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Lewis Howes is a New York Times best-selling author, 2x All-American athlete, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. The School of Greatness shares inspiring interviews from the most successful people on the planet—world-renowned leaders in business, entertainment, sports, science, health, and literature—to inspire YOU to unlock your inner greatness and live your best life.

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  • ericaohio
    So Grateful thank you thank you
    Thank you so much for continuing to put amazing content into the atmosphere. The questions asked as the interviewer and the fact that you allow your guests to speak and just be who they are is so powerful. So happy to have learned of this podcast.
  • Bj4151
    Thanks Lewis
    Love the people u have on the podcast (white people especially) u help me to get outta my box and hear the POSITIVE opinions of so many different types people that actually think like me. Great job great host
  • hearts of lovevyyyy
    Amazing interview
    Thank you dude!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your interviews, you are awesome and amazing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Hakouma07
    The best interviewer!
    Thank you, Lewis, for this beautiful podcast. So inspiring, great purpose, and always great guests thanks you so much, and keep up the good work you got this!
  • 212kindergartenteacher
    Listening to the Dr. Andrew Huberman episodes and was distracted by the interrupting, interjecting and just trying to get a word in by the host. Huberman has so much important info to share, and it’s distracting to hear the host interjecting commentary that isn’t helpful to understanding the subject. He also talks over Huberman and laughs to himself 30 seconds or so about stuff that is not at all funny. Huberman will be in the middle of talking about something super important and the host asks a pretty basic question (or restates what Huberman says) and then Huberman doesn’t finish his thoughts. A little frustrating to listen to. The expert should be able to talk for more than one minute without the host laughing or interjecting to hear himself talk.
  • ellaleach
    I love it, but...
    100% this podcast is helping me to excel personally and professionally. The drawback I see is when I hear great people to continue blaming others for what is, and rarely they look inwards and people who support them to investigate themselves and their actions. Blame this, blame that - it’s not the solution. And can’t say others are doing it too, cause then it’s not the leadership. Still five star review from me because I am grateful to be exposed to and recognize the greatness and areas to improve. Sincerely, Ella
  • Hope.Taylor
    I seriously want to thank you and your team for putting together such inspirational, intellectual, mind altering content with the guests and topics you cover. The DEPTH you bring to each one with raw reflection into bettering and changing ones self is astonishing. I recently as of the other day was “wrecked” feeling to put it lightly... I have always been one to find strength, jump into the cold pool that is life, pulling it together against it all to just keep going. I knew I was keeping a band-aid of self healing I had done in the past with growth in that area on the back burner until the “right time”. We all know life never gives us the “right time” to kick up the rug we never want to look under. Stuck in darkness of a recent trauma I went through the last few months I felt so lost. Never have I been scared to live in the uncomfortable or uncertainty. I can and have always been able to get to a place of self reflection, humility and change of mindset and growth...BUT nothing I was hearing, no one I was speaking to, or what I was researching could resonate with me. My mind felt toxic and estranged to me for the first time in a long time. This left me stuck in the present, yet overwhelmed by my past, while freezing my future activity disassociating from everything. I came across your vlog/podcast in straight survival mode, almost in a trance you could say. Searching endlessly for a break through researching on how to understand, cope and process with certain things going on. This last week I have listened to so many of your guests you have from start to finish. After each talk, I feel like not only am I not alone, I have new perspectives, answers, truths and alignment with what I know is so correct and logical to my core. You guys touch all the points from the outlook of healing, love, self worth, mindfulness, relational intelligence...the list goes on. I felt compelled to write this message which cannot even touch the level of gratitude I feel and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I really want you to know how much of an impact you made at the the right time and place for me. The knowledge and grounding strength I was able to absorb for myself in this last week was exactly what I was in search for. I am a 28yr old creative, female entrepreneur who recently just started my businesses and music project in the past couple of years. I love what I do and it truly drives me to push past anything in my way. The love for it keeps me heart beating with such a passion I can only describe as a child-like rush and nothing has ever gotten in my way of accomplishing what I want. Because of my recently ridiculous events and shattering information I received, it somehow traveled all the way down shaking me to a core I didn’t know could even be rattled. I pretty much broke down. Feelings of no passion, purpose, vision, rage, sadness, depression, racing mind, sick from the inside out... The content you guys provide has gotten me back on track. It has made me feel lightened in mind and spirit, as well as, rich with resources and knowledge to enjoy. I am such a fan and will definitely be a lifelong listener/viewer. Thank you so much again for providing what you do. The ability to reach individuals with such an impact and empowering personal growth by delivering such transformative content with depth and value. To me, that is what you guys provide, That is greatness. - Hope Taylor
  • Lauren-CCPod
    Couldn’t love this pod more if I tried!
    I’ve been listening to SOG for 6 years and I have so much gratitude for you, Lewis, and your team. Thank you for giving me that spark of self empowerment, through your conversations and 5-min Fridays (and book / SOGA / summit 💛). This podcast alone changed my life path and has inspired me to co-create and cohost Creative Cravings podcast. Lewis’s artful style of interviewing and ability to hold space for others made me crave doing the same thing, so now I am passing the energy forward in hopes of inspiring listeners to express themselves and live life to the fullest.
