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Lewis Howes is a New York Times best-selling author, 2x All-American athlete, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. The School of Greatness shares inspiring interviews from the most successful people on the planet—world-renowned leaders in business, entertainment, sports, science, health, and literature—to inspire YOU to unlock your inner greatness and live your best life.

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  • Tamara GK
    Honest and Insightful
    One of my favorite podcasts. Lewis is a master of creating meaningful conversations that lead to insights for his audience. I always take away something of high-impact!
  • Laura Rain Holistic Counselor
    Transformational and needed.
    Lewis Howes is a rock solid example of a new way of being for a man. Busting through the old stereotypes of the bully or the new age nice guy, he exhibits true power with both strength and love. The vulnerably sharing of his story and his wisdom of the healing journey is inspirational and just the medicine we need at this time. I refer all of my male clients, in particular, to this podcast.
  • Cuxdjzhhxjnxjn;41683938457281
    Life Changing
    Lewis has personally transformed my life to one of purpose, self-improvement, and growth in relationships. This podcast has truly had a great impact on my life, and I look forward to gaining insight from his podcast each episode. He has become one of my greatest mentors in my personal life. I’m grateful and honored to be able to listen to Lewis and his amazing guests!
  • Yanira Puy
    Love the episode from Chicharito
    I love your podcast. Thanks for asking Chicharito to speak to the Latino audience at the end. I launched my podcast at the end of January and I get inspired by people like you to guide me in different ways to change our world and making it a better place for all of us.
  • SaqibM39
    Manifesting your growth through one podcast
    Lewis brings on a diverse number of successful people and helps us learn how these high performers succeed. This has helped me grow in areas of my life that I never even considering thinking about until listening in here. Have been a listener for years and will continue to be for many more.
  • Daisyjoy3
    Your interview with Martha
    Loved it learned a lot and would welcome part two.
  • glimadoll
    Why do you have to do an entire show that is an advertisement for Better Help?
    Not clear why this is necessary. Better Help has their own very robust advertising budget and campaign. Don’t sell out.
  • DomDNYC74
    The Best Podcast!
    My all time favorite Podcast! Amazing content!
  • GLP!56
    Endorsement for Meditation Head Band
    I enjoy all your episodes I received the endorsement in my newsletter you send out for the headband to enhance your meditation experience I listened to Nita Farahany, Professor of Law and Ethics at Duke University, on a different podcast discussing these types of devices. I highly suggest her as a guest on your podcast to hear more information she has gathered and compiled into her book: Battle for Your Brain. Very important details regarding these types of devices potentially dangerous capabilities
  • LittleFuzzyWormisnottaken
    Decent - but sound production is terrible
    Compared to all the other great podcasts I listen to daily, the clarity and volume of this show are not good at all. Echo, reverb etc - just a heads up really…
  • Dfhsus
    A life changing podcast! 💙💚
    WOW 🙌🙌🙌🙌… If you haven't checked out The School of Greatness Podcast yet, what are you waiting for? Lewis Howes brings in the coolest guests, and their stories are just mind-blowing! It's like a treasure trove of life hacks and inspiration, all packed into one amazing podcast. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen. Trust me, you'll thank me later! 💙💚
  • Susmarine
    Please consider your sources
    Lewis does a great job discussing motivation and the keys to it. However he seems to be speaking only to white men— his examples are almost exclusively white guys, and he interviews so many. He also quotes horrific sexist Jordan Peterson: his message is inspiring but feels like it’s only for people like him.
  • Elizabeth7721
    Amazing life changing 💞
    What a great podcast all the interviews Lewis does are thoughtful and informative. I look forward to listening to the new show. 💖
  • NOE2021
    Ep 1409
    Great podcast with Ed Mylett! Thank you.
  • jazz4040817
    Love this, BUT
    I love this podcast, but dislike how Lewis cuts his guests off so much when they’re speaking. That’s frustrating to hear
  • debbyetast
    Thank you
    Thank you always enjoy your health and wellness episodes, I especially love your health guest. I’ve learned so much from your podcast on relationships, and improving my personal relationships too. Stay on your path… Awesome information !!!💟🫶
  • Marylandgyal
    Like it
    Lewes seems so down to earth and likeable. This is a great podcast that will make you learn and you can apply what you learn to daily life.
  • Starlene Schwark
  • Ali Schu
    Outstanding as always!
