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On the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, co-hosts David Greene and Rob Abasolo interview real estate investors and entrepreneurs about successes, failures, and hard-earned lessons. Through in-depth conversations, 1-on-1 listener coaching calls, and news analysis, you’ll get a breakdown of real strategies that work for different niches and experience levels. Tune into the #1 real estate investing podcast every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

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  • KJennings1979
    Hands down the best Realestate podcast!
    I have learned so much from bigger pockets and got the motivation to get going into real estate. I never thought that I would be in the place that I am and I am so grateful for Josh, Brandon, and David.
  • kleier41
    Used to be my favorite podcast
    I am a long time listener, and I am probably in the minority now. Thought it was worth voicing my thoughts. The show has changed. The value of the show wasn’t in the product of the show and adding more content for content’s it was have long conversation with people on their real estate journey. It’s probably an unpopular opinion but let’s go back to a once a week show and bring back the top quality guests from the earlier days.
  • Narce395
    Gone Greene!
    I’ve gone Greene! The new content is great and much more relatable. BP is a tremendous resource and I’m glad it exists. I’ve now had long terms, short terms and 1031s, with different types of financing, and I always turn to BP for help along the way, whether it’s the podcast, forums, webinars or the other countless resources available. Many thanks!
  • youngboi041890
    Let’s go
    I started listening to the bigger pockets podcast from hearing it from the other finance podcast that I listen to the personal finance podcast on Amazon Music and they always wanna talk the cast so I started by listening to the first episode and that turned into the first three and I decided that I’m going to listen to it from the beginning till whenever because I already enjoy the podcast as I do the personal finance podcast. I am trying to build something for myself and future family hopefully so I am looking forward to learning whatever comes my way trying to put it in to play
  • Longhornpirate
    Invaluable source of knowledge
    These guys seem to really work hard to provide content that helps the average person who is trying to push forward and live a better life through real estate. I value their content greatly and use many pieces of it. Keep it up guys and gals. God bless.
  • JR Bonez
    Disappointing turn after Brandon left
    I used to love this show. Looked forward to it every week! Since Brandon left I there is no counterbalance to David. So what used to be friendly banter has become two millennials talking down to listeners as if we are in grade school and repeating the same points show after show. The seeing Greene was great as a one -off show but David repeats the same points, humble brags and reads YouTube comments that are gushing over him and the show. Perhaps read a few of the critiques in the YouTube comments… Literally unlistenable for me. I’ve found some other great shows, but hope someday this show will be the goat real estate show again. Brandon had advice to give and David was great at chiming in to add color, but the new co-host rarely disagrees. The market goes up, the fed prints money, and you’re an idiot if you disagree is essentially the message show after show. It ain’t that simple, and please offer the downside perspective as well given what is happening with Fed tightening and interest rates/inflated valuations. A lot of people who worship you may end up getting financially destroyed if they follow your advice and continue to roll their equity into new properties. It’s musical chairs and newcomers won’t have a chair to sit in when the music stops. I had written a previous review but had to edit the rating given the last couple of shows. I am sure you are adding listeners at the clip you tell us so perhaps I’m in the wrong on this review. Good luck and hoping we get Brandon back with you soon.
  • Tyler Stutes
    Positive and Inspiring
    Episode 593 was very eye-opening, informative, and positive. This episode has completely changed our direction in RE for the better. Jamil is a top-notch RE guru.
  • Ant Murray
    This podcast has changed my life
    I love Bigger Pockets Podcast. One of my favorite shows has been with Jamil Damji. I’m also one of his mentees in the game and I don’t regret making the decision. His presence has really helped light break!
  • qadirah. scott
    Astroflipping student!
    Jamil is a genius. So great-full to meet him. Thank all of you for your time and knowledge.
  • Vnzla81
    Life changing
    This podcast literally changed my life, mindset has changed in the past two years and I’m finally buying my first duplex in two weeks, thanks to the people that make this show happen.
  • Kamillah Z.
    Favorite Podcast
    I love listening and learning from BP. Well done podcast that’s always looking to deliver huge value to us listeners.
  • mincraft106
    Been listening to BiggerPockets for years and I always found it entertaining and informative. Until now. I have nothing against David, but it seems to have become a celebrity worship show. I don’t see much value. David, a little advice. It is fine if others refer to you as a rockstar. When you refer to yourself as a rockstar? No bueno. Moving on to a podcast that is less personality and more education.
  • Campbelli22
    Focus on Real World People
    Been listening to the BP pod since 2020. I’ve told everyone interested in real estate to listen to the pod to learn about what other people have done to be successful in real estate investing. Recently I’ve listened less and less, and wondered if it was just me or if others feel the same way. Read through the reviews, David let’s get back to talking with real people. It’s difficult to resonate with your individual experience because every buyer seller tenant contractor etc will want to work with you, you’ve entered celebrity status within real estate investing which is fantastic and you should be very proud of that. However, I find it more helpful to hear how people with little to no experience have earned success. Hope this feedback helps recalibrate the pod.
