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On the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, co-hosts David Greene and Rob Abasolo interview real estate investors and entrepreneurs about successes, failures, and hard-earned lessons. Through in-depth conversations, 1-on-1 listener coaching calls, and news analysis, you’ll get a breakdown of real strategies that work for different niches and experience levels. Tune into the #1 real estate investing podcast every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

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  • Genevieve in Tennessee
    Life Saving!
    In 2019 I was pregnant with my twin boys and my 39 year old husband was diagnosed with a stage 4 pancreatic cancer. We were facing lots of challenges and possibly losing him and me becoming the sole breadwinner of our family. I started listening to the bigger pockets podcast and started slowly building our portfolio of mid term rentals in our backyard in Tennessee. Today my husband is in remission, our twin boys are three and we own three rentals cash flowing more then our jobs as registered nurses. Thank you so very much for giving me hope in a better future for our family. Forever grateful, Genevieve
  • TateCreative
    Great podcast for beginners and experienced investors
    I love the BP content because they make the information digestible. This podcast will help fill in your blind spots! People of varying experience levels will get something out out of this content.
  • Pauleo10
    Life Changing Podcast
    Josh, Brandon, Dave, Rob and many more have dramatically changed my life over the years. Fantastic podcast for those who want to change their financial future!
  • FeFe4fire
    My 1st review of any podcast ever
    Best one yet! The always great hosts are really listening to the guest and asking questions and summarizing beautifully. The guest was maybe my favorite guest of any podcast, as she was relatable, well spoken and had great chemistry with the hosts. I loved that she had a service work foundation and realized that she could create wealth through hard work, paying attention to others who were more knowledgeable and over time grow a real estate portfolio. Great job!
  • ShinarJSB
    Getting Real!!!
    Brother OMG I just listened to the May 21st episode today on Sun. Literally this podcast episode needs to be cut and pasted and taught at every IVY League college every medical residency program every business school etc etc etc . Loved it loved it loved it. My word I wish I could bottle this up and inject it into the psyche of America. I preach this and am just glad someone else finally said it. Stop looking for handouts! If it was easy everyone would do it!
  • Jayjones32
    Love it!
    Love this show! Very fun and informative!
    “Long time listener first time caller” I feel it is time to pay back with 5 stars, the amazing services that effectively have generated for me thousands of dollars if not more. The information, encouragement, empowerment and overall knowledge provided for free here is absolutely invaluable. I am a service-member currently deployed and while my body and mind are somewhere not to be disclosed for 8 to 12 hours a day, at least 2 hours of the day my mind is with David and Rob negotiating $3M AirBnB deals, or finding $500k to house-hack a 3-2 SFR in Sacramento. The most valuable part of BiggerPockets is the transparency and honesty with which the information is disseminated. You will not find here the 1/4 part of information so you can sign for a $X,XXX class. As any business BP has paid services but they are above and beyond some marketing campaign. Books, network, and tools in the website are worth at least 10 times what they charge. My results from BP free information… 1 Long Term SFR, 1 overseas AirBnB and working on a house-hack deal. If I could do more than give these 5 stars to pay back I would not hesitate. Thank you David, Rob and also Brandon Turner who I started listening 4 years ago.
  • nahdudeyougood
    Too political regarding inflation
    David Greene constantly blames inflation on the American government, despite the whole globe experiencing inflation; despite unprecedented demand and low supply; despite the strongest wage growth in a century; the work from home boom creating the need for home office space; low interest rates for ten years allowed more investors to get into the BRRRR model and scoop of up inventory away from first time home buyers; Zillow buying houses, Wall Street buying houses; manufactures literally running out of plastic; oil prices dropping to zero then oil rig closures crippling supply… it’s not just just QE and low tax deficit spending
  • Grapeman24
    This podcast is levels above any other real estate channel. I highly recommend
  • azzurritifo
    Miss the old days with it
    This podcast used to contain gems. For the average person REI was possible. Now everything seems to be “how I bought 500 doors in 2 years with no money down”. I don’t think this podcast is reaching its audience anymore. Yes there is Bigger pocket rookie, but is there really a need for that show? There are other podcasts out there that fit the everyday person.
  • Jbradley003
    This is gold !!!
  • JR Bonez
    Just say no
    Repetitive and oversimplified. When Brandon left this show lost its charm. Now it’s an arrogant and condescending clown with a nasally millennial just restating the same thing over and over and over. By the way - David do you remember in late 2021 when you said the fed would print the dollar into oblivion and you needed to do whatever you could and pay any price to get into real estate? Imagine the noobs who took out arms on that advice and are now underwater because you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. They will have to refi in 2 or so years and are in deep deep trouble. Now you’re out here saying to be cautious and there was too much speculation before. Dude - you PREACHED speculation for well over a year and practically guaranteed appreciation. Take responsibility and be honest with your gullible listeners. Own up to the fact that you really hurt some people and gave bad advice instead of pretending you told them to be cautious the whole time. This dude is the Jim Cramer of real estate with less charisma and a narcissistic attitude. AVOID.
