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Learn German in coffee-break lessons from the Radio Lingua Network. In each lesson we'll focus on the language you need to know and before long you'll be making yourself understood with native German speakers.


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  • Joe Alaimo
    The best
    Y’all are descendants of the kingdom of Valhalla Guardians of the muttersprache, I have lingered and languished in the purgatory that is German grammar until these deities graced my podcast feed with their consul and intelligence.
  • fellow lucid dreaming hopeful
    Super! Toll! This podcast is excellent. The German is slow and clear. The explanations and dissection of each sentence are very helpful. I’m looking forward to listening to the rest of the episodes.
  • clearskiespm
    Excellent, quality intro to German language
    I am a teacher and appreciate clear instruction and meaningful practice. These folks do a fantastic job. And they clearly love languages. Their joy makes you want to keep learning. Well done and keep it up!
  • Zachariya5713
    Great Podcast
    Wonderful perspectives from Both an English learner and a Swiss German speaker. They have a lot of fun while pointing out key words and phrases you may not usually see, and do a wonderful job explaining the workings of different grammar rules. I have studied German for 5 years and still find new terms and phrases every episode!
  • gballesteros
    Too much English
    I’ve been listening for a year and love it but there’s TOO much English! Speak more German please
  • Beginner_self_taught
    I started teaching myself German using Duolingo and Babbel about a year ago, but Coffee Break German REALLY helps me with the grammar, and subtle nuances. The hosts are funny and clear. The beginning of the second season is my favorite (it emphasizes grammar). The cultural units were also helpful to my trips to Germany! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
  • 04FXD
    Just started working for a German owned company based in the US and this is a great podcast to learn to be conversational with proper grammar in just a few episodes
  • dandanbujiujie
    This is great!
    Have been listening to this everyday for four weeks now. I feel my German is improving!
  • Petite Bleu
    Lighthearted and effective
    Being an expat in Germany is quite daunting... I found this amazing podcast and not only my skills are improving - my confidence is as well!
  • Psu0904
    Very awesome.
    This is such a fun and effective way to learn German or any other language for that matter.
  • Sadhana today
  • .felipefefe
    Crazy good
    Dude! Please keep doing it
  • francesca hilacondo
    I am happy to learn German with CoffeeBreak German
    It’s being a month since I started to listen this show and I’ve learned a lot. Is a high quality show. You will learn German for real. Vielen Dank.
  • WendyJoPeterson
    Finally something that works!
    Honestly, I tried many different podcasts and there was always something missing. This podcast covers it all, from grammar to culture. Their format is easy to follow and great for progression. My daughter is attending a German immersion school and my hope is to progress with her. Thank you all for such a splendid podcast and helping my journey to speaking a little German!
  • um, no
    Not a fan of the new format
    I used to listen to this podcast about 3 years ago. Although English was used a lot in the first few lessons, I found it easy to follow and learn. Now, wanting to start over, I find most of the conversation is in German that’s too fast for me. I think I’ll try to find an app.
  • polarsys
    Useful and easy
    Vielen Dank für Ihre großartigen Podcasts These podcasts came in handy for me and I blieve everbody can set a nice and productive routine by this list of episodes
  • kayakmaniac
    Fun and Easy
    The format of the show creates a learning environment that makes learning fun and simple. I have always had problems remembering German articles, but now I am finally getting it!
  • Bumpalula
    The Best
    This show is pleasant, engaging, and above all, great for learning German! I’m not at the level where I can listen to German-speaking shows and truly get it, but this is a killer way to build up to it. Super interesting and fun!
  • mitchdy
    I enjoy these podcasts and am learning a lot, but in the later seasons I think there is too much English chatting.... I find just German study to be more helpful, and really get a lot out of that.
  • The Good Morgan
    Great podcast!
    I normally do not write reviews, I am mostly writing in hopes that it will in someway help keep coffee break German going so I can continue learning! I cannot believe how good my German was even after just a few lessons. I spent months learning German before this podcast and I feel like I got nowhere, now I can understand a good deal of German when listening to music or watching tv. I spent years trying to learn Russian and years learning Spanish, and I feel more conversationally ready after only a few weeks with my German than the other two languages. This is because I feel like I learned the important vocabulary first. Thank you Mark and Thomas!