    Wow Lewis, I am really enjoying your book, and I wanted to tell you (just because it’s nice to hear, not because you don’t know). Chris is awesome! You are incredibly fortunate to have an example in your life! I too had an “example” and why I don’t partake in of the potential “issue makers”. Where my uncle passed; your brother thrived! I cannot say I’ve been drunk, but since my head-injury I don’t drink! tAlison Schuback
  • JessKae8
    Cutting to ads is annoying
    The content on this podcast is great, but how it’s projected to cut to ads is awful. It’s incredibly disruptive to have the ad start literally in the middle of the word being said. It’s like the ads are randomly placed and not strategically out in there
  • Astrid2295
    Amazing podcast!
    Lewis is so informative, I’ve learned so much from listening to him. I recommend!!
  • happieoiler
    Awesome Awesome Awesome and Thank you
    I listen to a lot of different podcast and I have to say yours is definitely one of my top 3. Ya know when you’re listening in your car and the episode is over it automatically goes to the previous episode? Well I NEVER have to change it because your content is so awesome and relevant to so much of my life. I just got done listening to episode 1410 this morning on my way to work (learned so much), now heading home episode 1409 came on, it’s your interview on Ed Mylett’s podcast (love him by the way too). I cannot wait to drive to work tomorrow to listen to this. I’m 15 minutes in and I can so relate. Thank you for all you do, for sharing all your knowledge and for your amazing guests. Thank you Rosanne @happieoiler
  • feelinallthetings
    Searching for Greatness not ratings
    As the School of Greatness and Lewis himself have gained popularity over the years, the Greatness team has held steady on not falling into the trap of “which next celebrity can I get next” like many other podcasts I’ve listened to in this personal development space have. Lewis seeks experts. Not who is on the top charts or who will get him the most views, likes or clicks. It’s a beautiful that that he brings experts that deserve the spotlight to the stage via this podcast. My #1 reccomendation!
  • Fairy Dust & Rust
    Just what I needed!
    I heard Lewis today, on another podcast and immediately felt connected to his message. I have shared with my family members and feel inspired and blessed to have found this uplifting and encouraging way of thinking. Just what I needed! Can’t wait to binge it all.
  • Drawgrlfan
    I wasn’t always a fan of Lewis Howes. Until a few years ago, I found him egotistical and narcissistic (for example, in older interviews that may still be on YouTube, he would place his book next to that of the guest he was interviewing, rather than letting his guest’s work get all the shine it deserved - dude, stop hijacking your guests’ special moment to make it about you!). But in recent years I’ve come to respect, admire, and be inspired by him for sharing his struggles, how he got professional help, and how he shifted his attitude and actions to lifting others up without getting in their way and expecting something in return. People can change, and the ones who do get even more respect when they admit their failures and use their lessons to inspire others. I now regularly listen to his podcast and get a huge mental boost out of each one. He asks the right questions and truly listens. While it’s true that there are so many ads now, the episodes are free and worth listening to. I’ve adopted a number of good habits, many thanks to him!
  • Binka51
    Sooo grateful
    Lewis-I have listened to you for years-But today’s podcast with Mel Robbins really resonated with me-For years I have listened to you make reference to the time that you spent “on your sisters couch”-but I never knew the backstory that you had broken your wrist. I’m 71 years old and just spent the last year healing from shattering my wrist and having a titanium plate and pins put in… It was so encouraging to hear you describe how you made it through such a difficult and challenging journey. You Gave me great hope💕 thank you so much. Maureen
  • Mero6379
    Liked the podcast until it turned into an infomercial - Episode 1403… seemed to take a turn for the worst.
  • Angelus Lea
    Thank you:)
    Lewis is a spiritual warrior! Love his appetite for truth and wisdom to help us grow and expand on our path.
  • Jurewhite
    My FAV podcast!
    Lewis is my favorite podcast to listen to! Thanks!
  • KMarie782
    Love Podcast!
    Just listened to episode with James Clear, amazing, totally spoke to me! Thank you for all of you amazing content & guests who speak with incredible value!
  • John Revells
    Such great information in each podcast
  • Instagram Cat Mom
    Love this podcast!
    Thanks a million to Lewis for this inspirational podcast. I listen almost daily while I’m working and creating and it’s an additional layer of accountability and inspiration. Thanks so much lewis!
  • Tracy Miller Consulting
    My Favorite Show
    I just adore Lewis. I love his energy and kind way of interacting with the world. I love his perspective on mindset and how he presents himself to the world in a vulnerable and respectful way. Thank you for sharing your voice.
  • katjulia
    The SHOW you MUST have for Consistent Wisdom
    Love Lewis's authentic, relatable and approachable style on every interview he ever has. I have listened to his show for YEARS! The guests he has on the show are ALWAYS incredible and I LOVE how the interviews flow. From Stephan L to Marie Forleo to Gabby Bernstein, I have listened easily to 50-100+ interview + always learn + apply SO much! Thank you for your life, purpose, and ALL the ways you serve!