  • williammartinbest
    Every episode I’ve listened to, I have learned something from. Extremely beneficial and educational on many different aspects. Incredible.
  • Jfrye57395
    Awesome interview
    Loved John’s interview of Colin and Samir! Looking forward to episode 2!
  • po45556
    Life Changing
    One thing about being young and waiting to be come an entrepreneur is that it’s hard. I really don’t know what to do or where to start, but Lewis has taught me that taking action is always the first step to accomplishing your dreams. I never really knew that. I thank you for taking action in your life, because if you didn’t maybe I wouldn’t have!
  • @RockTalkFM
    I’m hooked.
    I’ve listened sporadically but your interview with Robert Greene was excellent and really brought out your talent and insights.
  • BenNeely
    Great Intent and Guests. Stop Moaning
    Every single time a guest makes a point, on queue, Lewis goes “mmmhmm”.
  • readejr
    Wow! I only found this podcast a couples months back while trying to grow and change my mindset. The interviews and questions that Lewis has are inspirational and provoke thought.
  • Maybe a good buy
    Great interviewer’
    I love listening to the School of Greatness! Lewis does an amazing job keeping the conversation with his guests going and pulling out practical advice for his listeners. If you’re looking for greatness, you’ll find it here in the School of Greatness!
  • FGeeZee
    Great conversations with inspiring leaders! Loved the conversation with Matthew McConaughey! Great tip shared “dissect your successes and look to replicate them instead of always dissecting your failures”.
  • ElizabethAgar77
    Inspiring, raw, real
    Thank you Lewis for proving a platform where inspiring content grows. You have a beautiful way of connecting with people that they show up raw and real on your show. That vulnerability inspires us listeners daily. Daily!! How many people go through life not being inspired for days, weeks, or even months?! Thank you for what you do and please keep on, keeping on.
  • momofitness
    Lewis and Matthew McConnahay
    This podcast is so inspiring and motivational! I can’t tell you how awesome this interview was! Thank you for all that you do!! Your podcast is fantastic!
  • Stacey Shapiro
    Inspiring podcast!
    I am loving this podcast! Lewis Howes packs every episode with tons of amazing content, guests, and interviews that will motivate, uplift and inspire you. I highly recommend!
  • Cdnguyen
    Wish he would let his guests shine
    This podcast has served me for years which is why I am giving it 4 stars. However, I am no longer subscribed. He has these amazing guests but doesn’t allow them to really shine. He repeatedly projects and interrupts with his own life experience of the few months on his sister’s couch or being an athlete, etc. I wish he would just stick to a solo episode if he wants to go over his experiences for new listeners and when he has a guest, to let them talk uninterrupted - for so many of them, it is their life’s work and it’s a shame to have it be filtered on one guys’ biases.
  • 💫avonlea✨
    Exceptional Podcast!
    Thank you for providing such a wonderful, meaningful and substantive podcast! We need more podcasts like this to help the world become a better place and for people to reach their full potential.
  • Ali Schu
    Thank you for the tips to stay positive 😊 Ali Schuback
  • BWise50
    Be Great In All Realms
    I am an avid subscriber to the School of Greatness, and am an advocate for everything you stand for. Being a former athlete, you have inspired and motivated me to be the best I can be in all realms of my life, as I used to listen to your podcasts before practice. Would love to get your thoughts and perspective from a business perspective and advice for competitors in life (Check DM's
  • Ebonyrose1
    I love your content, your vision AND your set :). Who is the artist responsible for the ‘love ‘ backdrop or wallpaper? I’d like to order it. It’s gorgeous and powerful.
  • ebeyer8
    This podcast will change your life.
    The title says it all, this podcast has changed my entire outlook on life, love, self worth, and building for the future. I am positive it can do the same for you. Every episode and guest has something different to offer to elevate your life. I am extremely grateful for this podcast and everything Lewis does/promotes. Thank you!
  • bedjammer
    Life changing words in every episode!
    I love this podcast. I’m a dentist and i changed my mindset a few years ago. I was successful early in my career (but unfulfilled) so I created a non profit organization to give away free dentistry. My goals are clear. And it’s all about legacy. Changing lives of the people around you. Are you making others better for having known you? This podcast makes me better. Thanks Lewis!!
  • M tyme
    Taking what you have been through to lead
    As a former college athlete, I understand what it is like to no longer play the sport you love and lose your identity. Following that loss, I spiraled and attempted suicide three times. As a survivor of those experiences, I harnessed those lessons, became a therapist and social entrepreneur. Thank you for your vulnerability and your vision to share your gift outside of sports with the world.
  • gobluenv1
    Episode 1015 Hack your brain
    Lewis, this episode is incredible!!! Very deep and insightful!!! I feel like I am going to need to listen to it 100 times to really understand and retain everything from it and it will be totally worth it!!! Thank you so much for all that you do!!!
  • Adrianna 🐭
    Such an amazing person you are Lewis! I’ve learn so much from you and your guests already and I’m just excited to keep growing as a person and be better every day! Thank you for everything you do for us. Keep the amazing work!