  • 911toM3to911
    One of the best resources for learning German out there
    I have used various resources to improve my German since I moved to Germany a few years ago, including Goethe Institute, private tutors, online classes and numerous apps. Coffee Break German is definitely among the top three most useful resources I have every used. Very well designed and adapted to the idiosyncrasies of the German language. After trying the podcast I paid for the full version, which I watch at home. Then as a review I listen to the podcast in my car on the way to work. I highly recommend Coffee Break German to anyone who is serious about improving their German.
  • emolivos
    Great podcast
    A lot of thought and planning are evident in these podcasts. They have really helped me improve my German. They are also entertaining. I enjoy listening to them. Danke!
  • Dr.OfPsychology
    Where is Season 1 and 2?
    After searching and finding Coffee Break German (on iPhone Podcast App), it only shows season 3. No amount of button pushing will let me access season 1 and 2. I will waste a little more time on this search and then I’m moving on. Anyone have an ideas?
  • decemberboy1218
    Ausgezeichnet!! (Excellent!)
    Hands-down the best language podcast I’ve ever used. It’s really fun learning German with Mark. The lessons are structured very well and really make the language fun and interesting.
  • JustABroadwayBaby
    Great, but native speaker has regional accent
    Thomas, the native speaker, does not use standard pronunciation for his Rs. He uses an Italian/Spanish R most of the time, made flicking the tongue on the roof of the mouth, instead of the guttural R, produced in the back of the throat. His Ws also seem a little weird to me- not quite the “V” sound (Correct me if I’m wrong, fellow listeners). I completed three courses at the Goethe Institut, in which I was taught formal “Hochdeutsch” by native-level teachers speaking with perfect accents. Even Mark on the podcast resists Thomas’ pronunciation some of the time. For a language podcast, you must employ speakers who speak absolutely perfectly.
  • Shanster1966
    I was practically fluent 30 years ago, and these lessons have been a great review for me. They helped bring back my lost knowledge and forgotten vocabulary. Thank you!
  • 8Oskid
    I wish there is a website that we can see what we learnt in that episode, how things spelled etc. I really liked cultural ambassador content. I enjoyed Coffee Break German more than coffee break Spanish.
  • Jerry H Q
    This makes me love German
    I listeten to this all the time, which has become a huge part of my German learning journey. Thanks everyone who made this happen and keep working on it to make it even better! I absolutely love it!
  • along.came.parker
    Breaks, cleaning, cooking, school work! I can listen whenever.
    I love how I can listen to an episode or two while I’m doing my daily errands. It helps during the day when I don’t have a lot of time to sit and study in my books. I like also being able to listen to how a native pronounces everything too. I’m only halfway through season one but I’m definitely continuing until the end! I might just start French and Spanish too with CoffeeBreak. Vielen Dank!
  • BenAlanM
    Outstanding for any German learner
    I have been married to a German for over a decade and learned a lot of the language in that time, but CGB has helped me go back and organize and understand WHY Germans say things the way they do, far better than my wife could explain to me as a native. I also craved some easy grammar and structure concepts, and this series delivered exactly what I needed. The episodes are short enough to digest and get a few new concepts and words in each one, but long and in-depth enough to be productive for building up your skills. The contextual segments on culture add a lot of dimension that will make anyone relate more easily to the places and people. I cannot recommend this podcast enough - it's so much more practical, effective, and entertaining than some of the other, more expensive options that tend to be repetitive and poor for retention. Anyone at an intermediate or lower level of German knowledge will benefit from this podcast - jump in!
  • maz mech
    Great podcast
    This the best podcast for learning German.just try it once and you will speak German easily . To be honest is mush better than many courses. Many thanks for the hosts they are so helpful.
  • PacificNWatHeart
    Best language podcast
    This is by far the best podcast out there if you want to learn a language. Perfect pace, topics, and the hosts are so much fun!
  • Hawad
    Great format!
    Easy structured way to learn German. The format is predictable which helps build confidence. The 20-25 minute lesson keeps the learners from getting overwhelmed! Thank you!!
  • AM Learner
    What are you waiting for?
    Great way to get started with learning German. Easy to engage with the material in these two seasons.