  • MamaMensch
    Amazing heart
    Wow wow wow Lisa was on point and hit my heart, amazing, thoughtful and encouraging. Lewis your podcasts are my favorite go to. Thought provoking, consistently inspiring and informative. Keep up the outstanding efforts to lift up our society to greatness! ♥️
  • PicklesMcGaffigan
    I’m so grateful for this collection of ideas. Lewis gets me feeling excited about new ideas and ways to think, feel, and act, with every interview. There is so much talent and passion in this podcast that sincerely inspires me to live my life better. Thank you!
  • Raven Rising
    It’s the greatest
    With so many content options, the school of greatness consistently delivers incredible content that helps us all up level our lives. This is a podcast must listen!
  • Miss Sylvie
    I love your questions Lewis
    This podcast delivers a ton of value . Lewis finds the most inspiring thinkers to come on the show ..therefore I can always be sure to learn something new and interesting about myself or my business. Often I take notes and follow up on some of the suggestions later. Working alone in my studio most days, this podcast brightens my day and lightens my load !! I feel like I am not alone in doing the hard things that are required to level up !!
  • Kiingmiee
    Such a sense of authenticity
    I am new to Lewis and the improvement of self spirituality. I signed up for a free seminar and then during that seminar thought, I need to hear what’s in the VIP. So hopeful I will be able to make the changes I need to with influencers like Howes. Travis Finley
  • Sabah Communications
    If you want to thrive in life, listen to a wise man
    Lewis Howes has been through a lot in life. Throughout the past 10 years he has brought his listeners value to aid in their emotional and psychological growth. He’s on a mission and if you don’t get on his team today you’ll be left on the sidelines — in life, in sports, in relationships, and lose out on a chance to conquer what’s holding you back. Listen and learn. There’s gold in these podcasts and in Lewis’s words of wisdom. Good luck! 🍀 Sabah Fakhoury, Chief Rabblerouser
  • RR Disc Golf
    Truly Great
    Lewis does an amazing job of picking out the most amazing guests and asking them the questions that most any of us would. He also tends to challenge/give his guests a call to action of some kind in most shows. This podcast has had a huge impact on my life and mindset. Truly thankful to have found it 2 years ago.
  • yobo72@links
    Team Greatness Webinar & VIP Session
    Lewis and Team Greatness hosted a wonderful live event full of personal growth tips and life hacks that provided the audience with effective tools to step into the shoes we are meant to fill. So much raw energy and vulnerability was shared! Deeply grateful for the time and effort of everyone involved, and thanks for an inside peak at your upcoming book release, Lewis! - Angie Lewis
  • Sally-sys
    Life changing
    This show changed my life. I’ve been listening for years and I’m constantly discovering advanced intelligent ideas, tools, and concepts with a direct impact on my life. Lewis is a fantastic interviewer, he lets his interviewees talk and ask deep questions and the right time. Grateful I found this gem! 🙏✨ May
  • Mario murshed
    The school of greatness
    The school of greatness opened up my thinking ability to find my purpose to continue my dream journey in entrepreneurship. Lewis Howes is an amazing individual I’ve attended his live free zoom and learned a lot from him I recommend the school greatness to anyone who wants to learn about greatness in whatever they want to do from some of the best successful entrepreneurs and athletes, celebrities Mr.Howes has brought in his podcast.
  • evan daiber
    I listen on Spotify but came over to let all the apple people know that this is the best podcast for developing yourself, identifying your mission, and pursuing it!! Great guests on here but an even better host 🫡 thanks Lewis!
  • Aloha 🌺 Des
    Aloha 🌺 Absolutely love this podcast
    Lewis has a special way of connecting with his guests and asking insightful questions that many would want to know. I’ve learned a lot over the years. I appreciate your kindness and authenticity. Keep sharing meaningful content. ❤️💛💚 Mahalo Deslynn Jaquias 🤙🏾
  • gvthemessenger
    Great resource
    I appreciate the work that is done to deliver motivational and self-development content.
  • Ando 982
    Thank you
    Coming from the webinar 1/18/23 Appreciate the time and energy that went into this
  • Shon Hyneman
    Long time listener!
    I’ve been a fan of School of Greatness for the past 8 years! I learned so much from this podcast and applied it to my everyday life. I always tell new podcast listeners to subscribe to The School of Greatness. So inspirational!
  • GinaGaby
    Book’s recommendation
    I been listen to Lewis for a couple of months now. I love every single episode that I got to listened. He is such a great human and always has such great host and I was wondering if the there is a list of books he recommends. I would love to start reading again but I don’t know where to begin there is so many options these days.
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