  • Zzmk666
    Quality has deteriorated
    Used to be a high quality podcast with Josh and Brandon, but quality has gone down with the current hosts.
  • Off grid REI
    Great podcast with great real estate related content.
    Thanks for always being real and providing education that is on point.
  • Artist in Business
    Not just for beginners!
    This podcast is helpful for both newbie real estate investors and those with some experience! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and bringing on all the great guests!
  • rG559
    Episode 761…the Best!!
    Great episode! I’m so inspired by Yaamu’s story. Her story is heartbreaking and inspiring all in one. And her journey is real estate is a great listen with some good advice.
  • Emmy Lou Invests
    🙌🏼I give it a TEN🙌🏼
    David, Rob & the Bigger Pockets team. Thank you all for providing the realistic education I need to make my real estate investing dream a reality! It all seems so big at first but you do a great job of explaining the next actionable steps to just keep moving forward. I’m taking your advice & am going to house-hack my first investment property (duplex)in North Carolina while renting out my current townhome in California. Thank you all for dedicating your lives to the RE dreams of your listeners. You are KILLING IT! See you at BPCON!
  • RA2018
    Thankful for Bigger Pockets
    One of the BEST real estate podcast. Insanely informative, practical and useful! Definitely listen to this!
  • 101Konbu
    Moving mountains
    Thanks guys! I know I have been absorbing the information in this podcast over the years. I am a very slow and conservative investor and it always seems so easy and with low stress. I am positive it is because of all of my leisure listening in the garden or driving. I feel now like I’m a pilot flying a real estate jet on my own and I never had to go through the training!
  • Jake RE MN
    Finally took a second to write a review! Listened to since the beginning! Kept me going when I wanted to throw in the towel on my own RE biz! Keep up the great work!
  • Enapoklvr
    Best podcast ever! Dave and Rob are amazing at educating us on Real Estate Investing. They interview the best of best real estate investors who tell us their story on how they started and what they’re doing to be so successful.
  • Coach Kaylee
    The podcast is life changing!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    I recently decided to put real estate investing on my goals list a few months ago after selling a commercial property I owned. I started listening to the podcast and am blown away by the depth of information provided. I listen to a podcast nearly every morning while working out. I love, love, love Rob and David as hosts…what a dynamite duo! Fun and entertaining while still being massively educational. I’ve made so much progress just in the last month and recently joined the Pro membership. So thankful to have found the podcast and excited to see what this year brings! Thank you for being raw, authentic and transparent! What a breath of fresh air in the online space! ❤️
  • Jennifertherealtor
    Tons of strategy here
    This is not an exaggeration – Bigger Pockets is one of the best podcasts you can listen to as an entrepreneur. The amount of wisdom and strategy I have gained from David and Rob is incredible. Stop what you’re doing and listen.
  • Tbone 1001
    Can no longer listen
    I’ve been listening for years and even went back and listened to every episode, but I can no longer take it. It used to be a great show but it’s just devolved into the David Greene infomercial. Even the guests they’re getting now are subpar. It’s just too bad, my favorite podcast and now I don’t even listen. David Greene reading listener mail saying how great his shows are is just bad podcasting period. Show is all Airbnb focused now too, chasing the latest craze which will probably go poorly next recession. Ever since it was sold, the BiggerPockets brand has been going downhill. I think David is knowledgeable and was previously really good when paired with Brandon, whatever they’re doing now with triple episodes has just lowered the quality so much that it’s not even worth listening to.
  • jkleeezy
    Listening to this podcast over the past couple years geared me up with the knowledge and confidence I needed ti jump into real estate. Definitely recommend!
  • NocturnalJustice
    5 stars
    Seeing Greene Episodes provide the best real estate info out there!!!
  • bradchandlercoaching
    Amazing Podcast!!!
    I just finished listening to the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast and it was amazing! I’ve been interested in real estate investing for awhile now and this podcast provided me with valuable information and insight into the industry. The guests are knowledgeable and the topics are relevant and interesting. I particularly enjoyed the tips on how to finance and manage properties. The production quality is also top-notch. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking to get started in real estate investing. Five stars!
  • Finding Maximum Value
    Most VALUE for your time
    If you find an educational medium that offers this much value anywhere, please let me know. I do not believe one exists.