  • Mitzy loves alygina
    Thank you!
    This podcast is literally pulling me out of a depression. I listen everyday to try and catch up on episodes. Thank you for the work you’re doing. I was in such a dark place and you are helping me remind myself everyday of what love and light I bring to the world. I really can’t thank you enough.
  • AspireEagle
    Great Podcast
    Sometimes, we go through difficult moments in which we feel that we are completely done. However, listening to this podcast helps to bring the hope and confidence during devastating moments. Great job!!!
  • Wild Dancer Wellness
    Looking to level up?
    This podcast is pure gold! My life and journey of personal growth has been so greatly and positively impacted since finding this podcast. Need guidance? Need motivation? Need a pick-me-up on a tough day? Need to hear something that gives you the extra nudge to unlocking growth and expansion you’ve been working toward but haven’t quite integrated/transmuted yet? This podcast is IT. The greatest teachers, lessons and information are contained in these episodes, and I will continue using this as a tool as I move through life. I’ll be tapping in until I tap out! And sharing this with anyone who crosses my path along the way. Thank you Lewis! 😅🙌🏻🧡
  • Wowndup
    Phenomenal and Inspiring
    Both myself and my 18 year old son love listening, reading, and following his work.
  • CWPhotography
    GREAT Podcast
    This is hands down my favorite podcast. All of it has been so inspiring and encouraging. I love the topics you share that may be scary for others to talk about. Thank you for being so open and willing to share your story and struggles you went through!
  • StandbI
    Love all the different perspective that you bring from everyone story; On how to move forward for a healthier mind set.
  • Crucesjel
    The Best
    Great for an ever morning tone in.! Absolutely love it.
  • jarnaginh
    Life long listener
    I’ve been listening since 2018 and I love how he is able to put everything into perspective and help you feel involved and important. Keep going.
  • Make It Happen LBC
    Best Podcast I have come across
    I am just beginning my Life & Business Coach practice and my brother-in-law recommended The School of Greatness. This was the single best thing he has done for me both personally and professionally and that is saying a lot. I listen regularly to the podcast and I take something away from each episode. I listen while I'm working, in the car, while I'm cutting the name it, I make time for it. Thank you Lewis for being such an inspiration to so many and making a difference in my life.
  • Ruteey Minaaj
    Who needs coffee in the mornings when you got lewis Howes
    Every single one of your episode has made me learn something new. I want to thank you as for i see you as my mentor so genuine you do really change peoples lives . Thank you for inspiring me to become mentally strong & and giving me confidence to start looking into building a business. Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart❤️
  • JDB 24
    Amazing content
    Been listening to Lewis for a while now and he has some fantastic content in here. Love listening to this podcast during the day or on walks.
  • Logardner44
    #1 Podcast!
    Haven’t listened to a lot of podcasts but listen to you Gets my mind thinking in a positive way and so inspirational! Love it! Always knew you were a great guy! Amazing to see what a competitive mindset does for someone! Looking forward to more episodes!!
  • brandi_land
    a wealth of wisdom & inspiration!
    I started listening to the podcast a few years ago when Brené Brown was on. I’ve been hooked ever since! So grateful for the incredible thought leaders Lewis has introduced me to. I’ve gained so much wisdom & insight plus an incredible community of likeminded people. Thanks for all the work you pour into this podcast-it’s impacting so many lives!
  • Frenchysharon
    I love learning about topic in a fun and interesting way! Just started listening to these podcasts on my drive to work and it changed my mood so much! Highly recommend :)
  • Maria Monica1
    Great podcast
    I’m from Colombia, I live in LA and I am learning English your podcast help me a lot and I love this one, thank you for showing us how grow up every day
  • Jessieee1234
    Dive in!!
    I love listening to his interviews and hearing inspirational stories from a wide variety of people. If you’re hesitant go ahead and listen the Kobe interview is one of my favs!! I also get his text messages and enjoy the burst of random motivation. As a fellow Ohioan it’s great to enjoy and follow along on his journey! Go bucks!
  • Vr_x7
    Podcast that helps keep me alive
    This podcast has been the place where I found inspiration about my future, solace about my past, and motivation when I feel I can’t go on any longer. Lewis you are a gift from God to me and when I can’t find something to be grateful for I turn on your podcast and I can just feel understood, loved, and that I still matter. Thanks for everything I hope to meet you someday you are a hero to me. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Nathalia FL
    Lewis, I’ve been learning and evolving so much listening to the School of Greatness, just love your postcast.. Thank you!!
  • AnaG-2018
    Real talk
    I’ve been following Lewis on Facebook and youtube. His ability to be honest and listening with the heart is amazing. His questions, on the point, his comments are real, and his legacy is transforming 💕
  • Tatty Wayne
    Highly recommend!!
    Thank you so much for all the inspiration, motivation and guidance for living a happier life!!! I turn this podcast on all the time when hopping in my car to help keep me uplifted and balanced. Love your energy Lewis! ❤️💗🙌
  • fishstick2424242
    You are awesome Lewis. You’ve inspired me to follow my dreams! Life is to short!! Thank you!
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