  • Tsambika Manis
    Super informative, constantly learning something new!
    BP has revitalized my passion and interest in growing our real estate portfolio. I enjoy the abundance of topics and different personalities. So much to be learned when we share the insights acquired throughout our real estate journey. Josh Dorkin - thanks for your steadfast commitment to creating the platform and for not giving up!
  • Gerik
    Change isn’t always better
    Been listening to bigger pockets since 2017 and have hardly listened in 2022. Bring back interview format. The show doesn’t seem to provide the same value it once did.
  • Kelsiekay92
    Love this podcast!
    This podcast is not only educational but is also very entertaining! I’m in the LTR game but looking to expand my investments in new areas. Thanks guys! Im learning so much!
  • abb714
    Miss the old days
    After 3 years as an avid listener, I unfollowed the show today. I simply miss the old Thursday/Sunday interview-style format. I’m still a big fan of David’s, I’ve just lost interest since Brandon left and the show seems to be becoming less and less informational. I still have a great respect for the podcast and website as a whole, I’m personally just not receiving the value I once was and have begun listening to other podcasts instead.
  • bob20142015
    David is the GOAT
    Have listened to every episode since David has taken over full time.
  • irt272
    In so many ways (financial, spiritual, emotional) this podcast has greatly changed my life for the better!
  • Investing2019
    Vocal fry
    Great podcast but her vocal fryyyyy was defining 🤷‍♂️
  • Alexstrath1
    Great inspiration!
    I would like to congratulate your show for bringing Jamil to the Bigger Pockets family! It sounds like you had an interesting discussion with him. I totally resonate with how he started in real estate from being a medical student who really wanted to pursue medicine and join his entire family of physicians, but then found himself becoming frustrated because there are some things that don't work out as expected! I definitely enjoyed your show and found myself smiling all alone. Thank you for bringing inspiration to all of your listeners. Will surely recommend your show to my family and friends.
  • Avibandela
    This is life changing
    This is life changing, being listening to this podcasts for 4 years now. They don’t promote the get rich schemes or flash Jewellery and cars. Real life examples and lot of knowledge and inspiration.
  • Coach J1
    Too much fluff now!
    I’ve been listening on and off for a couple years now, and the info they’ve shared has certainly helped me to change into a long-term thinker. I started when Josh and Brandon were hosting, then Brandon and David, and now David and Rob. All duos have been great and they give awesome info, but…! I’ve recently noticed it’s taking longer and longer to get to the “meat” of the episode. Then when they get there, there’s a lot more ads than there used to be that interrupts the good stuff. I might listen to every episode if they were all substance and no fluff! If it wasn’t for that… 5 stars easy.
  • nolang20
    Episode 530 is the BEST!
    This podcast changed my life!! Listen to episode 530 ;)
  • Renaldo12345
    Revert back to the old BP
    Please revert back to the interview style format. The show is less informative now and feels more like a platform for David and the new guy to boast about their own success.
  • Big Mike RVA
    BP Podcast
    Love it! I don’t write reviews and I like this podcast so much I had to figure out a way to write one. Education and practical approaches to real estate investing with a splash of humor. Thank you guys!! My future is much brighter because of your efforts to simplify the REI world.
  • Att34576
    I love this podcast. Super helpful content
  • tul realty
    I miss the old BP
    I miss the old days where episodes were interview format of real estate experts and gurus. I don’t listen to the new episodes because it’s just “coaching calls”, where the host values wittiness over content. Bring back Brandon or someone who can interview the real estate experts that we aspire to be.
  • morman123
    Here’s a metaphor
    Old BP was fresh, new, entertaining, and exciting. Like the first phase of avengers. The add on shows where some hit or miss like phase 2. When it’s good it’s really good, but not everything will land. BP now feels like phase 3 and 4. Tired, burned out and just going through the motions. David’s show now reminds me of Thor the dark world. I’ve seen it 3 times and still cannot tell you the plot. I find myself getting lost in thought or otherwise distracted for 10-15 minutes at a time before I realize I’m “listening” to a podcast. It’s not terrible, it doesn’t hurt my ears or anything, but David needs to figure a way to keep my attention. It doesn’t help that everyone that made BP what it was has since signed out. If they lost interest, why should I still be interested.
  • dr.suzeroo
    A little over DG
    Loved this podcast for so long, but it’s getting a little hard to listen to David be so pumped on David. It makes me miss the important points of the show because I’m thinking about how other people fit in the room with David’s ego. Time to tone it down. We all think you’re great and super impressive, but not as much as you do. Love Rob - humble and funny and seems to genuinely have fun and while not being preachy. Anyway, you’re out there doing it…so all kudos given. I’m not out there being a public figure. But hopefully this can be constructive criticism and help you guys continue and grow.
  • Whitney Sewell
    Great Value-Add Show
    I truly enjoyed being a guest on this show! Brandon always does a great job with each guest at drawing out answers to your questions.