  • Ironfisticle
    Great job
    As a novice to the German language, I find the pace challenging but also comprehensive. The addition of grammar and culture gives the listener something more than just memorizing. I don’t give 5 stars lightly. Great job and thank you.
  • wstanfordw
    Great for refreshing your German
    I had a few years of German in high school and college, many years ago. Before traveling to Germany I wanted a low key booster shot and this was a big help. I started with season 2, which was about perfect. Explanations of grammar are clear, practice and pronunciation good, and the cultural segments are a nice break and also informative. Well done. But...could we perhaps have some vintage “Krautrock” instead of the oompah band for soundtrack? 😃
  • akaGalaxy1
    A Great Free Resource!
    If you like learning by listening to Podcasts this is a great Podcast.
  • Herr Deutschbag
    Great podcast. Really helps take your German to the next level!
  • 95smiles
    So much help!
    This podcast is so good for both beginners and those who need a good review. Lots of vocabulary AND grammar to help someone really know the language and be able to form sentences, not just repeat phrases.
  • JessicaBarton
    With Pimsleur Support!
    I'm SO happy I'm getting more influence with dialect than my German Pimsleur. I feel like I'm getting a very proper language introduction with the CDs, but hearing casual language and grammar is great! Thank you!
  • Chemisstree
    Great job!
    I started listening a month ago while also using Babbel. I’m currently on holiday in Germany and listen to the episodes as I’m traveling or lying down for bed. It has helped with pronunciation and jogging the memory. Great work and keep it up!
  • Mourienfouad
    season 1
    how can i reach season one ? couldnot find it
  • hinkypunk9
    It really works!
    If you listen to the first episode or two and worry that it might move a little too slowly for someone impatient to learn, fear not! You will soon be thoroughly engrossed in the wunderbar world to which Mark, Thomas, Kirsten and Julia draw you in. I love their method of conversation, explanation and review, and I look forward to each lesson like I look forward to spending time with friends. I feel excited and accomplished at the end of each episode because I always feel I’ve learned something and made noticeable progress. So much fun and so effective! I can’t wait to listen to Coffee Break Chinese to prepare for an upcoming trip, and even though I’ve spent years studying Romance languages, I will probably treat myself to a full review with Coffee Break Italian, Spanish and French as soon as I get through the courses at hand! It always feels like time well spent. Keep up the good work, friends.
  • sebastianchile1988
    Amazing podcast!
    Last week I passed my A1 German exam from the Goethe Institut. Though by no means a podcast is enough to prepare for an exam, I wish to emphasize the help I got from Coffee Break German. The Coffee Break German team actually explains the logic of the language and has so many exercises in so many episodes, that you definitely get to train yourself. It might seem like a lot of stuff to listen to, but it is super worthy. This is seriously a must hear tool for anyone who wishes to start learning German.
  • Bfirooz
    I love this app. It was difficult finding time and discipline with other apps and programs that require interaction. With Coffee Break German I can throw it on at work and have it constantly playing in the background. The culture correspondent and grammar guru aspects are really interesting and bring a unique feature to an already very useful app. Your conversations are interesting and do not wander off topic. Hopefully, after extended use, I will be able to speak german with my family from Hamburg. Thanks guys!
  • Tissle5
    Love it!
    I love Coffee Break German! I have learned so much though the two seasons and I cannot wait for more. Mark and his entire team are wonderful. Great podcast!!!
    Great except for this...
    The coffee break German is really amazing and I was able to learn German over the summer for when my grandparents came. It is really an amazing podcast I love it except for some of the episodes get really long... but overall it is an amazing podcast and I recommend it for o anyone who wants to learn german. Ps if u took the time to read this all 5th way through thank u and have a nice day\(^o^)/ \(^o^)/
  • Koerner Lawn
    Relaxing and enjoyable
    Thanks for making learning German relaxing and fun! Listening is a bright spot of my day! Es ist so gut. Danke.
  • pzcd790
    The best German language app I’ve found
    A friend recommended this app and I’ve found this to be very helpful. I’ve listened to both repeating season 2 to help retain and practice. The pace and content seem to provide the right amount of challenge without being overwhelmed. When is season 3 coming? 👌
  • blahblahblah777
    Good, worthwhile, helpful.
    Quality podcast. For me it is a good way to practice hearing what I had first learned just via reading.
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