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Storytelling, insight and compelling perspective on American culture and politics. Glenn Beck's quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality have made this one of the most popular radio programs in America. Watch The Glenn Beck Radio Program, Monday through Friday, 9am - 12pm ET on BlazeTV.

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  • Northern Arizona Bob
    30,000 Chinese Solders
    Over 30,000 Chinese military age men have illegally entered the U.S. San Diego Sector since 10-1-2023, which is equivalent to a U.S. military Corps, which is made up of 20,000 to 50,000 soldiers, equivalent of two or more divisions.
  • tjones5980
    Big Mike
    Leave it to Pat to insert Big Mike in the discussion of polls to catch Glenn off guard. Brilliant! Absolutely hilarious!
  • IDSgt56
    Time for a break from Glenn.
    It’s come to the point where I am fast-forwarding through whole segments of the show to escape Glenn’s paranoia, proselytizing or incessant infomercials for another “MUST SEE” special. Considering I can hear most of the content on other Blaze Media host’s shows, I can easily miss this one without missing the info.
  • farleyfarleybdcharlue
    QVC may advertise less products in a day than this show does in an hour. The caterwauling bumper music is awful. The talking about stuff is entertaining, what little of it there is.
  • Perma Link
    I Love This Show
    I’ve been listening for probably four years at the least and, I realized I’ve never wrote a review today, so I’m writing one now. I’m excited and wait eagerly to hear these guys. Usually it’s a day or so later. I’m excited to hear about Glenn showing us his artifacts and am excited to learn the real facts daily.
  • joeyd416
    Excellent Podcast
    The Glenn Beck Program offers a blend of political commentary, historical insights, and personal stories delivered in a dynamic and engaging style. Known for his passionate and often provocative viewpoints, Glenn Beck provides in-depth analysis on a variety of topics
  • MFoxley
    Love the show
    This is one of my favorite shows but there is so many commercials it gets hard to sit through the whole show but god knows I try thank you
  • Moose149
    What is going on with all these commercials. There’s more than ever. Agreed, it’s unbelievable. I’m taking a break from the show. It’s just too much
  • Ann Long
    Honestly, I’m amazed Glenn is still alive. So glad he has great security (and God) to protect him.
  • Budrocket1
    Glenn Who?
    I think he used to be famous for 15 minutes during Bush II or something?
  • ShorePort
    One of the best interviews ever
    Having Glenn Beck sit down with Alex Newman in the same setting nothing better excellent information spot on exposes everything that’s going down. Great podcast. Thanks glenn.
  • Thetaseller
    Always Enlightening
    Keep up the good work, Glenn. You and your team are always informative and engaging. You cover issues honestly and bravely.
  • Gallaghers from Philadelphia
    The American people need his voice…
    RFKjr. is a voice for the People of America.We need his passion and patriotism.As president?…not yet? but he needs to be heard.He needs to be able,in some capacity, to help MAGA! Thanks Gallagher in Philadelphia
  • Tuttastic
    Glenn, Stu & Pat are great.
    The show is well informed, well researched and best of all funny. These guys have a great synergy about them. I use humor to get through uncomfortable situations and to talk about dark things. These guys do the same thing. Glen is the first to make fun of himself and not take himself too seriously. It's refreshing. It's not all serious sad talk. It's truth telling with sarcasm. I like it. They also always tell me to do my own research after listening to something Glenn says. This is something not many news outlets do. I appreciate their efforts to report the whole story and to find the truth.
  • dumb driller 1
    Keeping me awake
    Always has something interesting to hear about and to give me nightmares about
  • Behonest47
    Jason Amash
    I cannot believe you even considered that piece of trash.
  • jkbrks
    Still at it
    I thought Beck sought help dor his mental problems years ago. Better try again.
  • KingAbbottsucks
    Trump and abortion
    You apparently you have to promote abortion in order to save the pro life movement…. This based upon Trump’s position using YOUR logic based upon your 4/16 program. Your silence is deafening on the issue but this episode is priceless considering your silence
  • i watch it on youtube usually
    Thoughts on Anthony Blinken
    Maybe Biden heard “Abe Lincoln”. When someone said “A. Blinken”.
  • Big Sincho
    The four olds!!!
    Episode on 4/5/24 one step closer. At 1:38 Mao’s 4 olds. Get rid of: Old customs, Old culture, Old habits, Old ideas. Barrack = Mao how many did Mao kill?
  • MrScrubby7
    Episode 214
    Glenn, thank you for this podcast. It was absolutely wonderful. She was so inspiring. Thank you
  • Dave from Rumney
    Magatte Wade Interview
    Thank you so much for the Magatte Wade interview. With wonderful, remarkable people like Magatte Wade, we can succeed in the battle against Marxism. What a great story that only Glenn Beck can tell. Trump needs this woman in his State Department when he wins. Dave K.
  • marciarobbins
    Good Friday
    What a wonderful show, convicting me of some forgiveness that I need to extend to some family members!
  • freebyrd95
    This is the only place I get my news
    This is the most important podcast of our time I listen everyday. All you get is truth , hope , help and inspiring stories I hope to be as inspiring as this man has been to me someday keep up the good work Glen we are out here and we are listening
  • mfl781
    Episode 214
    Terrific show, candidate was very clear on what his ideas and agenda are. Would love to listen to him again.
    Glen Best podcast ever! As a practicing Christian and a person of science this is the most reasoned explanation of Genesis and Creation I have ever heard Thank you Best Bruce/ Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Ditto Cam 2
    B E C K
    I have a love/hate on Mr Beck. I have listened to him for years! I was so intrigued by the chalkboard discussions, I started making plans back then to build my families bunker. Over the years, I would shut Beck off because of the dooms day monturas that was a common theme. However, I kept coming back for his knowledge of history, his passion for his love of his citizens and country. Turns out, Beck was right! We need to be prepared! Our country today, has the most corrupt government of any country! I give Beck great credit for my level of preparedness that I have today. With our beloved El Rushbo being gone, Beck and Levin sit a top of the must listen! Nowhere else will you get the details on where we are and how we should be preparing for the things to come! God bless Glen Beck!