  • RichadBoyle
    Best podcast out there
    Rob, Dave, David, and all the other hosts and interviewees are incredible. Keep pumping out great content.
  • HappyGoLucky159
    Newbie’s Welcome
    I am a newbie to the world of real estate and I have been listening for a couple months now and have grown an appetite for real estate knowledge and I find this to be a great source of everything that you need to know from different aspects. Thanks to davidGreen , Rob Built, and Dave Meyer, and everyone else who helps put the show together.
  • 7896683827672975
    Used to be my favorite podcast
    Used to listen to this show religiously but it feels like it gets more negative each new episode I listen to and makes REI seem unattainable. Have switched to just listening to real estate rookie and on the market. Bring back Brandon- David Greene has too much of an ego it’s really hard to listen to.
  • PT Luke
    Amazing show!
    David Greene and friends, thank you for such an amazing show, packed with wisdom, creativity, and a bit of humor! I love your show and appreciate everything you share! Keep up the great work 👍
  • wassobyb
    Such a wealth of knowledge in this podcast show! Never lacking in material to learn from. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to get into real estate. GOOD JOB GUYS.
  • Ri Ga Edou
    Great show
    Thanks guys for the phenomenal job you’re all doing. I wish I was aware of you guys before I step into the water. Now I am 2 ft deep, it’s never to late to learn! I am learning daily by listening and reading the contents provided by the bigger pocket community, specifically this podcast. Thanks again guys.
  • Shermals
    So great it’s hard to not listen
    Love how the information is conveyed and the guests are always top of their industries.
  • ToddClif
    Always on point!
    So thankful for all the hosts, guests and team that put the podcasts together. I always come to learn and stretch my brain so that I can apply the gold nuggets that come from this podcast. Thank you!
  • Akw619
    My Favorite Real Estate Podcast
    I have learned so much from David and Rob and the wide variety of guests they’ve hosted. Thanks to BP I’ve taken steps in my real estate investing journey that I never would have had to confidence or knowledge to take before. Thanks for all the valuable content!
  • ABC is the scale of Z you know
    Never Give Up
    I have been listening, and also watching you all. I love doing both. I love learning more and more, little by little. Even though I am only 14 years old. So I am already saving up for my first house. It may sound kinda like a wild dream. But I am going to hold one until I reach my goal.
  • gotnvols
    5 Star
    Very informative and applicable to your life!
  • mukluk
    I love this SHOW!!!
  • Akcam7
    Bigger pockets podcast is THE best!
    I have been listening, and sometimes watching this podcast on YouTube for years. I remember when it was just Josh and Brandon. If it wasn’t for this podcast, I probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to buy my first rental. I just want to thank everyone in the BiggerPockets community for all of the help you guys have provided me. And even though Josh and Brandon aren’t on the podcast anymore, they still have excellent hosts in David and Rob! Keep up the good work, everyone!
  • Kimbrough2046
    Life Changing
    There are so many ways to invest in real estate, and this show brings you all of them. Sit down with a pin and pad and get ready to take notes, because class is in session. Definitely the place where you can start and finish your real estate education. There is something to be learned for every level investor. From newbie to 30 year veterans.
  • francoisjerro
    Best real estate show
    If it wasn’t for bigger pockets I wouldn’t have gained my confidence to invest the information that’s given daily is really life changing
  • stackstoshe
    Amazing content
    I am new to real estate investing so really need a knowledgeable guide and mentor to help me move forward. Bigger pockets provides me all of that! Great content, great topics and amazing speakers. Keep them coming!
  • .AnderXXI.
    Worth Every Second
    I’m new to the real estate investing world and have been inundating myself with BP podcasts over the past several months. This podcast supplies a wealth of information from so many angles of real estate investing and does so through the lenses of investors from all levels of the game. The knowledge presented in this podcast is invaluable and I can’t seem to soak up the information fast enough. Simply put, I’m happy to be here.
  • M@y M@
    Great Podcast!
    As one that has lightly dabbled into rental properties, the BP team has taught me ways to take my investing to the next level. Content is extremely informative and presenting in an entertaining way. Couldn’t ask for anything more!!
  • dcrownover
    BiggerPockets is da bomb de bomb!
    Like a bunch of listeners I am new to investing and am learning so much from BP! I very much appreciate they stress working smart but also that this is not get rich quick - it will take work to get going. But once you understand concepts and master them hopefully it’ll be like clock work. Thanks, BiggerPockets!
    BP has changed my life
    I’m sure like many listeners, I’ve been listening for years and the knowledge I’ve gained from this show has allowed me to confidently step out on my investing journey 🙏 forever grateful to this team and the platform they built
  • Reno Josh
    Life Changing
    If you’re a serious real estate investor you have to listen to this podcast. So good!
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