  • Steamedfruit
    Less Metaphors
    I love your show but is getting hard to listen to when a simple concept is stretched out into a 2 minute long metaphor ten times a show. Wouldn’t give anything but a 5-star rating though, just my thoughts ❤️
  • thard21342
    Miss old days
    David isn’t a good host
  • whawhaindabuh
    Everyone complaining about David, I understand he’s not as fun to listen to as Brandon but this dude is a genius. Josh was terrified of real estate, Brandon was in love with real estate, and David KNOWS real estate. I’ve learned so much more per episode compared to the Josh and Brandon days (which I miss a lot) he just needs a Ying to his Yang.
  • 087579
    Just Stop!
    Stop with the analogies!! Not everything has to be explained with a 5-man basketball team roster. Not everything needs a further story. I love the podcast overall, but the analogies have to stop!!!! #annoyingaf
  • Andrew Duna
    Please go back!
    Hi BP! Absolutely love the podcast. Just wish you guys would go back to the traditional format of interviewing guests about their journey. I’m not really going to listen to the coaching call stuff if the questions being asked don’t apply and a majority don’t/have been answered before. Maybe have a separate podcast for the question-answer stuff. Just an idea
  • More Experts Less David
    More Experts Less David
    While I appreciate the info, David is too long winded at times. He talks more about himself to the point where it’s off-putting. We get it, you’re so successful with so many businesses and own all the things. However, we’d prefer to hear other experts’ experiences while David facilitates the dialogue. Hearing about his schedule, projects, businesses, teams, etc. is just becoming so redundant, it’s hard for me to listen anymore.
  • Lovemy fam
    Bigger Pockets
    David is a young star! Shining bright in this industry & someone who I value!
  • Fergysix
    Still the best RE Podcast around
    I’ve read other reviews about the new format and David Greene hosting. I personally do miss the earlier “beginner” focused content sometimes. However, I’m smart enough to realize that we can’t stay on the milk forever. It’s nice to be challenged by the meat and potatoes a little bit. I’m a woman, don’t mind the sports analogies and don’t feel like David is mansplaining at all. He has a gift for putting sometimes complex strategies and issues into terms a beginner can understand. So, keep giving us the high level stuff and mix in content that motivates the beginners. Thank you for the massive amount of free content, books and information. I love that we have it all at our disposal. I would much rather go to Bigger Pockets U than pay a guru $30-50k for useless information.
  • PS Smitty
    Good content, and some good guest. However the host themselves are not real interesting.
  • vinny.y
    David is too long winded at times and mansplains
  • RBS199
    Good podcast
    Thanks for great interview guests.
  • Jalen Ping
    This podcast has changed my life
    I am so glad I came across this podcast when I did. In August of 2021, I wanted to start investing in real estate through house hacking as a 20 year old college student. I found BiggerPockets and immediately became obsessed, specifically with this podcast. I listened religiously and in December, I closed on my first deal. I have learned so much from this podcast, and it was probably the biggest contributor to giving me confidence that I can invest in real estate at this time in my life. My mindset towards life has completely changed, and I am beyond excited to continue learning by listening to this podcast. I am so thankful for the community and this podcast as it can literally change your life and help you learn valuable information that will help you reach financial freedom!
  • PaceTown
    BP and the Greene team.
    Great Energy and very informative. David, way to take the ball and run with it. You, your guests, and your team are carrying on the tradition of BP and creating something which continues to help real estate investors. Take care.
  • Arizona country boy dave
    Ads, ads, ads
    David Greene is OUTSTANDING. But the number and length of ads is out of control. It’s gone from one for two to around 10 an episode. Knock it off.
  • Buntonb
    LOVING the new shows and formats
    Hey guys, I’m loving the new shows and formats! Keep it up. Love the live questions, almost everyone of those episodes so far has had a question I’m personally working through as well as answers that confirm things I’ve already done and give me things to think about in the future. Also really like the market update and looking at data as things could be changing fast in 2022. Would love to hear what you think about the new Freddie and Fannie changes to second home loans coming. We are in the middle of new construction in Orlando and going to be impacted significantly as we were planning on doing the loan as a second home with 10% down locked for 30 with a rate in low to mid 3’s. Now having to consider other options as this may not be the best path.
  • ChalfinJ
    This podcast had been so good for me not only because of all the increadable knowlege it teaches, but it keeps me motivated to keep doing more! I am focusing on smaller commercial property investing in the 500k to 5M and I would love to hear more guests on the show that are in the commercial space. Thank you for this great podcast.
  • nickolas namr
    Life changing
    Perfect for learning real estate
  • Anonymous94108
    Great even for the savvy investor!
    I’ve been in commercial real estate for nearly a decade and have transacted on $4BN in real estate for a private equity firm. This podcast continues to be a valuable resource on my lifelong learning journey. As a women in this industry I would love to continue to hear more from other women that have found success as we are still under represented. I also particularly find interest in the episodes where others are interviewed.
  • HarryHomeLoans22
    Love the New Show Formats
    I love the new show formats. Seeing Greene deliverers valuable and actionable information for a wide audience and Henry Washington is a great co-host.
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