    TWO horses on the interstate 😂
    Love your show, never miss one, on Sirius, or catch the podcast if I miss it live. And I did see 2 horses running on the interstate between Kaysville and SLC in Utah a couple of weeks ago. Wanted to video for you but was driving my son’s Raptor at the time so thought not a good idea :) Keep exposing the bad guys! Susan
  • denibre
    My day isn’t complete without Glenn Beck
    I appreciate him so much. Glenn has the ability to research and understand what is happening around us. He warns us and I listen. You should too. It’s crazy to say but I beyGod is helping him give us information. I’m thankful to him and his amazing team behind the scenes Btw. I’m a small biz owner and I too believe the feds want to do away with small business owners AND the middle class.
  • Tallylad
    There’s a horse on the highway.
    Longtime fan.
    Great show!
    Great new centered show with Christian and conservative/Constitutional views, makes me laugh and cry sometimes and keeps me informed in a way that the main media never could!
  • cgcoregon
    Horse on the HWY
    I know you couldn’t possibly know But the same week of your horse in the HWY We had icy roads early morning HWY 97 in CO Oregon A horse had got out and was running down the HWY . The horse is know longer running 🥲 Along with a several car pile up. Close 97 for hours
  • raingal88
    My no. 1 show to listen to; back by facts
    Glenn Beck is trying to wake up America, and others, to this rapidly changing reality we live in. He is a master communicator, providing a mix of news backed by FACTS, anecdotes and heartwarming stories. He is passionate about the Constitution, devotion to God and family, and helping others. He is a world-class philanthropist, which the media hides, and has helped save more lives than anyone even realizes. He is a champion for freedom and speaking the truth. He is one of my heroes!
  • MoLuLu!
    My go to
    Thanks for truth telling! Its refreshing and informative.
  • No more Nicknames! lol
    I love Glenn’s show and never miss them. I especially like his Saturday interviews.
  • Lost without glen
    There has been no new updates this week. I am going through withdrawals
  • WeatheredPoolBug
    When the “Teacher” is out sick…..
    I love Glenn & the wisdom that I have received through his teachings since the “Fox days”… I listen to Stu’s Pod, Pat’s Pod & this program every time. I really love the few opportunities when I get to hear Stu & Pat steer the ship together. It feels like when the teacher is out of the class room… Get better quickly Glenn!
  • Wonder_Women
    The years have gone by!
    I first found glen in the year 2001, s we when glen was funny and pretty much down the middle on a lot if topics. But he went down such an extreme right that it is hard to listen to. He is to sensitive and takes everything to personal. It looks like it slowly killing him. Everything is to black or white to him to.
  • stateofgray
    Amazing interview with Tucker
    Wow, thanks for that one. Good to know why he does what he does, and thinks what he thinks. Loved hearing you both talk.
  • gman0661
    Jason Whitlock
    Jason is on fire 🔥speaking truth about the media.
  • Froderick Fronkensteen
    One of the very few, very select voices to whom I listen closely for information to guide me family.
  • Anna'sTwin
    Great conversation with Tucker.
  • Dallas1965
    Too many commercials
    I have followed Glen since his early days on radio. Content is usually good but lately the number of commercials has really turned me off. Now, I may listen to just his monologue or the condensed daily “Best of”. We need more people to listen not fewer. Please limit the ad breaks and you may find yourself with many more listeners.
  • jimmy20220414
    02/15/24 episodes
    Jesus Glenn either prices of everything needs to go to 1960s or wages need to go up you didn’t do any math you liar. Ok sorry love the show
  • F1cranmer
    It’s a daily resort for Truth, Common Sense and Solutions
    Been a fan for 15 years. He and Stu are great fun. They offer solutions for listeners to consider in these times of insane media hacks.
  • Da'Relle Yates
    Great Program, Not Explicit Though
    This is a podcast version of a regulated radio show and is not at all explicit. I noticed a recent change by Apple and they need to remove the label. I can confirm Glenn and guests are entertaining and enlightening as their theme music suggests.
  • reneehardy9
    Christian faith and government
    Thank you for such a beautiful and spiritual podcast. It helped me feel so united with other Christian faiths. I forget there are other Christian religions that feel as strongly as I do about putting God's laws first, especially when they do not agree with our government. I have an imbalance with how I feel and speaking out. It is challenging. I try to stand for what I believe in all things but when and where is an appropriate time to speak truth and righteousness. It's easier said than done. I hear it talked about often but I'm not sure where to look beyond conversations with coworkers, church family, my family and friends. That is easy for me. I need to step out of my comfort zone and share with others. If you have more specific suggestions please share.
  • cant hear well
    Weekend’s podcast
    Josh MacPherson may not know why he was on the show this weekend but I do. He had a word for me.
  • pinging pigeon
    Something’s amiss.
    Glen, I listen to you frequently. Today, I feel duped. I’m left with the feeling that this podcast caught you unprepared. Toward the end of the Kolstad interview, it seemed as if your intuition suddenly told you there was something in their back story that wasn’t vetted properly by your staff, so you had to politely limp through the ending. Then, Carano came across as incoherent and insincere. Finally, Dershowitz, who I regard highly, and listen to frequently, booted you in a rush. What happened?
  • Fat Cat's Friend
    Very informative and entertaining; clean
    If you want to keep current of events and issues of the day, this program is for you. The host is very smart, humble and funny. You will learn a lot and laugh. Highly recommend. This show is clean.
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