming a Muslim. May Allah guide and protect you for this nation desperately needs someone like you.
  • yasinbl
    Thank you for everything that’s amazing app because We need to keep strong
  • IHopeThisNicknameIsntTaken0000
    He is so cool
    !!!!!!!! Allah has blessed this man. Obsessed with these.
  • Hdjrie
    I love this podcasts! Im an atheist but i actually enjoy learning about religions. This guy gave me a whole new perspective about Islan. Keep up with the good job!
  • Von6666
    The worst
    Don't even understand his point of view. The worst
  • Mustbecuzimmasry
    Simply amazing. One of the best ways to gain knowledge. Simple, clear and easy to understand.
  • iMuzamel
    Jazak allaho khyran
    Great effort God bless
  • Nafdhila
    Eye opening lectures
    What a great resources for the hearts that's longing for beautiful and careful explanation of Al-Quran.
  • Mahmodawad
    I love you in Allah Nouman
  • branlovespicplay
    New Revert to Islam
    Assalamu Walakium. I am a new revert to Islam and I have to say that Nouman Ali Khan has really helped me a lot. I am the only Muslim in my family and it is hard. I have lost friends because I converted and I also lost faith in myself..but Nouman Ali Khan with his amazing Bayyinah videos and lectures helped me to realize that Allah loves me and that is what matters most. All I can do is make dua'a for those who have turned against me and continue to live a life that is pleasing to Allah. May Allah reward you my brother for all your work.
  • AlFahad83
    Well done
    Masha Allah, what an easy good dead you will get from everyone benefits from these podcasts. May Allah accept it.
  • Mmmmqqqqq95
    جزاك الله
    با رك الله فيكم
  • NahianC
    #Servant of Allah
    One word: Speechless!
  • Mitzi_hussein
    Jazak Allah Kheer
    God bless Nouman and his dawah. I learn so much from his lectures and love his teaching of Arabic with it. Helps me so much as a English speaker. It's really hard to find good Sunna lecturers in English. MashaAllah!
  • Simpledoc
    .. Beautiful Tafseer Lectures
    Strange sometimes lectures disappear and now they r back ..., gave me a heart attack when they disappeared though thanks for all the amazing work Jazakallah khairun
  • Shafi44
    Awesome man awesome ...... The way you relate and explain is really really good....
    Awesome man awesome ...... The way you relate and explain is really really good....
  • @GoHarder4Life
    May Allah(SWT) reward you for your efforts
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